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41 Eva

"We can all agree we hate her"

Right you are, my fellow hater. Ever since I discovered ever, I've hated her more than any other character in Total Drama because she's too aggressive for her own good. And so, I wish that that Sasquatch she defeated had killed the crap out of her.

Another reason why I hate ever is because she's too much of a feminazi. Now I know that feminism is important. But it's not important whenever it becomes macho. And I hate macho people because they take their masculinity to the extreme. Therefore, that stereotype is my least favorite of all, which means that it should be done away with forever.

People who love ever and blind fanatics who seem to shove their opinions down the throats of those who think differently from them. Well, those fanboys and fangirls can shove their love for ever up their asses for all I care.

We can all agree we hate her

Ever is a retard is so crap

I love her! She's quite entertaining. She gets so angry sometimes it's funny.

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42 Mal

Mal is my fave

43 Sugar V 1 Comment
44 Lightning V 2 Comments
45 Max V 2 Comments
46 Sky

She loves dave dave distracts her.

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47 Rodney

He was attracted to girls he is a farmer he makes the chicken go to the asylum.

48 Amy

She treats Sami like a servant she is horrible.

Love the twins but Amy give Sami some slack
Sami is better in my opinion

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49 Dakota

I did like Dakota.
She should be more popular I think she's actually really sweet

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50 Shawn
51 Lorenzo
52 Jay
53 Emma

Emma is a good competitor, and tries to keep the perfect balance of being girly and in love, while trying to win as well. She's a fun character that became a fan favorite fast.

54 Taylor

Taylor is my favorite! I love her style and I wanted her to win TDRR.

55 Ryan
56 Miles

Vegans and hippies are awesome!

57 Mary

Very smart and loves science.

58 Spud
59 Blaineley V 1 Comment
60 Jo

They didn't give Jo a personality, I feel like she's just there to be tough

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