Worst Total Drama Characters

The Top Ten
1 Courtney

Good lord, do I hate Courtney so much. She is the worst kind of Total Drama competitor I have ever seen. I despised her then, and I despise her now. She can't do anything without the help from her lawyers, which is an excuse for her to cheat. She gets what she wants and then she bosses her teammates around but doesn't or barely does the challenges herself, and when she wished death on Owen, DJ, Tyler, and Cody, I couldn't tell you how much that pissed me off. Her voice is annoying, she takes everything too seriously, and she has anger management issues. The only friend she made was Bridgette. Her character especially derailed after she found out the truth about Duncan and Gwen. And she responds by BECOMING A COMPLETE, OUTRIGHT, UNFORGIVABLE, HEARTLESS, VENGEFUL, DOUCHEBAG.
She is a mixed combination of:
Heather's screen hogging,
Ezekiel's desire for money and winning,
Scott's tendency to throw challenges,
Dave's whiny and pessimistic attitude,
Jo's bossy demeanor and ...more

I like the way she was eliminated in island.
she treated harold like garbage the entire time and was gennerally a liability to her team. also technicly nobody said that you couldn't tamper with the votes, and mal does it again in all stars.

At the start of the first season, I liked Courtney. She seemed like a typical Type A person the writers were clearly going for. I liked watching her develop throughout the season, especially with her odd relationship with Duncan. After her elimination Things took a turn for her.
TDA was Courtney at her worst. She filed a lawsuit just to get into the game and continuously acted incredibly chauvinistic towards the people around her. I was so glad to see Duncan put her in her place after so much time. She didn't deserve to even outlast Justin.
I hated her even more when she repeatedly accused Gwen of stealing Duncan. As Gwen said, "You can't steal a boyfriend when the boy is free," which shows how defiant Courtney was.
I was beginning to like her more in All Stars, but then her reputation was destroyed by...the chart. Yeah, good job writers on turning Courtney into the most hated character in the entire show.

I hate her so much. She is, in my opinion, Heather. However, there is one big difference. At least Heather could pull her own weight. Courtney is cowardly, and relies on blackmailing, along with being cruel to Duncan in TDA. Duncan is my favorite, so I wanted to throw her into a KKK meeting because of how insensitive she was. I will admit, in season 1, she was a good character. She was uptight, played to win, genuinely cared about Duncan, and was always fair. I was actually SAD when she was cheated off. Then, season 2 came along, and she is back with none of the good qualities and that whininess, bossiness and cruelty amped up to Heather+1, minus the genius schemes. Just... ugh. Was anyone sad when she left?

2 Amy

I despise her. At least Courtney made 1 friend and was determined, and kind but uptight in Season 1. Amy just did nothing but bully and boss her sister around. And she's so self-centered.

I agree! Poor Sammy! She doesn't deserve that treatment. Amy, go die in a hole! I don't care if she is overhated, I still hate this bossy, bratty piece of dirt!

How is Courtney number 1? Amy is clearly worse than Courtney is. Amy's not my least favorite character *cough*Scott*cough*, but she is definitely one of the worst. I can never understand how some people don't hate her. It's just like Taylor, there are people who understandably hate but others who like her for some reason. I think they're practically alike. They both treat family members poorly, they get what they want, and they both don't deserve to be liked.

I hate her so much. However, she is one of the more realistic characters. Every time I hang out with one of my friends/cousins and their twin sibling, one of them (usually the older one) is bossing the other twin around, and guess what? The other one reluctantly obeys until they're so pissed off that they just snap (but none of the killer apple stuff happens). Nevertheless, Amy is just such an awful character.

3 Sugar

Sugar is much worse than Courtney. At least Courtney said she wasn't gross in Sundae Muddy Sundae. Sugar is one of the most disgusting people, and I wouldn't want to eat next to her!

You think Ella's singing is annoying, but your silly "craptry", is better? Seriously? How and why? I would enjoy it if Ella and Jasmine could make it to the finals or at least semi-finals, but SUGAR RUINED IT! (especially Jasmine). She should have gone after Rodney.

She shouls have been voted off earlier, the show gained nothing from her staying so long, if you were going to have her make it to the final three at least have her make it to the final two so there would be an epic battle and she lose crying andsatisfying the viewrs.

I hate Sugar so much! She is a fat pig who will eat everything in sight even if its rotten. She thinks she is so girly and sweet but she is the most disgusting and repulsive contestant on Total Drama PI. Not to mention that she was terrible to Ella and a jerk to Sky. I can't believe Sugar is only at #9 she deserves to be at least in the top 3...

4 Staci

She's pretty much the perfect elimination fodder. Nothing but an expendable character to be eliminated first, with no development intent. Staci's entire personality revolves around appropriating basically every achievement to her family. At least Ezekiel had some potential qualities, even though they were wasted.

At first, whoever wrote her 'fat' is retarded. Being racist, rude, not very wise using their sentence, and hypocrite. How stupid to start the sentence with.

My opinion, she doesn't help as much and all she tell is her story. Of course, its Drama, not history class.

Don't ever call people fat for no reason. What about Owen? Do you like him? I like his personality.

I say that she talk about her history and make her not the best contestant of all. Not enough Drama and action.

GOD she definitely is one of the worst ROTI characters in my opinion.
I can't really describe how AWFUL this character was!
Her voice is starting to get even more irritating and I really despise every time she talks, she had to say great all the time! Well guess what?

All Staci does is tell lies, nobody will ever get to know the real her when all she does is say stuff that isn't true. That isn't an honest way to make friends and it sure won't get you very far in life.

5 Sierra

I actually like Sierra. But objectively speaking I think she rlly could've been written better and I understand perfectly why people hated Sierra. I personally find her funny but of course peopl can find her obsession with Cody and her excessive squealing and fan girling very annoying and unbearable. She constantly breaks Cody's personal boundaries and harasses him constantly. Then she gets all angry and dramatic and gaslights Cody when Cody votes for her when she was harassing Cody and creeping him out when all Cody wanted was his space. She apparently pretended to only be mad to get his attention, but just gaslighting him and making him feel horrible is just outright horrible and unforgivable. Then she completely doesn't care about all the other times when Cody votes for her.
Anyways throughout the both seasons all she was was "COOOOOOOOOODYYYYYYY" even when Cody wasnt in All Stars, but he harassed Cameron and did all the same things to him in All Stars.

She Is So Annoying But Not That Bad.
She Is Bad because:
1. She's Annoying
2. Her Voice Sounds Very Immature
3. She Won't Leave Cody Alone
4. She is Like Katie And Sadie
5. She Stalks On Cody
6. She Is Crazy
7. She Wouldn't Leave Cameron Alone
8. She Sounds Like A Chipmunk
9. She Acts Childish
10. She Thinks Cameron is Cody
She Is Good Because:
1. She Is Also Funny
2. She Stayed Calm At the All Stars Elimination
3. She Saves Cody From Pain

It's agreeable. Sierra was terrible BEFORE she became friends with Cody. Her are some reasons why: she acted like Cody was her romantic interest and tried to kiss him, "marry" him, and acted like she was a mother to his "children". And everything has to be named Cody(her fish, Cody Jr, Cody 1 and 2). But after her elimination, she was good. She helped Cody to keep going after their air balloon stopped and caught on fire. Then she got annoying in TDAS, as all she did was talk about Cody or Cam. All in all, I think she's ok but could have been better.

Sierra gives a bad name to fan girls. I have watched Total Drama since the very first episode aired in the United States, so you can say I was a diehard fan. When TDWT rolled around, I was waiting for a fan girl contestant to be introduced. My wishes came true, but with a price. Sierra was awful. Her obsession with Cody was terrifying, her devotion to the fandom was over-the-top, and she pretty much destroyed TDWT. To make matters worse, she came back for All-Stars. Yay.

6 Lightning

Thank goodness that Lightning's on this list. Even though I hated that Jo betrayed him, he pisses me off for bein' a damn jock to Cam, whom I like and can relate to.

It's bad enough that Lightning's too full of himself. But when he beat the crap outta some sharks, I developed more hatred for him.

Since sharks are my favorite kinds of fish, I wish that they ripped Lightning to shreds and devoured him alive.

Lightning was one of the better people from ROTI. He was arrogant and stupid but he knew how to play the game and used his strength to reach the finale. In All stars, he's just so arrogant which ISN'T WHAT HE'S LIKE! They made him a lot more arrogant like it was his personality. He was well liked by many people in ROTI

One other reason why I hate Lightning is because of what he did to that goose or some other kind of bird that tried to steal his fish. For that act of revenge, I wish that that animal killed that jock.

Listen, he was good at TDROTI, actually he was AWESOME! I was very mad that he won and not cam, but he is very funny, then came All Stars. They turned him into a jerk and really dumb! He was 2nd voted off! WHY TOTAL DRAma, why!

7 Leonard

"Why's he convinced he's a wizard I honestly think Leonard could win the million if he realised human beings can't cast spells."

Oh my god... I HATE those nerds with one braincell that literally believe to be inside video games or fantasy shows and shove them down to everyone's troath. He just came around and tried to convince everyone he is a great wizard, he tried to """lead""" his team during the first two episodes with his spells or the the Wizard's tower bs and blamed his teammates because "my powers can't work because someone here doesn't trust me." OF COURSE NOT! NOBODY WITH A BRAIN WOULD!

He is such a clown, annoying, dumb, ugly, silly, unrealistic character, he is lame in every episode he appears in. Worst Total Drama character ever.

Leonard is a passionate LARPer (Live Action Role Player). He dresses like a wizard and believes he has magic powers. This becomes the theme of his team when he competes in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. He always carries around his spell book, chanting a spell whenever something goes awry. Like many Total Drama contestants, Leonard seems to mean well, but his mind is not in the right place at the appropriate times. He is very passionate about his wizardry and persists on his spells no matter how ineffective they are. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST, STUPID AND USELESS PAHKITEW ISLAND CHARACTER AND MOST HATED TOTAL DRAMA CONTESTANTS OF ALL TIME! lazy writing, backstory, unique talent or skill and he can't even accepted critics and advice from other teammates >:(

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who hates Leonard. If anyone asks me, he's just as deluded as Ella and Max 'cause he's so out of this world. Since when is he a wizard?

As far as I'm concerned, all that role-playing Leonard (whom I'd rather call Leo) did went to his head. and that's why he deluded himself into thinkin' that he's a magician.

Since Leo and Ella have their heads in the clouds, I think that they're worthy of being a couple.

8 Scott

I hate Scott. As much as I hate Cody, I can see why he's liked (sort of), but Scott was never a good character to me and I am actually surprised people like him. Don't worry if you like him this is just my opinion.

Anyway, I think Scott has done a bunch of damage to this show. First, he eliminated characters I actually like, like B and Dawn. Secondly, he released Mal, the worst villain in the show. Thirdly, his relationship with Courtney was the worst. I can't begin to describe how bad it is. It's cringey, forced, did not need to happen, and also strange how Courtney doesn't make a list for him to follow, trust me unlike Duncan, Scott needs to be put in check. Also, for a note about Scott. If he really felt bad about kicking Courtney off, then he should take his lumps and not blame Gwen. I like Courtney despite her being #1 on this list,

In my opinion, Scott should be the real #1 on this list.

Scott was the biggest villain on the show, but he doesn't deserve the karma he received at his elimination in Eat, Puke, and be Wary. First, Fang ambushed him, then he was crushed repeatedly by a rolling boulder. Then he couldn't get the toxic marshmallow of of him, so it melted through his knee, then hurled from the island WITH FANG. FINALLY, Fang mauls him and he becomes TRAUMATIZED and needs a ROBOT SUIT to help him survive. and then he gets laughed at. The tear makes it unbearable for me despite him being the biggest jerk on the show.

Scott is up here because of a bunch of Dawn fans, she is the complete opposite of underrated, literally everyone says she’s underrated, so it kind of destroys the point.

Dang, I forgot to put "because" between "only" and "of." My mistake.

Anyhow, Scott has proven to be a big jerk in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. And I'm not pleased that he accidentally unleashed Mal, who was the worst villain of the Total Drama franchise. If he didn't do that, then Total Drama All-Stars wouldn't exactly have a primary antagonist.

But at least, Scott isn't as bad as Mal. After all, he did disapprove of that guy's hostility.

9 Anne Maria

I'm a huge Zoke fan, but that's not why I hate her. Sure, she was a strong and fierce opponent, but she was just another Jersey Shore ripoff who sprayed her hair so much. I feel like that's all she's none for. Her hair. Nothing else. What big achievements has she done? Lindsay outsmarted Courtney, Mike defeated Mal, Cody saved Trent and Lindsay, and Anne Maria... Sprayed her hair...

This gal really deserves to be in this list because of her bitchiness. Seriously, what's her deal in tryin' to be the stereotype of a Jersey Shore character? I never actually liked the Jersey Shore and teenage stereotypes.

One o' the things that I hate about Anne Maria's her punchin' Brick when she shouldha punched Jo for being a bigger bitch than her. And what's the matter with her hair? Is sprayin' it like there's no tomorrow all that she ever cares about? I don't think that she'd get far in life if all she ever cares about re the strands of her scalp. Besides, she's just too shallow for her own good. Hell, she's similar to Justin in that way.

She is the worst character of ROTI (along with Zoey) in my opinion. Seriously she did nothing but spray her hair! I hope someone cuts all of her hair off, like what happened to Heather in the first season

I like Anne Maria. She is my favorite female total drama contestant. I like her relationship with Ezekiel, can't wait for more of these two together

10 Blaineley

At first, I didn't mind Blaineley. But when she became like ever by smashin' a T.V. , I instantly developed a major dislike for her. And so, I'm glad that she was taken off Total Drama World Tour Aftermath or whatever else it's called by those male guards. But I'd like it better if they beat the crap out o' her and send her to jail for destroying something doesn't belong to her.

Now I think that Blaineley has the best female voice in the Total Drama franchise due to its sounding more mature than its other female voices. But that doesn't mean I love her. If she didn't sink to ever's level, I'd tolerate her more.

Blainley? This girl is the worst character this series has ever produced! Period! She's annoying, she's loud, she's got no likable qualities, and she's rude to everyone she meets and will just use them as stepping stones to get to where she needs to be. Her two episodes of screen time? Yeah what about the aftermath segments, she was such an angel there wasn't she? You know, kidnapping Bridgette and sending her to Siberia and everything! They could have turned her into a great story arc with how she was reacting to Owen being voted off but guess what, that was an act, she's just a bitch, there is no other way to describe her. No redeeming qualities, and I hope she melted in lava at the end of World Tour, because if I ever see her again, I will lose it!

I didn't mean to put "ever" between "like" and "by" in my first post about Blaineley. Instead, I meant to put "ever" between those two words.

But anyway, I don't know what the deal is with Blaineley. Did she get influenced by Chris to be like him? I bet that they make a good couple considering how similar they are to each other.

Shucks! I mistakenly typed "ever" instead of "ever" in my first paragraph about Blaineley. I'm sorry for making that making' that mistake.

But as for for Blaineley, what the hell is her problem? If I didn't know better, I'd ay that she's the female version o' Chris McLean. Hell, I bet that they'd make a good couple.

The Contenders
11 Mal

The absolute worst villain in TDRI. We're supposed to see him as a dangerous force of evil when all he does is...break stuff...?...Yeah...Plus all Mike had to do was push a button to beat him, like really!?

Mal is a pointless personality of Mike and the worst villain in the series. He breaks things... so what? He manipulates people... we have seen it many times. He is defeated by a BUTTON. A BUTTON stops him. We could've had at least seen Mike and Mal beat each other up and at least have something interesting about the Finale...

I am surprised he wasn't here yet. Let me give you his pros and cons.

Pros: He acted evil and was a good idea for a villain.

Cons:He was a terrible villain. He eliminated three people THREE! He broke stuff. Sorry but what was the point if he wasn't going to pin it on someone else and turn people against each other.

Mal was the worst TD villain EVER. All he did was break stuff. Really, how can you be the main villain of a season if all you do is trip people and break their stuff. He was a good idea, but he ended up sucking. Also, I find his voice very annoying.

12 Jo

Screw Jo and screw all of her fans! I hate her for the same reasons that I hate ever. Hell, she's my least favorite character in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Who the hell does she think she is in pickin' on Cameron and punchin' that Sasquatch, literal owner?!

I can't stand the fact that she defeated Brick physically. If I'm that cadet, I'd beat the crap outta her.

At least Heather got SOME payback! This woman just doesn't stop! I appreciate the writers trying to make some contestants that are villians, but they mostly just feel annoying and boring as hell to watch (cough, cough, Justin, COUGH! )Jo is a prime example of that! She sucks!

She sucks and I hate tomboys I have bffs there are total girly girl just like me jo is a tomboy I like dawn not really not lightning but dawn is my favorite character from tdroti

Please forgive me for saying this but by the end of total drama Island I kinda did like Jo

13 Eva

"She shoulda been voted off first not ezekiel"

Exactly, my fellow anti-ever. That temper of hers could land her jail if she takes it too far.

I know that Ezekiel said some not-so-things about girls before. But thankfully, he gave that up, although I'm sorry that he devolved into a beastly character.

This gal really deserves to be in this list 'cause she's my least favorite character in all of Total Drama due to her extreme aggression, fanatical machismo, and extreme feminism. Now I may not be fully above feminism and aggression. But I sure as hell would never sink as low as that bitch did.

When ever beat the crap out o' that Sasquatch, I felt sorry for him like I did when Jo socked him. And so, I wish that he'd kill both of those feminazis.

If ever takes her temper too far, she could make lots of enemies. Hell, she reminds me of these other gals due to her personality:

1. Cera of The Land Before Time

2. Helga Geraldine Pataki of Hey Arnold!

3. Gosalyn of Darkwing Duck

4. Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures

5. Ashley Spinelli of Disney's Recess

6. Juniper Lee of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

7. Kim Possible of Disney's Kim Possible

8. Toph Bei Fong and Azula of Avatar: The Last Airbender

9. Korra of The ...more

"She loses her temper a lot she is a minor character"

Well, first of all, her losing her temper is part of what makes her her. She has a weakness and that's her temper. And you saying she's a minor character, so what? Mr. Coconut is a minor (and overrated) character!

In the first season she nearly killed Courtney and started a commotion because of a music player. In control or not, she could have went to jail. At least she tried to control her temper by classes.

14 Dave

I can't believe this guy. I used to like him because he seemed to be the most down-to-earth boy in Total Drama Pahtikew Island. But later on, I saw that he's not as normal as he seemed because went over to the dark side by obsessing over Sky and ' out too much over germs. And so, he became the very type of person who he hated: an abnormal jerk.

What's worse is that Dave couldn't get over Sky's probably former boyfriend. And so, he terrorized her with Chris's permission.

Dave sure was like Noah. But unlike the brown-haired guy, he became hostile. Therefore, I have no respect for him.

He freaked out that Sky didn't tell him that she had a boyfriend. How could she? He never gave her a chance to. And then he mocked her and treated her like a loser, thinking that it would make her like him. And let's face it, he was way too clingy. No girl likes a guy who is downright obsessive. It's creepy. He practically turned into a female Sierra. Hell, he was actually willing to kill Sky just because he was a little mad.
This guy needs therapy. Seriously.

he was decant...on the first episode then he became obsessed with sky and became the most useless chraceter ever to even voting himself then he tried to kill her he deserved everything that happened to him

Don’t even get me started. Refused to give Sky space. Whines. Takes things too seriously. Acted like an unforgivable moron in the finale. The fact that he’s not in the Top 10 amazes me.

15 Ezekiel

Lay off, you Ezekiel haters! He's not sexist anymore. Didn't you notice that? I sure did.

I know that Ezekiel, who I'd rather call Zeke, should have been chauvinistic to the sex that's opposite of his. But he learned his lesson from that.

I may not like Zeke's arrogance and persistence in Total Drama World Tour. But I wish that he got reformed big time.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that you anti-Zeke jerks are too shallow to look past his flaws. Honestly, do you want him to be completely perfect? If he is, then he wouldn't be human. Plus, he'd be too boring if he's that perfect.

I just wanna point out that Zeke's imperfections make him human. It isn't right to that he became feral. But you haters of him have to get over his sexism because he also got over it. I mean, it doesn't pay to always live in the past and hold grudges all the time.

Ezekiel has given me a lot of mixed feelings. Even though he was being sexist in episode 1, that's the tiny thing he has done. In season 3 (World Tour), he had wanted the money so bad that he had swooped the money from Heather (Even though I kind of hate Heather, she still had won the money fair and square.) and had fallen into the volcano. Also, in season 5 (All Stars), he had kidnapped Chris and he had almost KILLED Chris. This shows how Ezekiel goes so far just to get the million dollars.

Ezekiel is unfairly treated by everyone, especially Chris! He is derailed miserably, which is one reason I hated world tour. He came in so determined to win, and they make him Gollum 2.0, and he could've gotten killed. Heather should've fell in the volcano and burn. At least in season four he tried to kiss Anne Maria in the finale(LOL).

Its not really Ezekiel fault, he was raise and home school his whole life probably never interact with the world so the only role model he had was his racist sexist father listen to him his whole life he believed his father.

16 Heather

First off, Heather is probably one of the best Total Drama characters. You people are judging them based on how nice they are. Heather is mean. It's her personality and it caused her to play the game and manipulate it how she wanted it. It was an amazing strategy and she's like the bad guy. You people are like, oh she's so mean, that's not how you judge Total Drama characters! Sure a nice person is good, but Heather is smart and is in it to win.

Um why is Heather even on this list? I know people are supposed to hate antagonists anyways, but literally Total Drama would be bland to watch without Heather, she is the literal reason why it’s “Total Drama” she carried the whole show, and the show would be boring without her. Whoever put her, just stop.

I really don't mind that she's in this list. But it doesn't mean that I hate her. Sure, she was a jerk to more than one other character. But she also has a good side. Plus, she can be rather hot at times.

If Heather's nicer than usual for real and willingly, I'd like her more.

As fore the people who hate that gal, I don't mind that they don't after all. They're entitled to their opinions.

I like Heather am the biggest fan of her I like how she mean to other people cause they know not to mess with her cause she can get allies and get that person voted of. I hate all stares cause of alejandro did to Heather alejandro should have went home then I started to like all stares cause of alejandro and mal fighting but in the end alejandro went home

17 Sadie

I voted her to say I liked her and Katie is not smarter they are both equally smart in their own ways! I also liked Sadie more, unpopular opinion.

Let me guess, why is she is in this rank because she's fat. DAMMIT PEOPLE! It's A CARTOON CHARACTER! She's not athlete?! Really?

Judging people appearances once more. Everyone is different. Get your facts about human beings correct dammit.

Sorry I don't want to cuss, but only few words for a person is calling them fat. That's it. No opinion. No reasons. Nothing. Just one word.

The reason I like Katie more than Sadie isn't because their weight, it's because after Katie left, Sadie was nothing but a background character. She did no talking or interaction! She had so much potential! They could have made her learn to that she didn't need Katie around the whole time, but they just wasted her

The reason I don't like her is not because she's fat. I couldn't care less about that. What I dislike about her is that she and Katie literally share half a brain and the way they dress alike is just weird. Not to mention they fight over the smallest things. But mainly because they're both so damn stupid.

18 Zoey

"I almost stopped watching TDRI because of her. All she did during the episodes was call for help, or act like a complete idiot. She is helpless and useless, and the fact she has made it to the final 3 every season she has competed in grinds my gears. She's bland, poorly written, and annoying. I hope she never competes in another season. I almost voted for Mike, but at least he had a story arch."

For your information, there's more to Zoey than meets the eye. Just because she's friendly, it doesn't mean that she's helpless. Have you seen what she did to Scott, her gymnastic moves, and what she did to that device Chris used to talk to her? That goes to show that she's capable of holding her own. in other words, she's more than just a social and nice gal.

The only reason she ever did anything memorable was because of mike! For once she needs to say something without talking about mike! She never makes her own decisions the only reason she even does anything is because its what mike wants! She made the show just one big love fest and made it boring! I have never liked her! Just by looking at her I could tell she was going to be an awful character! So many people think she is the prettiest but in my opinion heather is the prettiest by far!

Zoey is whinny and only cares about one thing: Mike. She obsesses over Mike, to the point where it's scary. She's so oblivious to everything around her (Even when the answer is right in front of her), to the point where it's baffling how oblivious she is. Also, she's a Marry Sue. She has no enemies, befriends everyone, gets immunity almost every challenge. She could kill someone and get away with it. That's how much of a Marry Sue she is.

Who cares if she's bland?! I appreciate her that way. Plus, blandness is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

But just 'cause I don't mind Zoey being bland, it doesn't mean that she's totally perfect. Hell, none of the characters in this franchise are completely perfect because they're imperfection not only makes them human but also who they are. Plus, the franchise was made by imperfect people.

19 Katie

Probably one of the worst total drama contestants ever. Also I hate how she barely has any interactions with other characters besides Sadie and Justin

She has no personality at all, I'm not being racist, she is just plain bff, what's her personality anyway, because I was not sad when she was eliminated

I didn't like her that much because whenever she talked with Sadie witch was all the time she always talked about Sadie being embaresed

More annoying than sadie, I was so glad when they voted her off

20 Alejandro

Alejandro is one of the most underrated characters in TD. Sure, I hear you say, "But he minipulated Courtney, Leshawna, and Bridgette! " Well, he's supposed to, he's the antagonist. But he does it with such halarity and charm that I like. Alejandro isn't my favorite character, that spot goes to Noah, but he still doesn't deserve all this hate.

You got my favorite character, Bridgette, eliminated, so you deserve to be on this list. I'm glad Heather won.

He got TWO contestants eliminated (Bridget and LeShauna) and he pretends to be nice to the other campers. He is so annoying.

Stole Heather's invincibility statue, and then used it to vote her off.

21 Max

I don't think you guys understand. Max is meant to be a "bad villain" that's the whole point to his character and they managed to make him one of my favourite Pahkitew Island characters because the plans that he comes up with is just so pathetic it's funny. I don't think he deserves to be this high on the list

max is my least favorite! he's not evil he tried to but I don't think he's evil he has to cheat more to be evil like heather. scarlet fixed his halmet but he still hates her because he didn't know it was scarlett who fixed her halmet he even called scarlett sidekick #teamscarlet

Max is my number one most hated total drama contestant ever! He is a wannabe, an idiot, a liar, and a cheater! He cheated in challenges and he thinks it's pure evil! Why wasn't he eliminated first or in episode six

I thought Total Drama was supposed to be about real stereotypes that you see in real life and they gave us a Dexter's Laboratory/Dudley Do-Right mashup with purple hair? WHAT IS THIS?!?

22 Justin

Oh, Justin, a character I have mixed feelings on. In Island, he was essentially a cardboard cutout, personality wise. Definitely the least memorable season 1 character. Then in Action, he became that season's villain, but he did a terrible job. He only accomplished one thing and spent the whole time gushing over himself. He was so bad as a villain, the writers removed his villain status and gave it to someone else. Wether his replacement is good or bad is up to you (Personally, I think his replacement was bad and sometimes worse that Justin).

Justin may not be least favorite character in Total Drama. But I hate what he did to Harold when that nerd told him something that he didn't want to hear. If he (Justin) did that to another person in real life, he could arrested for that. Besides, I like nerds more than hunks.

If Justin didn't want to hear what Harold told him, he should have asked him to stop instead of' getting physically with him.

Darn it! I forgot to put "don't" between "probably" and "know." I apologize.

But even though Justin's not my least favorite character, I wish that he didn't punch Harold, whom I like for who he is. If that stud didn't want to hear that nerd, he could have at least asked him to not tell him that stuff.

Ok, I admit, I didn't exactly like him in TDI but in TDA where he actually talked, I really liked him! He was funny! I loved how he'd always keep people away from his face and when the slightest injury happens he considers himself a deformed freak Justin isn't exactly my favorite, but he's good I guess

23 Beardo

I kinda thought if he was on the show longer he would be a favorite because first of all he made people think Sugar farted lol but when he was shot out of the cannon she said "it was very nice to meet all of you" to everyone and in his addition tape (on Youtube) he said that once he is comfortable in a place and gets to know people better that he can be a very cool friend.

This guy is more deluded than anyone else on the show! He's awfully irratating and his beatbox sounds half of the time sound like a babies being born!

I like beards. He is my favorite contestant on tdpi. But he can be sometimes annoying with the sound fx he makes, that's why he's on the list

Beardo's character is completely dry. Who want's to vote on a jukebox to win?

24 Beth

I hate how Beth tries to make Heather look bad, and how she always tries to make people feel sorry for her because the way "Heather" treats her. Beth is the one who chose to be in an alliance with Heather, she was not forced too. All she did was complain the whole time, and she's just as bad, because she does a bunch of sucky things to Heather too. Not only that, but she cheated on her boyfriend Brady with Harold, and tried to hook up with Justin behind his back.

She is one of the ugliest girls by far and I am really pretty and have been told so many times by several people's parents who barley know me so I can't stand ugly people! Why do you think heather is one of my favorites?

The only one who didn't jump off the cliff on their team in the first episode. I wish their team lost and then she would've been voted off first.

I always thought she was annoying and I'm surprised that no one talks about how she tried to cheat on her boyfriend in season 2 more often.

25 Izzy

Sure, Izzy can be here. There was no point of creating her. She didn't appear in the pilot Camp T.V., so the creators had a chance of no crazy girl with annoying alter-egos in TDI. But they decided to have that crazy girl exist anyway. The only good thing I've seen her do was in TDAS when she revealed she knew about Mal.

Izzy used to be one of the good characters but then she went downhill she is worse than owen and leshawna and what was the point of her playing a superhero game if she was the Smasher that was stupid!

Izzy is very weird. I don't like her attitude and plus she is very hyper and I don't know that Owen likes her.

Izzy is one of total drama's best characters she should not be here

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