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1 Barf Green

It is goss. It is always the 1st color I think of when I think about what color I think is the worst. Orange is nearly the opposite color of it, and I think is probably the second worst out of all the other colors. Thanks.

I hate this colour and I LOVE yellow y is it on and I'm from australia and yellow and green are the best colours here! - hermione_granger

Ugly definitely I saw this girl the other day wearing it it almosy made me PUKE. Laugh out loud I KNOW SEE

That is the worst color created and my least favorite color.

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2 Pink

PINK? HOW CAN PINK BE ON HERE? I'm a girl, and my fave colour is blue, then purple, then pink. I admit, pink is stereotypical a "girly colour" but that doesn't mean it should be on here! PINK IS NOT UGLY! It may not be the ideal colour for girls today, but it is NOT UGLY! I have never liked pink as a fave colour, even as a 4 year old. It was only blue. But pink is just not ugly.

To be honest, I'm a little girl who has a most disliked color, pink! I'm just an eight year old tomboy... Its just... I'm not saying its a bad color, I just don't like it! I like barf green better :D anyway! I really like black NOT because it is popular, but because I like it! A lot of little girls like me when I was a toddler LOVE pink! My older sister still loves it GET ORANGE OFF THIS LIST ITS MY MIDDLE OLDER SISTER FAVORITE COLOR! MY BROTHER IS CALLING ME STINKY NOW! Anyway! Pink? Not me color...

Oh my gosh, as a little girl I loved pink for the life of me. I wanted everything to be pink. Now that I have grown up, I started to notice how disgusting it is. I can not believe how much I hate this color. It makes me want to throw up. I shake my head when I see people go crazy over pink when they aren't even little kids. I mean this is just my opinion...

I used to have an obsession with pink, but it's still my favorite color. As of now, my favorite shade is salmon.
I can kind of understand pink would burn your eyes, but make you (want to) throw up? - Qryzx

I used to like this color. When I was seven. It’s so overrated.

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3 Yellow

All colors have their place. Yellow is ok if it appears in the right situation like with vibrant yellow and white flowers. Yellow, is overused in the worst situations. Like websites. Don't use a yellow background for anything on a website.

A lot of gross things have yellow in common. Mucus, cheese (which I, for one, cannot stand), urine, insect eggs, wasps (although, I like black), rancid milk, vomit, earwax, bad porridge, just to name a few. So a lot of yellow things just look gross. Someone I know has a yellow car. Whenever I see it driving along, I picture a massive sneeze of phlegm and puke about to splatter me!

Yellow is my favorite color! It is the color of sunshine, hope, and optimism. It seriously does NOT deserve to be on this list with Puke green and Puce. Yellow lovers unite! To say this color is ugly is a travesty.

I'm yellow though

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4 Orange

No orange is a awesome color

It's gross because it's everywhere... Road cones, road signs, construction vests... It is so overused. Plus to me, it's kinda like orange can't decide whether it wants to be red or yellow... It can't make up its mind.

Have you ever seen anyone trying to "dress for success" wearing orange? Of course not. Nothing rhymes with it because all the other words are thinking, "jeez, do I really want to be associated with that thing? "

Eluuurgh! I hate orange!

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5 Dark Brown

Please people. Dark brown is a beautiful and natural color. My hair is dark brown. My eyes are dark brown. Don't think of it as poop or mud or anything like that. Some poop is green or light brown or in a pigeon's case, white. Anyway, enough about gross bodily functions, think about the positive things in life. Chocolate, Hershey's. Some people use that color to decorate the interior of their homes. My point of view is different from others. - JHLover321

Yeah. I agree that people should stop thinking about dark brown as poop, mud, or anything like that. I think it's a beautiful color, and I don't appreciate people making fun of it. - PhilTheCorgi

Some people are dark brown. I think you should take it off the list. It's VERY hurtful to people.

... My hair is dark brown... :( MY NATURAL HAIR COLOR IS THE COLOR OF POOP! Thanks for making me feel ugly...

If there was green I would choose green because I hate green so much I don't wear it I pefer pink

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6 Beige

Beige is one of my least favourite colours. Even the name is unappealing, reminding me of a cat retching. It is a pale, indecisive colour with undertones of vomit. It is alright in the correct situations: in sand, on a faun, or in a sentence describing what 'ugly' really means. This may partially, however, stem from bad, bad memories in a long car-ride in a rented beige van. The smell of fake leather pressed up against me, invading my nostrils... The shouting was load, intense, and then the car skidded off the road, into--what other colour? Beige! --grass. I really though we were all going to die.

I hate it too. I don't get why people think it looks good. It's so plain.

Beige should only be seen on a naked body! Beige is boring and unflattering. One of my worst experiences ever with the colour beige is when my mother made me wear a beige turtle neck as a kid. It had to be the most unflattering colour I have ever worn. It even looks horrible painted on walls! Its suppose to be neutral, however it is so unforgiving its not even funny!

Beige is very elegant, beige shirts look very professional and beige goes very well with gold and on most skin tones

Boring color - Camaro6

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7 Chrome Yellow

Why do people like this color? WHY IS IT CALLED YELLOW? It's the color of piss when you are dehydrated. WHY?

I like chrome yellow why is it on here!

Yellow is a disgusting color and deserves to die a horrible, slow, and painful death

I hate this color it's the worst shade of gold I hate it so much I wish it never existed

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8 Puce

Puce is the French word for flea. The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets even after being laundered from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been killed.

How can you NOT vote for (or is it against) this awful color?

I swear it says ugly color in the dictionary - I<3Queen

First off, pink/purple/green/red/blue/white and yellow should NOT be on this list, they are the colors that make all other colors possible.

Second of all, Puce probably looks good when paired up correctly as do all colors. But by itself it's hideous.

i gree

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9 Mold Green

Mold is disgusting so is green so together it makes a horrible colour

Uh, I once had mold growing on some dried orange peels.

Mold is disgusting. My brother had breathing treatments because of it

The types of mould are end less and disgusting like really bad

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10 Peach

Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Also, any color will sound repulsive if you put "mold", "barf", or anything else inherently disgusting next to it.

Peach is a beautiful colour!

Some people's skin can be PEACH. I don't think there's justice if you're complaining about brown being on the list, but not peach? WHAT HAPPENED TO EQUALITY. SERIOUSLY. The people who put brown on the list are racist pigs, but whoever put this there is a racist pig too.

To the person complaining about people not complaining about peach being on the list,
I am incredibly happy that you hate racism! Honestly, I am. There should be more people on this planet like you, but I think that the reason people are complaining less about peach being on the list is
1. Dark skinned people have gone through much more harassment in the U.S. then people with peach skin.
2. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I think of the color peach, I tend to associate it more with the fruit or the crayon although if you think about it, it is also very offensive.
Also, I would like to point out that while it’s very possible the people that put brown and peach on this list are racist pigs, it’s also possible that they were thinking solely of the colors peach and brown and were not thinking about how this would offend people with these skin colors.

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11 Gray

I love grey! As an eye color, if it is the right pale color. Darker greys may not be as beautiful, but this color is superbly amazing.

Gray is a beautiful color, a mixture of black and white, a mix of everything and nothing making the color we know as gray. And believe me it is a good color - AnonymousChick

The color of survival, the color of mystery it's the color symbolizing the urge of Strife. - Ananya

If Grey was a person, it would a pathetic, mentally ill excuse for an individual

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12 Blue

What's so gross about blue? Everybody likes this color, especially when we're living in a blue planet. Whoever put this item on the list needs help!

Blue is awesome also goes with purple, orange, and yellow. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and the water you drink. How could you ever not like it?

Blue is cool its my favorite color whoever said it is ugly got some problems

Really, beautiful blue sky, mountain bluebird, the worlds most favorite color, people would have to be nitwits (no malice) to think blue is an ugly color. - Tetonwy

Um...WHY THE HECK IS THIS ON HERE?!?! Blue is a beautiful color. It is the color of the ocean, peoples' eyes, the day sky, certain flowers...I could go on and on about the beautiful things that are blue. My point is, whoever put this color on here for #11 is just plain stupid. Just my opinion! ~ The Potato

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13 Olive Green

It's neutral though, besides most people buy their toms and bobs in olive green

I think it's a beautiful color if you use it right.

Ugh... I hate it. It makes me think of puke. What was the purpose of this color? Who is the idiot that thought this color was such a great idea!? Whoever it is, I want to slap them.

Eh, it's okay, I guess. - PhilTheCorgi

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14 Rust

It looks like a rat face, rust water is even nastier. I hate going out and looking at something that is the color of rust. It makes me want to puke. It usually looks like doo doo

Rust is so ugly It looks like the color of pooh

I think rust is so ugly I hate it. Ew. I think its not a color even.

I actually really like it - Camaro6

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15 Dark Orange

Dark orange or burnt orange just gives me the creeps.

Its Ok But Not Really Its Just A Darker Version Of Orange

Dark orange is grods

Reminds me of the Texas Longhorns, so of course it is disgusting. ;-)

16 Purple

:( I love purple!

Purple is pretty and awesome! Favorite color

Purple is my favourite colour, it's beautiful

Purple is hideous and I hate my room because it's purple.

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17 Applesauce

Delicious for the mouth, but not the eyes.

It's not the best color, but I don't think it's the worst.

Applesauce is good

Super weird and I hate it

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18 Dandelion

Not really that bad...

I hate dandelions

A very ugly color only old ladies wear.

A Very Childish Color, Also A Old People ( No Offense) Color. I Personaly HATE Dandelions, But Others Would Disagree. Who Agrees With Me?

19 Hot Pink

I think it's okay, personally. It's way better than other bland shades of pink. But, really, I don't think girls like it. They only like it because all other girls say they like it or they want to set a status for themselves as girly girls, but by doing this, they're just setting stereotypes right, which is wrong! You should be your own person. Don't let your friends force you to like a color you don't care for. Just because you're a girl, doesn't mean you have to be girly. Too many girls are girly anyway, in the same way too many boys are, you know, boy-ish. If your personality is like that, fine. That's okay. But don't you want everyone to know who you are? To remember you as someone who wasn't afraid to be yourself? Just think about that.

Hot pink isn't a bad color. Honestly, when I was about 3 or 4 I decided my favorite color was blue. When I was that age, basically every little girl's favorite color was pink. But over the years, I've grown to like pink and many other colors. Hot pink is not ugly, just give it a chance.

I hate this color. You could paint the 80's with it. It hurts my eyes to look at it. It's just an ugly, ugly color on everything and everyone except Gwen Stefani and Jem & The Holograms.

This is a beautiful color take it off the list

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20 Blood Red

Anybody who hates red should get eaten. Red is the color of blood, among the many things that keeps your body going.

I think the human body is interesting so when I see blood it just seems natural to me so I don't really care about blood so when I saw this I was like no just no so yeah that's my opinion!

It Can Be Ugly And Gorgeous On 2 Factors. The Surrounding Colors, Or The Setting. Also What It Is Used For- Blood Donation Card, Phone Case, Lotion, Perfume Bottle ( Looks Very Nice Used That Way) And Like A Painting. Who Agrees With Me?

My second favorite - Camaro6

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21 Light Brown

Think chocolate. See there you go - not so bad now, is it?

I like this color, actually. - Epicsauce45

This is such an amazing color, Milk chocolate!
Also its one of the best hair colors, just the perfect shade of brown.
How could you hate this color?

It MAKES things look gross jeez people grammar

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22 Dark Fuschia

Hey this color is pretty

23 Green

Gren is the best color ever so shut up you humans/robots/whatever you are. - N64Dude

I'm not a fan of green and think of it as an overrated color, except in things involving Christmas and golf, both of which have green as a major color. But if you consider plants in general, if you remove the chlorophyll inside all their cells, or somehow remove the green aspect of it, they would likely look more red, orange, or yellow, all of which are in the fall season. This is why I occasionally perceive green to be an artificial color in nature. JMO :/.

Please, you guys. Green is the most beautiful color there is.
It's the color of nature and it is very elegant.
It is much better than overrated colors like blue and purple.
Really people need to think before putting nice colors on the list

I love green - Camaro6

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24 Yellow Ochre

Who likes yellow come on nobody

25 Lime

It's my favorite color

To awesome to HATE! :)really how can you hate it

Lime is such a nice color! It's bright and fun! It's not my favorite color, but it's still a really nice one. NO HATE FOR LIME

Hey it is my favorite color :( - Extractinator04

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26 Cyan

For some reason this is the favorite color of many phone manufacturers.

This is my favorite color

A very unique color.

I like this color is actaully really pretty

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27 Dark Yellow

It's just horrible


NOPE. THIS IS HORRIBLE. >:( - Puffball45476

28 Brown

That's not brown, that's red.

That's is not. Brown... that is clearly a red color

Is that brown? Oh yeah. That is brown indeed. (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

Yes, horrible, horrible brown... *looks at example* brown...

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29 Bright Orange
30 Light Blue

I love this shade of blue (baby blue).

Blue is pretty

But I like this - Camaro6


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31 Tan

Tan is discusting

But people get tans... so...

32 Maroon

Hey this is a pretty color

Maroon 5 is my favorite band

This is my school colour


33 Teal

Very pretty in my opinion

Teal is beautiful

Disgustingly ugly color!

Teal is not terrible

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34 White

Whites so disqualified it should not be a color

White is beautiful on dark skinned people

I hate this color - Camaro6

I love white

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35 Violet

You may not know this but violet may actually be the color purple because when you look at a purple crayola crayon/marker/colored pencil it says violet(purple) which means that violet may be another name for purple, this was one thing I noticed about the color violet so anyone can reply if they agree.

Well, I was looking at the crayola crayons and it had lavender(blue). So, here is my question, is blue purple?

36 Lavender

I love lavender! Its one of my favorite colours!

How in the world is this ugly?

I love this color! It's my favorite shade of purple! Why is it on here?

This is my all time favorite colour, not too upset its on the list as its only 36th on the list

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37 Salmon

Salmon is beautiful and when used in the right way, can add a lot to an outfit. It may not be the best for a professional environment, but can be used in necklaces and other small things in a business.

It's a gross mix of orange and pink, and is the literal color of puke. Salmon isn't a very easy color to come by either. I've only ever really found it in coloring tools (crayons, colored pencils, etc), and that just seems to add to it's ugliness.

My favorite color

Ah, the color salmon. The color of:
Raw meat
Baby food
Patrick Star
Mayonnaise covered chicken
The inner body skin
And baby spit

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38 Very Light Blue

Hey blue is my favorite color all kinds of blues

Very nice colour

My eyes are blue

Hurts my eyes just looking at it.

39 Turquoise

This is the most pretty color in the world

This is my favorite color in the entire world or maybe even entire universe

Beautiful color

Turquoise is one of the best color's😫

40 Cream

This is a horrible colour and definitely my most hated word. I hate the word CREAMY, just thinking about it makes me feel SICK!

Super pretty

Cream is one of the most ugliest colors ever

Cream is a very disgusting word almost as digusting as musTARD. Just watch someone say it.

41 Mahogany

Eww. Looks like poop. Not the most attractive color.


42 Urine Yellow

This color is the worst thing I've ever seen. If a bumble bee stripe and an expired egg yolk had a baby this color would be it.

Most discusting color ever

43 Burnt Orange

It's pretty much a mixture of brown and orange

Ugh, reminds me of Texas and Texas sucks.

My maths teacher is from Texas!

It's so gross

44 Magenta

I like using the crayon magenta I like it in crayon

Looks pretty. - Powerfulgirl10

Eh I think its an ok color in my opinion



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45 Blue Green

This is a beautiful color

46 Pink Purple

This may be my new favorite color. EVER!

That's actually Magenta

To bright

47 Electric Flamingo Pink

I honestly think that Electric Flamingo Pink, or just Flamingo Pink, is actually quite a nice color. I do get that it is neon and bright. It may not be my favorite color, but it is still nice.

This a beautiful color and I don't even like pink

Not too bad. I like it.

I like it for its name. - Cesium

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48 Navy Blue

This is beautiful


Looks cool. - Powerfulgirl10

49 Lenurple

To be honest, I think lenurple is an offensive color. It's neither lavender nor purple and as we learned from Hannah Montana, it's not always best to have the best of both worlds because eventually the truth is revealed. Also, when I was growing up the color of my walls were lenurple, which totally clashed with my blood red shag carpet. AND my sister had lenurple walls too, which was so annoying and created a TOTALLY HOSTILE environment because she was always trying to become like me and copy me. Lenurple is the color of copycats and Hannah Montana wannabes. ALSO, there is a reason that no universities have their school color as lenurple. It is a weak color and only weak people wear weak colors. I AM STRONG. Some people try to tell I'm not strong because I am a girl, but I am an eight-year-old tomboy and I can football AND girls soccer on the weekends. I am a goalie. I like blue, not lenurple.

50 Red

This is one of the best colors, why it is on the list? Take it OFF!

It is also my favorite color - DK

I do think purple is prettier than red but I love this color too. - Curtis_Huber

You need to take red off it is such a popular color

So overrated

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