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1 Gingersplash

Sounds like a real warrior name! Very professional.

This name rocks! It sounds like a ginger tabby with a white muzzle, underbelly, and has two differently colored eyes; one blue and one green. She is a medicine cat, and her father was a kittypet, but her mother was a warrior. When she gave birth, she dies, and the father goes back to live with his owners. She is adopted by a kind cream-colored queen named Cream Heart, and her kits are already one moon older than her. So when they become apprentices without her, she is, once again, alone. Later, one of Cream Heart's kits, Soaring Paw, becomes Soaring Mist, and then is chosen to be deputy. His mind becomes clouded with jealousy and hate towards the leader, and kills him, then he is in control. Now Ginger Splash, and her siblings, have to battle against Soaring Star and his corrupt mind to stop him. She has a really interesting backstory!

I can just imagine it: A light ginger tabby with a white underbelly, green eyes, and a white and ginger striped tail. She is a medicine cat but has always dreamed of being leader. Her mate is a dark cat with a white chest and amber eyes. She was very loyal to her clan but then killed by her own mate. Before her death, she figures out her mate was somehow related to Tigerstar. She had a really cool story!

Oh my god
I have a series running on my channel on an app called Amino and the main characters name is “Gingersplash”

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2 Creamfrost

Ooh, I love this name. Creamfrost would be a cream colored she-cat with pale blue eyes. She's reserved and compassionate, and has a fluffy pelt. - NightWillows

Creamfrost is such a cute name! I imagine that she would be a beautitful mottled cream she-cat with icy blue eyes with a stumpy tail and a flash of white on her chest! Creamfrost would be a hot-headed, stubborn, but fiercely loyal cat with a very sharp tongue but really sweet once you get to know her!

Yes, I like this name as a warrior name. But I agree with what someone else said. Creamfrost. Cream Frost. Cream Ice. Ice Cream. This name is literally ice cream

I LOVE this name. She sounds like a cream colored she-cat with short paws and a fluffy tail. She could have beautiful amber-yellow eyes and a calming voice. She would be a strtict but fair cat, and will do anything for her clan. -Jellotea

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3 Frostheart

I love this name, and I'm pretty sure I have used this name once, she sounds like a really pretty white she-cat with some silver dapples and icy blue eyes, a loving mother, really kind, caring and helpful, the kind of cat a lots of toms fall in love with!

I think that this cat would be light gray tabby with royal blue eyes and a white splash over her heart. To make her an interesting character, I'd make her a cold and icy character who hates toms and is smarter than anyone else in the clan. She might be in the Dark Forest.

Agree with the comment below, she would mother a lot of kits, I kinds imagine a big soft fluffy warm cat laying in a cozy nursery either taking care of her own kits or looking after the other kits and queens either way I don't think she'd actually enjoy warrior life, just the quite side of taking care of tired she-cats and naughty kits!

Jet black she cat with blue eyes was born in winter and the smallest of her other two brothers a great hunter even in leaf bare

mother feather heart light grey tabby

father raven feather black tom with a splash of white on his chest

brothers storm claw dark grey tabby ice blaze white long furred tom

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4 Echolight

What I imagine;

A silver she cat with grey tabby markings, icy blue eyes. Calm, quiet to the point of others thinking her to be mute, but opened minded and kind. Is a warrior but knows a little about herbs. Almost dies in flood, she was brave enough to save the elders as the camp was filled with water.

I love this name. I would think she is a beautiful, mottled silver she-cat with slightly darker, rippling stripes, light, almost as if she were blind, blue eyes. She is a turkish angora mix, slender, long legs, fluffy tail, hard muscled. She is very wise and intelligent, also sly and secretive. She barely talks, and if she does its usually advise, or kind words. She also loves swimming and hunting.

I imagine a gray tabby she-cat with golden eyes that are as bright as the sun. As a kit I can see her as ambitious and the rebel. However, once as an apprentice, she almost died from a monster. This caused her to start to see the light. She decided to become a medicine cat. Her name would mean how the echoes of her past didn't affect her now and she had found her light.

Reminds me of Echosong. Makes no sense whatsoever but is super pretty. - Leafshade

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5 Rowanflame

Rowanflame is one of my favourite names on this list because it is different and unique. It would belong to a red tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes with a huge scar across her face. She would strong and independent and her personality would be sharp tongued but kind hearted. She would be either a warrior or deputy. She would live in ShadowClan and her love interest would be Tigerheart. My rating for this name is 10/10.

I feel like Rowanflame would be a brown tabby tom with a nick in his ear from a battle. He'd probably be surprisingly bulky, but look thin. He has bright amber eyes as well, and was given the suffix -flame for his determination! - NightWillows

Great name. I think it sounds like a ginger tabby she-cat with brown paws and muzzle, amber eyes. She lives in ShadowClan and she's Tigerheart's daughter. She's got a sharp tongue but is kind and gentle. She's either a warrior or a medicine cat who sees healing as fighting illness. As an apprentice she trained really hard and couldn't wait to be a warrior.

May I say something? YES YES YES and YES! This is really original sounding unique! I imagine a rich red brown she-cat with amber eyes, black socks and a very fiery temper! She has a apprentice called Burnpaw and she will have two kits of her own soon with a tom named Owlflight(original please don’t take :P ) and they are Sootkit and Flykit. She lives in ShadowClan maybe and strives to be leader :)
- Wildheart of DewClan

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6 Jaysong

I really like this name because it sounds like the jay birds are singing a song, and it could work in the warriors world

Blind gray Tom. Blue eyes. Med cat. Grumpy mysterious personality. Ring a bell?

So... Jayfeather, the blind gray tom who has a grumpy and mysterious personality that's a med cat? Did I type that all correctly - TheJinxedJay

A mottled gray tabby tom. He has amber eyes, and is gentle, patient and kind, but is dependent on others, and often gets frustrated when left to do something alone.
He died at only 23 moons after a fox attack, but his death was not in vain. The fox had taken up territory, and in the season of leaf-bare, the clan needed as much territory as possible.

I have an OC named Jaysong and she’s from ShadowClan. She is Crowfeather’s 4th mate and she is bold and willing to speak her mind. Mottled grey with bright, blue eyes. No kits yet and they are pondering running off again or both joining one clan. Jaysong is worried about someone finding out but little does she know her family secret. Her mother is actually from WindClan. If she and Crowfeather have kits they will be one fourth ShadowClan and three fourths WindClan.

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7 Dovefeather

A white she cat with black feather like patterns below her eyes~ cat of thunderclan

As a kit dove kit never played with her den mates. They would always kick around a ball of moss, but dove kit would always sit in a dark corner alone. When dove kit and her brother moon kit were let out of the den, dove kit stalked through the shadows. One day sun kit called her scourge for the mysteriousness of dove kits personality. Dove kit got so angry she clawed up sun kits nest. Sun kit never got much sleep after that. After sun kit became sun paw she was beginning to be more mean to dove kit. Dove kit naturally thought that this was because sun paw got flames eye as her mentor~ the most evil cat in the forest, dove kit knew it. Finally dove kit and moon kit got their apprentice names~ moon paw and dove paw. Dove paw surprised her mentor frost heart by the way that dove paw was amazing at catching squirrels and birds when they were in mid air. Dove paw became a warrior early and got the ...more

Dovewing's second best name would have been Dovefeather. It's one of those names that actually makes sense. I would give it to a graceful, white she cat. - Mousefur17

So sorry Dovewing I guess that whoever made this name wanted to make Bumblestripe and you no more so they made Dovefeather. So there you go. I bet Bumblestripe will have a happy life with Dovefeather instead of Dovewing.

DoveFeather is a beautiful white she cat with black thin patches on her pelt that look like feathers.She is kind and fiercely loyal. She has a soft spot for kits and weak/injured cats since her heart is HUGE! She is more likely to make friends with a strange cat than other cats. She belongs to thunder clan. Her mate is BraveHeart. They had kits named BrushKit, HeatherKit, and BlossomKit. They are proud and happy. BraveHeart became deputy. Thanks for reading it all, please comment.

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8 Iceblaze

I can just imagine it! A light silver tom with icy blue eyes. He might be padding along the thick snow in ShadowClan camp. As a kit, he would be living in RiverClan, all together with his father, Fernpool, and with his sister, Aspenkit, and his two brothers, Russetkit and Emberkit. His mother, Hope, was a kittypet. Icekit thought he fit very well in his clan. But, a WindClan invasion had changed his life. WindClan’s major warrior, Clawfur, killed his father. Clawfur also took away Russetkit and Emberkit, and severely injured him. Aspenkit, however, had warned her siblings to hide, but curiosity took them to the midst of battle. A RiverClan queen named Shineheart claimed to RiverClan’s leader, Earthstar, that the still alive brother and sister must be taken to ShadowClan, because she was cautious that Clawfur would return to finish off the rest of his enemy’s family. But Earthstar objected. He thought that Aspenkit and Icekit were where they belonged. So, that very night, ...more

I think this is the personality: In powerful violent weather you feel in control. You are a powerful leader and a steadfast friend. Mood Swings are a common thing that Thunderclan has come to expect of you. In battle no one can stand before and live because you feel that your life is insignificant compared to anyone else's and you will fight to your last breath to defend your clan.

IceBlaze sounds really cool! It sounds like a guy who would be grey with white back paws and muzzle with faded blue eyes

-Sandstar P.S. my name is so derpy!

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9 Berryfang

It means that maybe the she was a deadly fighter which was why her fangs were stained with red, like berries

This is okay but number 63 deserves more! 63 ROCKS! ( more than 78)

I don't know why, but I really like this name.

A brown tom - SilverstreamSucks

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10 Brokenwing

In my mind I see her as a sleek, mottled dark brown tabby with green eyes, slinking out of camp into the night, shadow trailing behind her. She was caring, but jealous of her sisters. She did not have many special skills but was a great fighter. She nearly never lost battle but it just wasn't enough for her. No one ever noticed her except Frostheart and her littermates. It just wasn't fair! She later was scarred on both sides and named Brokenwing, while her sisters got to be named Dovefeather and Echolight! But the thing that made her truly go to the dark side was a question: Who was her father? Frostheart never told her, no matter how hard she begged, and it drove her mad. She begun to hallucinate and she refused to eat, sleep, or sometimes even drink. She never left the den. She was no longer a sweet, caring sister but a monster growing inside. She trained in the dark forest. After a while it looked like she was back to normal. She took a mate named Nightfeather and had a litter of ...more

I think she would be a brown mackerel tabby with white paws, underbelly and tail tip. She was born as a rogue, and was named Brokenwing because of her broken leg, and how her mother longed to join a Clan, but was rejected when she finally got the courage. Her mother always told her and her sister, Mistwing stories about the Clans, and one day, when she was around 16 moons old, she left her mother to join the Clans because her sister had died, and her mother refused to do anything. She still was able to hunt, but decided to be a permanent nursery queen, since she loved kits and always dreamed of having her own. She would usually take in and name rogue kits that were found on the territory.

I really like this name actually. I think Brokenwing would be a lithe, sleek, dark tabby she-cat with long fur and white tipped ears. She has large, warm amber eyes and would have a useless left hind leg from a tree branch that crushed her leg. Brokenwing has a very sharp tongue when it comes to braggers and foxhearts. She is extremely loyal to her clan that raised her. Brokenwing would be often treated differently and get the special treatment she thinks she doesn't need.

This name is awesome. The only thing is, who would name their kit brokenkit? Like the idea though - Leafshade

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? Frozenflame

I feel like it's a fantastic name for a white she-cat, that was born in winter, with bright blue eyes. She is a warrior, and needed in leaf-bare for her hunting skills. 'Flame" comes from her warm, affectionate, and passionate heart. - Straubree

? Fernseed


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11 Cloverwhisker

I imagine her as a brown and white cat she is a mew sweet and always helpful she has soft fur she was a kitty pet She also has stripes and spots that are black and some white.

This name is just okay to me. But I picture a tortoiseshell tom with dark green eyes. Maybe deputy? Loyal, but has a deep desire to rule his Clan someday. Kinda like Tigerclaw, but he doesn't actually take action on his plans. - BerrystarOfRiverClan

I picture. A orange tabby tom with blue eyes, he is a perfect warrior, a scar on his eye and tail, he has a stub from something ripping/eating off his tail, he has no mate or kits, he is a warrior of SkyClan!

Yes. I like it! - Leafshade

12 Shadowblaze

I know that Shadow- isn't allowed, but I can't resist! In my mind I see her as a long-furred, sleek, jet-black she-cat with deep, hunter-green eyes. They sparkle with emotion. Her fur is rain-soaked, but blazing with sunlight and a glow emits from her, shining on ever hair like she is on fire. She is in a clump of ferns, tail wrapped around her paws. Fierce and protective of her Clan. She however once was found covered with horrible claw-marks all over herself. It, for a while, changed in her, making her scared at the slightest noise, and nearly mute. No one knows what attacked her. Soon she returned to her feisty self though.

I picture her like this: A jet black she with a plumy tail and stunning amber eyes shining with emotion. She is standing in the rain, so her fur is sleek and wet. She was just told by her mate that he cheated on her with her sister. She was expecting kits so, yeah... When she had her kits, she killed them in rage because she doesn't want to have any part of her mate with her. The only cat who found out was her mate. She killed herself sometime after that because she was so depressed. The clan remembered her as a striking, smart warrior.

Even though I think the prefixes / suffixes shadow, river, thunder and wind shouldn't be used because they are the original clan names and their founder's names, I gotta admit Shadowblaze is a good name. I imagine a cat's amber eyes shining in a dark night / alleyway / shadow, burning into your eyes, setting fire to your soul. Cool name.

I feel like this cat could be evil or something... I dunno but it’s what came to me when I read the name. Lol imma use this In a roleplay now. ;P

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13 Blackstream

A strong, loyal RiverClan tom with sleek black fur and lean muscles. His eyes are a piercing yellow and he has a reputation throughout the Clans for being a renown fighter, yet always wanting to settle an argument with words rather then blood because he hates to see injured cats when there didn't need to be any. Despite his long limbs and dominance on the battle field when he knows he is fighting for the right thing, he is actually really sweet and wise. He has never taken a mate, though many a cat is interestedly.

Look, some people get annoyed when others talk like this(apologies for sounding so rude). Before you dislike my post, hear me out. But lots of others have created the same one. Lot's of people, (including me of course) like showing off what we post. Especially if it's awesome or unique. But I sort of get a little annoyed when this happens, though mind you, I can't talk. It's an awesome name too though, with an awesome description. Very creative as well. Just remember that people including me get annoyed when they read comments like this. Thank you, and I hope I haven't offended you (though I probably have) I love your ideas though. Keep going and have a good time!

Thanks for commenting. I'm actually the creator of this name. You don't know how much this means to me. First name I posted on here, and barely made it to the top 10! I thought of this character more of a black cat with dark, stony grey paws, tail tip, ears, and 4 Russian blue stripes. I think of him as a tom, but stream does give a feminine twist. It can be used either way. Anyway, thanks for noticing my creativity!

Crepy. A shadowclan tom with mad fighting skills who may secretly be evil... - Leafshade

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14 Bluemist

Lol! I was using this already then I came over this list and saw this! What a coincidence! Well I think of her as a Russian blue mixed with silver and light gray with white dots under her eyes. Very friendly and beautiful kind loving and tough she is a short haired cat but with her tail starting near the tip it's fluffy.

This is my cats name. She is a British shorthair and Russian blue mix. Her fur is a deep blue with a silver sheen. She has emerald green eyes, and a short tail, with a bend in the middle. Her mew is deep and demanding, such as her personality. Despite her bossy attitude she is very shy and lovable.

" rwaarrr! " Echo light howls, sweat drips down her fur, she feels the last kit coming, relief strikes her as her kitting is finally done."How are they hollow leaf? " The medicine cat looks down in grief. "The other two kits are with star clan now" Echo light looks at hollow leaf with horror, but hollow leaf is unable to see echo lights grief, for the mist covered up any face that was near. " but one is still alive, and very healthy" a sigh of relief strucks echo light, she looks down at her sir living lit with sweetness. "Your name shall be blue kit, and may star clan you with the warrior name blue mist"

I agree with the comment below - Pinewhisker

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15 Ottercreek

In my mind I see her as a dark brown she-cat swimming in a stream, a fish held tightly in her jaws. Her fur is sleek with water, and water drips from her fur. She is graceful, but reckless. She was great warrior, but fell in love with a rogue and ran away. The rogue however, rejected her and she came back to her home and discovered foxes had attacked. She immediately went into action, helping the wounded and hunting for her Clan. She taught new hunting and fighting techniques she had learned and soon became leader. She was known as "Otterstar the Clever" for her skills.

When I hear this name I think of a dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Her underbelly is a very light brown colored, as well as the tip of her tail. I can imagine her swimming gracefully through the water with a trout in between her jaws. She is a small yet powerful warrior, who has an apprentice. Her apprentice is more or less reckless, but she doesn't mind and does everything in her power to help the clan, the elders, the kits, and her apprentice.

When I read this name, I picture a hazel tan colored she-cat that is in River Clan and she has light light LIGHT blue colored eyes almost like the color of water ( yes I know water is clear but it looks blue kinda ). She would be really really REALLY sassy and VERY VERY VERY attractive.

Cute! I picture a RiverClan she-cat. She has long, sleek brown fur and blue eyes. She is responsible and never wants to have a mate or kits, but a few of her friends are toms. Many toms have crushes on her, but then she proves to them that she is too independent for a mate. She is the favorite among the kits and the leader chooses her to mentor apprentices very often. She is strict, but has a big heart. - BerrystarOfRiverClan

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16 Greynose

I picture Greynose as a molted grey she cat with ice blue eyes. love the name!

Using this as a public OC, I call dibs on the YouTube OC :3

17 Dawnbreeze

I like this name. I personally see a light brown she-cat with grayish blue eyes. She is a very agile cat and is a good hunter. Dawnbreeze isn't the best fighter strength wise but can gain the upper hand from her speed. She is very quiet and mainly keeps to herself but she has a very quick wit and will make a sassy or sarcastic remark when you least expect it. Dawnbreeze is incredibly caring and loyal to those she cares about but seems rather shy and cold to cats she doesn't know well or cats she hates. This is my personal opinion of what Dawnbreeze would be like.

A grey tom with darker grey patterns on back, chest, or underbelly. Orange or yellowish eyes that look like the rising sun. As an apprentice, he must have been as fast as the strong breeze. This is what I named my cat in Warriors untold tales. I've always loved warrior cat names with Dawn or breeze and I never thought of putting them together. A truly beautiful name.

Love the name! I see a lovely cream she-cat with amber eyes and a long plumy tail. Kind, graceful and brave. Very loyal to her Clan and the warrior code, and with some knowledge of herbs. Beautiful name!

A dappled beautiful she-carb with fiery fur (like firestars but pinkish) and green eyes - Leafshade

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18 Drizzlesong

Wow, drizzle is a really cool prefix. I like it! Sounds kind of mellow, and Drizzlesong is fun to say. Rolls off your younger! - Leafshade

I like it. I thought it was weird at first but it's grown on me and I really like it! I imagine a pale grey almost white-silver she-cat with soft pale amber eyes, long dark grey plumy tail and darker silver dapples and exquisite patterns. She would LOVE KITS, know few herbs, just simple ones but all the same. eventually had six kits, one died but she loved them all the same. she is fierce and sassy but once well know sweet and funny.

Adorable! I picture a ShadowClan she-cat, actually. She has dark gray fur with a thick, plumy tail, and is speckled with white. She is the medicine cat and is a lot like Spottedleaf: falls in love with a tom, but doesn't take action because the code is too important to her. Only Drizzlesong doesn't die! - BerrystarOfRiverClan

Nice name. I really like this one, very unique and original. I would imagine she's a pretty molted(with darker flecks), gray tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes, and very fluffy. Probably could be the next medicine cat of Riverclan. Maybe the apprentice for Willowshine.

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19 Spottedfern

I really like the name. Really rolls off the tongue... "Spottedfern..." "Spottedfern"...

Okay I just said it so many times it sounds weird now...

Also, Mary Sue is not a person. It just refers to a character who is perfect in every way, and usually has a tragic past. Let's see an example...

"Yeah, she's, like, Firestar and Sandstorm's other daughter, but she, like, died right after birth, and she, like, ascended from StarClan to try to save her father when a tree fell on him, and, like, decided to stay in the mortal world, and, like, that's why she has rainbow wings and rainbow eyes and she is entirely white with rainbow stripes, paws, ears, chest, belly and tail tip, and she's the best hunter in ThunderClan, and she can, like, drive off an enemy with a single slash of her claws, and her claws are super long and rainbow-colored, and, like, all the toms love her and-"

*covers mouth with paw* I think you get the idea.

In my books she is going to be a tortoiseshell she cat, thought to be the reincarnation of spotted leaf due to her interest in herbs and as soon as she went into the medicine cats' den she knew all the herbs off by heart and knew what to do with them almost immediately.

It sounds like the total opposite of Lionblaze for some reason. Jeez, I never thought I'd see a total Mary Sue in Warriors, but never getting injured in battle? Good one, Erin Hunter.

Wow I love this! I have an OC Spottedfern and another Spottedmoon - Leafshade

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20 Forestfire

She would be a dark brown tabby with fierce amber eyes or cloudy green ones. She would fall in love with Tigerheart but he wouldn't care about her. He became her mate, even though he was in love with Dovewing (Whiner). She always felt unloved and unwanted. In my vision, she is screaming at him, after he confesses he loves someone else and they should split up. She was about to tell him that she was expecting kits. But, blinded by rage, she claws at him, leaving him with a scar on his back leg. After the whole incident, Tigerheart apologized but Forestfire never forgave him. She even told her kits that their father had died, but she was really trying to tell them that the Tigerheart she knew had died inside a cheating, smug copy. She caught him with Dovewing and she told the clan leader, who advised her to keep quiet about this. She agreed and went outside, where she saw him flirting with her best friend. She screamed at her friend, then and broke the seeemingly everlasting friendship. ...more

You were a black she cat. Dark flame patches. Long tail. Medium legs.

You blinked blindly up to the darkness around you. The moss was soggy and damp, the trees nothing more than shadows. You wrapped your tail around your scarred face and shivered. There was a fiery, faint light somewhere. You couldn't make out what it was. You heard pawsteps coming toward you. Getting louder. And louder. More and more. You saw a bloody, fanged cat standing above you. It had huge, bloodthirsty fangs and mangy, scraggy fur. Dark brown. Mottled. Scruffy. Missing an ear. She cat. You looked up at the she cat. She grinned; evilness in her sly face. She wrapped her scrappy tail around you and shoved you to a group on dark looking cats.

App: A bit older. Youngest of all Dark Forest cats. High expectations. Your adoptive mother. Her name. ShadedMaple. ( mapleshade in reverse ) You had gotten used to her bad ways. You were evil now. Wanting nothing more than power. She named you ...more

I have an OC named Forestfire, she's a black she-cat with fiery ginger patches and leaf-green eyes. I think an average warrior with that name was a very strong, loyal cat with a fire-like courage. But sometimes she leaps before she looks and that can get her into some problems. Also I think her love and passion for her Clan inspires others, it spreads like wild fire! I think it's a really awesome name! It really should be higher on this list!

Such an amazing name! I have an OC Forestfire she's a black she-cat with gray stripes and a her right paw has a white spot on it and she has amber eyes that burn like a fire - Leafshade

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21 Ambergaze

A ginger and white tabby she-cat with pale green eyes. She's observant and a quick thinker. She wishes to raise many kits one day, and she's currently a young warrior of 18 moons.

Cats aren't named for their eye colour, guys. They open their eyes about a quarter moon to a half moon into their life, and it takes three to six moons for them to even get their colour. Most kits are named before they even open their eyes.

A beautiful young ThunderClan she-cat. Long gray fur with a long, white-tipped tail. White paws and white ear-tips. Small paws and ears, and a beautiful amber gaze that would capture the heart. A charming mew and graceful movements that help hunt, battle, and weave around trees and bushes quickly. The she-cat may seem all perfect and peaceful, but she is courageous and willing to help her Clan at the greatest time of need. This cat trains hard and battles swiftly and bravely, with no hesitation to jump in and protect a Clanmate. But besides all of her hunger for battle, she has a strong desire to one day calm the Clans of all the thirst for blood. Ambergaze may be a young, ambitious warrior, but she has a beautiful heart that shines through her amber eyes.

I have a cat named ambergaze. A dark ginger she-cat with unusual glowing amber eyes.

A white she-cat with light brown spots and amber eyes (obviously) - Leafshade

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22 Sandfeather

I imagine a sleek, sand-colored she cat with grey-green eyes and a light tabby marking on her right shoulder. Her left ear has a small notch and she has dark gold legs. She's very smart and observant, and is a decent hunter. She helped in more than one battle plan! She may have a frosty personality, but she's warm as a fresh-killed mouse once you get to know her!

Is it just me, or when you think of Sandfeather, you think of this dopey bird sitting on a beach that's almost covered in sand?

Sandfeather, a pale ginger she-cat who is blind. Because of this, she has great hearing and a great sense of smell, so she's one of the best hunters in her clan. I imagine that she'd be a warrior. - NightWillows

I have an OC named this - Leafshade

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23 Frostpool

A sleek, silky, long haired mainecoon that has silky silver fur with ice blue eyes. She was supposed to be named Medicine Cat but she fell in love with a rouge. They had three kits, two males, one female. The rouge was killed by a fox, and she was forced to go back to her clan with her three kits, she became a warrior instead and she pretended to be the kit's care-giver when she was the mother for her whole life. Yet the kits knew. The other cats found out about the kits and their mother. And they all lived their lives in River Clan. - SnowThunder

Gosh in my plans for a mini Dawn of the Clans thing she was an interesting character...a white she-cat of ThunderClan, blue eyes, medium-length fur...a warrior who turned to the path of a medicine cat when her love was killed in battle, then became a warrior again and later a queen when she met another tom, and she had a tidbit to play in a prophecy...others thought she was selfish and didn't have much to do with her, but she was kind and patient, and eventually ended up saving their lives...she wasn't a major character really, more like I wrote a super-edition type thing about her - Flamingheart

This is the name I'm gonna use! Thank you so much! You should be proud for helping the Warrior cats company. I will tell this too Erin Hunter and I will tell them to bring this name into their newest book. You should be proud of yourself. Thank you!

Sounds like an OC of mine, Icepool. Cool! - Leafshade

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24 Softfeather

This is an highly weird name... In my mind it would probably be a pale gray she cat with white ear tips and white tail tip with black paws

White she-cat with feather-like patterns down her back. She is very thick-furred and soft. She has beautiful dark blue eyes. - Embershine

I would think Carpstream (Softfeather's mate) would be a light brown Tom with a dark brown back and dark brown ears. He would be very sweet to Softfeather (Thick furred white she-cat with green eyes) and they would have two kits. Turtleback (White Tom with light brown back) and Lilypaw (don't kill me for making her die an apprentice) (light brown short she-cat with white paws)

A gentle kind medicine cat tom with gray fur and a black tail and moss green eyes - Leafshade

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25 Clearsong

Wow, so impressed by the name! In my mind (I say that a lot) I see him (IK, I know I called him a tom) as a pale cream tabby tom. He has narrow, stripes rippling across his pelt. His underbelly, paws, and chin are creamy-white. His pelt is such a light color, that he seems to glow. His eyes are a clear blue. He is always calm, laid-back, and focused. He always wanted to become a medicine cat, healing his sister when he was only four moons old. He always memorized the herbs, and worked hard to the end. He also has a sense of humor.

A pale yellow colored she-cat with beautiful hazel eyes. She is a med cat and loves to sneak out at night to sing (because she sounds like, AMAZING) and to play with birds and chase them (not to hurt them though, she laughs playfully when she does)

A cream and white she-cat, very calm and reserved. An excellent hunter, although she is slightly lacking in battle skills, but not so much so that she is a hindrance to her Clan. While her sister always tells her she should settle down and have kits,she has no intention of doing so, and wishes to become deputy, not be stuck in the nursery.

Beautiful name! I would picture her as a gray-white she-cat with a dark orange spot one one of her fierce green and blue eyes. She would be determined, stubborn, caring, and one of the best warriors of WindClan.

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26 Cinderstream

A grey she-cat with darker specks and dark blue eyes probably a medicine cat

Light grey tabby she-cat with darker grey stripes and deputy blu eyes. She has different shades of grey speckles and one front right white paw.

A slender gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, a white chest and paws - Flamingheart

I wonder what a stream of cinder would look like. Probably cool! - Leafshade

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27 Foxpelt

Her mother was a cat while her father was a fox she had all the markings of a fox and when her mother told her who her father was she hated them both she was bullied and constantly talked about among the clan her brother forestfire was the clan leaders apprentice and the only cats that truly loved her was her brother and hero crush stonekit who was taken by a fox. The leader and medicine cat thought that she was evil because of a prophecy: A cat divided into two worlds must rise from the shadows and stop deaths strike. They thought she was the death and her brother was the cat that would save them but it turned out that she was the cat that would save them and after she did she was very popular.

While a couple people pictured Foxpelt as a she-cat, I saw a tom. Dark ginger, maybe, with a white muzzle, chest, and underbelly, with dark gray legs and a thick, bushy tail. - BerrystarOfRiverClan

This story is so great and cute it makes me love this character so much.

Uh ok! Reminds me of a cat that looks like Firestar with yellow wyes - Leafshade

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28 Skystream

So beautiful! When I hear this name I think of a pale blue-gray she-cat with very pale blue eyes

A cat in warriors was named Sunfall (Bluestar's Prophecy) so therefore, it's okay to use the word "Sun" in warrior names

I love this name! I think she would be a long haired white she cat with one blue eye and one green eye and she would ether be a elder or Queen

I have an OC Skypool - Leafshade

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29 Firestorm

I WOVE this name, sounds like a tall flame colored Tom with some red and yellowish markings, handsome warrior and a wonderful fighter, sometimes his ambition can get the best of him, but other wise hopefully your looking down from StarClan Firestar, Firestorm has got this!

He's a dark ginger Tom that looks red in bright light. He has Amber eyes.

Lol it sounds like a copy of Fireheart, a flaming orange tom

I have so many OCs and fan fiction characters named this I love ir - Leafshade

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30 Fallenstar

This sounds like a leader's name that failed at leading lol I really like it though it sounds cool - Pinewhisker

I think I added this name to the list...maybe not - BlazeHeart

Your granddaughter is Fallensnow

Cool name for a leader. What's the warrior name? Fallenmoon I think sounds good. I would say fallenleaf but Fallen Leaves is already a cat - Leafshade

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31 Juniperberry

I imagine this cat as a very dark gray she-cat with light green eyes. Her mother would be a medicine cat who decided to name her daughter a herb. Juniperberry would grow up to be a warrior, despite her name. - rats

Agreed with the comment below. It sounds like a medicine cat name.

This sounds just like a medicine cat's name

Hey, I use this in my fanfiction, though she a minor character. She's a mom to Gingerflower and Owlfrost though >.<

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32 Moonshadow

A blue tom who is stubborn and sharp tongued but is caring he was born in Riverclan he was just a kit when he wondered of and fell into the river the current was strong and carried him to a rock that was very sharp and took his left eye out he woke up on the Thunderclan camp everyone was staring at him horrified except for one kit who was looking at him amazed she asked him how did you survive you must be the strongest cat on earth I guess it was just luck Moonkit replied how the kit asked your left eye is gone and your ears are gone your tail was ripped off and there is a thorn as long as my tail in your side she started to sound worried who are you she asked him my name is Moonkit he said oh well my name is Sunnykit she mewed well are you going to help me or not he snapped of course a voice said it was the medicine cat once she tended to his wounds Sunnykit came and licked him like a kit get of me he snapped sorry Sunnykit said Sunnykit always came to see him Moonkit decided to stay ...more

I like this name a lot. I love the moon and the shadows so much. She (or he) should be leader in whatever clan she (or he) was! I think of moonshadow as a black cat with white paws and a white diamond marking on the neck. Her (or his) nature is kind and loving but her (or his) past is so dark like a shadow. that's why Moonshadow. Moon as the bright, kind and loving cat and shadow as her past.

Oops got it wrong Moon Shadow was still in Dawn of the Clans its this guys son. - BlackBow

In Dawn Of The Clans, there was a cat named Moon Shadow who was key to forming the clans, as he convinced the original cats to split up. However, he died later in a fire. But I thought he and his name were supercool, and that it would be awesome if he was reborn as a warrior cat.

Mystical- a white moon-colored she-cat with mystical black spots on her pelt. Father- Cloudflight Mother- Featherfern Sister- Seedflight Brother- Stormeye - Leafshade

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33 Shellshine

Reminds me of Shellheart

. . . Shellshine . . . shellshine . . . hm ... SHELLSHINE! -Screeches and runs over to fridge and pulls out shoeshine- SHOE! SHINE! GET THE COOL SHOE SHINE! (Any Jeff & EJ fans out there, if ya get this you will get their shoe shine that I stole)

Cool! I love the suffix shine, and I know it's weird, but I love she'll in a name too!

Shell is a terrific prefix and shine goes well with it. I like it! - Leafshade

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34 Sunstream

It's so pretty; like a stream of light! So to die for

She should be a golden she cat with white paws, belly, muzzle, and tip of tail. Her eyes are a mixture of amber and golden. She was born in WindClan, and at her first gathering, there was a flood, and she got swept in. She found herself on the RiverClan border. The leader, Poolstar, welcomed her, and she lived in RiverClan. Her mate, Shadowpelt, had kits with her. They had 2. One died, and they named her Fluffykit. The surviving one was dark brown tabby tom with fiery amber eyes. They named him Badgerkit. When he was Badgerpaw, Shadowpelt and Sunstream tripped on a shiny thing, and they both fell and died in fox traps. Badgerpaw later became Badgerclaw, and rose up to the deputy. Only recently, Poolstar died, and Greenstar, Badgerclaw's mate had kits. YAY!

It makes me think of a stream with the sunlight moving across it ah ao beautiful.

Love it! - Leafshade

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35 Sorrelcreek

Its like a creek that is surrounded by sorrel! I'm guessing she/he was a tabby gray-blue like water... With brown spots that look kinda like leaves! So cool!

To the person that said names have to make sense, Whitestorm was named Whitestorm because he was loyal and a renowned warrior. Squirrelflight was named squirrelflight because she was a feisty warrior who was a speedy runner

Sound like a tortoise shell with blue eyes and a hostile personality. Though I was thinking she could be a queen from Wind Clan

I like the prefix sorrel. This name makes no sense, but sometimes that means it's a good name, like right here. - Leafshade

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36 Lionstrike

Wow this is an epic name I imagine a golenish kind of tom with green eyes and when he fights he can strike you down like a lion and he is very clever and tough but on the inside he is really sweet and understanding of some

I love this name... I usually don't like unique endings like "shine". But this is a little unique but not too unique. - Leafsong

Reminds me of Lionheart...

Nooh do not remind me of Lionheart I miss him *cries*

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37 Brambleshine

I think this is a good name for a warrior, fierce but still graceful. Brambleshine in my view would be a pale brown tabby she-cat warrior with blue eyes.

Awesome, pretty, badass name for a tortoiseshell tom - Leafshade

I love this name!

I absolutely love this name! In my head she would be a orange she cat with dark brown tabby markings and amber eyes. Mate to lionstrike

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38 Leafmoon

Weird,This somehow reminds me of SpottedLeaf. Anyways,A brownish-red,dappled she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother's name was DappledTail and her father's name was SpottedCry. Her father was embarrassed to have a kit that didn't want to be a warrior. She had always dreamed to be a medicine cat. She begged the leader to be the medicine-cat's apprentice. Finally he agreed. Her father started to grow mad. He killed DappleTail and became a rogue,leaving her devastated. When the current medicine-cat, FailingHeat, died, she became medicine cat. One day, windclan attacked and got to the medicine den and killed her. By the way she was thunderclan.

I likes it, by the way, moon can't be used as the first part of the name, but its fine if it's the ending part.

Beautiful. I agree with last comment.


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39 Skunktail

I don't care what people say, this is a good name. And I would disagree with a comment that says that name prefixes have to be cannon. Um, ever heard about the name Thunderstrike? Prefix nor suffix are cannon yet it is at a very high place on this list.

I like this name! Cats could definitely be named with the prefix Skunk- as they know what skunks are. I kinda picture this as a black she-cat with a stripe running down her back and pretty, baby-blue eyes.

This isn't stupid! We thought "mask" wasn't cannon and LOOK AT ENETER THE CLANS! There was a deputy and a warrior with it! I actually like this name! I imagine this cat with a pelt like a skunks and they are a very pretty cat! - SeeU

Black grey and white/cream/maybe infected flesh colour tom/She:
Senior warrior:Skunk'tail
Kits:____'Kit and ____'Kit
Wounds:Ripped tail,shaggy torn off fur
This is just my imagination!

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40 Stormbird

She'd be dark gray with icy blue eyes in my mind. Such a pretty name! Like the person below me said, it's not all Mary-Sue and pretty. ((Feathermist please go die.

I like this name because, unlike many others on this list, it is NOT a mary-sue name!

It remind's me of a grey-blue tom, padding through the forest his mitts thudding quietly against the mossy terrain that covered the twigs and sticks, he lifted his cranium, his audits perking up as he heard a loud RiverClan patrol. Stormbird snarls and prowled forward, ready to defend ThunderClan from these trespassing cats. He lunged forward to his surprise he had pinned down... MYSTERY... who do you think he pinned :3

Reminds me of a song, Blue Velvet Rain or something. I like it! - Leafshade

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41 Ravenfeather

This sounds like ravenpaw's name if he ever became a warrior!

Ravenfeather is a dark, dark, gray, almost black she-cat with black feather like markings. - Spottedtail

Hate to say it but Ravenfeather is already a cat in the books.

Reminds me of Ravenwing, my warrior name for Ravenpaw - Leafshade

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42 Maplesong

This ThunderClan she-cat would be a calico with black on one side of her face and orange on the other with a perfect split down the middle. On the black side of her face, she would have a green eye, and on the orange side, she would have a blue eye. She trained to be a warrior but never understood why she had to fight over invisible borders. She finds a mate, who she loves very dearly and he loves her just as much. She permanently joins the nursery and raises kits instead of being a warrior. She dies while protecting her kits during a flood when water and mud cascades into camp, crushing the dens and leaving only a small opening of air. She holds the mud away from her 2-day old kits while warriors pull them to safety, but just as her mate reaches her, the den gives way and she is crushed under tons of rock and mud. Her mate raises the kits, catching the tenderest prey and chewing it for them. He teaches them that their mother was very brave and that ThunderClan should never forget ...more

Orange-brown she cat with white underbelly. One green eye one hazel. And is long legged. She thinks she is useless, but nope, very useful. Excellent hunting and fighting skills. Very loyal warrior. Surprisingly attractive and is sweet and kind, but rough and tough when fighting. She is very silent and agile

A cute orange brown she cat with black speckles on her chest tail underbelly and black at the tip of the ears with a gray eye and a dark brown eye too is the runt of her litter later on in her life. She left her clan to be a loner and Met many friends along the she died of old age and went to star clan with her fallen friends and family

Reminds me of Mapleshade - Leafshade

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43 Crescentfur

I kind of imagine her as a blue-grey she-cat with green or blue eyes, I feel like she'd be wise and bold.

I imagine her as a lean black and white brindle(rare/ pattern normally found on tortoiseshell cats but the patches of red that are there are actually white) she cat with bright blue eyes flecked with silver. She would be head strong, but whitty.

Pretty - Leafshade

How do cats know what a 🌙 Moon is?

Half moon? Full moon? Claw moon? Of course they know what the moon is! - Swiftdawn

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44 Frostwhisker

I really like this name! I feel like whoever came up with this really put some thought into it. It sounds like a real name from the books! I picture a small white she-cat with light grey stripes on her tail and she is known for her REALLY blue eyes.

A white tom with yellow eyes and white whiskers, though I don't care for the name at all - Flamingheart

A white and gray she-cat, the white is the base color and the gray are swirls. She loves the snow

A lithe, light gray tom. White patches. Ice blue eyes. He is quite snappish and rude, and has a frosty personality. But once he knows you, he can be more careful. He loves to hunt with cats like him, but can fall in some conclusions quickly. He sadly died of too much heat, as he was stranded in a desert. ~Bluefang of FireClan

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45 Frostwing

Love it! I like anything with the word frost in it. I also like the name Stardust even though that cat couldn't become leader because their name would be Starstar.

Beautiful white she cat... but has short legs...for some reason whenever I hear the suffix *wing* I think it has short legs *meow*...

Lots of these names have the first part of a real cats name!

Gray tabby she cat with dark blue eyes deputy of rain clan.raven star is currently leader.mate cloud storm.kits crow wing silver pool flash fur

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46 Hiddenflame

Beautiful name. Just from this I can imagine StarClan created this cat, not mortal Clan cats. Here's my idea of what it would be like:

Nearly four generations after Bramblestar, with the leader as Wildstar

Tortoiseshell she-cat with striking amber eyes, hence the suffix -Flame. Originally going to be named after Spottedleaf.

Shy, but brave and strong in battle

Hiddenflame's original name was going to be Spottedflame, but Bluestar and Firestar saw how shy she was and changed the name to Hiddenkit, not Spottedkit. And, she is thought to be a reincarnation of Spottedleaf, given her talents and kindness. Though she is not a medicine cat, that position taken by Larksplash (One of my many OCs), she still acts as one, and when a cat is ill, she will stay and help heal the injured or ill cat and let Larksplash rest in case she would begin to get sick. At night, her dreams take her to her family in StarClan, where she meets Firestar, Bramblestar, Cranestar, ...more - AuraLightstorm

My cat's name! I was scrolling through and legit found my real life cat's name. She is a tortiousshell with lime eyes. When she was a kitten her eyes were red, orange, green, and even a bit of blue! She is naughty and even though she is supposed to be an indoor cat she sneaks outside when someone opens the door. She is very sassy and growls when you pick her up. However if you get close to her, she warms up to you. She is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Her orange flame like fur is hidden under the black shadow like fur, and the gorgeous name fits her well. I just can't believe I found my real-life cat's name.

She is a light brown tabby she cat with ice blue eyes. I picture her glaring right at you, freezing your soul out. She can seem cold and unfriendly, but really there is a hidden flame which thaws the ice. She only reveals it to cats she really likes. She was called Hidden because she always hid and shyed away from everyone, preferring to drift in her own thoughts. She was called flame because the leader was her mentor. Why, you ask? Because he was curious. He wanted to know about the mysterious kit who always strayed behind her siblings. She had one true friend, Willowleaf.

A black-tortoiseshell tom with ginger splotches - SilverstreamSucks

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47 Dreamcloud

This name sounds so beautiful and graceful.

I would imagine this cat in two ways. 1) a light brown she-cat with white patches. 2) a gray she-cat with darker and lighter patches of gray. I really like this name and it seems really graceful, take note Erin's the fandom has some really good names you can use!

I see this cat as a blue-grey she-cat with silver swirls across her body and silver paws. And over top of the silver swirls, there are purple stripes. She used to be bullied and left luckyckan. Like crookedstar she lived with barn cats and found out that her heart layed with her clan. She returned later and became a medicine cat. Sorry I forgot to say that she has purple eyes like heathertail.

Ew I hate this name. I just cringed

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48 Mistycloud

I think of a grey she-cat with one green eye and one ice blue eye.

Beautiful long furred pale grey she-cat with a long flowing white tail

I picture a white she cat with bluish silver marble swirl markings with light white eyes flecked with green - Darkshadedroses

Meh. A blue-eyed gray she-cat with long fur, of RiverClan - Flamingheart

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49 Tigercloud

I like it so deal with it.

I hate this. -cloud is SO unfitting for Tiger-. A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, long-legged, of ShadowClan - Flamingheart

Tigerwing, Tigerstripe are better names... - Aquastar_of_DewClan

She-cat, beautiful orange tabby with darker strikes, long, thick fur, poofey tail. Pretty blue eyes. shadowclan medicine cat, secretly has a mate named Quickripple, Shadowclan deputy. also secretly has two kits named Skyshine and
Lionstream. Wise, wishes she had decided to be a warrior. Looks like she should be a warrior

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50 Hawksong
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