Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist

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1 Creamfrost

Creamfrost is a pale ginger molly with a white v-shaped marking on her chest, going up to her neck and covering her muzzle. She has semi-long fur and wise, frosty-colored blue eyes. She is very nurturing and playful to kittens and elders, but calm and demanding to the warriors. She enjoys apprentices and loves hanging out with them. - EMBT

I imagine Creamfrost as a cream she-cat with splashes of white along her body. She is quiet and cold to cats she doesn't know (Because the suffix frost means cold and distant. Cream just means the color of her fur). She has pale green eyes, too. She is great at hunting, but not as good at fighting.

Or it could mean that her whole name is describing the colour of her fur? I think she is a sweet and calm character. - BloodFang

Maybe frost could be because she got her warrior name in winter - RavenHeart

I love it makes me think like a she cat with cream colored fur and gentle blue eyes with white paws and chest with darker tabby stripes! LOVE IT! keep up the good work guys! - Frostnight2007

2 Frostheart

I can picture Frostheart being a light grey tom with darker patches and a white chest. He would have ice blue eyes and very tall ears. I think he would be a senior warrior of Skyclan that keeps to himself and can be hotheaded. Frostheart would be really respected by the younger cats for being so loyal his clan. He would die in battle, doing what he loves.

I think that Frostheart would be a beautiful silver and gray she-cat, and the name is beautiful, too! - Embertide

This name is realistic. I mean creamfur? Who ever heard of that?

I imagine it to be a she-cat who keeps to herself and is rebellious and this name needs to be my new OC lol 2019

3 Echolight

I just love the name beginning with echo large silver tom with a jet black tail tip and paws and a mixture of blueish tabby patterns and green eyes

or maybe a rosy silver coloured she cat with yellow eyes and jet black stripes

Nice name and can actually work because a lot of names here do not make sence

I imagine a silver she-cat with black splotches along her body. She has blue eyes and is a RiverClan cat. She is a medicine cat and has been visited many times by StarClan.
She enjoys catching fish and walking along the riverbank. Echolight also enjoys looking up at the stars on a full moon.

So pretty! when I hear it, I think of a gray tabby she-cat. I will use this in my story

4 Blackstream

I think of a jet black tom with four white paws and sparkling green eyes. He is aggressive and hostile to strangers, but is friendly and relaxed with cats that he's grown up in his entire life with. He has a group of close friends, while his Clanmates all admire and respect his skill in battle.

Blackclaw and Silverstream
They technically are related since...
Silverstream's father is Crookedstar,
Crookedstar's brother is Oakheart,
Oakheart's daughter is Mistystar,
Mistystar's mate is Blackclaw

Black stream sounds evil but I feel like there will be a REALLY sad back story..

A strong, loyal RiverClan tom with sleek black fur and lean muscles. His eyes are a piercing yellow and he has a reputation throughout the Clans for being a renown fighter, yet always wanting to settle an argument with words rather then blood because he hates to see injured cats when there didn't need to be any. Despite his long limbs and dominance on the battle field when he knows he is fighting for the right thing, he is actually really sweet and wise. He has never taken a mate, though many a cat is interestedly.

5 Dovefeather

A white she cat with black feather like patterns below her eyes~ cat of thunderclan

As a kit dove kit never played with her den mates. They would always kick around a ball of moss, but dove kit would always sit in a dark corner alone. When dove kit and her brother moon kit were let out of the den, dove kit stalked through the shadows. One day sun kit called her scourge for the mysteriousness of dove kits personality. Dove kit got so angry she clawed up sun kits nest. Sun kit never got much sleep after that. After sun kit became sun paw she was beginning to be more mean to dove kit. Dove kit naturally thought that this was because sun paw got flames eye as her mentor~ the most evil cat in the forest, dove kit knew it. Finally dove kit and moon kit got their apprentice names~ moon paw and dove paw. Dove paw surprised her mentor frost heart by the way that dove paw was amazing at catching squirrels and birds when they were in mid air. Dove paw became a warrior early and got the ...more

Dovewing's second best name would have been Dovefeather. It's one of those names that actually makes sense. I would give it to a graceful, white she cat. - Mousefur17

I imagine a cream and pure white shecat with bold, light blue eyes with silver streaks on her pelt

With Feathertail
And Silverstream Is

what I'm Picturing.

6 Jaysong

I actually love this name! I can picture a grey cat with lighter paw and dark blue eyes... oh also I imagine Jayfeather and Echosong. NoT TOGETHER of course just kinda the same cat actually forget what I said - Dovewing

I love this name! I'm picturing a black cat, white paws and tail, like Ravenpaw. I actually wish they'd used Jaysong instead of Jayfeather, would've suited him perfectly...

I have this as a cat! She is a black cat with a white muzzle, paws, and belly. She is sassy and has a sharp tongue. I love the prefix Jay!

Clearly you flea brains haven’t heard what a jay sounds like- leafstar

7 Gingersplash

Sounds like a real warrior name! Very professional.

It's a pretty name, but lets be honest- Does ginger really splash? But, its pretty. I imagine a RiverClan med-cat with a gray pelt and white sock-like paws. The tip of her tail is white, and she has one white ear.

Cute and nice name! I imagine a ginger tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes and a flame-water colored pelt. She is a very cute, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and fun medicine cat, but this is when nothing is threatening her Clan. When something is threatening her Clan, she is a brave and confident fighter.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

This name I think is AWESOME! But seriously, no offense, but does ginger splash? And also does the Warrior cats even know what ginger means? Anyways, I think Erin Hunter should name a warrior this name BECAUSE THAT NAME DESERVES TO BE A NAME OF A CAT! - BloodFang

8 Bluemist

I picture Bluemist as a silver tabby eye-catching with a sleek pelt and bright blue eyes. She would be probably one of the most beautiful cat's in RiverClan. Great name!

My friend's favorite cat is Bluestar! She uses the name Bluemist in her books! I'm actually pretty surprised someone else used it. Love it!

Nice name overall! The two words blend perfectly together and when it comes out it doesn't sound all that bad! How Bluemist, deputy of Riverclan, is loyal to the clan and smart and quick thinking. She literally recites the warrior code in her sleep. She does however try to take control a lot - Duskstorm

I imagine her a a beautiful she-cat. Annndd she's a medicine cat. ALL pretty she-cats must be medicine cats - Jaymoon

9 Firebutt

I love this name! So original. He should be a dark ginger Tom with his butt on fire. He has 80,000 mates and 100,000 kits. I might use this name in my clan, assclan

I think of a white tom with a red butt and tail. He has amber eyes

*claps* just beautiful! I love this name! this name is so much better than Firestar.

Beautiful. this is the cat they were talking about in the prophecy! Gosh Firestar why you gotta make everything about you?!

10 Birchsong

Very pale brown and grey tabby she-cat with long legs and pale yellow-green eyes

I enjoy this name, it flows off the tongue very well and is normal, yet very beautiful, enough to make me able to see this name for a female lead. - Warriorcatsfandom

Pale gray she cat with black stripes and black paws

It's a beautiful name!

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? SilverAsh
? Sunstone

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11 Shadowblaze

I imagine a jet black cat that is calm, never steps out of her place in rank, but is always looking for something more then what she has, she's just never sure what that something is. All the kits love her, because she plays with them every day, trains with the apprentices almost all day, and is considered the best hunter and fighter in the clan. When her leader dies in battle she is forced to step up in rank, to deputy, she doesn't like it and the kits are always sitting and laying around, making everyone step on or trip over them, she is always on patrol now, and the apprentices are failing. She is then allowed to step down if she so chooses but then she feels like she doesn't have enough to do around camp and fatigues herself with training and playing and hunting, which leads to her get sick, very sick, and nobody knows if she will pull through, or die.

When I think of Shadowblaze, I think of a sleek she-cat with a night black pelt with dark amber eyes and a white tail-tip. She was born in ShadowClan, and she is clever and lithe, fast and quick to fight. Her black pelt blends into her environment and she moves with ease in her own territory. Great name!

Amazing name I would this cat would be a gray tom but with a jet black stripe running down his back and he has gray eyes.

Love this name completely!

Oof. Cat in my story. Anyways, a fluffy, lionblaze fur teddy bear. He is a very dark grey with black circles with light grey inside the circles. He loves life. Not happy, but normal guy. He is in ShadowClan, but was born as a rogue named Shadow, so he kept his name. I drew a picture of him with a squirrel. Fluffiest cat I've ever drawn. Like him?

12 Mossyleaf

White and gray spotted she cat with frosty green eyes. Mossystar if Bayclan

Or moss kits warrior name if she had lived - Badgerflame

I made up this name moss flower, I do not know if moss flower is real. This name reminds me of moss flower.

Similar to spottedleaf, gentle she-cat. but instead of being tortisshell shes more brown.

13 Sandfeather

My sister's warrior name she's a pale ginger she-cat with pale green eyes

I am thinking of a tan tom with yellow eyes. He has one white paw and a white chest

That sounds nice. It sounds like she is in Windclan and has a sandy coloured pelt, with the greatest emerald eyes. The best hunter and the smartest. If the leader would of died, she would be the next deputy - BloodFang

I imagine a sleek, sand-colored she cat with grey-green eyes and a light tabby marking on her right shoulder. Her left ear has a small notch and she has dark gold legs. She's very smart and observant, and is a decent hunter. She helped in more than one battle plan! She may have a frosty personality, but she's warm as a fresh-killed mouse once you get to know her!

14 Silvercloud

I imagine a beautiful silver and black tabby she-cat with gentle green eyes.

How has no one commented yet? It's a very beautiful name but silvermist might be better but I think urs is better more oc worthy because that's a fairy-Moondrop

It’s a beautiful name, Beautiful story too! GOO SILVERCLOUD!

Silvercloud is a beautiful silver and white she-cat. She is shy, strong, and fearful.
Mother: Fawnwing
Father: Mudtail
App: Silverpaw
Kit: Silverkit
Mentor: Rosestep
Sister: Waterfang
Brother: Frogkit, Stonesong
Mate(s): Cinderclaw, Brightcreek
Kits: Cinderclaw’s kits: Fishpaw, Flowerpaw. Brightcreek’s kits: Lynxkit, Ivykit, Maplekit, and Spiritkit.
Apprentince: Tigerflight

Silvercloud as a kit loved exploring. She and her brother, Frogkit went to explore the camp. They got across a hawk. “Frogkit! ” Silverkit yelled. But, her brother had been killed by the mean badger. She gasped while she carried Frogkit’s body back to camp. “What have you done!? ” Scolded Fawnwing. “I can believe she...” murmured Mudtail. “No! I didn’t kill him! A badger did! ” She cried. Her heart was changed forever.

Silvercloud as an apprentince was happy and shy. “Rosestep.” Silverpaw called. “Yes? Called Rosestep. Silverpaw sighed. ...more

15 Frostpool

I already have an oc named frostpool and he's white with light gray spots and blue eyes

A sleek, silky, long haired mainecoon that has silky silver fur with ice blue eyes. She was supposed to be named Medicine Cat but she fell in love with a rouge. They had three kits, two males, one female. The rouge was killed by a fox, and she was forced to go back to her clan with her three kits, she became a warrior instead and she pretended to be the kit's care-giver when she was the mother for her whole life. Yet the kits knew. The other cats found out about the kits and their mother. And they all lived their lives in River Clan. - SnowThunder

Gosh in my plans for a mini Dawn of the Clans thing she was an interesting character...a white she-cat of ThunderClan, blue eyes, medium-length fur...a warrior who turned to the path of a medicine cat when her love was killed in battle, then became a warrior again and later a queen when she met another tom, and she had a tidbit to play in a prophecy...others thought she was selfish and didn't have much to do with her, but she was kind and patient, and eventually ended up saving their lives...she wasn't a major character really, more like I wrote a super-edition type thing about her - Flamingheart

This is the name I'm gonna use! Thank you so much! You should be proud for helping the Warrior cats company. I will tell this too Erin Hunter and I will tell them to bring this name into their newest book. You should be proud of yourself. Thank you!

16 Honeysplash

A beautiful golden she-cat with white splotches and blue eyes

I love this name! I imagine a fluffy golden she-cat with white splotches, cute yellow eyes, and a very fluffy tail! She is the nicest cat in her Clan, and she loves going to the nursery! She is a kind, pretty, thoughtful, nice, and bubbly medicine cat that believes in peace, not war. She is a queen and is expecting kits! However, she also loves to hunt! She is a great hunter.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

I love this! I imagine a small, golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a very fluffy tail! She's probably the nicest cat in the Clan. - Sharkies

Sounds very professional! I love this one. its eyes could be the color of glossy honey! possibly blind?

17 Stinkycatmint

Someday he might be able to surpass the greatness of FIREBUTT! - Scootermcpeanuts

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

This needs to be number one it will save all minor background characters.

Who came up with this name? It is dumb. If you aren't going to be serious on this website, go away. This is for people looking for names they could use or just for the fun of it. It takes up space on the site and others might not appreciate your sense of humor.

18 Dawnbreeze

I picture Dawnbreeze as a ginger eye-catching with pale blue eyes. She would be WindClan. Such a beautiful name though!

Such a beautiful name! I imagine a sleek cream tabby she-cat with fierce yellow eyes. She is a fearless, confident, and intelligent fighter, but has a mischievous fun side as well. She is a calm, fearless and loving she-cat who will do anything to protect her family and Clan. She does not care what other cats think of her. She is currently raising kits!
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

Yes, I like dawnbreeze.
Windclan, ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and white chest and paws and tail. - Mudspeck

OOH YES! dappled pale golden she-cat with blue eyes. White chest and paws!

19 Duskshadow

I used this one in a story. Ginger she-cat with black highlights and amber eyes.

Amazing name!
I can imagine he is a Cream and black tom with blue eyes. Duskstrike would also be a cool name.

A Shadow’clan name. It sound strong and this cat would have been deputy for sure

A light pale gray tom, with a white underbelly and dark gray markings along his sides, and big blue eyes. He is smart and an excellent fighter. He will do anything for his Clan. I am thinking he is too nice for ShadowClan, so maybe RiverClan? I don't know

20 Amberdawn

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

I like how they go together because both mean red/ginger/orange/whatever - TheCrystalWolf

I'd say a orange she-cat with red stripes, I like the idea of purple eyes to Frostwind!

I think she would look like something like this: light amber she-cat of SkyClan, soon to be Amberstar because she's the dep!

21 Starstarstar

Starstarstar is the best cat on the whole planet! He has golden wings, rainbow eyes, David Beckham fur and like 300 mates.

He's also a communist but we don't talk about that.

For starters, the star sounds like a beautiful cat and the star sounds like it is just an all golden cat and the star fits their personality as a leader, this cat made of gold is perfect.

I imagine a winged cat rainbow furred and golden stars with silver tipped tail ears paws

I didn't come to this site for a long time and this used to be top 6 not top 48 but whatever

22 Softfeather

Totally a windclan name when I imagine it I see a pretty she cat with bright green eyes and a white coat with ginger splotches

I actually used this name for my medicine cat OC before I found this site, what a coincidence!

I think of a beautiful black and Smokey grey shecat with soft, emerald green eyes. ( I’m thinking if she was in the books, she would be firestars long lost daughter)

Solid white she-cat with long, silky fur and pretty blue eyes, formerly a kittypet named Mia.

23 Moorshadow

I love this name! I picture a black cat like Crowfeather (I know Crowfeather is dark gray and almost black but bear with me) with amber eyes. This name is really cool. It gives me a kind of spooky feeling. Like a ghost cat that roams around the moors at night. Super cool.

Black she-cat
Mother: snagglefur
Father: duckwing
Brothers: tinykit
Sister: small kit
Mate: morning frost
Daughter: Maple Grove
Son: apple tree
when she was a kit she went exploring the out side of the camp with her litter mates, but a fox attacked! Moorkit survived but tiny kit and small kit died. Then when she got back to camp, carrying her litter mates bodies, every one thought she killed them! She got banished from ThunderClan! Then she joined Sky clan and was raised by tumbleweed and skyscraper. She mated with Morning frost and she died losing too much blood giving birth to Maple Grove and Apple tree

I can imagine, this dark really dark grey with deep blue eyes. Spooky and cool, huh?
Guys this is cool, it's a cool and spooky feeling

Something like a silver she-cat with back stripes like her mate would be tanshade and her kits would be named redkit fox red she-kit and fangkit black tom kit with silver spots

24 Amberhaze

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

I read it as Ambergaze - Froststar_of_iceclan

wow - Dawnberry

great - Dawnberry

25 Cinderstream

I imagine a she-cat with a gray pelt and a back stripe that is black, along with a tail stripe that is black. It's pretty.

Dark ginger she cat with yellow eyes. Her mate is named Twigstar. Her her kits names are Nettlekit, moorkit and Frogkit

I like her as a smoky and sleek black she cat with pale yellow eyes

A grey she-cat with darker specks and dark blue eyes probably a medicine cat

26 Foxpelt

Red/white tabby Tom with bright green eyes
Member of Windclan
I love the Name Foxpelt for sure

Amazing name! I imagine Foxpelt as a large reddish-orange and white tom with fierce amber eyes. He is a serious, brave, confident, fearless, and very intelligent tom who will do anything to protect his family and Clan. He is mates with Amberdawn and Amberdawn is having kits.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

Foxpelt-large red Tom with white paws,a black muzzle and brown eyes

Her mother was a cat while her father was a fox she had all the markings of a fox and when her mother told her who her father was she hated them both she was bullied and constantly talked about among the clan her brother forestfire was the clan leaders apprentice and the only cats that truly loved her was her brother and hero crush stonekit who was taken by a fox. The leader and medicine cat thought that she was evil because of a prophecy: A cat divided into two worlds must rise from the shadows and stop deaths strike. They thought she was the death and her brother was the cat that would save them but it turned out that she was the cat that would save them and after she did she was very popular.

27 Juniperberry

Not my favorite, I usually don't like names that are something then that something again, like Lilyflower or Rockpebble, but this one is really pretty.

I imagine this cat as a very dark gray she-cat with light green eyes. Her mother would be a medicine cat who decided to name her daughter a herb. Juniperberry would grow up to be a warrior, despite her name. - rats

Not to be rude but this name would be perfect for an evil cat! Like Mapleshade! Like one of her evil minions - Vixenleaf

Agreed with the comment below. It sounds like a medicine cat name.

28 Starlight

I imagine a silver she cat with ocean blue eyes. She has the strongest belief in Starclan and will do nothing against the warrior code. Though she is not a medicine cat, she once in awhile gets to speak with her ancestors. She is extremely loyal to her clan. She is eventually made deputy, then when the leader died, she became Star

starbright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
get my hands on a working flashlight.

Star can't go first so please in the future don't use star first, Thanks - EchoDream

Even though this is a very lovely name, Star cannot be used as a prefix. - FireJewel

29 Ferncreek

She is a speckled gray she cat with kind green eyes and yellow paws. She is a warrior and her mate is Iceblaze. Her kits names are Emberkit ( mottled she cat with yellow eyes) wolfkit ( gray tom with amber eyes and and large spiked tail.) :D

I like it

30 Aquaflame

This is a lovely name, but I'm not sure if warrior cats know what the color aqua is. - FireJewel

What a lovely name! It's unusual sure but not to the point where it's weird

What a beautiful name I picture a silver and cream she-cat with violet eyes

Different but in a good way.

31 Aquafeather

I'm not trying to be mean, but I think Aquafeather is kind of cheesy

Ah, I think Aqua is creative too, although it isn't an actual prefix.
I imagine a she-cat with a light grey she-cat with ocean blue eyes and a short pelt. She is too obsessive, and annoying.

Anything can be a Warriors name prefix or suffix. Aqua just isn't a common one. - Jaymoon

I really enjoy this name with the idea of using Aqua as a prefix! I can imagine a short, blue-grey she-cat with sky blue eyes, a light grey underbelly, and a large tufts of fur mostly around her throat, but other than that, a long pelt. She would be a member of Riverclan, and have a current crush on a cat with the prefix of Flame/Blaze/Fire or something similar. She is best friends with a tom with Lighting/Light as their prefix.

Aquafeather is a nice name! I imagine a gray she-cat with light blue eyes, from WindClan (I'm not that obvious, RiverClan cats aren't always named after water). - Frostwind

32 Brightsilver

I really like the name Brightsilver it’s so pretty and I think maybe it would be a Riverclan name


33 Ashwind

Love this name! A black tom/she-cat with yellow eyes. She runs faster than the wind and when she runs past you, you think that it was a pile of ash flying past U. LOVE IT

Black tom with yellowy-orange eyes. When he runs he gives the impression of ash blowin in the wind

I guess this in okay name. I do not mean to be a hater, but none of these names inspire me

This is amazing

34 Coralstar

I really like this name! I picture a yellow, blue, and pink cat, the same color as coral. Probably in riverclan or a clan that lives in the sea. - Scootermcpeanuts

This is my sister! Did she put this on here? - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

I think this couldx be a female cat with aqua green eyes and her fur is a bright color I alreaady cal;ls dibs

This is a very unique name, but let's be real. Warrior cats do not know what coral is. And besides, coral only thrives in the ocean, which the clans are definitely not in that kind of environment. - FireJewel

35 Lionstrike

Dark ginger she cat with sharp yellow eyes. She has black stripes on her back and black paws.

This is just wow just wow defines me whenever I find a bowl of ramen

Lionstrike looked at the swirling water below her. She was holding on by a couple claws; fear panicked her gaze. (Anyone wanna guess what happened? Lol) - OceanfrostThePsychoDarkClanCat

Lionstrike is orange with a brown jagged stripe on his back and would have brown paws and green eyes. He would be a bossy deputy and would belong to Thunderclan. After the leader died he would become Lionstar!

36 Brambleshine

Shiinnnyy,...a shiny bramblestar that just got back from dipping himself in starshine?


What about Fernshine? Includes both descriptions.

I was torn between Bramblefern and Brambleshine for the medicine cat...
-fern because she's still young and learning, and -shine because she's an optimist... - TheCrystalWolf

It's Bramblestar. BuT SHiNy - Jaymoon

37 Iceblaze

I can just imagine it! A light silver tom with icy blue eyes. He might be padding along the thick snow in ShadowClan camp. As a kit, he would be living in RiverClan, all together with his father, Fernpool, and with his sister, Aspenkit, and his two brothers, Russetkit and Emberkit. His mother, Hope, was a kittypet. Icekit thought he fit very well in his clan. But, a WindClan invasion had changed his life. WindClan’s major warrior, Clawfur, killed his father. Clawfur also took away Russetkit and Emberkit, and severely injured him. Aspenkit, however, had warned her siblings to hide, but curiosity took them to the midst of battle. A RiverClan queen named Shineheart claimed to RiverClan’s leader, Earthstar, that the still alive brother and sister must be taken to ShadowClan, because she was cautious that Clawfur would return to finish off the rest of his enemy’s family. But Earthstar objected. He thought that Aspenkit and Icekit were where they belonged. So, that very night, ...more

I feel like this name is a mixture of water, ice and fire, lava. Take Lionblaze for example. He's Firestar's grandson. Look at the prefix in Firestar's name. Fire, hot, lava, burning. If Ice is the prefix of Iceblaze, then... You know what I mean, right? Lava and ice don't go together, so case closed.

I imagine a plain white tom. That's all. I like this name and may steal it in the future. Lol

Iceblaze is a pure white rom cat with blazing amber eyes. He has scratches over his body and is short furred and muscular.

38 Leafmoon

A pretty brown tabby she cat with amber eyes the size of moons

Leafmoon, I think is a great name. I think she would be the WindClan medicine cat, very nice and respects all Clans. She does every thing to avoid battle and was the one that came up with the idea for races and games for apprentices and young warriors, fighting and and hunting gamesaces for older warriors, deputies, and leaders, and talking time for queens every five moons. Leafmoon believes in peace, not war.

Weird,This somehow reminds me of SpottedLeaf. Anyways,A brownish-red,dappled she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother's name was DappledTail and her father's name was SpottedCry. Her father was embarrassed to have a kit that didn't want to be a warrior. She had always dreamed to be a medicine cat. She begged the leader to be the medicine-cat's apprentice. Finally he agreed. Her father started to grow mad. He killed DappleTail and became a rogue,leaving her devastated. When the current medicine-cat, FailingHeat, died, she became medicine cat. One day, windclan attacked and got to the medicine den and killed her. By the way she was thunderclan.

Orange and yellow spotted she cat with amber eyes. Her kits are
lemon kit perchkit firekit and perchkit

39 Cloverbreeze

This is a pretty name and this she cat is gentle, beautiful, and her pelt color is gray and white and she has kind blue eyes

Golden she cat with white spots and green eyes. She is a great hunter and want to live in peace with other clans

Sounds like a black and white She-cat from Windclan. She fell in love with Flamepaw (pelt) of ThunderClan when she was an apprentice. Then, to prove her loyalty to her clan, she attacked him at the next gathering. Later on, she fell in love with a loner who called himself Cinderstorm.

I like this name great job it is wonderful. How is this 39 on the list? - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

40 Autumnfall

Autumnfall is a very purr-etty name! (Get the joke? ) I imagine her as a beautiful orange tabby she-cat with beautiful amber eyes and a leaf colored pelt. Autumn was a former kittypet until she ran away from home and discovered the Clans. She is a very sweet, cute, happy, and bubbly she-cat who believes in peace, not war. She is a great hunter but a not-so-good fighter. Her only regret is that, since she was spayed, she cannot have kits, which was her dream.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

Autumnfall is such a pretty name! Even though I'm aware of the fact that the clans probably don't know what "Autumn" is, I have to admit that it sounds beautiful. Plus, maybe Autumn was a former kittypet until she joined a clan and became Autumnpaw? I don't know about the story, but I see Autumnfall as a pretty ginger she-cat with blue-green eyes and golden streaks on her pelt.

OK my friends cat is named Autumn and we spent a really long time making a fan-fiction about her running to the field to become Autumnfall, then Autumnstar leader of Streamclan

I think that the cats DO know the proper names of the seasons, because in Into the Wild, Lionheart calls leaf-bare winter.

It was probably a mistake there are A LOT of mistakes in Warriors. - Jaymoon

41 Skunktail

Why the hate? I have a REAL kitten named this ( not because I saw this) I love him to death. Great name!

It's a tom and also do skunks even live in the forest where the Warrior cats live?! - Jaymoon

I don't care what people say, this is a good name. And I would disagree with a comment that says that name prefixes have to be cannon. Um, ever heard about the name Thunderstrike? Prefix nor suffix are cannon yet it is at a very high place on this list.

I like this name! Cats could definitely be named with the prefix Skunk- as they know what skunks are. I kinda picture this as a black she-cat with a stripe running down her back and pretty, baby-blue eyes.

42 Aspenleaf

Gray and white spotted she cat green kind green eyes. Her mates named is Smoketail. Her kits are named vixenkit (gray and white spotted Tom with green eyes and black paws), Hawkkit ( gray and black Tom where pale yellow eyes) and Frostkit ( white she cat with pale yellow eyes and dark ginger paws.)

For some reason I think of a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes and white ears. - IcetailofWishClan

This is a really cool name - Pinewhisker

Wow. Just wow! I actually think this name is great! Most likely a brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is formerly a warrior but he is now a medicine cat from Shadowclan!

43 Moonshadow

A blue tom who is stubborn and sharp tongued but is caring he was born in Riverclan he was just a kit when he wondered of and fell into the river the current was strong and carried him to a rock that was very sharp and took his left eye out he woke up on the Thunderclan camp everyone was staring at him horrified except for one kit who was looking at him amazed she asked him how did you survive you must be the strongest cat on earth I guess it was just luck Moonkit replied how the kit asked your left eye is gone and your ears are gone your tail was ripped off and there is a thorn as long as my tail in your side she started to sound worried who are you she asked him my name is Moonkit he said oh well my name is Sunnykit she mewed well are you going to help me or not he snapped of course a voice said it was the medicine cat once she tended to his wounds Sunnykit came and licked him like a kit get of me he snapped sorry Sunnykit said Sunnykit always came to see him Moonkit decided to stay ...more

Sounds really cool I also like the name Moonfrost! But Moonshadow sounds mysterious and really cool!

Isn't Moonshadow used in dawn of the clans? And moon can be a prefix, Bluestar's mom was MOONflower.

Totally a StarClan cat former member of Shadow’clan got silver fur and sky blue eyes

44 Dreamcloud

I imagine a white she-cat with yellow-ish spots everywhere. This is a beautiful name!

Sounds pretty, and though it seems a little too whimsical.. well, this is a book series about feral cats talking to stars in the forest.

A silver she cat with pale blue eyes, a clip in her top left ear with a feather dangling down - is what I see

This name sounds so beautiful and graceful.

45 Ashbreeze

Mottled brown and ginger she cat with sharp green eyes and white ear tips

Ashbreeze is such an elegant and fierce name. It's interesting how elegance and fierceness are combined in one name.
Dark gray she-cat with red flecks and amber eyes
Mother: Birchfrost
Father: Flameclaw
Brother: Foxstep

I think of a mottled gray tom with white paws. He's quick-thinking and impulsive, slightly goofy. This is above average name.

This is my cat. He is a lean long-limbed tom with gray fur and ice blue eyes. He becomes Ashstar and is the 8th leader of Stormclan.

46 Frostwing

Nice! I think a white she cat with blue eyes.She comes from dawn clan (my made up clan) and mother is lunawish and father is seednose.

Love it! I like anything with the word frost in it. I also like the name Stardust even though that cat couldn't become leader because their name would be Starstar.

Beautiful white she cat... but has short legs...for some reason whenever I hear the suffix *wing* I think it has short legs *meow*...

I want her to be a dark gray tabby she cat with icy blue eyes

47 Brightstorm

Sounds like a black-and-white she-cat with striking heather-colored eyes

Totally reminds me of Brightheart my FAVORITE warrior cat and I feel like it might be her twins name is something :)

A soft furred medicine cat tom with white fur and gray splotches with kind, smoky blue eyes.

all da thunderclan she cats have crushes on him lol

A sleek silver tabby with Amber eyes. Her Amber eyes resemble the firey depths of the sun, her silver pelt like a calm gray cloud. But if you get on her bad side, her tempered side, she will snap at you and act like a raging storm.

Sorry, it just came to mind as I was writing this.
So poetic.
- Abstract

48 Tigercloud

This is a beautiful name, I think maybe a she cat that looks and descends from tigerstar. - Mudspeck

I’m thinking a light ginger Tom with white paws and a white chest, his personality is fierce and loyal but also wise and cunning. He is a newly made warrior of Dawnclan. He used to be a rogue named Tiger but his mother was captured by clan cats then escaped but when they faced a huge band of rogues who drove them out, they came to his mom, cobbler and asked her to help find the clan and take back their territory. After she helped drive the rogues out her and tiger joined the clan and he just recently just got his warrior name Tigercloud.

A fierce orange-and-black tabby she-cat with a huge destiny and a big heart inside! - BerrystarOfRiverClan

I hate this. -cloud is SO unfitting for Tiger-. A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, long-legged, of ShadowClan - Flamingheart

49 Firestorm

Firestorm looks a lot like Firestar, except with dark ginger stripes

If FireStar and Sandstorm had another kit and couldn't decide what to do for his/her warrior name! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Haha! I would want someone called Firestorm in the warrior cats series too. I want him to look just the same as Firestar and be the deputy or senior warrior of Thundercaln!

I WOVE this name, sounds like a tall flame colored Tom with some red and yellowish markings, handsome warrior and a wonderful fighter, sometimes his ambition can get the best of him, but other wise hopefully your looking down from StarClan Firestar, Firestorm has got this!

50 Oakstorm

Russet tabby tom and green eyes with a limp from a falling oak branch in the middle of a lightning storm. - Jaystar

I agree with the last comment. It sounds like Crookedstar's name before his mother changed it and Oakheart (Crookedstar's brother) combined. Awesome!

Reminds me of Crookedstar's first name before his mother changed it, Stormkit, and his brother Oakheart mixed together to make Oakstorm! - CloudchaseOfThunderclan

I love the name I made her and posted her online go check it out!

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