Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist

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1 Creamfrost

Nice name! I imagine this cat's personality as soft and kind. But better name for kittypet I guess. No offense.

Creamfrost is a pale ginger molly with a white v-shaped marking on her chest, going up to her neck and covering her muzzle. She has semi-long fur and wise, frosty-colored blue eyes. She is very nurturing and playful to kittens and elders, but calm and demanding to the warriors. She enjoys apprentices and loves hanging out with them.

Creamfrost is a cream she-cat with white paws, and white underbelly. She has pale golden eyes and is a warrior of WindClan.

I imagine Creamfrost as a cream she-cat with splashes of white along her body. She is quiet and cold to cats she doesn't know (Because the suffix frost means cold and distant. Cream just means the color of her fur). She has pale green eyes, too. She is great at hunting, but not as good at fighting.

Or it could mean that her whole name is describing the colour of her fur? I think she is a sweet and calm character.

2 Frostheart

Cool! The image is perfect. This name just feels like strong and confident !

Pretty cat (she-cat?), I can imagine a stern and fierce striped cat standing in front of me.

I can imagine her as a strong , reckless , arrogant but loyal cat

I Imagine a light gray she-cat, the deputy of SkyClan, with dark blue eyes.

3 Echolight

I imagine this cat as a fluffy white tom with light blue eyes. He would be a medicine cat and very gentle. He has always wanted a mate and kits but can't have them.

Awesome name. Every time I Pronounce, It seems mysterious. I love it.

Night black she-cat with a white chest tuft and leaf-green eyes (Wow, she sounds so pretty to me!)

Hey! You stole my name! Just kidding... everyone can can think of this name.


4 Gingersplash

Sounds like a real warrior name! Very professional.

I think this is such a cute and fun name! I think this would be a ginger cat with green eyes and a fun, bouncy personality!

Dark ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes and a scar on their flank

Sounds like a real name and I would love to hear this name in a book.

5 Jaysong

I imagine jayfeather color but with gentle personality lol

I love it...maybe a gray tabby she-cat with either pale blue, cornflower blue, or olive green eyes.

Cool name! I imagine gray tabby tom with sky-blue eyes.-Fireblaze

A black tom with dark blue eyes, a senior warrior in Riverclan.

6 Birchsong

I love this name... I added it let me know if you like it!


WOW I love this name! Might put it on my remix. I imagine this very delicate tom with light brown fur, white strap on his face and white paws.

Silver slender she-cat with delicate white paws and leafy green eyes. Gentle, but fierce when she has to be. Definitely putting this on my remix

A dark brown tabby tom with dark red eyes, an elder in Thunderclan.

she is an elder, she has a very long temper and loves kits. she has white and black fur, with amber eyes. -copper tail

7 Blackstream

I - I - This name is just amazing, and so fitting for any cat with a sleek black pelt

Amazing, just amazing. A sleek black tom with piercing, shocking amber eyes. Definitely using this!

Jet-black tom with a small stream of white rushing down his flank.-Fireblaze

I think of a jet black tom with four white paws and sparkling green eyes. He is aggressive and hostile to strangers, but is friendly and relaxed with cats that he's grown up in his entire life with. He has a group of close friends, while his Clanmates all admire and respect his skill in battle.

Handsome black tom with a splotch on his spine running to his tail. Light blue eyes.

8 Dovefeather

A white she cat with black feather like patterns below her eyes~ cat of thunderclan

As a kit dove kit never played with her den mates. They would always kick around a ball of moss, but dove kit would always sit in a dark corner alone. When dove kit and her brother moon kit were let out of the den, dove kit stalked through the shadows. One day sun kit called her scourge for the mysteriousness of dove kits personality. Dove kit got so angry she clawed up sun kits nest. Sun kit never got much sleep after that. After sun kit became sun paw she was beginning to be more mean to dove kit. Dove kit naturally thought that this was because sun paw got flames eye as her mentor~ the most evil cat in the forest, dove kit knew it. Finally dove kit and moon kit got their apprentice names~ moon paw and dove paw. Dove paw surprised her mentor frost heart by the way that dove paw was amazing at catching squirrels and birds when they were in mid air. Dove paw became a warrior early and got the ...more

this is so pretty! I'd say a white she-cat with bright blue eyes and gray paws.

I like Dovefeather but every clone you make will always break the warrior code.

I actually thought of this name once! White she-cat (with darker flecks).-Fireblaze

9 Bluemist

I imagine this cat as a blueish tom with green eyes. He would be friendly and gentle towards all but his enemies and would have a lot of friends outside his Clan. He would have a mate called Lilypelt and many kits.

She is a blue gray she cat with blue eyes . She can have a short temper , but is a loyal and courageous warrior

Blue-gray, like Bluestar, except misty blue eyes... oh, and also a she-cat.-Fireblaze

Either that or Bluemoon should have been Bluestar's warrior name.

10 Honeysplash

I imagine ginger tabby she-cat with white paws, tail-tip, muzzle, and ear-tip.-Fireblaze

I LOVE THIS NAME! And I imagine her like to pic too- Morningshine

A yellow brownish she-cat whose mate is Firebutt. She is a risk-taking, beautiful cat with Russian blue eyes.

Seriously. Firebutt? Worst name ever! But also very funny. I mean, FIREBUTT! Just saying it makes me laugh

The Newcomers

? Rainfrost

A sleek she-cat, gray and white with dark green eyes.

? Rivershine

Let me know how you like this name, it was an old OC of mine so I just wanted to add it :)

Bro I made a fan fic about a character named riverspirit I love any warrior name that starts with river bc it’s not rlly common for a warrior name #river

A blue she cat, with a short pelt and shines in the sun light 😁

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11 Silvercloud

I imagine this cat as a silver she-cat with misty blue eyes. She is an elder and has no mate or kits.

I imagine her as a silver she-cat with white flecks.-Fireblaze

This is a lot like Siverstream but I hope that she doesn't DIE LIKE HER

I imagine a beautiful silver and black tabby she-cat with gentle green eyes.

Pretty silver-and-white tabby she-cat with grayish blue dreamy eyes

12 Amberdawn

I imagine this cat as a light golden she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, belly, and paws. She would have brownish-grey eyes and a harsh temper, also no mate or kits.

This is my sisters name every time we play the game so I really hope it becomes a warrior name

An orangy she-cat with amber eyes from Thunderclan.-Willowmoon

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

Pretty gray she-cat with amber eyes and a bushy tail. Sweet and mostly spends time in the nursery having kits with her mate. - Ashwind

13 Firebutt

If bluestar called rusty fire butt...It would truly be a legend, and then rave paw, and then Grey poop...

This one mad me laugh so hard my dad nearly caught me righting this! XD FIREBUTT THE cat who kills scourge FIREBUTT and I had dramatic music playing in my background so made it sound like FIREBUTT! NOW IT COMES UP IN MY SUGGESTIONS! FIRE BUTT

I imagine: Firebutt. Fiery red tom who somehow always manages to set his butt on fire. HA!

I love this name! So original. He should be a dark ginger Tom with his butt on fire. He has 80,000 mates and 100,000 kits. I might use this name in my clan, assclan

HAHAHA! I imagine white tom with ginger and red butt.-Fireblaze

14 Shadowblaze

I imagine a jet black cat that is calm, never steps out of her place in rank, but is always looking for something more then what she has, she's just never sure what that something is. All the kits love her, because she plays with them every day, trains with the apprentices almost all day, and is considered the best hunter and fighter in the clan. When her leader dies in battle she is forced to step up in rank, to deputy, she doesn't like it and the kits are always sitting and laying around, making everyone step on or trip over them, she is always on patrol now, and the apprentices are failing. She is then allowed to step down if she so chooses but then she feels like she doesn't have enough to do around camp and fatigues herself with training and playing and hunting, which leads to her get sick, very sick, and nobody knows if she will pull through, or die.

Calm she-cat with glaring amber eyes, black pelt with a scar along her left eye going down to her muzzle.

I don't know... I like it. Not like I would use it, but it's nice, original.

Black tom with ginger and gold flecks across his back. Shadowblaze has broad shoulders, a triangular face, and amber eyes.

When I think of Shadowblaze, I think of a sleek she-cat with a night black pelt with dark amber eyes and a white tail-tip. She was born in ShadowClan, and she is clever and lithe, fast and quick to fight. Her black pelt blends into her environment and she moves with ease in her own territory. Great name!

15 Mossyleaf

I imagine this cat as a dark grey she-cat with green eyes. She has had many kits, is warm and open-hearted, and has a mate called Duskfur.

I imagine Mossyleaf as a ginger and white she-cat with bright green eyes.

This name is amazing! I imagine a grey she-cat with green eyes. She is in Riverclan and respects her clan mates. She is currently a mother of two kits

I don’t like the prefix mossy, especially not moss, but this name is super cute! It sounds like a name that goes with a stubborn-ish she-cat.

16 Sandfeather

Sandfeather is a light sandy ginger she cat with mossy green eyes she is kind and loyal to her clan. I love this name!

This is the best non warrior cat character name in the whole damn universe

She sounds like a pretty pale ginger tabby she-cat that is a very loyal and intelligent medicine cat that has fallen in love and had kits.

Medicine cat, pale ginger and gray eyes full of wisdom, since she is almost at elder stage. - Ashwind

A sandy ginger she cat with feather-like shapes on her pelt.By Willowmoon

17 Frostpool

I imagine this cat as a light grey-tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. She would be cool and calm and have a mate called Peachblossom but no kits.

FrostPool is a white she-cat with gray spots on her back and over her eye.

She is totally a light gray and white she cat with sky blue eyes

To me, Frostpool is Echomist's spitting image, except she has 4 kits, not 3.

18 Stinkycatmint

HAHAHAHAHA! He's a green tom with green eyes and he's a green medicine cat and he smells like green catmint and he's a former green kittypet with a green collar.

Someday he might be able to surpass the greatness of FIREBUTT!

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones.

Who came up with this name? It is dumb. If you aren't going to be serious on this website, go away. This is for people looking for names they could use or just for the fun of it. It takes up space on the site and others might not appreciate your sense of humor.

19 Dawnbreeze

I imagine this cat as a light cream she-cat with amber eyes. She is a fierce warrior, and a deputy. She cannot bother to have a mate or kits. She is desperate to become leader and power-hungry.

She is a cream colored she-cat with Amber eyes. She lives in WindClan and is currently a queen

I picture Dawnbreeze as a ginger eye-catching with pale blue eyes. She would be WindClan. Such a beautiful name though!

Such a beautiful name! I imagine a sleek cream tabby she-cat with fierce yellow eyes. She is a fearless, confident, and intelligent fighter, but has a mischievous fun side as well. She is a calm, fearless and loving she-cat who will do anything to protect her family and Clan. She does not care what other cats think of her. She is currently raising kits!

20 Duskshadow

I used this one in a story. Ginger she-cat with black highlights and amber eyes.

A grey tom with little specks of white on his pelt.Amber eyes.

Amazing name!
I can imagine he is a Cream and black tom with blue eyes. Duskstrike would also be a cool name.

A Shadow’clan name. It sound strong and this cat would have been deputy for sure

21 Starstarstar

Starstarstar is the best cat on the whole planet! He has golden wings, rainbow eyes, David Beckham fur and like 300 mates.

He's also a communist but we don't talk about that.

Rainbow she-cat with rainbow eyes and a rainbow scar on their nose.


When this cat steps into the room, your eyes will melt in your head. Why? Well the answer is simple,

his pelt is the literal sun.

For starters, the star sounds like a beautiful cat and the star sounds like it is just an all golden cat and the star fits their personality as a leader, this cat made of gold is perfect.

22 Softfeather

I imagine a fluffy, graceful, cat, gently falling down onto the ground as if a real feather. I would think she has a very light grey pelt and pale green-blue eyes

I'd imagine a creamy she-cat with white paws and crystal blue eyes.

I imagine this cat as a dark brown she-cat with a fluffy pelt. She is sweet and warm, but undersized. Also, she has a mate called Tansycloud and an awful lot of kits!

It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but sounds good. It reminds me of the character Softwing. I like Softwing more though.

23 Cinderstream

I like it! I don't know why, but it just fits. I imagine her as a silver tabby, with dark-grey stripes. I think she would be a queen, like Ferncloud or Daisy.

Cinder stream would be a gray she-cat with a few black stripes

A gray Riverclan cat with a white tail. Her personality is she is jumpy and kind. EXACTLY LIKE CINDERPELT.(RIP my love Cinderpelt)

I imagine a she-cat with a gray pelt and a back stripe that is black, along with a tail stripe that is black. It's pretty.

24 Moorshadow

the moor isn't really a shadowy place, I prefer moorheart it gives you the sense of a cat who loves the freedom of the moor, yet is loyal to his clan

I can imagine this mysterious really dark grey cat with flame coloured paws and a stripe on his face. He is the best warrior in Windclan.

I love this name! I picture a black cat like Crowfeather (I know Crowfeather is dark gray and almost black but bear with me) with amber eyes. This name is really cool. It gives me a kind of spooky feeling. Like a ghost cat that roams around the moors at night. Super cool.

Mysterious black she-cat with amber eyes, staring into the shadows. Bushy tail like a clump of heather

Black she-cat
Mother: snagglefur
Father: duckwing
Brothers: tinykit
Sister: small kit
Mate: morning frost
Daughter: Maple Grove
Son: apple tree
when she was a kit she went exploring the out side of the camp with her litter mates, but a fox attacked! Moorkit survived but tiny kit and small kit died. Then when she got back to camp, carrying her litter mates bodies, every one thought she killed them! She got banished from ThunderClan! Then she joined Sky clan and was raised by tumbleweed and skyscraper. She mated with Morning frost and she died losing too much blood giving birth to Maple Grove and Apple tree

25 Amberhaze

She would be a milky golden she cat with a white muzzle and white paws

A brown tabby she-cat who has amber and hazel eyes (mix). Her personality is that she is just like Brook.

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

I read it as Ambergaze

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