Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1 Creamfrost

I imagine Creamfrost as a cream she-cat with splashes of white along her body. She is quiet and cold to cats she doesn't know (Because the suffix frost means cold and distant. Cream just means the color of her fur). She has pale green eyes, too. She is great at hunting, but not as good at fighting.

Or it could mean that her whole name is describing the colour of her fur? I think she is a sweet and calm character. - BloodFang

Maybe frost could be because she got her warrior name in winter - RavenHeart

I love it makes me think like a she cat with cream colored fur and gentle blue eyes with white paws and chest with darker tabby stripes! LOVE IT! keep up the good work guys! - Frostnight2007

I agree with whoever wrote the comment about it being ice cream. I think it's a pretty name, but it just sounds kind of weird to me. And also to me it doesn't really make a lot of sense, and I know people will say that she's a cream cat with frosty blue eyes, it just doesn't seem to me like cream and frost really go together at all. The only thing I can see that helps them fit together is ice cream. I know how hard it is to make a name though, and overall it's pretty good, so I applaud you. Nice job! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

2 Frostheart

Reminds me of frost fur in some way - froststar

This name is realistic. I mean creamfur? Who ever heard of that?

I imagine it to be a she-cat who keeps to herself and is rebellious and this name needs to be my new OC lol 2019

This could so be a warrior she-cat with mottled off-white fur and bright blue eyes! Like Frostfur. I love this name, and I think this should have been Frostfur's name all along.

3 Echolight

So beautiful and creative nice job LOVE LOVE - EchoDream

I love that name!

Such a pretty name, That will be my warrior name if I was one.

So pretty! when I hear it, I think of a gray tabby she-cat. I will use this in my story

4 Dovefeather

A white she cat with black feather like patterns below her eyes~ cat of thunderclan

As a kit dove kit never played with her den mates. They would always kick around a ball of moss, but dove kit would always sit in a dark corner alone. When dove kit and her brother moon kit were let out of the den, dove kit stalked through the shadows. One day sun kit called her scourge for the mysteriousness of dove kits personality. Dove kit got so angry she clawed up sun kits nest. Sun kit never got much sleep after that. After sun kit became sun paw she was beginning to be more mean to dove kit. Dove kit naturally thought that this was because sun paw got flames eye as her mentor~ the most evil cat in the forest, dove kit knew it. Finally dove kit and moon kit got their apprentice names~ moon paw and dove paw. Dove paw surprised her mentor frost heart by the way that dove paw was amazing at catching squirrels and birds when they were in mid air. Dove paw became a warrior early and got the ...more

I imagine a cream and pure white shecat with bold, light blue eyes with silver streaks on her pelt

With Feathertail
And Silverstream Is

what I'm Picturing.

I made Dovefeather. She is a white/dark grey she cat. BE NICE TO MY DAUGHTER! SHE IS MADE! LEAVE HER ALONE! Savageheart of Deathclan

5 Jaysong

I love this name! I'm picturing a black cat, white paws and tail, like Ravenpaw. I actually wish they'd used Jaysong instead of Jayfeather, would've suited him perfectly...

I have this as a cat! She is a black cat with a white muzzle, paws, and belly. She is sassy and has a sharp tongue. I love the prefix Jay!

I am so using this for my book warriors gen 2

Jayfeather's evil twin! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

6 Gingersplash

Sounds like a real warrior name! Very professional.

Cute and nice name! I imagine a ginger tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes and a flame-water colored pelt. She is a very cute, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and fun medicine cat, but this is when nothing is threatening her Clan. When something is threatening her Clan, she is a brave and confident fighter.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

This name I think is AWESOME! But seriously, no offense, but does ginger splash? And also does the Warrior cats even know what ginger means? Anyways, I think Erin Hunter should name a warrior this name BECAUSE THAT NAME DESERVES TO BE A NAME OF A CAT! - BloodFang

Super awesome I'm picturing a ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws, with white tipped ears.

7 Iceblaze

I can just imagine it! A light silver tom with icy blue eyes. He might be padding along the thick snow in ShadowClan camp. As a kit, he would be living in RiverClan, all together with his father, Fernpool, and with his sister, Aspenkit, and his two brothers, Russetkit and Emberkit. His mother, Hope, was a kittypet. Icekit thought he fit very well in his clan. But, a WindClan invasion had changed his life. WindClan’s major warrior, Clawfur, killed his father. Clawfur also took away Russetkit and Emberkit, and severely injured him. Aspenkit, however, had warned her siblings to hide, but curiosity took them to the midst of battle. A RiverClan queen named Shineheart claimed to RiverClan’s leader, Earthstar, that the still alive brother and sister must be taken to ShadowClan, because she was cautious that Clawfur would return to finish off the rest of his enemy’s family. But Earthstar objected. He thought that Aspenkit and Icekit were where they belonged. So, that very night, ...more

LOVE LOVE LOVE! A white she-cat with bright ginger stripes

Iceblaze is a pure white rom cat with blazing amber eyes. He has scratches over his body and is short furred and muscular.

I am using him for my book

8 Blackstream

Evil but sad shed b my favorite character

Black stream sounds evil but I feel like there will be a REALLY sad back story..

I love it!


9 Berryfang

*sighs* I can imagine that cat walking through the lush, green forest. *eating berries, of course* - BloodFang

love it

I imagine Berryfang a she-cat/medicine cat of Forestclan. Her pelt would be black with white flecks along her body and her apprentice would secretly be her daughter...

I imagine Berryfang as a she-cat with brown fur fading to crimson at the tip of her tail, and blue eyes. She would be intelligent and cunning, but have a soft streak for kits.

10 Cloverwhisker

I like it because it puts two completely different words together but it still makes sense. Maybe a brown Tom with white paws, chest and a white-tipped tail, a relatively easy-going Tom and is the daring sort of cat.

I love this name. So simple and casual. Multi gender name as well.

I liked this because it's unique and makes sense, unlike "Twigbranch" like a twig is a small branch and a branch is a big twig LIKE COME ON MAN and "Whiteclaw" who's a black cat.

I LOVE this name!


The Newcomers

? Trumpface
? SageStar

Dark Grey Tom with White And Black Spots And Green Eyes - JadeTheLoner

The Contenders

11 Bluemist

My favorite colour is blue and mist is mysterious like me

Nice name overall! The two words blend perfectly together and when it comes out it doesn't sound all that bad! How Bluemist, deputy of Riverclan, is loyal to the clan and smart and quick thinking. She literally recites the warrior code in her sleep. She does however try to take control a lot - Duskstorm

I agree that all pretty she-cats are medicine cats, Jaymoon

I love it, such a good name

12 Shadowblaze

I imagine a jet black cat that is calm, never steps out of her place in rank, but is always looking for something more then what she has, she's just never sure what that something is. All the kits love her, because she plays with them every day, trains with the apprentices almost all day, and is considered the best hunter and fighter in the clan. When her leader dies in battle she is forced to step up in rank, to deputy, she doesn't like it and the kits are always sitting and laying around, making everyone step on or trip over them, she is always on patrol now, and the apprentices are failing. She is then allowed to step down if she so chooses but then she feels like she doesn't have enough to do around camp and fatigues herself with training and playing and hunting, which leads to her get sick, very sick, and nobody knows if she will pull through, or die.

I love this name it's great I think a dark grey she-cat with amber eyes.

I think its really cute

I know that Shadow- isn't allowed, but I can't resist! In my mind I see her as a long-furred, sleek, jet-black she-cat with deep, hunter-green eyes. They sparkle with emotion. Her fur is rain-soaked, but blazing with sunlight and a glow emits from her, shining on ever hair like she is on fire. She is in a clump of ferns, tail wrapped around her paws. Fierce and protective of her Clan. She however once was found covered with horrible claw-marks all over herself. It, for a while, changed in her, making her scared at the slightest noise, and nearly mute. No one knows what attacked her. Soon she returned to her feisty self though.

13 Drizzlesong

I imagine a light grey she cat with white paws, white tip tail, and white freckles on face.Also sleek and very shy, she also loves rain.

I think drizzle and echosong met and became mates - Firestar123

Beautiful! *clap* *clap* *whispers* Beautiful - MountainEcho

I love it! I think my oc Blizzard Heart cloud take a break!

14 Sandfeather

I am thinking of a tan tom with yellow eyes. He has one white paw and a white chest

That sounds nice. It sounds like she is in Windclan and has a sandy coloured pelt, with the greatest emerald eyes. The best hunter and the smartest. If the leader would of died, she would be the next deputy - BloodFang


Simple but unique, reminds me of Sandgorse of WindClan (Tallstar's father) and Crowfeather. It would be a light ginger tabby cat with blue eyes which irises are shaped like feathers (like Star Flower's eyes look like the star flower)

15 Greynose

...This Is My Mate! He is a Gray Tom with Dark Spots on his Pelt...

ITS GRAY! NOT GREY! - davis_895263

Yes. But that's your version of spelling it. Some people spell it differently because they are in different countries like Australia - BloodFang

A stark white tom with a little grey nose. The epitome of a "Negative Nancy", spotting a mouthful of sharp comebacks. Left with a simmering rage from a traumatizing youth comprised of an incompetent, tom-dependent mother and a neglectful set of fathers. He is the brother to Whitemouth, Frostbrush, and an array of unimportant half-siblings. Whitemouth is an alarmingly beautiful white she-cat and basic damsel-in-distress. Frostbrush is a dark grey tom, who is both egotistical and a strong believer that she-cats are the scum of the planet. - devil_dancing

You can spell grey as grey or gray. It doesn’t really matter so calm down. Thanks.

16 Frostpool

Pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes!

Love the name

Frostpool is a white she-cat with gray paws and silvery blue eyes from CinderClan. As a kit, Frostkit was always so intent on becoming a warrior, but then started getting quite interested in herbs and healing. Frostkit was also very comfortable in the medicine den because her older half brother, Bumblestreak (light gray tom), was the medicine cat at the time as well. Frostkit became happier in the medicine den with Bumblestreak than anywhere else, so when it was time, she became the medicine cat apprentice. Then, right after she became Frostpool, Bumblestreak got a strange illness and died. Frostpool was devastated and the only cat who could comfort her was a rogue she met called Gray (incredibly dark gray tom with black splotches). Frostpool left CinderClan with Gray and just in time, because cats were starting to get suspicious of Frostpool's distant behavior. Turns out, it wasn't because they suspected Frostpool's forbidden mate, it was because they were starting to suspect the ...more - Swiftdawn

So pretty! I think of a small pale gray tabby she-cat that died in a battle as an apprentice, but was given a warrior name in honor of her bravery. - BerrystarOfRiverClan

17 Dawnbreeze

Such a beautiful name! I imagine a sleek cream tabby she-cat with fierce yellow eyes. She is a fearless, confident, and intelligent fighter, but has a mischievous fun side as well. She is a calm, fearless and loving she-cat who will do anything to protect her family and Clan. She does not care what other cats think of her. She is currently raising kits!
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

Such a pretty name! I just love how the two words Dawn and Breeze seem to fit together perfectly! I imagine Dawnbreeze as a pale, cream colored she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Amazing. I see this name as a tan-orange (gentle orange? ) and white she-cat with pure blue eyes. She is a calm and loving cat that doesn't care what others think of her.

I think violet dawn and Breezepelt met and became mates - Firestar123

18 Amberdawn

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

I like how they go together because both mean red/ginger/orange/whatever - TheCrystalWolf

I'd say a orange she-cat with red stripes, I like the idea of purple eyes to Frostwind!

I think she would look like something like this: light amber she-cat of SkyClan, soon to be Amberstar because she's the dep!

19 Softfeather

I actually used this name for my medicine cat OC before I found this site, what a coincidence!

Fluffy White she cat with green eyes. Yes.

I think of a beautiful black and Smokey grey shecat with soft, emerald green eyes. ( I’m thinking if she was in the books, she would be firestars long lost daughter)

Solid white she-cat with long, silky fur and pretty blue eyes, formerly a kittypet named Mia.

20 Amberhaze

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

wow - Dawnberry

great - Dawnberry

I read it as Ambergaze - Froststar_of_iceclan

21 Cinderstream

I like her as a smoky and sleek black she cat with pale yellow eyes

Is it bad that I just love this name? - Squidgypizza

Cool name! wait, cinderpelt cinderheart cinderstream…

I wonder what a stream of cinder would look like. Probably cool! - Leafshade

22 Foxpelt

Amazing name! I imagine Foxpelt as a large reddish-orange and white tom with fierce amber eyes. He is a serious, brave, confident, fearless, and very intelligent tom who will do anything to protect his family and Clan. He is mates with Amberdawn and Amberdawn is having kits.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

I just love a color fire fox

This WAS a real cat, or am I thinking of Foxleap?

No, there are no cats named Foxpelt, look it up. You are thinking of Foxleap lol - OceanfrostThePsychoDarkClanCat

That would be 1 - Moonwing

23 Juniperberry

A pale tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes


I love this name

Not to be rude but this name would be perfect for an evil cat! Like Mapleshade! Like one of her evil minions - Vixenleaf

24 Aquafeather

I'm not trying to be mean, but I think Aquafeather is kind of cheesy

No. Just no.

This one is very creative! - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

Ah, I think Aqua is creative too, although it isn't an actual prefix.
I imagine a she-cat with a light grey she-cat with ocean blue eyes and a short pelt. She is too obsessive, and annoying.

Anything can be a Warriors name prefix or suffix. Aqua just isn't a common one. - Jaymoon

25 Lionstrike

Lionstrike looked at the swirling water below her. She was holding on by a couple claws; fear panicked her gaze. (Anyone wanna guess what happened? Lol) - OceanfrostThePsychoDarkClanCat

I made up a name and it was lionstrike, but I made him evil and kill two cats. WHOOPS

Love it!
I imagine a strong golden tom with bright green eyes. He is super supportive and has a big sense of humor

Love it! Awesome name

26 Brambleshine

It's Bramblestar. BuT SHiNy - Jaymoon

I totally agree, Jaymoon.

A brown tabby with amber eyes - froststar


What about Fernshine? Includes both descriptions.

27 Leafmoon

It is a very pretty name

Leafstar and half moon duh - Firestar123

Leafmoon, I think is a great name. I think she would be the WindClan medicine cat, very nice and respects all Clans. She does every thing to avoid battle and was the one that came up with the idea for races and games for apprentices and young warriors, fighting and and hunting gamesaces for older warriors, deputies, and leaders, and talking time for queens every five moons. Leafmoon believes in peace, not war.

I like this - Lavamoon

28 Cloverbreeze

Sounds like a medicine cat name - TheCrystalWolf

I like this name great job it is wonderful. How is this 39 on the list? - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Possibly a non Mary Sue version of Dovewing, actually has some flaws

I have a OC named Clover Gaze-TACO TACO

29 Autumnfall

Autumnfall is a very purr-etty name! (Get the joke? ) I imagine her as a beautiful orange tabby she-cat with beautiful amber eyes and a leaf colored pelt. Autumn was a former kittypet until she ran away from home and discovered the Clans. She is a very sweet, cute, happy, and bubbly she-cat who believes in peace, not war. She is a great hunter but a not-so-good fighter. Her only regret is that, since she was spayed, she cannot have kits, which was her dream.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

Autumnfall is such a pretty name! Even though I'm aware of the fact that the clans probably don't know what "Autumn" is, I have to admit that it sounds beautiful. Plus, maybe Autumn was a former kittypet until she joined a clan and became Autumnpaw? I don't know about the story, but I see Autumnfall as a pretty ginger she-cat with blue-green eyes and golden streaks on her pelt.

I think that the cats DO know the proper names of the seasons, because in Into the Wild, Lionheart calls leaf-bare winter.

It was probably a mistake there are A LOT of mistakes in Warriors. - Jaymoon

I imagine that this cat would be very peaceful, only bounding into action when it was 100% necessary. He would be very good looking, with an autumn colored pelt.

30 Firebutt

I think of a white tom with a red butt and tail. He has amber eyes

I love this name! So original. He should be a dark ginger Tom with his butt on fire. He has 80,000 mates and 100,000 kits. I might use this name in my clan, assclan

Bye bye Firestar and hello Firebutt

Beautiful. this is the cat they were talking about in the prophecy! Gosh Firestar why you gotta make everything about you?!

31 Skunktail

It's a tom and also do skunks even live in the forest where the Warrior cats live?! - Jaymoon

Disgusting - Firestar123

Are they stinky?

Very... um... I like the name, but I have no words to praise it. - TheCrystalWolf

32 Fallenstar

Wow I'm known as the master of naming warriors from my friends, and this one went from Fallen Sun to fallen star, which is even better because the sun is a star, but stars are typically bigger. I imagine a white she cat with splatters of a peachy-tinted- light yellow and light yellows (White is base, yellows are splattered) With light yellow eyes. (Windclan leader) who saves her clan from shadow clan after everybody else fled ( Not too op I swear she kills the leader and they panic and flee)

A Fallenstar from the Heavens

Love it! I have an oc named Fallenstar. Her warrior name was Fallenheart and she is a muscular brown tabby with orange eyes.

Oh my gosh. This ones awesome - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

33 Moonshadow

A blue tom who is stubborn and sharp tongued but is caring he was born in Riverclan he was just a kit when he wondered of and fell into the river the current was strong and carried him to a rock that was very sharp and took his left eye out he woke up on the Thunderclan camp everyone was staring at him horrified except for one kit who was looking at him amazed she asked him how did you survive you must be the strongest cat on earth I guess it was just luck Moonkit replied how the kit asked your left eye is gone and your ears are gone your tail was ripped off and there is a thorn as long as my tail in your side she started to sound worried who are you she asked him my name is Moonkit he said oh well my name is Sunnykit she mewed well are you going to help me or not he snapped of course a voice said it was the medicine cat once she tended to his wounds Sunnykit came and licked him like a kit get of me he snapped sorry Sunnykit said Sunnykit always came to see him Moonkit decided to stay ...more

Isn't Moonshadow used in dawn of the clans? And moon can be a prefix, Bluestar's mom was MOONflower.

Erm isn't Moon Shadow Shadowstar's brother...? - Jaymoon

I made a oc with this name

34 Aspenleaf

This is a really cool name - Pinewhisker

For some reason I think of a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes and white ears. - IcetailofWishClan

Wow. Just wow! I actually think this name is great! Most likely a brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is formerly a warrior but he is now a medicine cat from Shadowclan!

Yeah, it's direct, people may think it's just a Aspen tree's leaf, but I absolutely love this name :D - WatchItBurn

35 Ashbreeze

I think of a mottled gray tom with white paws. He's quick-thinking and impulsive, slightly goofy. This is above average name.

At the end I said ShadowClan I meant CloudClan sorry! - Warriorcats412

Ashfur? - Moonwing

I think of him as ashpaw from the books and as a tom with brown pelt with like white paws

36 Frostwing

Hmm this could be another version of white hawk - froststar

Nice! I think a white she cat with blue eyes.She comes from dawn clan (my made up clan) and mother is lunawish and father is seednose.

I want her to be a dark gray tabby she cat with icy blue eyes

Love it! I like anything with the word frost in it. I also like the name Stardust even though that cat couldn't become leader because their name would be Starstar.

37 Dreamcloud

A silver she cat with pale blue eyes, a clip in her top left ear with a feather dangling down - is what I see

I picture a silver and white tortishshell she-cat, graceful and quiet, but, very loyal to her clan (Which is ThunderClan) So amazing and Mysterious! TAKE NOTES ERIN! I SAY TAKE NOTES (only if she makes another series, WHICH I HOPE SHE DOES)

If Yellowfang's kits are named Hopekit and Wishkit, then I see no problem with this name.
Could be a medicine cat, formerly a kittypet, who was taken into the Clan because of a prophetic dream. - TheCrystalWolf

I see this cat as a blue-grey she-cat with silver swirls across her body and silver paws. And over top of the silver swirls, there are purple stripes. She used to be bullied and left luckyckan. Like crookedstar she lived with barn cats and found out that her heart layed with her clan. She returned later and became a medicine cat. Sorry I forgot to say that she has purple eyes like heathertail.

38 Tigercloud

Tigerstar - Firestar123

I’m thinking a light ginger Tom with white paws and a white chest, his personality is fierce and loyal but also wise and cunning. He is a newly made warrior of Dawnclan. He used to be a rogue named Tiger but his mother was captured by clan cats then escaped but when they faced a huge band of rogues who drove them out, they came to his mom, cobbler and asked her to help find the clan and take back their territory. After she helped drive the rogues out her and tiger joined the clan and he just recently just got his warrior name Tigercloud.

A fierce orange-and-black tabby she-cat with a huge destiny and a big heart inside! - BerrystarOfRiverClan

I like it so deal with it.

39 Moorshadow

I love this name! I picture a black cat like Crowfeather (I know Crowfeather is dark gray and almost black but bear with me) with amber eyes. This name is really cool. It gives me a kind of spooky feeling. Like a ghost cat that roams around the moors at night. Super cool.

I can imagine, this dark really dark grey with deep blue eyes. Spooky and cool, huh?
Guys this is cool, it's a cool and spooky feeling

Something like a silver she-cat with back stripes like her mate would be tanshade and her kits would be named redkit fox red she-kit and fangkit black tom kit with silver spots

I really like this name. I like the imagination it gives you and the wide range of cat colours you can chose from.

40 Brightstorm

Black she cat with pretty gold eyes - froststar

A lightbrown she cat with a white stripe going down her had to her tail, she has darker brown ears and tail tip, she has icy blue eyes I don't know that's what came to mind


A sleek silver tabby with Amber eyes. Her Amber eyes resemble the firey depths of the sun, her silver pelt like a calm gray cloud. But if you get on her bad side, her tempered side, she will snap at you and act like a raging storm.

Sorry, it just came to mind as I was writing this.
So poetic.
- Abstract

41 Oakstorm

Muscular light brown tabby tom of ShadowClan, sturdy, amber eyes, agree with those below he brings Oakheart to mind - Flamingheart

I agree with the last comment. It sounds like Crookedstar's name before his mother changed it and Oakheart (Crookedstar's brother) combined. Awesome!

Russet tabby tom and green eyes with a limp from a falling oak branch in the middle of a lightning storm. - Jaystar

Reminds me of Crookedstar's first name before his mother changed it, Stormkit, and his brother Oakheart mixed together to make Oakstorm! - CloudchaseOfThunderclan

42 Stinkycatmint

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I mean... Catmint isn't best smelling thing out there. Am I wrong?

This needs to be number one it will save all minor background characters.

This is a ridiculous name, but I love it. I might make a meme of this if it already isn't one. LOL

43 Honeysplash

I love this name! I imagine a fluffy golden she-cat with white splotches, cute yellow eyes, and a very fluffy tail! She is the nicest cat in her Clan, and she loves going to the nursery! She is a kind, pretty, thoughtful, nice, and bubbly medicine cat that believes in peace, not war. She is a queen and is expecting kits! However, she also loves to hunt! She is a great hunter.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

I love this! I imagine a small, golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a very fluffy tail! She's probably the nicest cat in the Clan. - Sharkies

So cute - EchoDream

Amber-copper She-cat with some white accents and yellowy gold eyes. She lives in ThunderClan, most cats mistake her for a kit-loving queen. But, Honeysplash loves to hunt! She is the best hunter in her Clan, and a fierce fighter if she has to be.

44 Wolfclaw

Nice! I imagine a dark gray tabby she-cat with fierce brown eyes, and ears like a wolf. She has a brave, confident and fearless personality and will do anything to protect her Clan. She is an amazing hunter and fighter.
-Maddie - PastelTheGamer

A pale grey tom with darker grey around his neck and paws. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

A dark gray she-cat with wild amber eyes, long fur and ear tufts, the most vicious fighter in ShadowClan. She’s beautiful, mischievous and proud, and was mates with Violetwing, another she-cat, before her untimely death due to wounds.

This had better be a she-cat! I would bet that at more than half of the real Warrior Cats with the suffix -claw. GET SOME -CLAW SHE-CATS IN THERE ERINS! - BerrystarOfRiverClan

45 Robinflight

genius - Blazestar

A calico with a red splash on her chest. She would be very determined and clever, plus a great hunter. Robinflight would be deputy on thunderclan. - rats

An orange she-cat, with red lines going down her back. A scar on her right eye. She also has green and blue eyes.

A calico she-cat like her mother, great heart with a blue and an amber eye

46 Starstarstar

Um star can't be used first have you read the books? - EchoDream

Amazing name.

Starstarstar is the best cat on the whole planet! He has golden wings, rainbow eyes, David Beckham fur and like 300 mates.

He's also a communist but we don't talk about that.

Starstarstar rocks!

47 Ravenfeather

Ravenpaw shouldn't have turned down the chance to take a warrior name because this is bootifool - Jaymoon

I picture a pure black, proud, loyal, flirty, immature, smart, young, curious, independent, and snarky warrior. He falls in love with a cat named Foxflower. He tries rejecting Foxflower, trying to obey the warrior code, but mixing up things even more. He's confused and doesn't think things will turn out right in the end.

You stole mine! Jk

Sounds like a brave cat who is fast and free spirited

48 Clearsong

No no no this is the name of the first modern sky clan medicine cat - froststar

AHEM AHEM! ClearSong is NOT a used name! In fact, it was ECHOSONG. Not ClearSong. Get your heads out of the gutters, guys.. before you hurt someone’s feelings >:/

No, no, and NO! This is already used by a ancient cat, there for, cannot be used again

Wow, so impressed by the name! In my mind (I say that a lot) I see him (IK, I know I called him a tom) as a pale cream tabby tom. He has narrow, stripes rippling across his pelt. His underbelly, paws, and chin are creamy-white. His pelt is such a light color, that he seems to glow. His eyes are a clear blue. He is always calm, laid-back, and focused. He always wanted to become a medicine cat, healing his sister when he was only four moons old. He always memorized the herbs, and worked hard to the end. He also has a sense of humor.

49 Spottedbird

YES YES YES! - Sharkies

A beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat (Looks A Lot Like Spottedleaf) With Beautiful, Striking Light Green Eyes. She Has A Thick, Soft Pelt.
Clan: ShadowClan, But She Was Born And Raised In SkyClan Before She Left Due To The Abuse She Was Getting By Her Warrior Mentor, LittleFang. (Small Gray Tom With Black Spots, He Got His Name Due To His Unusually Small Teeth.)
Rank: Medicine Cat, But When She Was In SkyClan, She Trained To Be A Warrior.
Mother: MushroomPurr
Father: BlackSpots
Sister(s): CloudGaze
Brother(s): NightLight, SunsetWing
Mate(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): MountainPaw
Personality: Calm, Content, And Gentle. Known For Her Wisdom.
Scent: Lavender Field
Voice/Meow: Gentle And Soothing

Hope You Like Her <3

Names: Spottedkit, Spottedpaw, Spottedbird, Spottedhawk
Gender: Tom
Appearance: Mottled gray, brown, black and white tom with green eyes and white paws
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Medicine Cat, Warrior
Mother: Lilyfield, Maplesong
Father: Nightstar, Ivyspot
Siblings: Tallwillow
Mate: None
Kits: None
Apprentice: Clearsong
Mentor(s): Breezetail, Violetwing
Personality: Quiet, not shy but very serious, can be snappy, pays attention to detail, finicky, smart, not necessarily kind or sweet, used to think with his heart but now thinks with his head due to past mistakes
Backstory: Always wanted to be a medicine cat, but fell in love with ThunderClan medicine cat Brightpaw. Started having secret meetings with her, where she basically put him under a spell. They killed someone together and he broke up with her. He dedicated the rest of his life to StarClan and the Code until he died. After some events that happened as he was dead, he became a ...more

A tortoiseshell tom with golden dapples. He has hazel eyes the color of the common Pheasant on his territory. He has a very sleek pelt with an oddly stubby (but fluffy) tail. He has a white spot on his nose.
Clan: Was born by a RiverClan queen and left on the ShadowClan border. Was found by a patrol and taken in by a queen named Frostheart
Mother: Originally Sandfeather, Step-Mother is Brightstorm
Father: Originally Rowanflame
Brother(s): Stonedust
Sister(s): Ambergaze
Mentor: Thunderdrop
Mate(s): Smoketail, Violetwing
Kit(s): Creamfrost, Jaysong, Juniperpaw (Dead), Nightkit and Rainkit
Apprentices: Violetclaw, Marshpaw
Age: 67 moons
Rank: Warrior/Trainee

Ferns rustled in the breeze of the sunset. A a small but heavily pregnant she-cat with a pelt the color of dust and dark amber eyes slunk from the plants, her pointed face distorted in pain. Climbing under a rocky overhang, and settled in a bed of moss and bracken. She had ...more

50 Roseshade

I think that Roseshade would be a reddish ginger she-cat with blue eyes

I picture a sand-colored tabby she-cat with blue eyes - TheCrystalWolf

Dark ginger she-cat with a brownish tint to her fur. Her eyes are a soft amber. She is a loyal warrior to her clan and want to be leader. - fortheloveofanimals

Hey that’s my oc

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