Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist

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1 Creamfrost

Creamfrost is a pale ginger molly with a white v-shaped marking on her chest, going up to her neck and covering her muzzle. She has semi-long fur and wise, frosty-colored blue eyes. She is very nurturing and playful to kittens and elders, but calm and demanding to the warriors. She enjoys apprentices and loves hanging out with them.

Not gonna lie but it reminds me of icecream...

I also imagine it as a soft blue she-cat with tan tipped toes, tan 'bracelets' around her ankles, tan tipped ears, tan eyebrows, and a tan tipped tail. She has ivy green eyes and if you were to describe them you'd call them "Ivy-dipped eyes." She's quiet and a great hunter and she's okay at fighting. She seems determined and loyal but she really enjoys breaking the rules and having fun. If she was a medicine cat she would have a mate within the clan. Her theme song would probably be Bad Word by Panicland or Ain't It Fun by Paramore. Her favorite food would be fresh, soft, cold-ish rabbit. ~Quailsplash Of Moorclan

This is my OCs name !
Medicine cat
Mate: snowdrift (died having his kits)
Kits: Snowflame (she) spiritblaze (Tom)

Creamfrost is a cream Tom with blue eyes. He is a member of blossomclan . He is really protective of his kits and his apprentice muddypaw. He is patient an kind.

I agree with whoever wrote the comment about it being ice cream. I think it's a pretty name, but it just sounds kind of weird to me. And also to me it doesn't really make a lot of sense, and I know people will say that she's a cream cat with frosty blue eyes, it just doesn't seem to me like cream and frost really go together at all. The only thing I can see that helps them fit together is ice cream. I know how hard it is to make a name though, and overall it's pretty good, so I applaud you. Nice job!

2 Frostheart

I imagine a white she-cat with gray stripes and dark blue eyes. Very strong and feisty. A warrior of RiverClan. Has an apprentice named Featherpaw.

I imagine Frostheart as a ice-white she -cat with frosty blue eyes and a soft purr.She is a shy cat and has a mate named Treesong.She is currently pregnant with kits in the nursery in Skyclan.-Willowmoon from Sunclan:she is a deputy currently pregnant with kits too! She has pale moon-coloured fur and gray paws with green eyes and a mate called Oysterfur.

I can picture Frostheart being a light grey tom with darker patches and a white chest. He would have ice blue eyes and very tall ears. I think he would be a senior warrior of Skyclan that keeps to himself and can be hotheaded. Frostheart would be really respected by the younger cats for being so loyal his clan. He would die in battle, doing what he loves.

Over the pained yowls of the cats outside, DewClaw(DO NOT COPY MY CHARACTER because HE IS MY favorite:'( R.I.P IN STARCLAN! ) padded toward her. "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you" He licks her ear lovingly. So they become mates a little afterwards. And he was standing guard next to the sick FrostHeart, when Fog padded in. "The one who is in The Prophecy of The Stars! " (I literally just thought of the prophecy just now so don't be mad if it exists already! ) He walks over to kill her, raising his strong paw, unsheathing his claws. He hits with a lethal blow. FrostHeart curls into a frightened ball as blood drips onto her black mottled silver pelt. DewClaw stands over her, his white speckled fur on his back, now stained red with blood.

3 Echolight

Echolight is a long-furred fluffy dark gray she-cat with a white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. She's a beautiful RiverClan cat, and a respected and skilled medicine cat. I imagine her as fiercely loyal, wise and thoughtful, but snappy when stressed. She and her sister went out and she gave birth to Cindercloud ( Hollyleaf ), Foxfang ( Lionblaze ), and Snowgaze ( Jayfeather ). So essentially a RiverClan version of Leapool. The only real difference is that she fell in love with a ShadowClan cat, and that she was a warrior first, like Yellowfang.

I imagine Echolight as a calm, kind she-cat that cheers others on. She is a WindClan medicine cat and has creamy, grey fur like Bluestar and Cinderheart with light blue eyes. She has white paws, too! Echolight is wise and thoughtful, and always brings out the best in others! She is loyal and has earned trust and respect from other cats. Echolight is brave and daring, like Squirrelflight! (Squirrelflight is my favourite cat!) She has a very special and strong connection with StarClan.

I imagine Echolight as a friendly she-cat with creamy, grey fur like Cinderpelt, and light blue eyes. She is a kind WindClan cat that cheers others on and brings out the best in others. She is respected and has Visions, like Moth Flight. (Moth Flight is my favourite cat!) She is a medicine cat. She is loyal and caring. She is also very brave!

She would be a medicine cat (one of the best) and she would have her own super edition. In it she would want to mate a cat from another clan and she would have to chose between her clan and starclan or leave her clan, and medicine cat duties or her mate.

4 Gingersplash

I imagine Gingersplash as a black tom with a ginger splash on his chest. He is a very old medicine cat, and only remembers off the top of his head how to use a few herbs, which makes it hard to teach his apprentice, Nightcloud ( black and white she-cat with torn ears and a slash on her cheek, dark blue eyes )

A ginger tom with amber eyes. Warrior of MossClan. He is the current deputy and has his own prophecy: Night and Snow will combine to be the deadliest ever, the splash of ginger will strike them off.

Wow, this name is truly spectacular! I imagine a ginger tabby tom with warm brown eyes. He is an elder, and has a white patch on his chest. I may use this for an OC. Great job!

This name rocks! It sounds like a ginger tabby with a white muzzle, underbelly, and has two differently colored eyes; one blue and one green. She is a medicine cat, and her father was a kittypet, but her mother was a warrior. When she gave birth, she dies, and the father goes back to live with his owners. She is adopted by a kind cream-colored queen named Cream Heart, and her kits are already one moon older than her. So when they become apprentices without her, she is, once again, alone. Later, one of Cream Heart's kits, Soaring Paw, becomes Soaring Mist, and then is chosen to be deputy. His mind becomes clouded with jealousy and hate towards the leader, and kills him, then he is in control. Now Ginger Splash, and her siblings, have to battle against Soaring Star and his corrupt mind to stop him. She has a really interesting backstory!

5 Jaysong

He is a gray tabby tom and a warrior ShadowClan. He has sparkling blue eyes and a sister in WindClan. His parents are half-Clan. So he is treated lower than most warriors, so he try’s his best to prove his worth.

For me, Jaysong is a light grey tabby she-cat with piercing blue eyes.

Family and personality:
Jaysong is a ThunderClan queen. She is expecting her first litter! Her mother is Rowanflame, and her father is Nightheart. Her mate is a grey tom named Ramblebush. Sometimes Jaysong can be shy, but she is mostly very bright. She is very lovable and kind, and she is good with kits. She is an amazing hunter, but sometimes fighting is not her strong suit. She is hardworking, kind, sweet, fun, playful, and gentle. She can get easily bored, though, but she doesn't look for trouble. Jaysong has not yet had an apprentice, but after her kits become apprentices, she will be able to mentor her kits. Jaysong has proven herself to be a loyal ThunderClan warrior!

I actually love this name! I can picture a grey cat with lighter paw and dark blue eyes... oh also I imagine Jayfeather and Echosong. NoT TOGETHER of course just kinda the same cat actually forget what I said - Dovewing

Gray tom with lighter gray paws, ear tip, and tail tip. Shy but willing to protect his Clan. Knows decent medicine cat training, but is still a warrior.

Hmm... a blue-gray tom would be the most popular color for Jaysong and yeah it's a good color. But maybe he could be a blue-white tabby tom kinda like Mothflight but a bit more blue. He has white spots on his foot and pads, and either blue, green or brown eyes. Or... less likely he would be a dark brown tabby tom with dark green eyes so like Featherstorm. When I first started reading the series I thought all of the names looked like what their names were. Um like... I thought Sparrow Fur, a speckled tortoiseshell, looked more like a, ya know, sparrow, like a light brown and white she-cat. I thought Featherstorm was a white she-cat, because I don't know I always think of feathers as white for some reason... Anyway his mother could be a graying white she-cat named Whitewillow and a father named Hawkfeather, a shade brown-and-dark brown tabby tom with green eyes and a white spotted muzzle. Jaysong is the 2nd best name for Jayfeather because Jayflight doesn't really sound that good... and ...more

6 Birchsong

Birchsong absolutely sounds like a female lead. She is a beautiful and graceful dark brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive pattern of dappled white spots on her back and beautiful, witty, intelligent amber eyes. She is intelligent and fierce, and is hard to be around for a tom. Because of her beauty, toms instinctively flirted with her. But they would get shot down fast, because Birchsong has a sharp tongue that can wound you as badly as her claws. Birchsong's mother was a rogue named Amber, formerly Amberdawn, who was exiled by ThunderClan. Once she gave birth to Birchsong, she taught her to despise the Clans. But when Amber was killed by a ThunderClan patrol, Birchsong, then still a kit, decided she would be safer as part of a Clan, and joined up with WindClan. She quickly became Birchsong, and though she still hated ThunderClan, she shoved it down and treated them fairly. But when she identified the cat who killed Amber, a ThunderClan warrior named Littlejaw, she almost killed ...more

WOW I love this name! Might put it on my remix. I imagine this very delicate tom with light brown fur, white strap on his face and white paws.

Silver slender she-cat with delicate white paws and leafy green eyes. Gentle, but fierce when she has to be. Definitely putting this on my remix

It’s such a pretty name, right? Well, settle in, because I have a story, ooh...

Clan: Thunderclan
Mother: Grassfoot
Dad: Jellybutt
Brothers: Coralbutt, Yarrowpuke.
Sister: Dawnwind

Basically, when he was a kit, he ventured out to EVIL RiverClan and his Dad was mad, but he didn’t care very much, as he had met a cat called Goldenrod
-Clover, (LuckyClover123)

I enjoy this name, it flows off the tongue very well and is normal, yet very beautiful, enough to make me able to see this name for a female lead.

7 Blackstream

Such a good name! I don't know how I didn't think of it before! My oc is called Nightsong, but I'm gonna change it to this. by the way I imagined this as a small, pretty, thick-furred she-cat with deep-blue eyes. Her mate is Acornfall and her kits are called Moonstripe and Shadowind.

I think of a jet black tom with four white paws and sparkling green eyes. He is aggressive and hostile to strangers, but is friendly and relaxed with cats that he's grown up in his entire life with. He has a group of close friends, while his Clanmates all admire and respect his skill in battle.

Handsome black tom with a splotch on his spine running to his tail. Light blue eyes.

Look, some people get annoyed when others talk like this(apologies for sounding so rude). Before you dislike my post, hear me out. But lots of others have created the same one. Lot's of people, (including me of course) like showing off what we post. Especially if it's awesome or unique. But I sort of get a little annoyed when this happens, though mind you, I can't talk. It's an awesome name too though, with an awesome description. Very creative as well. Just remember that people including me get annoyed when they read comments like this. Thank you, and I hope I haven't offended you (though I probably have) I love your ideas though. Keep going and have a good time!

A strong, loyal RiverClan tom with sleek black fur and lean muscles. His eyes are a piercing yellow and he has a reputation throughout the Clans for being a renown fighter, yet always wanting to settle an argument with words rather then blood because he hates to see injured cats when there didn't need to be any. Despite his long limbs and dominance on the battle field when he knows he is fighting for the right thing, he is actually really sweet and wise. He has never taken a mate, though many a cat is interestedly.

8 Dovefeather

Although Dovewing and Jayfeather have no connection whatsoever (except that they're both in ThunderClan), this name sounds like it combines the two. If Jayfeather weren't a medicine cat, and he and Dovewing had kits, Dovewing would die giving birth to a strong, healthy kit. Jayfeather would name the kit Dovekit after his loving mate. When Dovepaw becomes a warrior, the leader gives her the suffix "feather" after her strong, determined father. Forefathers becomes

I imagine Dovefeather as a black medicine she-cat with feather-like patterns on her back. She has blue eyes and is a kind, cat. As a kit she got GreenCough and spent most of her kit-hood In the Medicine Cat Den. She fell in love with herbs and became a medicine cat. As an apprentice she struggled with hardships of her parents dying. Then when she became a full medicine cat, she always looked forward to see her friend Willowheart at the MoonStone/Pool

Small mottled grey-and-black she-cat. Energetic and frankly immature, Dovefeather enjoys nothing more than competitions and play. She's terribly hard-headed, with an increasingly short temper. Dovefeather is mothered by Honeymouse, an easily-played medicine cat of stark white coloring. Her father is Viper, a flattering russet-and-black rouge. She is the sister to Smallflight (pretty, terribly sweet she-cat), Silverbird (ruthlessly ambitious tom), and Rabbitsquirm (lazy, tiny tom).

I imagine her as a pale gray almost white she cat with light gray paws and green eyes. She’s the medicine cat of WindClan!

(This is totally on my remix!)

9 Bluemist

I imagine this cat as a blueish tom with green eyes. He would be friendly and gentle towards all but his enemies and would have a lot of friends outside his Clan. He would have a mate called Lilypelt and many kits.

I think of a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is a RiverClan warrior, and is the decendant of Mistyfoot and Bluestar.
~ Stormstar of StarClan

" rwaarrr! " Echo light howls, sweat drips down her fur, she feels the last kit coming, relief strikes her as her kitting is finally done."How are they hollow leaf? " The medicine cat looks down in grief. "The other two kits are with star clan now" Echo light looks at hollow leaf with horror, but hollow leaf is unable to see echo lights grief, for the mist covered up any face that was near. " but one is still alive, and very healthy" a sigh of relief strucks echo light, she looks down at her sir living lit with sweetness. "Your name shall be blue kit, and may star clan you with the warrior name blue mist"

I picture Bluemist as a silver tabby eye-catching with a sleek pelt and bright blue eyes. She would be probably one of the most beautiful cat's in RiverClan. Great name!

10 Silvercloud

this is the name of my Warriors adventure game OC. She is a silver and black tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes. She's a warrior of ShadowClan

Silver she-cat with blue eyes. Kind and gentle. Queen of WindClan. Has a mate called Blazefur and three kits named Firekit, Rabbitkit, and Honeykit.

Sooooo pretty! I love the names “Silver” and “Cloud” and these really go together!
I imagine this cat as a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is a warrior and is very sweet but protective to her kin.

How has no one commented yet? It's a very beautiful name but silvermist might be better but I think urs is better more oc worthy because that's a fairy-Moondrop

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? Warriorcodeistrashpaw
? Toiletpaper

WOW! This name should exist! LOVE it!

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11 Honeysplash

I love this name! I imagine a fluffy golden she-cat with white splotches, cute yellow eyes, and a very fluffy tail! She is the nicest cat in her Clan, and she loves going to the nursery! She is a kind, pretty, thoughtful, nice, and bubbly medicine cat that believes in peace, not war. She is a queen and is expecting kits! However, she also loves to hunt! She is a great hunter.

This is creepy! This is my RiverClan medicine cat OC! Anyway, I imagine her as a golden tabby she-cat with white paws and a white tipped tail. She is sweet and caring and her apprentice is named Streampaw

Honeysplash: Ginger She-cat with shining blue eyes and white tail tip
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Queen
Mother: Dawnflower (Bright Ginger She-cat with white underbelly and green eyes)
Father: Stormpelt (Silver-blue Tom with golden eyes and one white ear)
Brothers: Blazeclaw (Tabby Tom with blue eyes) and Ashfur (black Tom with pale grey paws and bright green eyes)
Sisters: Goldenfur (Bright gold She-cat with blue eyes)
Mate: Blazefur (Tabby Tom with silvery underbelly and golden eyes)
Kits: Foxkit (Ginger She-cat with white underbelly), Nightkit (Pitch-black Tom with shoclingy bright green eyes) and Rosekit (White She-cat with unusually colored pinkish eyes)

This is downright beautiful
I imagine a beautiful amber she-cat with a white underbelly, With green eyes and a very thick pelt. She's known for her knowledge in herbs, since her brother, Narrow-Valley, is the medicine cat. She is always playing with the kits, since her own, had died. She is a happy and energetic cat from Thunderclan.


12 Amberdawn

I imagine this cat as a light golden she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, belly, and paws. She would have brownish-grey eyes and a harsh temper, also no mate or kits.

Amber Dawn is a mottled cream short hair she with deep Amber eyes with stub tail and her personality is she is a confident chaty but shy with other clans her brother is Lightning Dash and her dead sister, Dawn paw. Her father died of green cough and her mother is still alive 😃

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

Pretty gray she-cat with amber eyes and a bushy tail. Sweet and mostly spends time in the nursery having kits with her mate.

This is such a great name! I imagine a dark ginger tabby she-cat with soft amber eyes, a white chest spot, white paws, and a long tail. I think she's either the medicine cat of ShadowClan or a brace warrior of RiverClan.

13 Firebutt

This one mad me laugh so hard my dad nearly caught me righting this! XD FIREBUTT THE cat who kills scourge FIREBUTT and I had dramatic music playing in my background so made it sound like FIREBUTT! NOW IT COMES UP IN MY SUGGESTIONS! FIRE BUTT

I imagine: Firebutt. Fiery red tom who somehow always manages to set his butt on fire. HA!

Large dark ginger ton with a burnt tail

His name was firenose but after the fire kits started calling him firebutt so that's his name now

I, Bluestar, leader of Thunderclan, name you, Firepaw, by your warrior name. Will you put the clan before everything else?


Then, by the power of Starclan, I name you Firebutt, because your butts on fire.


Puts out fire. Well ceremony's over! Bye!

No I'm not gonna be-

Save it for next ceremony or Gathering.

But- But- Ugh... Fine I guess.


Jeez people can be rude. I think this name is funny. This is the internet people! If you're unable to handle funny names then you can: A. Go calm down B. realize that you cannot control what other people if you do and if you can't take that, take a break from the internet. Or C. Just keep your feelings to yourself

14 Shadowblaze

I imagine a jet black cat that is calm, never steps out of her place in rank, but is always looking for something more then what she has, she's just never sure what that something is. All the kits love her, because she plays with them every day, trains with the apprentices almost all day, and is considered the best hunter and fighter in the clan. When her leader dies in battle she is forced to step up in rank, to deputy, she doesn't like it and the kits are always sitting and laying around, making everyone step on or trip over them, she is always on patrol now, and the apprentices are failing. She is then allowed to step down if she so chooses but then she feels like she doesn't have enough to do around camp and fatigues herself with training and playing and hunting, which leads to her get sick, very sick, and nobody knows if she will pull through, or die.

Calm she-cat with glaring amber eyes, black pelt with a scar along her left eye going down to her muzzle.

Tortoiseshell tom with broad shoulders and amber eyes. Very strong and strict. The Deputy of ShadowClan. Has an apprentice called Frogpaw.

When I think of Shadowblaze, I think of a sleek she-cat with a night black pelt with dark amber eyes and a white tail-tip. She was born in ShadowClan, and she is clever and lithe, fast and quick to fight. Her black pelt blends into her environment and she moves with ease in her own territory. Great name!

I know that Shadow- isn't allowed, but I can't resist! In my mind I see her as a long-furred, sleek, jet-black she-cat with deep, hunter-green eyes. They sparkle with emotion. Her fur is rain-soaked, but blazing with sunlight and a glow emits from her, shining on ever hair like she is on fire. She is in a clump of ferns, tail wrapped around her paws. Fierce and protective of her Clan. She however once was found covered with horrible claw-marks all over herself. It, for a while, changed in her, making her scared at the slightest noise, and nearly mute. No one knows what attacked her. Soon she returned to her feisty self though.

15 Mossyleaf

I imagine this cat as a dark grey she-cat with green eyes. She has had many kits, is warm and open-hearted, and has a mate called Duskfur.

This name is amazing! I imagine a grey she-cat with green eyes. She is in Riverclan and respects her clan mates. She is currently a mother of two kits

I don’t like the prefix mossy, especially not moss, but this name is super cute! It sounds like a name that goes with a stubborn-ish she-cat.

Wow! 🤩 I love this! Maybe a small black and white tom with golden eyes. Or, a small gray and white tom with green eyes. I dunno why, I don’t think it’s fitting for a she-cat. Anyways, great name!

16 Sandfeather

She sounds like a pretty pale ginger tabby she-cat that is a very loyal and intelligent medicine cat that has fallen in love and had kits.

Medicine cat, pale ginger and gray eyes full of wisdom, since she is almost at elder stage.

I imagine a slender mottle sandy she-cat with vibrant green intelligent eyes and slightly fiesta and stubborn; and every tom without a mate falling for her. So here's what I'm thinking she has an interesting back-story where she has a mate stormheart but falls in love with a rogue and asks to be his mate but he refuse so she tries to come home but she is an outcast and they kick her out of river clan, so she becomes a rogue and stays away from clan life; until her mate the deputy thornfire, and her best friend lilyecho come for her and ask her to come home because they are in trouble with thunder clan, wind clan, and shadow clan but she refuses because she wanted to come home because they love her not cause they need her and her rogue clans help.So she eventual returns home because she thought the clan would finally want her back and they did so she came back for her mate her friend her deputy and her leader creekstar. But when she has to fight in a battle for borders and your lives ...more

You were a slender, agile, small, sand colored she cat with dark, forest green eyes. Your mother. Runningstream. A ginger and white she cat with dark green eyes. Your father a deceased tom named Webfur. A misty white tom with silvery white stripes.

Kit: Your father was stressed when you and your siblings were born. He ran off to live as a kittypet and your mother had her paws full with you. But she did love you. Even though you were always a bit harder to control. Naughty, liked to run away. When your mother just became too distressed to take care of you she gave you up to another queen named LilyHeart. LilyHeart was happy to have another kit. She loved you even more than her own kits, Spiderkit and Flowerkit. She did notice the special mark on your pad. She didn't think much into it though. But one day, you saw your real father and mother again and ran to them. They missed you so much and wanted you back. LilyHeart hissed and scraped at them. She wrapped her tail around you ...more

That sounds nice. It sounds like she is in Windclan and has a sandy coloured pelt, with the greatest emerald eyes. The best hunter and the smartest. If the leader would of died, she would be the next deputy

17 Frostpool

It sounds like a medicine cat that is blind and shar-tonged. I hope you don't mind if I use it! (I don't show anyone or post any of my stories)

Frostpool is a silver she-cat with white paws, chest, nose, muzzle, and ears. She is SkyClan deputy and she had 10 litters of kits because she is so pretty and and one of her kits is Clan leader. -Hazelfur of StarClan

With Frostpool, I think of a silvery white she-cat who is blind. Her eyes are a brilliant blue, but they have a milky look on them. She is the medicine cat of RiverClan, and is the sister of Bluemist.
~ Stormstar of StarClan

I imagine this cat as a light grey-tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. She would be cool and calm and have a mate called Peachblossom but no kits.

18 Stinkycatmint

HAHAHAHAHA! He's a green tom with green eyes and he's a green medicine cat and he smells like green catmint and he's a former green kittypet with a green collar.

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones.

"I personally feel like that if you want people to look through your website, you should come up with names that match the title. Stinkycatmint is a disrespectful name, and I have to understand it is number 145, I am sorry and I hope I don't hurt your feelings. But my suggestion is to try and come up with different names that show more effort. I know "Stinkycatmint" would never be a real name and it shows here on everyone's comments. I loved your other names though. I inspire you to keep on making these up!

This is just funny. I imagine this cat as a ShadowClan tabby Tom with brown fur and yellow eyes. Leader is damn Brokenstar. He is very annoying and arrogant and fell into a giant hole of dirt (means poop in the Warriors series.) And became stinky for forever which lead to being exiled from his Clan and was killed by rat infections from Carrionplace. And finally he went to StarClan and was laughed at for eternity. The end

19 Dawnbreeze

I have an OC called Dawnpaw and I was literally just about to do her warrior ceremony. Dawnbreeze seems like the best name and suits her personality so well.

I imagine this cat as a light cream she-cat with amber eyes. She is a fierce warrior, and a deputy. She cannot bother to have a mate or kits. She is desperate to become leader and power-hungry.

I imagine a creamy she-cat with brown flecks, amber or blue frosty eyes and brown ears, pink nose, pointy ears, fluffy tail and pelt, strong, fast, loyal, brave, humble, also the top part of her tail could be brown. I love the name😂

I like this name. I personally see a light brown she-cat with grayish blue eyes. She is a very agile cat and is a good hunter. Dawnbreeze isn't the best fighter strength wise but can gain the upper hand from her speed. She is very quiet and mainly keeps to herself but she has a very quick wit and will make a sassy or sarcastic remark when you least expect it. Dawnbreeze is incredibly caring and loyal to those she cares about but seems rather shy and cold to cats she doesn't know well or cats she hates. This is my personal opinion of what Dawnbreeze would be like.

20 Duskshadow

I imagine this cat as a sand-coloured tom with warm blue eyes. He is sweet and kind and has a mate called Shineblossom. He has five kits, Springsong, Oceanpool, Lifefur, Lucktail, and Marigoldleaf.

A light pale gray tom, with a white underbelly and dark gray markings along his sides, and big blue eyes. He is smart and an excellent fighter. He will do anything for his Clan. I am thinking he is too nice for ShadowClan, so maybe RiverClan? I don't know

Perhaps a sleek ginger tabby tom with dark amber eyes. I envision a strong warrior who fights not through strength but through agility and cleverness. Maybe from ShadowClan?

She-cat/sweet/sleek furred/stubby tail/Pure brown/Blind/medicine cat/Scent: Crisp/Young/wanted to be a warrior/Apprentice: MossPaw/Best friend: RavenStar/Kin: BerryNectar, BrambleBush, Feather Tuft/Mother: BirdSong/Father: FlameFall/Rogue enemy: Timid/TS: Blame/Clan: WindClan

21 Starstarstar


When this cat steps into the room, your eyes will melt in your head. Why? Well the answer is simple,

his pelt is the literal sun.

For starters, the star sounds like a beautiful cat and the star sounds like it is just an all golden cat and the star fits their personality as a leader, this cat made of gold is perfect.

Starstarstar... hm, ah hah! Susan whatever you call it time! Let's see... Starstarstar is the leader of StarClan, cause why not, is immortal, has rainbow laser eyes, star patterned fur, a unicorn horn, super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, and can walk on water. Starstarstar can also teleport, has butterfly wings, and fortnite default skin fur. Starstarstar has over 10 thousand mates, has a brother named Kitkitstar, a sister named Pawpawstar, and yeah. In my mind, Starstarstar is a Fortnite default skin tom. That's all!

It almost sounds like Gleamstar. I would think Starstarstar would be a pure black she-cat with pure gold splotches that are the shapes of stars

22 Cinderstream

I like it! I don't know why, but it just fits. I imagine her as a silver tabby, with dark-grey stripes. I think she would be a queen, like Ferncloud or Daisy.

My first thought: A lithe gray tabby Tom, beside a small creek, his face in a tight snarl. (Lol literature :'3) Cinderstream is of Riverclan, his name referring to his fish-like swimming skills (Meaning he swims as good as a fish). His eyes are a rather pale sandy yellow, which matches his often bad-mooded nature, though he can be sweet sometimes. His pelt glows silver in the moonlight, and in the sunlight it looks shiny and glossy. He found his passion for his apprentice, Gingerpaw, a shy she-cat with a ginger pelt and darker ginger splotches, with blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior, now known as Gingerflight, and see agrees! Well there u go

Cinderstream! Almost like my rp name, Cinderstorm. I imagine a dark grey she cat with blueish grey tips and a blue grey underbelly, kinda like blue star and cinderpelt mixed together. She is a nice, kind, protective warrior that once thought that Starclan destined her to be a medcinecat but she then became a warrior who secretly has a ambition to be leader. In doing so, she trys to take control of hunting and dawn/evening patrols. She eventually is trained in the darkfrorest, where all kindness vanishes and she becomes a battle hardened warrior as part of the darkforests attempt to gain control again after the Great Battle. She eventually gets what she wants and becomes deputy. She is considered a powerful weapon against the clans. The darkforest kills the original deputy and makes her the deputy there to! When the final battle comes and she comes face to face with her mother uhhh let's make it berrypelt, she realizes where her loyalties lie and helps the clan defeat the ...more

She is a she cat. Dark gray with white flecks and paws. She has dark blueish green eyes. She is River clan thunder clan half clan cat.

Super edition: Cinderstream’s light

As a kit, she never felt at place in Thunderclan. Her mother, a white she cat with light green eyes named Whitefern, always treated her like she was a baby. She was not allowed to eat a bird until six moons. Her sister, a light grey she cat with dark green eyes, named Poppykit, was supportive of her quiet sister though poppykit was loud and energetic. Cinderkit was bullied by a kit named amber kit, an orange tomkit with amber eyes.

She was made an apprentice to a stern Tom who was named sandypelt. He looked just like amber kit and was his father, but turned out to be okay in the end to his still feeling out of place apprentice.

She knew who her father was, and left to join riverclan.

23 Amberhaze

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

I imagine a cream colored she-cat with dark blue eyes, black spots and a long tail with black spots all over it. She has a black patch over her left eye and a scarred right ear with a long scratch down her back. Her personality is kind, caring, stubborn, sarcastic, forgiving, generous, brisk, honest, loyal, friendly, funny and open. She is most known for her sarcastic attitude and her skill in battle. She could defeat four cats single pawed! Her mentor, Brokenwing was evil, forcing her to run around the camp on pointless missions. As an apprentice, Amberhaze grew strong muscles, broad shoulders, and her legs got longer. She also became more muscular. She is from SkyClan and is the youngest warrior. Later on she mentored two apprentices named Lakepaw and Daisypaw. Daisypaw was quiet and bullied and Amberhaze became her best friend, keeping her alive and well. Lakepaw got the name Lakewing and Daisypaw became Daisyflight. Daisyflight and Lakewing eventually became mates. At a gathering, ...more

A brown tabby she-cat who has amber and hazel eyes (mix). Her personality is that she is just like Brook.

She would be a milky golden she cat with a white muzzle and white paws

24 Softfeather

I imagine a fluffy, graceful, cat, gently falling down onto the ground as if a real feather. I would think she has a very light grey pelt and pale green-blue eyes

I imagine this cat as a dark brown she-cat with a fluffy pelt. She is sweet and warm, but undersized. Also, she has a mate called Tansycloud and an awful lot of kits!

Hi my name is Sandwich. Softfeather is a pale gray tabby she-cat with orange eyes a white tail and a brown tip on the top of her tail to complete the feather look. I think she would have a mate named Ottersea a gray Tom with a pale ginger back and green eyes and three kits. Yellowfox a pale ginger Tom with a white topped tail and orange eyes. Swiftbrook a white she-cat with Gray patches and yellow eyes. And finally. Dewfrost a brown Tom with a white patch around his eye, white paws and a white tail. Like his mom

I would think Carpstream (Softfeather's mate) would be a light brown Tom with a dark brown back and dark brown ears. He would be very sweet to Softfeather (Thick furred white she-cat with green eyes) and they would have two kits. Turtleback (White Tom with light brown back) and Lilypaw (don't kill me for making her die an apprentice) (light brown short she-cat with white paws)

25 Moorshadow

Black she-cat
Mother: snagglefur
Father: duckwing
Brothers: tinykit
Sister: small kit
Mate: morning frost
Daughter: Maple Grove
Son: apple tree
when she was a kit she went exploring the out side of the camp with her litter mates, but a fox attacked! Moorkit survived but tiny kit and small kit died. Then when she got back to camp, carrying her litter mates bodies, every one thought she killed them! She got banished from ThunderClan! Then she joined Sky clan and was raised by tumbleweed and skyscraper. She mated with Morning frost and she died losing too much blood giving birth to Maple Grove and Apple tree

I can imagine this mysterious really dark grey cat with flame coloured paws and a stripe on his face. He is the best warrior in Windclan.

I love this name! I picture a black cat like Crowfeather (I know Crowfeather is dark gray and almost black but bear with me) with amber eyes. This name is really cool. It gives me a kind of spooky feeling. Like a ghost cat that roams around the moors at night. Super cool.

Mysterious black she-cat with amber eyes, staring into the shadows. Bushy tail like a clump of heather

I really like this one. I just don’t know why but names ending in shadow always sound so PRETTY! She is a light brown-cream she cat grey spots and has yellow eyes. -RainfeatherOttersplashWolfcall

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