Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2141 Bearfang
2142 Brightflame

I love this name

This cat would be a bright orange I think

Reminds me off a female version of Fireheart

2143 Limewind
2144 Shineheart

Shineheart just sounds good to me

2145 Whispershadow V 1 Comment
2146 Stripedpool
2147 Mountaindew

I think it is a pretty could name, I would picture it as a ginger cat with white speckles =)

Not serious just thought of it one day and lol

Oops, I meant to say cool, not could,

V 1 Comment
2148 Dirtplacekit

His mother gave birth to him in dirt place and that's how he earned his name. Legend has it, he smells really bad because of that.. Warning, don't have your kit in dirt place, or you'll be cursed..

V 2 Comments
2149 Neoncat

A pop tart cat
Endangers species
Hunted on a daily basis in grocery stories

Strghgghgvhgfhgghghh oh Lordy make it stop make it stop! - princess bagelgobbler

2150 Spottedtummy
2151 Mother V 3 Comments
2152 Nightlight V 2 Comments
2153 Hairystyles V 3 Comments
2154 Dappleshade

It seems like a nice, calm, yet brave cat. Good for both warriors and Meds.

2155 Hollyflame

Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes - Oliveleaf

2156 Icelily
2157 Olivefrost V 1 Comment
2158 Nightblaze V 4 Comments
2159 Sunshatter

Love this awesome name! Keep making more! Sunshatter:Beautiful sandy orange she-cat with stunning green eyes. (Sounds like Sandstorm and Firestar together to me! )

V 1 Comment
2160 Mossdawn

Tell me your opinions and vote!

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