Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2161 Blueheart
2162 Spottedclaw

She is a calico she-cat who has two brothers, her father was killed when she was young, she has ever since avenged his death by staying true to the warrior code. And now has kits of her own Reefkit, Willowkit, Orangekit and her son, Birchkit. -Spottedclaw is by me.

2163 Crystal Feather

I love this name it's so pretty

2164 Froot Loop

Froot is supposed to be spelled like that by the way, this is supposed to be for a kitty-pet.

Why do I imagine a rainbow cat?

Why do I imagine a rock?

A cute button of a kitten and a calico- princess bagelgobbler

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2165 Amberpool
2166 Lilyfur V 1 Comment
2167 Swiftjay

Blue gray tom or she cat with stunning blue eyes and is a super fast runner, has blak tail tip and paws-Shadowmist

2168 Silvermoon

I know I posted this on the other page, but I didn't think people would see it there. Also, I am a silver tabby with dark gray stripes.

A beautiful she cat who finally found a name

Me and my friends do this roleplay at school, and in it, my name is Silvermoon. I want to see what people think of my name, that's all.

Silver shecat with a darker back. - Spottedtail

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2169 Greenfrost

I like this name a lot.

2170 Irispaw V 3 Comments
2171 Coralpaw

Love it! Bright russet orange tabby she cat with vibrant yellow eyes, easily excited.

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2172 Bearclaw V 1 Comment
2173 Stripefur V 1 Comment
2174 Fuzzyfoot
2175 Owlface

Owlface is brown tabby with a big owl like face.

2176 Shimmerleaf

I feel like this would be a creamy white she-cat with grey paws, chest, ear tips, and muzzle. I just really like this name even if it sounds Mary-Sueish. Also I feel like she'd be a medicine cat :3 - Kawaii_Potato_

2177 MossShade
2178 Mothspeck
2179 Speedpaw V 1 Comment
2180 Speedslash
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