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2161 Fallensong

I actually used this in an RP! A queen who died not long after kitting, light brown with cream feet, underbelly and darker brown patches on her face. It's a kind of sad name, but I like it.

2162 Diamondstream
2163 Starwonder

You can't use Star as a prefix. You may only use it as a suffix, if the cat is a leader.

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2164 Ottertail

I don't know, just thought of it when I read Ottercreek, and by the way Ottercreek is a beautiful name. PLEASE vote and state your opinions, I want to know if it is good or not. Thanks!

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2165 Brindlestone
2166 Cloudspirit

In real life clan cats wouldn't allow this name
(spirit is too religious for them too allow in a name)

2167 Pineflower V 2 Comments
2168 Diamondblaze
2169 Goldenstripe

She is a beautiful white cat with a golden stripe down her back, a golden tail tip, and golden speckles by her stripe with gorgeous bright blue eyes. She is fiercely loyal, independent, and the most stubborn cat in thunderclan.

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2170 Darkfern V 2 Comments
2171 Silverpelt

Um I don't think Silverpelt can be used because that's what they call the night sky

Silverpelt already exists. It is from the books.

It sounds like a pretty grey tabby with black stripes and blue eyes. Perfect for ThunderClan.

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2172 Starfire Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.

She can never become leader but it is still a pretty name

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2173 Whiteripple
2174 Frozenheart
2175 Brairberry
2176 Dewwhisker
2177 Quailflight V 1 Comment
2178 Owlfeather

It's just a beautiful name, in my opinion.. Maybe it's already in the books, but if not, here you go

It is in the books but yeah a really good name

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2179 Singedleaf

A leaf scorched by fire and singed, yet still alive. (I used this for an OC a long time ago.)

2180 Shimmerblaze V 1 Comment
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