Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2281 Ravenleap

Black cat (she - cat or tom) who is swift, quick and funny. A loyal deputy to Owlstar in WindClan.

2282 Crowcaw
2283 Sunbright
2284 Cloudstep V 1 Comment
2285 Saphireheart

I have a saphireheart! She is white and has grey paws,tail tip and a grey mark on her forehead, and her eyes are sky blue - princess bagelgobbler

2286 Scarredface
2287 Eaglepaw

Looks like an eagle with a paw growing out of it's face.

2288 Cricketchime V 2 Comments
2289 Aspentail
2290 Nutfur
2291 Rippletail V 2 Comments
2292 Buttercupnose V 2 Comments
2293 Redpoppy V 2 Comments
2294 Ripplesplash V 1 Comment
2295 Honeystar

The best name ever!

2296 Peachcloud V 2 Comments
2297 Thunderstrike

It sounds like a dark grey Tom with a scar over his eye with blacks paws a clan leader

Looks like Longtail and has a crooked tail and was born in a storm. - Embershine

2298 Wolfwhisker

I love this name, It would be like a wolf looking cat, with EXTRA WHISKERS! @

2299 Crystalheart

I know the prefix Crystal is unusual for a warrior cat name, but it actually goes well with the suffix, heart. She could be a cream colored tabby she-cat but with a dark personality. Blue eyes? Just help me out here

2300 Echosoul

Echosoul had a hard past, and Echosoul's image to me is a pretty calico she-cat with a stone hard gaze and an icy, mystical voice. Ideas?

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