Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2281 Swiftstripe

Sounds like a mysterious tom wonderful fighter.

2282 Nettlethorn

Probably a golden tom with brown patches.

2283 Snowstep

I think med cat white with blue eyes.

2284 BadgerScar
2285 Pepperdash
2286 Thymetail V 3 Comments
2287 Aspenfall

Aspenfall is a WindClan cat in Tallstar's Revenge. He "is a sleek, lithe gray-and-white tom with long legs and a wiry tail," according to the Warriors Wiki. His apprentice is Doespring.
This is Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist, not Top Ten Warrior Cat Names from the Books.

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2288 Shimmeringsky
2289 Wildflower

Love it it make me think of a flame colored, free spirited, she cat with bright Doreen eyes, who was once a warrior, but became a rouge and lives her life freeliyv

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2290 Alderfang
2291 Sparklight

Spoiler alert, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaws female kits current name is Sparkpaw I believe this would be a good warrior name for her.

I like the name sparklight an I've read all the warrior books so there's bassactaly no spoiler alerts for me! I spoiler alert my friends a lot though! -Thymeshock

2292 Fallowfern V 2 Comments
2293 Lillysnow
2294 Pinefall

I thought of using this name once! Unlike some fan names, this one makes complete sense!

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2295 Creekrush

Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, quiet, but don't make her mad. Very keen on herbs and dealing with sickly kits.

2296 Ryestalk

I'm pretty sure this is a name used by the hunter in Tallstar's Revenge.

Dark brown tom with black stripes on back, Black eyes.

Unless its RYES TALK instead of RYE STALK

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2297 Flamedapple V 1 Comment
2298 Pebbleskip

Light grey tom with ice blue eyes!

2299 Purplegaze V 1 Comment
2300 Wildforest

It's a beautiful name for a cat if you think about it. A cat named wild forest ( name also comes with story!

Wild forest was a little kit when her own brother died from a badger that was about to kill her, his name was wildfur he was a big tall strong Tom and he was very loyal to his sister.her sister went very upset when she saw it.then her own clan disappeared and never has to be seen.later she dicided to Chang her name to wild forest so it reminds her of her brother for a long time.
( OK maybe the story sucks I'm srry if it does :( I RLLY tried hard to think of one story for this poor she cat.) so anyways I hope you like the name! :3 PEACE OUT!

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