Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2321 Icebreath V 1 Comment
2322 Skysong V 1 Comment
2323 Aspengaze
2324 Emberlight
2325 Orchidfade

A petite queen colored with night sky indigo eyes, with a white orchid colored pelt that fades at the end of her tail to a pitch coal black. I would think of a gentle, kind motherly she-cat with a pride as a queen who would rather take the job of a warrior who always guards the nursery, that kind of cat who you can always come to when one is not feeling the best, or something. Her death would be that of a mother protecting her kits, the ones who will promise potential to her Clan.

2326 Blackash V 1 Comment
2327 Bonestar
2328 Dovefire

Not to shabby. It just doesn't flow very well.

V 2 Comments
2329 Cinderstripe

It sounds like a loyal deputy. He would have gray fur with dark gray, almost black, stripes and amber eyes. He would be fierce and almost graceful in a battle.

2330 Darkpool

A mysterious tom with a blackened soul.

2331 Whiteflame
2332 Frecklenose V 1 Comment
2333 Waspfang V 1 Comment
2334 Moonpatch

A patch of moons growing on a cat's back?
or moon colored patches on its back...

2335 Dawngaze
2336 Ashtail V 1 Comment
2337 Minnowstream
2338 Dovesong
2339 Shimmernight

Thought this was ShimmeringLIGHT, not -night, like that clasic rock song: up ahead in the distance, I saw a SHIMMERING LIGHT.

2340 Whitepatch
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