Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2321 Kinkblaze
2322 Frostmoon
2323 Softstream

Sounds like a sweet, gentle she-cat living in the floating banks of riverclan.

2324 Leopardsky

Nice name, super pretty, or handsome tom

2325 Moonfrost

I imagine a silvery-gray she-cat with pale blue eyes.

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2326 Sparktail

Could be Bramblestars and Squirrelflights daughters warrior name!

2327 Cherrycream

Cream colored she-cat with pale green eyes

Cherry cream because it tastes good with a cherry on top

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2328 Silverblaze
2329 Rainpelt
2330 Cloudshine


2331 Cherrypaw
2332 Olivemist
2333 Cottenrain V 1 Comment
2334 Robinstar

I think its very powerful!

Ooh my sims 3 clan founder is named this! She's a calico with a stub tail and she formed RobinClan! She has seven kits. Her first litter was Maplestar (female), founder of MapleClan, and Flamefang (male). Her second litter was Spottedpaw (female) and Patchpaw (male and her third was Muddypelt (female), Brightsplash (female) and Amberstream (female). RobinClan eventually ended up with so many apprentices no one was given any attention, which is why Spottedpaw and Patchpaw aren't warriors yet. Her last litter joined MapleClan with their sister, which is why they have their warrior names. The other three stayed. A lot of young cats left RobinClan because they felt like there was no room for them, so MapleClan is basically just the kits of the original seven founders. - Warriorcatsfandom

2335 Featherfur

It has a very deep, soft feeling to this name. I like it, to be honest

2336 Silverjay V 1 Comment
2337 Sapphirestream

A Grey She Cat, elegent and strong. Very polite.

2338 Wolfstrike
2339 Sweetwolf
2340 Moonshade

It looks like a black cat with golden yellow eyes
The name looks like a quite and mysterious cat
I think it will look better on a shecat
It's a good name for a medicine cat or a warrior but a medicine cat will fit more in my vision

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