Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2401 Blackflame
2402 Bumblestride

I made this up!

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2403 Hiddensong
2404 Sparrowblaze
2405 Runningstreak
2406 Honeypetal
2407 Hollyblossom
2408 Hareskip

A handsome pale brown tom ( longhaired) with bright energetic green eyes. Known around clan as "the Rabbit Cat" for his skill in jumping. Friendly, compassionate, and total extrovert. Very good with kits.

Love this name! One my favorite names in warrior history is Harespring who is Windclans current deputy.
This name sounds just like it!

2409 Wormleaf

This name is cool, but why leaf? I made this off the too of my head, wormshade. I'm not saying mines better.

I imagine wormleaf a pale she cat with hazel eyes and a black patch on her chest.she would be fast and ready for battle

2410 Snailshell V 1 Comment
2411 Frostycloud
2412 Creeksong

The med. cat in my fanfic. A lightcolored tortoiseshell with white hind paws and soft icy blue eyes. And, of course, very fluffy! :3

2413 Bluefrost
2414 Firestone
2415 Orangeflower
2416 Orangestar
2417 Orchidpetal

I like that - princess bagelgobbler

so pretty

Nice! - Roseclaw

2418 Brightfoot
2419 Breezecloud V 1 Comment
2420 Honeydrop
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