Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2481 Moonqueen

Queen is a rank, therefore it cannot be used in a name.

2482 Lightstrike
2483 Emberflame

I picture a light brown she cat with ember eyes who helps care for the kits

Bright orange tom with amber eyes. Strong and loyal.

2484 Aspenshine

A graceful shecat with creamy fur and a brown stripe on her face. Lively but calm, all the toms can't help but gaze into her bright green eyes.

2485 Shadeheart

Dark gray pelt with black flecks, this tom is a terrific hunter as his pelt is like a shadow. He is impatient, but the most loyal warrior ever.

2486 Moonstream

Silver with a more goldish head and pale blue eyes, all toms fall for her. But she's not the kind of cat that would sit in the nursery, so none of them get her. She can swim well, and is calm like a flowing stream.

2487 Ravenleap

Black cat (she - cat or tom) who is swift, quick and funny. A loyal deputy to Owlstar in WindClan.

2488 Crowcaw
2489 Sunbright
2490 Cloudstep V 1 Comment
2491 Saphireheart

I have a saphireheart! She is white and has grey paws,tail tip and a grey mark on her forehead, and her eyes are sky blue - princess bagelgobbler

2492 Scarredface
2493 Eaglepaw

Looks like an eagle with a paw growing out of it's face.

2494 Cricketchime V 2 Comments
2495 Aspentail
2496 Nutfur
2497 Rippletail V 2 Comments
2498 Buttercupnose V 2 Comments
2499 Redpoppy V 2 Comments
2500 Ripplesplash V 1 Comment
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