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321 Smokeweed

Gray tom with yellow eyes, he has a white paw and a white tail tip.


Ok this just sounds like a cat on drugs :l

Hmm... I think I have an idea.

A gray tom with dark green eyes. He tends to be calm in even the worst of situations, and often spends time teaching the apprentices the healing affects of marijuana. As a kit, he always wanted to learn about herbs, but never got to become a medicine cat apprentice because there was already two medicine cats. As an apprentice, he was hopeless in hunting and fighting which made him the main target of bullying. However, one day he found a magical plant called marijuana, often called weed because cats wouldn't know it's actual name. He somehow got a hold of a lighter, and thus he evolved into a drug addict. Soon after, he fought in a war between a rival clan. He broke into the rival clan's camp, where he found the leader saying "Man I would kill for some weed." Smokepaw gave him some weed in exchange for the leader to end the war and retreat, and he somehow agreed. The next day, he became a warrior his name being Smokeweed after the battle he won ...more

322 Oakfeather

Hey! I used this name! It's cool though huh? All of these names are awesome.

I disagree with the one other comment. Half of these names are crap.

I don't get it but it still is pretty.

They aren't crap...your names are crap!

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323 Roselily V 1 Comment
324 Lizardtail

There is a lizardtail. - Spottedtail

325 Witherfrost

I see Witherfrost as a gray tom with pale blue eyes and a dark gray chest and tail tip it kinda blends in the gray and with a torn ear and battle scar across his muzzle and black muzzle with underbelly it blends into the gray again

I see Witherfrost as a black tom with blue eyes and a dark gray chest and tail tip is also a dark gray, and his paws and underbelly is a lightish darkish gray

A see a gray and blue tom with light blue eyes. A scar across his chest and ear.

326 Amberstrike

Sounds like a warrior in a Thunderclan related clan!

327 Silverspark

This is my oc's name and I thought I would share it! She is a grey cat with blue eyes and that's all I know I need help making a story. - Silverspark


As a kit she would get bullied from the others kit, for being quiet. (Her father was evil, her mother died like Silverstream and she was the only kit. She lives in Thunderclan.) But that quickly changed when she was an apprentice. Her mentor was Pebblewhisker, the deputy. Pebblewhisker taught her quickly and Pebblewhisker saw that she had a spark in her, that might keep the Clan alive. Echostar saw that too and named her Silverspark. She got her own apprentice and a mate. Pinetuft, (Brown tom with amber eyes, orange tuft at his chest.) and Silverspark had two kits, Larkkit(Larkheart) and Nettlekit(Nettlenose). Stormpaw became a medicine cat after she was blinded by a warrior from a different Clan. Echostar died and Pebblewhisker became Pebblestar. Silverspark became deputy. During one leaf-bare the Clan almost starved, (Larkheart and a elder died) but Silverspark made the cats happy and made sure every cat had at least one meal a day. Pebblestar died after a Windclan attack. ...more

328 Flintheart

I like the sound of this I imagine a dark brown tom with sky blue eyes. Sweet when you get to know him but he's protective of his clan.

329 Mistyleap

It's so cute! All I can think of is a young, energetic she-cat with light gray fur and blue eyes. A she-cat whose just ready for anything!

I think it is a really good warrior cat name!

Like a young, hyperactive warrior that is super optimistic and loves to serve their clan.

Does this exist, I think it does - SnowThunder

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330 Mintshade

Awesome name! Unique and different.

! This is an AWESOME name!

Sunheart is the best!

WOW I love this name. So beautiful and sweet-sounding. I picture Mintshade as daughter to Swiftshadow, who is daughter to Ivyfrost, FlowerClan deputy, who is daughter to the one-and-only Rosestar. Her sister is Lightleaf. Her other kin are Echolight and Songwhisper (Rosestars other kits), Sleetstorm (Rosestars mate), Darkswirl (Echolights mate) Saltnose (Songwhispers mate), and Jayflight (Swiftshadows mate). Mintshade is a confident she-cat. She is a dark gray she-cat with bright green eyes, and always confident, compared to her shy sister. - Rosedapple

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331 Aquaflame

What a lovely name! It's unusual sure but not to the point where it's weird

What a beautiful name I picture a silver and cream she-cat with violet eyes

Different but in a good way.

I like this name and I made a name called Aquasplash! - Thymeshock

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332 Mountainsplash

Sounds like a a dark creamed tom with a white muzzle. A shy and sweet father.

This sounds like a light brown tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes. She has a really hard past,her mother passing away from green cough. Annd, she is a medic act with a lot of experience.

333 Waterleaf

I picture a gray blue cat that is a medicine cat.

Sounds like a medicine cat with bluestar's fur.

I hope people like my name. - Warriorcatsfandom

Love it

334 Halfpool

"you are so big that I name you halfpool, in honor of you taking up half of the pool"

I like Halfpool. Kind of sounds like a cat that is a silver tom with blue eyes and half of an ear from a battle. It sounds like Riverclan to me! Halfpool sounds like she loved some other cat from another clan like Windclan. Halfpool sounds just, beautiful and amazing! Halfpool rocks!

I love this name! I see a light brown tom with silver paws, chest and underbelly. He has light blue eyes and half an ear, which he got in a battle. He is kind and loving, but he can be snappy when he's mad. He has a brother and sister: Rowanflame and Brokenwing. His mate is Frostheart.

335 Violetfall

When I think of the name Violetfall I think of a strong brave, but cautious riverclan cat. Although blind find her way through everything that life throws at her, she is a wonderful warrior but when she gets older her knowledge of herbs make her a wonderful medicine cat.

It sounds like a graceful Windclan cat with purple blue eyes


Bo bad name

336 Wildfire

I love this name! Whoever put it you have good taste!

This has to be one of the coolest names I've ever heard

Awesome! I can imagine it as a black tom with orange paws, ears and tail-tip with orange eyes

Love it :3

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337 Silvermist Silvermist

Isn't it beautiful?

And I think Floodstar sounds like a name of a cat who died drowning no offense. - leafpool_4_ever

I've always loved the name Silvermist but my mind always jumped to the fairy so I avoided it

Sounds like a fluffy, silver tabby she-cat with a sharp, slightly short muzzle and a cherry-wood-pink nose. She has a combination of spots and tabby stripes on her back, though her under coat is just silver and speckled with spots of white. She has a flashy, white muzzle with dense fur. Her silver markings are strong, but faint. She has striking dark blue eyes. Silvermist is energetic and smart, but sometimes lacks the knowing what's right under her paws and let's her mind wander.
Sorry for the long post!

Lovely! - Spottedtail

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338 Fluffyface

Honestly, how is it unacceptable? Is it 'too mature' for all you advanced warrior fans? Can't some people have some FUN with their characters? Please, not every name must be dignified and perfect, you see.

=* sorry didn't mean +

GUYS THIS IS OK! Fluffy can be used as a prefix. I mean come on, maybe the cat is fluffy around its face or something - lilydoestopten

It's not Fluffypelt, stupid. It's Fuzzypelt in Bluestar's Prophecy. This is an okay name, just look at Thistleclaw, he could have been named Fluffykit because he had tufted fur. Fluffyface- a creamy-gray brown tabby tom with long, tufted fur and green eyes. A bit snarky, but loves to play with kits. He hates how his long fur slows him down in winter, and often likes to stay in his nest when snow comes.

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339 Sorrelsplash

A light brown tabby she-cat with white muzzle and blue eyes, playful, energetic, slightly stubborn, and loves kits

Bracken colored and white she-cat with long fur and ginger splotches. Her eyes are a deep and beautiful amber. - Daizyrea64

Reminds me of Sorrel whatever her name is. I like it I'll use it for my book


Alright Rabbitflight, but if you gave me credit that would be awesome, because I'm currently using this is my fanfic. Thanks. :3

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340 Moonheart

Although "Moon" wasn't supposed to be a prefix, I still love the name.

I love it! But I am still looking for warrior names that have a prefix moon ( moon can be used as a prefix people! )

It reminds me of bright heart my fave warrior!

This is my current main oc's name :3

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