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21 Moonshadow

A blue tom who is stubborn and sharp tongued but is caring he was born in Riverclan he was just a kit when he wondered of and fell into the river the current was strong and carried him to a rock that was very sharp and took his left eye out he woke up on the Thunderclan camp everyone was staring at him horrified except for one kit who was looking at him amazed she asked him how did you survive you must be the strongest cat on earth I guess it was just luck Moonkit replied how the kit asked your left eye is gone and your ears are gone your tail was ripped off and there is a thorn as long as my tail in your side she started to sound worried who are you she asked him my name is Moonkit he said oh well my name is Sunnykit she mewed well are you going to help me or not he snapped of course a voice said it was the medicine cat once she tended to his wounds Sunnykit came and licked him like a kit get of me he snapped sorry Sunnykit said Sunnykit always came to see him Moonkit decided to stay ...more

I like this name a lot. I love the moon and the shadows so much. She (or he) should be leader in whatever clan she (or he) was! I think of moonshadow as a black cat with white paws and a white diamond marking on the neck. Her (or his) nature is kind and loving but her (or his) past is so dark like a shadow. that's why Moonshadow. Moon as the bright, kind and loving cat and shadow as her past.

Oops got it wrong Moon Shadow was still in Dawn of the Clans its this guys son. - BlackBow

In Dawn Of The Clans, there was a cat named Moon Shadow who was key to forming the clans, as he convinced the original cats to split up. However, he died later in a fire. But I thought he and his name were supercool, and that it would be awesome if he was reborn as a warrior cat.

Uh this is actually a name belonging to Tall Shadow's brother Moon Shadow who helped found the four clans around the forest and now the lake. He later dies from burns after being scorched in a forest fire, but this name is taken already. Sorry if this spoiled anything for anyone

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22 Softfeather

This is an highly weird name... In my mind it would probably be a pale gray she cat with white ear tips and white tail tip with black paws

White she-cat with feather-like patterns down her back. She is very thick-furred and soft. She has beautiful dark blue eyes. - Embershine

I would think Carpstream (Softfeather's mate) would be a light brown Tom with a dark brown back and dark brown ears. He would be very sweet to Softfeather (Thick furred white she-cat with green eyes) and they would have two kits. Turtleback (White Tom with light brown back) and Lilypaw (don't kill me for making her die an apprentice) (light brown short she-cat with white paws)

I like the name Softfeather because it's pretty and different. RiverClan. My rating is 8.5/10. I picture an attractive, long-haired white she-cat with grayish-green mackerel tabby splotches. Sky blue eyes. A strikingly pink nose and a long, fluffy white tail. Accepting, agreeable, and fights for what she believes in. Also slightly bossy. Born into a first litter to Shellshine and Ottercreek, Softkit's siblings were Sorrelkit and Dawnkit. Being daughter of the RiverClan deputy meant respect by her Clanmates, earning Softkit her sassy nature. Finally 6 moons old Softkit and her sisters were apprentices as Softpaw, Sorrelpaw, and Dawnpaw. Softpaw's mentor, Foxpelt had a snappish, stern personality and was mate to Clearpool, a misty-gray she-cat. Though he trained her with a strict, short temper, Softpaw learned to lighten him up. One day while she was out by herself, she fell into a fox trap. Crying out, Foxpelt came to rescue her and was careful with her ever since. Softpaw was soon ...more

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23 Clearsong

Wow, so impressed by the name! In my mind (I say that a lot) I see him (IK, I know I called him a tom) as a pale cream tabby tom. He has narrow, stripes rippling across his pelt. His underbelly, paws, and chin are creamy-white. His pelt is such a light color, that he seems to glow. His eyes are a clear blue. He is always calm, laid-back, and focused. He always wanted to become a medicine cat, healing his sister when he was only four moons old. He always memorized the herbs, and worked hard to the end. He also has a sense of humor.

A pale yellow colored she-cat with beautiful hazel eyes. She is a med cat and loves to sneak out at night to sing (because she sounds like, AMAZING) and to play with birds and chase them (not to hurt them though, she laughs playfully when she does)

A cream and white she-cat, very calm and reserved. An excellent hunter, although she is slightly lacking in battle skills, but not so much so that she is a hindrance to her Clan. While her sister always tells her she should settle down and have kits,she has no intention of doing so, and wishes to become deputy, not be stuck in the nursery.

I can just imagine it, a pure white tom with piercing blue eyes, anger clouded in them as he fiercely battled another cat. The Riverclan cat pushed off a Shadowclan cat off of himself, as he raced over to help another clanmate. He repeatedly slashed at its neck, throwing him off, the Shadowclan cat's soft belly was exposed. Clearsong raked its stomach harshly, his opponent's fur ripping off. He watched as the other cat surrendered, running off into the bushes. Really impressed with this name.

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24 Foxpelt

Her mother was a cat while her father was a fox she had all the markings of a fox and when her mother told her who her father was she hated them both she was bullied and constantly talked about among the clan her brother forestfire was the clan leaders apprentice and the only cats that truly loved her was her brother and hero crush stonekit who was taken by a fox. The leader and medicine cat thought that she was evil because of a prophecy: A cat divided into two worlds must rise from the shadows and stop deaths strike. They thought she was the death and her brother was the cat that would save them but it turned out that she was the cat that would save them and after she did she was very popular.

This story is so great and cute it makes me love this character so much.

Love the name. I picture a orange Tom with white paws and under belly.


Snuggling with her mother, Ember stares up to the sky. The rays of the sun made a beautiful tent grouped together, and she and her mom knew that there could be a great change anytime soon. Hearing footsteps, Ember's mother TSheika hears Freddy, Ember's father, padding into their home, the abandoned hut.

His tail was bushy and his white underbelly was a little dirty. His back was a dawn orange color. He wasn't a cat, but a fox.

"Yay, welcome home, honey," TSheika mewed.

Though Ember found it hard to believe a cat who's mate was a fox, it was better than any other cat. She never wanted to give either one of them away!

"I caught two squirrels and a mouse," Freddy said. "At least something for all of us! "

Ember chose a squirrel, gulping every piece, then looked into the forest. That was the change. She told TSheika and Freddy that she was going to find out how the wild cats lived. Though the cat and fox ...more

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25 Cinderstream

Light grey tabby she-cat with darker grey stripes and deputy blu eyes. She has different shades of grey speckles and one front right white paw.

A grey she-cat with darker specks and dark blue eyes probably a medicine cat

Totally using for my cat. Thanks so much!

My first thought: A lithe gray tabby Tom, beside a small creek, his face in a tight snarl. (Lol literature :'3) Cinderstream is of Riverclan, his name referring to his fish-like swimming skills (Meaning he swims as good as a fish). His eyes are a rather pale sandy yellow, which matches his often bad-mooded nature, though he can be sweet sometimes. His pelt glows silver in the moonlight, and in the sunlight it looks shiny and glossy. He found his passion for his apprentice, Gingerpaw, a shy she-cat with a ginger pelt and darker ginger splotches, with blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior, now known as Gingerflight, and see agrees! Well there u go

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26 Sunstream

It's so pretty; like a stream of light! So to die for

She should be a golden she cat with white paws, belly, muzzle, and tip of tail. Her eyes are a mixture of amber and golden. She was born in WindClan, and at her first gathering, there was a flood, and she got swept in. She found herself on the RiverClan border. The leader, Poolstar, welcomed her, and she lived in RiverClan. Her mate, Shadowpelt, had kits with her. They had 2. One died, and they named her Fluffykit. The surviving one was dark brown tabby tom with fiery amber eyes. They named him Badgerkit. When he was Badgerpaw, Shadowpelt and Sunstream tripped on a shiny thing, and they both fell and died in fox traps. Badgerpaw later became Badgerclaw, and rose up to the deputy. Only recently, Poolstar died, and Greenstar, Badgerclaw's mate had kits. YAY!

It makes me think of a stream with the sunlight moving across it ah ao beautiful.

Name: Sunstream

Age: Approximately 58 moons

Clan: StormClan

Currently: StarClan

StormClan Territory: In a stone cave, near 3 rivers (Thunder River, Lightning River, and Breeze River)

Kit: Sunkit

Apprentice: Sunpaw

Warrior Name 1: Sunstrike

Name 2: Sunstream

Mother: Cinderstream

Father: Foxpelt

Brothers: None

Sisters: Softfeather, Forestfire

Mate: Jaysong

Kits: Echolight, Bluemist

Sunstream is a white she-cat with dandelion-colored eyes. She has streaks of orange on her fur. Her pelt shines in the sunshine, and in moonlight, her fur looks like a flowing river when she moves. She first was named Sunstrike when she was a very sneaky and fast-thinking hunter. After a while, when she started messing up a lot in her hunting plots, and being bullied because of it, she was stressed out, and gave up on hunting.

A moon later (and still not even a single touch in hunting), she comes ...more

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27 Skystream

So beautiful! When I hear this name I think of a pale blue-gray she-cat with very pale blue eyes

A cat in warriors was named Sunfall (Bluestar's Prophecy) so therefore, it's okay to use the word "Sun" in warrior names

This is a really good name

You can name cats with sun and moon like Moonflower, and like somebody said Sunfall, and Halfmoon!

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28 Juniperberry

Agreed with the comment below. It sounds like a medicine cat name.

This sounds just like a medicine cat's name

This is really cool!

I really like this!

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29 Shellshine

Cool! I love the suffix shine, and I know it's weird, but I love she'll in a name too!

Reminds me of Shellheart

This doesn't really flow off the tongue, but it's a pretty name

It's kind of a thing for Pebbleshine. I mean shells are crushed then then turn into pebble shaped. Seriously it's a pretty name although it makes me think of Pebbleshine and Shellheart.

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30 Firestorm

I WOVE this name, sounds like a tall flame colored Tom with some red and yellowish markings, handsome warrior and a wonderful fighter, sometimes his ambition can get the best of him, but other wise hopefully your looking down from StarClan Firestar, Firestorm has got this!

He's a dark ginger Tom that looks red in bright light. He has Amber eyes.

Lol it sounds like a copy of Fireheart, a flaming orange tom

LOL it's like a combination of Fireheart/Star and Sandstorm!
Like.. you know... FIREheart and sandSTORM?
Yes? No?

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31 Brambleshine

I think this is a good name for a warrior, fierce but still graceful. Brambleshine in my view would be a pale brown tabby she-cat warrior with blue eyes.


A light brown/caramel and creme medium haired tabby. She's a Thunder clan medicine cat. Her parents are Oaktail and Dawnpatch she has a identical twin named Amberstorm. Bramble is caring,smart, and skilled but she is also untrusting,awkward,and weak due to her ranking and no warrior training. She has striking green hazel eyes. She knows a lot on mountain herbs and gets along with other clans. (three of my fur babies here {Echostrike and Ivyheart} now I gotta see if any other are here :3)

32 Leafmoon

Weird,This somehow reminds me of SpottedLeaf. Anyways,A brownish-red,dappled she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother's name was DappledTail and her father's name was SpottedCry. Her father was embarrassed to have a kit that didn't want to be a warrior. She had always dreamed to be a medicine cat. She begged the leader to be the medicine-cat's apprentice. Finally he agreed. Her father started to grow mad. He killed DappleTail and became a rogue,leaving her devastated. When the current medicine-cat, FailingHeat, died, she became medicine cat. One day, windclan attacked and got to the medicine den and killed her. By the way she was thunderclan.

I likes it, by the way, moon can't be used as the first part of the name, but its fine if it's the ending part.

Beautiful. I agree with last comment.

This reminds me of my friend's OC, dapplemoon. Anyways.. I see a sleek, silky dark ginger she cat with some small tabby spots and dark brown eyes. So her family line was somehow mixed in with a big cat " ( lynx, bobcat, caracal... etc ) and her father's mother was a kittypet and a kittypet before her. Her mother was a half clan cat with snow clan blood and flame clan blood from her grandfather, mintstar. But after her mother, sorrel pool broke the bond with lucky, her father's name. And she like mated with the flame clan tom crookedfoot. So now Leaf moon was torn between her kittypet father, her second father in flame clan, her mother in Snow clan... so everyone tried to get her to join them. " One cat will rise and stars will go down in agony " leaf moon had thought it was hers ever since she had got to the gathering faster than hailstar, the current snow clan leader. She tried to force her powers away by using them up but soon told the med cat sageflower about it. the cat the ...more

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33 Sorrelcreek

Its like a creek that is surrounded by sorrel! I'm guessing she/he was a tabby gray-blue like water... With brown spots that look kinda like leaves! So cool!

To the person that said names have to make sense, Whitestorm was named Whitestorm because he was loyal and a renowned warrior. Squirrelflight was named squirrelflight because she was a feisty warrior who was a speedy runner

Sound like a tortoise shell with blue eyes and a hostile personality. Though I was thinking she could be a queen from Wind Clan

I like it. With the suffix I think of RiverClan. She would look similar to Tawnypelt. And for the 'names that make sense' thing, I'm pretty sure 'Whitestorm' is like a blizzard. Squirrelflight makes sense because squirrels do fly (Not like regular squirrels) Jayfeather makes sense. A jay's feather. So does Spottedleaf, Sandstorm, Crowfeather, etc. ~Mistyrain

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34 Lionstrike

Wow this is an epic name I imagine a golenish kind of tom with green eyes and when he fights he can strike you down like a lion and he is very clever and tough but on the inside he is really sweet and understanding of some

I made a cat with this same name and I just now found it somewhere else!

Reminds me of Lionheart...

White tom with orange paws and has a mate named skyclaw and his clan is thunderclan

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35 Hiddenflame

Beautiful name. Just from this I can imagine StarClan created this cat, not mortal Clan cats. Here's my idea of what it would be like:

Nearly four generations after Bramblestar, with the leader as Wildstar

Tortoiseshell she-cat with striking amber eyes, hence the suffix -Flame. Originally going to be named after Spottedleaf.

Shy, but brave and strong in battle

Hiddenflame's original name was going to be Spottedflame, but Bluestar and Firestar saw how shy she was and changed the name to Hiddenkit, not Spottedkit. And, she is thought to be a reincarnation of Spottedleaf, given her talents and kindness. Though she is not a medicine cat, that position taken by Larksplash (One of my many OCs), she still acts as one, and when a cat is ill, she will stay and help heal the injured or ill cat and let Larksplash rest in case she would begin to get sick. At night, her dreams take her to her family in StarClan, where she meets Firestar, Bramblestar, Cranestar, ...more - AuraLightstorm

She is a light brown tabby she cat with ice blue eyes. I picture her glaring right at you, freezing your soul out. She can seem cold and unfriendly, but really there is a hidden flame which thaws the ice. She only reveals it to cats she really likes. She was called Hidden because she always hid and shyed away from everyone, preferring to drift in her own thoughts. She was called flame because the leader was her mentor. Why, you ask? Because he was curious. He wanted to know about the mysterious kit who always strayed behind her siblings. She had one true friend, Willowleaf.

Lovely name! I picture this cat to be a strong tom with a light ginger coat and flame colored paws. He would have striking blue eyes and black around his eyes. He would be kind but sometimes rough and stern.

Sounds strange. Who would name their child, "Hiddenkit"? - Emil

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36 Skunktail

I don't care what people say, this is a good name. And I would disagree with a comment that says that name prefixes have to be cannon. Um, ever heard about the name Thunderstrike? Prefix nor suffix are cannon yet it is at a very high place on this list.

I like this name! Cats could definitely be named with the prefix Skunk- as they know what skunks are. I kinda picture this as a black she-cat with a stripe running down her back and pretty, baby-blue eyes.

This isn't stupid! We thought "mask" wasn't cannon and LOOK AT ENETER THE CLANS! There was a deputy and a warrior with it! I actually like this name! I imagine this cat with a pelt like a skunks and they are a very pretty cat! - SeeU

I love this name, I once had an oc named skunkfur/star and most denied her name. But the name doesn't reffur to a skunks stink but its pelt and tail color/ pattern.

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37 Stormbird

She'd be dark gray with icy blue eyes in my mind. Such a pretty name! Like the person below me said, it's not all Mary-Sue and pretty. ((Feathermist please go die.

I like this name because, unlike many others on this list, it is NOT a mary-sue name!

It remind's me of a grey-blue tom, padding through the forest his mitts thudding quietly against the mossy terrain that covered the twigs and sticks, he lifted his cranium, his audits perking up as he heard a loud RiverClan patrol. Stormbird snarls and prowled forward, ready to defend ThunderClan from these trespassing cats. He lunged forward to his surprise he had pinned down... MYSTERY... who do you think he pinned :3

This name like many has said is not all mary sue. I like this name and so far it is my fave. - WarriorCatsFan

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38 Frostwhisker

A white and gray she-cat, the white is the base color and the gray are swirls. She loves the snow

I think of a white she cat with grey eyes.

I love this name! It is AMAZING!

A lithe, light gray tom. White patches. Ice blue eyes. He is quite snappish and rude, and has a frosty personality. But once he knows you, he can be more careful. He loves to hunt with cats like him, but can fall in some conclusions quickly. He sadly died of too much heat, as he was stranded in a desert. ~Bluefang of FireClan

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39 Frostwing

Beautiful white she cat... but has short legs...for some reason whenever I hear the suffix *wing* I think it has short legs *meow*...

Love it! I like anything with the word frost in it. I also like the name Stardust even though that cat couldn't become leader because their name would be Starstar.

Lots of these names have the first part of a real cats name!

I love it)

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40 Dreamcloud

This name sounds so beautiful and graceful.

I think she would be a beautiful silver and white she cat with pale creamy golden swirls that look like the wind is dancing around her. She would have Sky blue eyes. I love this name!

I think she would be a lovely golden cream she cat with little white cloud shapes on her flank and face. Her eyes would be like the sky during the morning. I don't care what other people think about me, I can and will post my opinion about this name here. It sounds beautiful, and I just wish that other people would feel he sane as I do. I see people voting for names like Brokenwing, and it is nice but I truly feel that this name should be #1. On top of that, I also have an Oc named DreamWish.

She sounds beautiful, with light amber eyes and cream colored fur like the dawn clouds. Her paws would be gracefully white (I know that makes no sense) and her personality would be sweet and kind, but to her enemies she is vicious and never gives them mercy (so she sort of is a nightmare to them-lol). Dreamcloud is still young (2 yrs) but she already has many cats begging to be her mate, but she rejected them because she loves a tom that doesn't even notice her, a proud tortoiseshell, Mosshell. Mosshell loves Sunnytail who is Dreamcloud's sister. Dreamcloud became very jealous and pretended to strike up a relationship with Mosshell's brother ('Mosshell' is supposed to be in italic), Redfoot. She hoped that Mosshell would notice her, but he ignored her more. In time a very embarrassed Dreamcloud gave birth to two sons, Clearkit and Skykit. But as her kits grew older, and she grew up with Redfoot, she discovered that she really did love HIM, and not Mosshell. She has another set of kits ...more

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