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381 Amberglow

I'm the creator of this name - Thank you for the nice comments ;3 - Rainsilver

This name is really nice. it would belong to a ginger she-cat with bright sky blue eyes

I imagine a dark ginger she-cat with a white belly,and muzzle. And green eyes.

I imagine something like this:
Amberkit was expected to have Amber eyes like both of her parents and like all of her siblings. It was a bit odd that she didn't. Her mother didn't want to change her name because she still liked the name Amberkit even though it didn't make much since with her fur or her eyes. Amberglow is a white she-cat with one black ear, black paws and two black legs and a fluffy black tipped tail. She also has very VERY bright blue eyes that always seem like they are glowing. She is an incredibly loyal warrior, even when a tom from a different clan confessed his love for her, she stayed loyal to her clan even though she loved him back! She was given the name "Glow" because of her odd eyes and her "Glowing" personality. She ends up mates with the tough deputy: Eaglepelt (A white and pale brown tom with amber eyes).
She has three kits
Crowkit (Crowpaw) - Dies as an apprentice from falling into the river
Cloudkit (Cloudberry) - A confident and ...more - Rainsilver

382 Twolegdeathberry

I have no words...

Are you serious?!

There is obviously a troll on the loose...😐 - IcetailofWishClan

A beutefuol neam for a bootyufel rewd black and blue sbe dcat who loves twolegs and has 10000000o00o0000000000 twoleg-cat baby hybrids and is the best cat evervand saved aklll of the clans in the forest and is in every clan and and and- Okay I will stop (10/10 best name) - xAppleglow

383 Mudwhisker

Light brown tabby tom with white patches and green eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

I like it
I imagine a dark brown and white tom with dark green eyes and black paws. He is a warrior in Thunderclan currently with a mate, Birchtail (A white and black she-cat with brown eyes) and two kits, Leafkit (A brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and black paws) and Nightkit (A black tom with a white-tipped tail) who grow up to become a Medicine cat, Nightleaf and a loyal warrior, Leafstripe - Rainsilver

384 Rosewing

I like a small but quick dark red she cat with a warm and pale amber eyes. She is the medcine cat and her aprentice is Nightpaw, a jet black she cat with white ears and bold green eyes. 10 moons after geting her aprentice, The clan gets attacked by a fox. The fox kills two of the kits Rosewing secretly had with a warrior named Squirrlfur. Out of anger and sadness Rosewing goes to find the fox who murdered her secret beloved kits but when she finds the fox it kills her. D: Sorry it's a bit depressing. by the way I probably spelled a bunch of things wrong because I have dislexia, so apologies on that.

RoseWing is a really good name!
i imagine a beautiful dark ginger she-cat who is quick minded and quick on her feet. She has a great memory which helps her in her job as medicine cat! she was never interested in medicine as a kit but when she was apprenticed a bad case of Greencough broke out in camp, it nearly took the life of her beloved sister, RussetPaw. When RosePaw saw how well LittleLeaf (The medicine cat) was at healing the sick cats she couldn't help but want to save cats like LittleLeaf. After the Greencugh was gone it had taken meany lives including the life of the Medicine cat apprentice ParsleyPaw. Having lost his apprentice LittleLeaf fell into depression, almost dying by a fox or badger more then once BatStar decided it was time for him to get a new apprentice, having all the kits in the nursery be too intrested in becoming warrior or too young to be apprenticed RosePaw asked to be trained as the new medicine cat, BatStar and LittleLeaf agreed and RosePaw became the ...more

Beautiful name in my opinion.
I imagine a pale ginger tabby she-cat with lighter ginger stripes, white front paws and a long scar down her back from an attack by Thunderclan not that long ago. She is in Windclan and currently is a queen to three kits
-Thornkit (Thornpelt): A dark brown tabby tom with a white chest and messy fur with a long white-tipped tail
-Cloudkit (Cloudheart): A fluffy white she-cat with pale ginger front paws and a few pale ginger patches on her back
-Tigerkit (Tigerfang): A light brown tabby tom with sleek fur and white paws and a white-tipped tail
Rosewing's mate is Dustclaw, a Pale brown tom with darker tabby stripes and amber eyes - Rainsilver

385 Cherrysong

Sounds like a pretty dark ginger she-cat with white spots. A loving mother, and she is kind and sweet, but isn't such a great hunter.

I picture a tabby she-cat with white sploshes. She loves her kits. Her father was mean and bossy. Her mother was to busy. She would be a good hunter.

Sounds like a black she-cat wing a cunning voice. She has the greatest hearing in the clan.

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386 Leopardmoon

I think this is a beautiful name. I can imagine a beautiful she-cat with forest-green eyes, pale orangish-yellow fur, leopard markings, a white underbelly, and a fierce, confident attitude.

I made this one, and used it for one of my cats. I honestly think it's a beautiful name, and I think it should be for a cat with leopard-like patterns, long fur, and white underbelly, muzzle with green eyes. I don't know if this name is in the books or not, but I know Leopardstar was Leopardclaw, not Leopardmoon! - xAppleglow

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387 Laurelshine
388 Crowwillow

A black tom with one white paw, he is in shadow clan. His father is Boulder fang but he does not know his mother. His littermates are breeze kit and little kit

389 Willowdusk

Sounds like a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is a medicine cat.


390 Mistfur

Grayish-blue cat with blue eyes.

Mistfur is a silvergrey she-cat with wite smudges and turquoise eyes. as a kit she was found in the water. when she was an apprentice, she had this profecy, the moonstone was broken! she goes on a travel with briarberry and shadowblaze to find it back.

391 Ripplefern

This sound like a beautiful Riverclan she cat.


Ermahgersh why hasn't anyone else commented on this!? Dis name so pretty :3
This is nao my character so I'm taking ripplefern as my oc lol

392 Poolshine

I don't really like prefix suffixes, but I love this! - Spottedtail

Gray and white cat with amber eyes.

Poolshine was the name of one of my first warrior OCs!

393 Squirreltuft

I love the name! It sounds like a energetic but friendly russet she-cat.

I like the name, it would make sense for him/her to live in the forest, that cat would be very jumpy, silly and loved b everyone

394 Wildclaw

I can almost see a light tabby tom who loves to be out with nature. Doesn't really like hurting anyone

395 Thundersong

I love it! I imagine a cream colored she-cat with beautiful eyes one is Aqua blue and the other is leaf green and she is very kind and loving either a queen, and elder, or a very kind warrior that doesn't like fighting, hunting is better to her. She also reminds me of two of my OCs in Thunderclan that are both related Thunderblaze, and Thunderheart. Also guys just leave it the Erin's say you can use clan names, honestly I don't care I will use them anyways but, I'm glad they say that Spirit is forbidden because I just don't like that name. I might use this!

I love this name but I will use it for a sleek she cat wanderer - SnowThunder

Um I have a warrior cat name and it's RiverStream. And no I have made my own 4 clans and RiverStream is me

Not bad I will say...
I imagine a powerful pale ginger tabby tom with amber eyes and a loud booming
voice like thunder - Rainsilver

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396 Clovercloud

It sounds like it would be a quiet, shy, maybe a bit naive she-cat. Perhaps a light brown tabby with white underbelly and pale blue eyes. Lovely name!

Such a pretty name!

Beautiful name!


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397 Silverstripe

Kind of in the books - Silver Stripe, one of Gray Wing's and Slate's kits, but the name isn't combined.

Silverstream should have named one of her kits this

Graystripe and Silverstream emerged

Stop copping my name's please

No one is 'copying your name'! They're using a name both of you came up with, - Warriorcatsfandom

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398 Owltalon

Love this name!

I absolutely love this name!
May I use it!?


Thank u guys! I made this name up when I was thinking of Wings of Fire names. Then I thought that this would made a great warrior cat name and added it here! I imagine him more a grayer cat, with darker flecks and lighter emerald eyes.

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399 Raincloud

Enough with the Mary/Gary Sue thing! Just because the name sounds perfect doesn't mean it's beholder is. Take some warriors in the series for example. Dovewing? I don't hear any complaints there... Overall good name I don't think it is Mary/Gary Sue, possibly a silver tabby she cat, maybe med cat

Well, I don't think anyone wants their feelings hurt. Mary Sue/Gary Stu just is mean. This is the kind of thing that annoys me about comments. Seriously, people can make their character however they like! Raincloud sounds like she has had a sad history, but she leads a noble life.

Sounds like a pretty silver she-cat with deep blue eyes and white flecks. She would be a medicine cat, if not, a queen. Overall it sounds great!

Um, this cat exists. In Code of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

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400 Raveneye

Ravenpaw is a he not she

Ahem Ravenpaw is a he

I really love both the prefix and the suffix...Definitely using this in a roleplay! I imagine a jet black she, with a dark gray tipped tail and bright yellow eyes. - PaintedWolves

So rude Ravenpaw died as an apprentice ~Windblossom

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