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461 Blossomtail

A snow white she-cat with a tortoiseshell tail and a bit of tortoiseshell on her face. - LiliBoo

Beautiful! Should be in the top tens. - Spottedtail

462 Badgerstar

I really love the idea, but this is basically just a prefix, and without a suffix, it's not much good. Please include the warrior name when you write on here, so you can actually see a full name. - Roseclaw

Badgerstar sounds like a white tom with badger-like markings. As leader of ShadowClan, he has a mate, Frostwillow, and 2 kits, Clearkit and Proudkit. Badgerstar was badly hurt while an apprentice. Badgerpaw started as a very weak kit and it took 8 moons for him to become strong enough to be an apprentice. Dying of Redcough while on his third life, Badgerstar life was short.

He sounds like a black tom with white stripes on his back. I think he would be leader of WindClan, and be in a litter of three kits, Sparrowsong, him, and Eaglewing. He would have had a lot of pain in his life. Eaglewing would be hurt as an apprentice, and then Sparrowsong would be killed during a battle shortly after becoming a warrior. He became the deputy and mate of the current leader, Oakstar, and have four kits, Sparrowkit, Pinekit, Lionkit, and Sagekit. Sagekit would die at an early age, and Sparrowkit and Lionkit would be taken by Greencough a few moons after they were apprenticed. Pinekit would later become the medicine cat, Pinefur.

463 Mudfeather

A brown tom with amber eyes. He is a medicine cat.

A brown and white tabby she-cat with long, soft fur and blue eyes. Her tail would look like a feather, hence 'feather'. She is sweet and loving.
Mudpaw was brought into Frostclan (my clan), with her sister, Snowpaw. Mudpaw grew into Mudfeather, and her sister became Snowflight.
Mudfeather became a nursery queen, and had her two kits, Mottledkit and Graykit.
Soon, rogues attacked and killed Mudfeather.
that's when Froststar began to kill all the rogue groups, in outrage.
The end. - xAppleglow

464 Waterwillow

Cute name I like it.

465 Conkerpounce

Hell I just realised that conkers are probably just a British thing so a lot of people may not get this name. Conkers come of trees- I believe chestnut (i may be mistaken) they share similtarities to pinecones and acorns. I was a little unsure if this would even make sense but decided to just do a yolo and throw it out there, plus, it Sounded cute, so... - TouzokuMau

I am wondering about the conker part, but other wise, good name! - Cedarhaze

466 Watercloud
467 Rowanbrook

Ginger tabby she-cat with bold amber eyes. She is very calm but she can be very fierce at times.

468 Vomitpoop

Vomitpoop what the heck

No no no no!

469 Breezeflight

Black she-cat with amber eyes. She is quiet and kind.

470 Lightmist
471 Shiverberry

A small white she-cat with dark blue eyes and almost unseen silver tabby markings. She was born in ThunderClan to the deputy MouseSpirit and her mate TurtleRain. She wasn't given any special treatment, she was named after her medical condition that caused her to shiver all the time. She grew up loving herbs and she became ThunderClan's medicine cat apprentice rather then a warrior, they felt her shivers would be a problem to the warriors and during battle. But she didn't complain because she loved being a medicine cat, she got her medicine cat name after a bad case of Greencough in the nursery. She was named after her sweet nature and love of the berries in the medicine den, and after her great skill as a medicine cat. She was a great medicine cat, one of the best, she died saving a kit in a fire. - LiliBoo

472 Cherrywave


The name sounds cool.
A cream coloured tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Heil Hitler! 卐 - LordDovahkiin

Tortoiseshell-and-silver tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Clan: RiverClan
Father: Tigerfrost
Mother: Mistybrook
Brother(s): Grayfire
Mate: Deerflame
Daughter(s): Snowbrook
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice(s): Sandblaze, Iceflower, Sootnose
Age: 86 moons
Mentor: Ratflame - IcetailofWishClan

473 Brindlesnow

Yes! A pale creamy brown she-cat with amber eyes, white chest, and other white markings. Her fur would be really fluffy and soft. - Goober

I imagine a sleek orange and brown tabby with a white underbelly and green eyes!

Pale ginger-and-white she-cat with pale amber eyes.

Clan: ThunderClan
Father: Sootfeather
Mother: Lilypelt
Brother(s): Jumpfur, Firenose
Mate: None
Kit(s): None
Rank: Medicine Cat
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 20 moons
Mentor: Nightfire - IcetailofWishClan

474 Waspwing

It's okay but do they know what wasps are

Sounds cool I think of a pale yellow tom with black stripes all around,he soon has a mate then lived happily ever after... just kidding there's a dark ending...that I'm not going to tell make it up :3

I imagine a pale yellow-brownish tom with black stripes, tail, ears, and stripes under his eyes.
I think his mother was a rouge, and his father was a hot-head, and snappy warrior, who rarely got along with anyone. One day his father (RainStorm) brought his mother (Felicity) and himself, a one moon old kit, to camp. RainStorm's only mate the Clan knew of, SnowFoot, in anger killed him and was exiled. Waspwing's mother tried to leave with him, but before she could was also slaughtered by SnowFoot. Waspwing himself almost died that day, but SnowFoot was thrown out, and chased off before she got the chance. Waspwing was (forced by the leader) adopted by SnowFoot's sister, WillowFrost, who abused him. Waspwing eventually grew up to be a powerful, and honored deputy, and had a beutiful mate, WildWind, who was expecting their kits. He was still tormented from his experiences, though he hid it well. Waspwing one day was out taking a walk through his territory with his mate when he saw some ...more

475 Brokensky

Sounds like a very dark minded brown tom cat!

476 Cherryflurry

In my opinion she sounds like a former kittypet, a darker ginger she-cat probably with white paws and green eyes

477 Echocloud

Its nice, like an echo echoing through a cloud. I really like this name!

This is a cool name!

You used Echo already.

A pretty, thick-furred she-cat with black fur and a white chest and belly and a white-tipped tail. She is kind and gentle with all of the cats in the clan and she acts like the Mother of the entire clan. She is the oldest Queen in the nursery and she doesn't want to go to the elder den so she helps take care of all the new kits. Her mate is Redfang, a ginger tom with a white chest and long claws. She has five kits named Ravenflight, Snowstep, Silverberry, Lionfur, and Flameheart. Snowstep became a medicine cat and is as gentle as her mother and Ravenflight became the new deputy. They all live in Thunderclan - Rainsilver

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478 Petalsong

Very pretty! Love the name!

I made this up

Pretty name sounds familire

WOW! - Spottedtail

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479 Cleverkit

Cleverkit just no I thought these were ones that people liked I think I'll jump in a hole now

I don't see how this has ANYTHING to do with nature

Fartface's daughter!

THat is one clever cat... - lilydoestopten

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480 Tigerlily

Tigerlily sounds like the flower, but it is beautiful.

As it is a beautiful name, it's just not practical, in the Warriors universe a leader would never name an apprentice this as it is a great name, the suffix of a warrior's name will always be either something about their appearance, personality, physical attributes, or past. The ONLY circumstance in which this name would ever be given to a cat is if the cat had requested it, such as how Crowpaw requested to be Crowfeather after Featherpaw's death.

Beautiful name- If I made my own clan I would use this for a ginger tabby she cat with green eyes and a sparky personality!

I had a cat named this once, she was a dark brown tabby. - Embershine

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