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501 Roseheart

Sounds like a good name!

It's a very cute name

The name is cute! I'm using it for one of my OCS :3 I imagine a Brown and white tabby she with bright green eyes :3

502 Boomface

Who... Who came up with this?

His face go boom

I hear-by name you Boomface, for your exploding face.

Leader: Oh my god Boompaw your face exploded okay your new name is Boomface!

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503 Cloverspeck

A witty and sarcastic and very playful she-cat. She is very pretty and she is currently training to become a full medicine cat. She just earned her full name for when her mentor Blackfeather, either retires or dies. She is pale gray with some darker specks on her back and around her paws she has white paws, one white ear, and a fluffy white-tipped tail. - Rainsilver

I love this name! A queen with a litter of four kits who she is ferociously protective of.

I'm not much for words but I love the name!

504 Nightspirit

Who thinks this name is AWESOME?!? I use it in my stories!

Night and spirit TOGETHER!?! IN A NAME!?! Can I hug whoever came up with this?

Oh my god! This name is awesome! I love who every made this name!

! CAN I USE IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! p.s: perfect name. nightpaw for now on your name will be night spirit, BECUASE I love the NAM! - hollyspirit

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505 Jadewing

When you put something on here, it means you're okay with us taking it.

Yea you can take it it's a nice name, so now you no longer have to ask me.

A black she cat with shimmering jade colored eyes :) please do not take name without my permission

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506 Leafwhistle

Dark brown she-cat with white and light brown dapples

All the way too the end baby

Is anyone still looking at the list!?

I love the suffix whistle personally, my OC is Owlwhistle
I picture leaves whistling in the wind

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507 Silverflower

Beautiful, silver she-cat with dark tabby stripes with blue eyes and a long fluffy tail

Pretty, silvery-white and grey she-cat with deep blue eyes

I for one think this sounds very pretty. I also don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but here's the main charater from my fan book:
she's a ginger she-cat with yellow flecks and tail tip with amber eyes. if I'm not allowed to do this, then sry!

~Phoenixstar of MoonClan

508 Squirrelstar

Grateful, Long legged ginger she-cat

The future Squirrelflight - lilydoestopten

I want to kill Bramblestar so Squirrelflight can become Squirrelstar!

I really want to kill Bramblestar so Squirrelflight can be leader

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509 Lilyshine

I very pretty dawn colored she-cat with elegant white paws and chest with beautiful blue eyes

Love the name!

510 VixenStar

This is actually my OC's name

511 Shadecloud V 1 Comment
512 Streamriver

Don't listen to those people on their high horses. This name is awesome

Get a rip and lighten up, you haters

What a cool name!

Meant 'grip'

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513 Crackedstar
514 Willowmist

Silvery blue gray she cat with gray green eyes

Silvery blue gray she car with gray green eyes

I imagine that she is a grey-blue (or blue grey) tabby she-cat.


515 Goldenfeather

"I like it! A golden colored she with amber colored eyes. Goldenfeather is in WindClan. She is the daughter of Sunglow and Mossfoot. Goldenfeather is shy, sweet, and caring. She wishes to be a medicine cat but has a mate, Kinkfoot, and two kits, Whiterose and Oaktail. No markings, just a beautiful golden-brass color to her. She died in a battle with her rival Clan, and went to StarClan as a soon-retiring warrior."

- GoldenfrostOfShiningClan - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

516 Gingerfrost

It sounds so cool! I imagine a ginger cat, but not tabby, with a white muzzle, chest, belly, paws and tail tip, and frost-blue eyes!


Ewww Gingerfrost farted. New name: Gingerfart

Hey Appleflame what quiz did you take? Which website? And what exactly did you type in Google search? Sorry I love the name Appleflame so much and I what one like that lol 😄
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

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517 PatterOfFallingStones

I know it's a tribe name but I'd thought I'd put it out there

This name can be part of a tribe name. Even though its not really a warrior name... But good job on the tribe name!

This could totally be a tribe name! "Patter Of Falling Stones.." Totally could see it! - lilydoestopten

like it - Warriorcatsfandom

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518 Seasonpaws

You haven't read warriors have you?

Medicine cats can't be leader

They don't know what seasons are x3

Maybe change this to Seasonsplash or Seasonfall and you got yourself an epic name

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519 Leafshine

I love this name! I think of a light brown tabby she cat and white with blue eyes. She is a riverclan medicine cat apprentice but changes to become a warrior apprentice, though she missed the smell of all the herbs and the satisfaction of healing a clan mate, she became one of the most talented fighters in the whole clan.

Ooh. I really like this! It makes me think of a sleek bright ginger tabby cat... With leaf green eyes and white paws!

Love it! Sounds like a cream she cat with brown stripes and yellow-orange eyes.

520 DreamWishes

Sounds like a she-cat with one purple eye and one blue eye, white fur with blue and white patches, one blue ear and one purple ear, and a heart shape on her forehead (one half is purple, one half is blue) She doesn't really have any flaws, because flaws are bad things to give to characters. Wait, what was that? Characters need flaws? Okay, well, she's clumsy, but in a cute way, and she is too nice and too beautiful. Oh, and she has magical powers and she has to defeat the evil leader who has taken over her clan, Evilstar. Oh, and Evilstar also destroyed her whole family and the only reason she survived was because she is the chosen one. Also, Evilstar was blinded by her beautifulness. Did I mention that she is the fastest, smartest, strongest, most beautiful cat inall the clans and has angel wings that sprout out of her back on command? But her life is so horrible because eight toms love her and she wanted purple angel wings instead of blue ones.

This sounds like what would happen if Disney bought Warriors.

This is like if Disney bought Warrior Cats, just no

This isn't... a... warrior... cat... name. Dream is not a prefix, and wishes is not a suffix. I don't really like it, I like actual warrior names...

-Swedish Strawberry

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