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601 Amberberry

Amberberry sounds like a tom and he would have amber eyes and he would be a calm graceful medicine cat. I bet that he would end up being killed like sweet spottedleaf because he was protecting his Clan even though he was a medicine cat and he was only taught to heal.

Yellow-Orange she-cat with pinkish ginger tail. - Embershine

602 Spottedlilly

It's a very beautiful name. I wish I had thought of it! It sounds like a tortoiseshell she-cat with beautiful green eyes. A very kind cat.

It sounds like a very compassionate she cat

603 Squirrelfire

Very interesting name, seems like a great OC name.

604 Springflame

Good name, but only if it is like the springy jump kind of spring ya know. Because they don't know the actual season names - Embershine

605 Epicdog

Well there is a cat named Houndstar and Houndleap :/

One upon a time there was an idiot named Darkfire who was so stupid, he forgot his name was Darkfire and accidentally put Darkflame. -Darkfire

Wow whoever actually made this name is pretty stupid. a warrior cat would not have the name epic dog.

606 Berrystorm
607 Shatteredshade

I can imagine this being a sleek, muscular warrior with a past. Possibly lost his/her eye. Love the name!

608 Hailfeather

Large white tom with long fur. He is a loyal RiverClan warrior that would do anything for his Clan :D

609 Reddust

I personally think this is a very cool and pretty name - KitCat

610 Finchflight

This is my image of him:
Finchflight has a light sandy pelt with light green, almost aqua eyes. He is kind, caring, and will fight for what he thinks is right. He is also very curious and that can often get the better of him. He has a lithe shape for hunting and running so I think he would he in windclan. He has a lovely mate named deerstream who sadly died giving birth to his kits.
That's my thoughts on the name...I LLLOOOVVVEEE THIS NAME!

611 Sunnytail
612 Beechpad
613 Beetleweb
614 Silentstream

Sounds like a silver she-cat with light green eyes.

615 Squirrelpelt

Ginger she-cat with bold green eyes!

616 Brokenshadow

This is a name! - Spottedtail

Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

This is a name I have used for my warriors fan-fiction! I feel as if she is daughter of Tigerstar and Leopardstar. She has a sister, Moonleaf. She is all black except for her brown stripes. She has red eyes. She gets exiled from RiverClan for killing her mentor, Amberlake. She goes to ShadowClan, kills Leopardstar and Tigerstar, becomes leader of ShadowClan and brings all Clans to form BrokenClan. Thanks! - Brokenshadow2004

617 Hollythorn

Black she-cat with a huge orange patch on her face, she has bold green eyes.

A kind ginger tom with emerald eyes - Frostcloud

618 Dewleap

Gray she-cat with white spots and amber eyes.

619 Grayfeather

Gray tabby tom with amber eyes. He has white paws.

620 Hazelshade

A brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest - Spottedtail

Hazelkit was born in a litter of six, but she wasnt the runt. Her large paws managed to suffocate one of her sisters Mintkit when she was climbing on her to find milk. Her mother Sweetthistle was furious and ashamed, and cast her from her litter. She refused to let her feed, and Hazelkit grew hungry and mad. Luckily Lavenderfall, another she-cat queen, allowed her to nurse from her. She grew to love Lavenderfall, but when her mother accidently startled Lavenderfall and causing her to drown, Hazelpaw's anger grew. Her brute mentor Icepelt trained her with his skills from the dark forest, and soon later she was named Hazelshade for her 'shady' history. Her mother pretended she didn't exist and that her four other kits(the fifth caught greencough) were clearly superior. Hazelshade caught greencough and brought it to her sister Lilydove, who later died. Sweetthistle was on the point of madness and attempted to kill her. But, the clans cast her out. Hazelshade, as expected, was furious ...more

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