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1101 Riverspirit

No explanation needed here - Warriorcatsfandom

RiverSpirit would be a light brown she with darker brown stripes, and bright blue eyes. River kit was always calm and cool, and her littermate moon kit was really peppy and happy. All the cats in RiverClan ignored her so she kept to herself. When she was an apprentice Feathershadow was her mentor and taught her to keep to herself and when she got her warrior name she was named River Spirit in honor of her calm spirit and serious air, her brother was named Moon Claw for his bright white claws and dark blue eyes. River Spirit grew up and eventually decided she wanted to be a medicine cat. She died of green cough and a deep wound on her side from a rouge invasion.

-Natalie Golier

(p.s. Hope you like my image of River Spirit, sorry if it was long)

1102 Eaglestrike

I can't believe no one's added this yet! - Warriorcatsfandom

1103 Owlstream

This is the name of one of my ocs, so here we go:

Owlkit was born in LakeClan to Snowstar. In this au, two alliances of three clans were formed. She was part of the Songbird Alliance, which consisted of LakeClan, OakClan and LunarClan. The other alliance was the Stone Alliance, which consisted of SnowClan, HawkClan and MarshClan. Owlkit had four siblings: Branchkit (male), Otterkit (male), Mosskit (female) and Cloverkit (female). Mosskit and Cloverkit are identical twins. Lionstar's mate, Gorsefur, had recently had kits too, so they were the same age. Their names Were Frostkit (male), Skykit (male), and Splashkit (female). Frostkit, Branchkit and Otterkit were obsessed with becoming warriors and bullied Owlkit constantly for her small frame. But she had a very calculating mind even from a young age and she beat them to the ground. At apprentice age, she manipulated everyone into thinking that Frostpaw, Otterpaw and Branchpaw were bad apprentices, but the lies soon came back to ...more - Warriorcatsfandom

1104 Swanmist

Eh, it's alright I guess... I see a ruffled, white she-cat with a black " band " of fur on her neck and a gray muzzle. So kinda.. like a swan. I don't really get the mist part.

1105 Birchwing
1106 Shimmerstep
1107 Ashblaze

Ok last one I promise! All my old roleplay names just came flooding back to me and it turns out my brother and I have really unique naming skills lol - Warriorcatsfandom

1108 Willowstep

Awww a very beautiful name! I imagnine Willowstep as a she-cat with a lovely silver pelt and forest green eyes. Her paws are slightly lighter than her pelt. -Rosefall

1109 Ashbark

I MADE IT TO THE END OF THE LIST! - Warriorcatsfandom

1110 Pandaheart

A black and white she-cat that has the patterns of a panda! she is vary loyal hence Heart, and she become PandaStar of ThunderClan :3 - LiliBoo

1111 Burrpelt
1112 Honeyshine

It sound like honey glitsening in the sunlight

1113 AmberSpark

I love this name!
I imagine a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She was found by RiverClan cats almost dead and taken in by them. she lived happily, even if she wasn't trusted vary much, she soon earned the trust and even became a warrior, named after her sparking personality. She was even chosen as deputy! Although it was suspected that she was only chosen as deputy because the leader was suspected to love her, which wasn't true. She is a pushy, impatient, and sweet cat, she is a loving cat and a great leader. - LiliBoo

1114 Nightshine
1115 Lilyglance

Super cute name! Maybe a white she-cat with cream patches brown eyes. Lilyglance would be a warrior at first, super shy and introverted. She feels as if she never fits in. She's always drawn to the medicine cat den, but of course she's a warrior. As well as that, the medicine cat already has an apprentice. Later on, the medicine cat and their apprentice mysteriously dies. Lilyglance offers to be the medicine cat, finally feeling as if she fits in. Just my idea! ^^

1116 Hazewing
1117 Cloudberry
1118 Hazefrost
1119 Smokestripe
1120 Steamshade
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