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1101 Cloverdawn

This is a really good name. I imagine him/her as being a light brown she-cat with bright green eyes and an adventurous personality.


I think grey she cat with bright green eyes

This is so good! I can just imagine..

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1102 Sandblaze

Pale ginger she-cat with a white blaze down her forehead and yellow eyes.

1103 Lindenheart

Just imagine an enormous brown tabby she-cat with really long thick fur, broad shoulders, long legs, and green eyes

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1104 Birchflower

Birch strikes me as more of a male name, while flower is most definitely female.

1105 Riverfall

It just sounds so cool and on my favorite game that is what my leader calls me. :D

If you say it too many times you get tounge tied! Cool name by the way. Reminds me of a large silver Tom, deputy of Riverclan and soon to be one of the most strong and fearless leaders the clans have ever seen! (Other than Firestar of course) -Silversky

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1106 Maplepool V 3 Comments
1107 Snowfrost

I'm sorry I just don't like it because Snow- and -frost are very similar so therefore this name is very boring

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1108 Firefur

Ginger red tom with amber eyes, clever and strong

I agree with Clearstar. What if he becomes leader?

Paws off of Firepelt. In my story, that is Emberfur's son

So Clearstar you butt off. If Fireprlt becomes leader, he will be another Firestar. There are too Rowanstars in the series. I also have a OC named Brambleleaf and guess what happens? He becomes Bramblestar! So it's ok if Firefur becomes Firestar.

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1109 Lightfoot

It sounds like such a graceful and beautiful name for a pretty she-cat

A skinny cream and white tom with long legs and pale blue eyes - tigerstar908

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1110 Sunstrike

This name has already been used, but great creativity

ABCDEFG Gummybears are after me. One is red. One is blue. On is chewing on my shoe. now I'm running for my life. Because the red one has a knife

Epic name, like a lightning strike coming from the sun! In my fanfiction, he is the mate of Moonheart. Moon x Sun FOREVER!

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1111 Hawktalon

This name is awesome! One of my OC'S is named this. He's a light brown tabby tom with black front paws and green eyes. And he has a scar across his left eye from a eagle

This was my OC. She was deputy of Mistclan (now leader and Hawkstar). She'd rake her hawk-like claws down her enemies.

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1112 Redleather

A brown cat with red ears tip of tail and paws

Cats don't even know what leather is.

Do you think cats are going to stroll into a two leg farm, skin a cow, and dry the skin? I think not!

What is "leather"? - Riverclan cat

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1113 Sunburst

Big golden Tom with this fur and green eyes

A large ginger Tom, very arrogant with Amber eyes and a reputation in battle for defeating two full grown Shadowclan warriors with his rear end while his front end carried four kits to safety. As I said, arrogant, but kind hearted. Sort of like Berrynose! -Silversky

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1114 Hollywhisker

Joy to the world for barney's dead. We barbecued his head. Don't worry 'bout the body we flushed it down the potty. And round and round it goes. And round and round it goes. And round and round and round it goes.

What an amazing name, definitely needs to be number one! - -Cloudstar of MistClan

Watch out Hollyleat! Wannabe twin is coming to get you! - Silversky

1115 MIstywater

Somebody once told me the world was macaroni so I took a bite out of a tree. it tasted kind of funny so I shot that little bunny and he got mad at me. A thousand years later he turned into darth vader and he threw his lightsaber at me. missed me by a meter and killed Justin beaber and the whole world had a party

Um excuse me but Misty Water is one of the ancients

Misty Water is already taken. She is one of the ancients.


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1116 Leopardfang

Such a great name! I will be sure to use this name in my books.

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1117 Thundermist

This is definitely an amazing name! Sounds like a dark grey tom with like midnight blue paws and tip of tail! He has green eyes. This name should be way higher in the list! - Cloudstar

Huge dark grey tom with golden eyes.

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1118 Witherbone

The existing description makes no sense AT ALL, so I'm stating my opinion.
Witherbone is a dark grey tom with white tabby stripes and light grey eyes. He is he son of a Clan leader, and his original name was Flamespirit. But when he and his father got into a huge disagreement about something important (life or death important), he left the Clan and changed his name to Witherbone, vowing to kill his father to avenge his mother. (The disagreement was if his mother should be killed for killing a tom that tried to bother herself and her kits, just so you know, and his father said that his mother should be killed. As punishment for her wrongdoing. )


Black and gray tabby with red blood eyes and is on the dark forest who is a Tom that has a black bone sticking out of the tip of his tail also has sharp diamond claw

A very deadly name for a black tom with light colored eyes. I think he would be blind. - Cloudstar of MistClan

1119 Mossfeather

I think of a speckled grey she-cat with a white muzzle, chestfur, and underbelly. She also has ice-blue eyes.

Cries he should have got his warrior name wait does anyone think he may want to be a Medicean cat if he was MossFog

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1120 Jay'swind

The further down the list I go the worse the names get

Everyone's grammar keeps getting *dumber and *dumber

When I get to 900 I bet these names will be dumb like HillaryHeart or TrumpWall

Slaps a hand onto face. Ugh.

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