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1101 Hazelfeather

We can use whatever name we want, so I will use it right now in my fanfiction. Done. Ha! What are you going to do? Get mad? Yarrowberry, my daughter, mocks you!

Ugh you adults are acting like BABIES! Especially you, mother of Yarrowberry, are acting stupid

Hazelfeather is my warrior cat name, if I find anyone using it I will get mad, so please don't use it. I'm writing a fan fiction for Hazelfeather and her brothers, so yeah. I spent a lot of time coming up with this name, too.

Seriously? How old are we now? Three? If you don't want anyone to use it, don't put it on here! Geez people, IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

1102 Jetflight

I see Jetflight as a jet-black tom with sky blue eyes.

But I don't see why he's called JetFLIGHT. He is called Jet- for his jet-black fur, but why Jet FLIGHT? It just confuses me. But maybe Jetflight is for his eyes, which are the color of the sky and things fly in the sky? Yeah. That's why!


Did a leader and mother look at a jet and realized it's called a jet? Cats don't know what jets are

Wow! I am making a clan super edition, and I'm probably going to use this name! Love the name JetFlight! He will be part of MossClan! - Larkwing

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1103 Mossstorm

This name would have been good for Mosskit.

Hyphenate it please, otherwise its okay

It's awesome and looks funny, I like it!

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1104 Fallingleaf

Bright orange She-cat with skinny black stripes, fast and clever

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1105 Fatbelly

There were no comments cause this name is stupid

Hatters gonna hate namer gonna name. Don't let these comments get to ya

A rogue, a pregnant she-cat,slowly pads through the forest, carefully observing her surroundings. An evil rogue tom attacks the she-cat, as he goes to make his first swipe at the she-cat, another tom from a clan leaps onto the evil tom, they fight for a while until the evil rogue gives up and leaps into the shadows, the clan cat asks the rogue she-cats name she replies saying she doesn't have one he jokingly says her name should be fatbelly, but she thinks the name is wonderful because someone actually is kind to her for once, they become mates and she has three kits names lilykit petalkit and oakkit, the tom treats the kittens same as he would as if they were his.

HATTERS GONNA hate? Check your grammar, sweetie. No queen names their kit Fatkit. I didn't even laugh, there are too many joke names on this website.

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1106 Vibranttstar

It just sounds cool! And it would be perfect for an energetic leader!

1107 Mossstar

A few S's too many, but otherwise an interesting name! I picture a white and tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and is slender but strong nonetheless. Probably a mother.

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1108 Brightstar

I like it, It just sounds so beautiful!

My OC. She's white with ginger patches and green eyes. Her warrior name was Brightleaf. Leader of FlameClan, and the main character in my warrior book series, Darkened Skies. As of right now she has no mate, but she is starting to like her deputy Falconwing. I don't know yet if they will become mates, but I'll keep you guys posted.

Her story:
She was born into FlameClan and her mother was Dawnleap, and her father was Stormwatcher. Her sisters, Duskfeather and Cloudfur were swept away in a flood and were carried to IceClan. They are warriors there, but are hoping to reunite with their sister soon. Brightstar's mentor was Emberstar, the leader when she was born. She earned the warrior name, Brightleaf and with her brother, Snowflight saved Gingerpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, from a badger attack. Her brother died from a savage bite to the throat that was ment for Gingerpaw. After Emberstar died she became leader of FlameClan. Soon she'll probably have kits who will be ...more

1109 Rowanstar

Uncommon, but really kinda like a regal name

This name is used twice, once in one of the guide books and then there's the one in Bramblestar's Storm, after Blackstar dies.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

This is used in The Code Of The Clans, code 11: Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats. as the Skyclan leader, and it is used for Rowanclaw's leader name, Rowanstar in Bramblestar's Storm.

1110 Wolfstar

It's a perfect name for a powerful clan leader!

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1111 Viperstar

Like a nice name for an evil leader! It sounds just downright EVIL

Viperfang for the warrior name - Spottedtail

1112 Cometstar

I don't know why, but it's cool

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1113 Hornetstar

Sounds like it would be the name of a strong leader!

I have a Hornststar! Takes on leadership after Ashstar dies. Loyal and brave!

Hornetkit, Hornetpaw, Hornetstrike, Hornetstar (What is wrong with my 's' key? it is driving me CRAZY! ) - Spottedtail

Cool! I have an OC named Waspstar. ~Smokestar

1114 Lightstar

Sounds nice and elegant!

1115 Tsunamistar

It just sounds really unique and cool!

I agree do cats know what a tsunami is

Do cats know what a tsunami is!

1116 Larkspur

A hideous outcast loner who was banished from shadow clan. He has a mud brown pelt that is ragged and scrappy, and a crooked face that scares away even two leg kits." It total, this name sounds like a freak.

Larkpaw: ooh! I wonder what my warrior name will be! I bet it'll be somethig bird related. Glowstar (made that up too): nope. You're a flower now. Balh blah starclan your new name is larkspur. Larkspur: wait what? No! I was supposed to be a bird not a flower! I'm a boy for cruing out loud!

This cat would have a light brown tabbby pelt and would live in Skyclan.

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1117 Mossypath

Path is rather an odd suffix. I don't believe it was ever used in the books?

It's ok if it wasn't used in the books, then the suffix is original

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1118 Gingertail

Hey! I made this name already! Anyway MY gingertail is a white she cat with a ginger tail

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1119 Crystalsky

This name sounds really good. I think she would look like this: Cream colored fur and sky blue eyes that seem to see into your soul.

Cats wold not know what gems are

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1120 Emeraldflame

Yet more objects the cats have never heard of... *sigh*

Cats have NO IDEA what gems are. For example THE MOONSTONE!

Be quite about what they do and do not know... It's a good name! You guys are just way to negative about these things... Get over what cats do know and not know! by the way awesome name!

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