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1281 Mousetail

Light gray she cat with yellow eyes

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1282 Turtleeye

I can imagine a thick pelted calico she cat with hazel eyes with yellow and green flecks in them

I made it up! It's my warrior cat name, please don't use!

You put it on here, showing everyone, so don't tell us not to use it!

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1283 Bluelark V 2 Comments
1284 Zebrastripe

Yes, but wouldn't the queen want to know what it is and see it before naming her kit that? It bothers be so much when people do that.

How would they even know it's called a zebra?

Cats could know what a zebra is. Former kittypets join Clans, don't they? And kittypets might have said something about zebras and a queen thought it was nice so named their kit Zebrakit. There you have it.


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1285 Scorchstripe

Gray tom jagged black stripes. Amber eyes

I think this is a great name. Scorchsripe is a big ginger tom with almost black stripes is what I imagine. - Skyflight99

This is pretty funny, because in my fanfiction story I am writing, the deputy of FireClan was Scorchstrike, not Scorchstripe! One letter difference! But Scorchstrike was a she-cat!

1286 Rushpelt

It sounds like a tom who runs so fast that his pelt is made sleek by the wind. - Skyflight99

1287 Whiteshadow

Lol the snail movie... Turbo was it?

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1288 Eagleflight

This is a name that I came up for my new book! It is not pubished. YET

This is a name I was thinking for for Eaglepaw. But he turned out Eaglecrest

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1289 Snowdreamer

This is another character in my book! Lovely name is it!

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1290 Willowstripe

I amagine Willowstripe as a pretty, graceful small light gray tabby she-cat with darker stripes and blue eyes, deputy of RiverClan

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1291 Pinesnow

Sounds like a spiky furred dark ginger brown cat with white feet, belly, and tail tip. Pinesnow would have no littermates and would have a mate and kits. - Embershine

Sounds like a cold, wintry leaf-bare evening. This name could definitely suit a ShadowClan medicine cat!

1292 Splashflame

Bright ginger she-cat with darker flecks on her legs making it appear like she splashed through water. She is kind but adventurous. She had bright blue eyes.

1293 Hopeflight

Hopeflight would be a light brown she-cat with a white tail tip and fluffy fur. She would be an orphan kit because both her parents died. Her mother died in birth and her father died in battle before she was born. She would have one littermate named Faithwing (dark ginger she-cat with white tail tip and front feet. She and Hopeflight would both have green eyes.). - Embershine

Beautiful brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother had her and her sisters in a forest fire, but she was the only of her three siblings that made it out alive. Her mother had named her Hopekit as she had survived.

If hope kit lived (Yellowfangs secret) this would be her warrior name

Hopelight is so much like this name Hapeflight! -Thymeshock

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1295 Black Lightning

A black Tom with orangey-Yellow eyes

1296 Frostleaves

I think Frostleaves is such a pretty name!

1297 Lakeshine

Lakeshine sounds lovely, like the sun shining off the water.

Lake shine was in the book crooked stars promise

This is a real cat. - IcetailofWishClan

It's a name! - Spottedtail

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1298 Icewind

I don't know why Erin Hunter hasn't used this. It sounds very pretty.

1299 Mouseberry V 2 Comments
1300 Mapleleap

A maple colored she cat with white paws muzzle and belly

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