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121 Moonflight

I would never use this personally. It sounds too special and out of place to be a side character, but if you use this for a main character no one will read your fic because Moon- is basically one of the most mary-sue names in the warriors fandom, right up there with Star-. - Warriorcatsfandom

As long as this isn't popular, I'm safe to use it.. Don't ask me how.

This is my warrior OC name! I like the name because it gives me a strong and confident vibe. I know that moon isn't supposed to be used, but people can't tell me how to write my stories

I'm using this for a fanfic the prefix is ok because she is part of a prophecy and bluestars mother is named moonflower

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122 Crowflight

Sounds like a ship between crowfeather and squierrelfligh.. Nice name though

Hey! Ship names are awesome! Take Graystripe and Silverstream for example. Graystream or Silverstripe, even though they've used Silverstripe already. Another would be Moonflower and Stormtail. Monorail and Stormflower. See! Never. Insult. A. Ship. Name.

~ I use him to rp

I imagine a sleek, black tom with four white paws and a small white fleck on his forehead.
He is a respected warrior of DarkClan, his mother being a small, black she cat with the same white fleck and a fluffy tail named Sparrowfur. His father, a huge dark brown/red tom with glossy fur and white paws named Hawkfeather. Crowflight had 2 kits with a silver furred she cat named Silverfrost named Blackkit and Greykit. Greykit was older than Blackkit but just more playful. Blackkit was younger and more shy. Greykit became Graysky. Blackkit became Blackstep. Graysky had secretly mated with a DesertClan she cat named Sandfeather. She was a mottled, sand colored cat with black specks and dark round eyes. They had 1 kit named Sorrelkit, until both cats were exiled from their clans. Sorrelkit was left until Blackstep found his brother's kit and decided to take care of it. Sorrelkit was a white she kit with surrounding ginger and black patches. Blackstep had kits of his own with a she cat ...more

123 Spiderfur

How dare you guys not appreciate this name!? All it means is a cat that is black like a spider! Or at least some spiders!

Sounds odd, like a cat that had fur that looks like a bunch of spiders?

My BFF Emily would hate this

Sounds ok-ivyheartofswiftclan

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124 Foxtooth

I don't really like the prefix 'fox' and the suffix 'tooth' - Spottedtail

I think this is a great name because one of my made up clans has a cat called Fox tooth one if the main characters kits.
Now he is Fox star and is really powerful. Others my think if Fox tooth as a dark ginger cat with fluffy tail and white tail tip and amber eyes with fox like teeth that could be lethal.🦊🌟

125 Icesong

I love this name! I think of a light grey she-cat/tom with ice blue eyes.

I love this name. I think of a medic she-cat

What a peaceful name.

This reminds me of Icecloud

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126 Fawnripple

I really like this name. I imagine a light brown she-cat with small white spots (Like a deer) and big bright blue eyes, with different shades of blue, like a ripple in the water.


127 Emberfall

This is a beautiful she-cat name, I imagine her as a flamey brown with dark blue eyes.

128 Fieryclaw

I imagine a feisty ginger Maine Coon with part of his tail missing and lots of rips in his ears. He would be a polydactyl cat (extra toes), hence his name

This name sounds majestic and awesome! I love it.

Nice name..., Sounds like a Tigerstar though...

I agree with all the negative comments.

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129 Blacktail

A black and white tom whose tail is completely black. He has had two mates and loves his kits dearly, often hunting with them. He is quite muscular, but is pretty average and well-rounded. His mother died in a fight against a rival clan when he was an apprentice, only days away from his warrior ceremony.

Hey, whisker fanatic person under my post, chill man. But seriously, I agree with you, it's a cute suffix, and classic too. But everyone always uses things like tail, stripe, heart, or fur for a suffix. But I think Blacktail is a neat name in general.

I feel like Erin's come up with this name for many years and then suddenly she dismisses it at generic. WHY does no one do the "WHISKER" suffix?


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130 Blueflower

I used this in my warrior cat role play with my cousin, she was in my first litter. I used it before I saw it here. I'm not blaming though. I miss Blueflower because when I was captured with my sister (my cousin) in a rouge camp, all of the clans left because a evil medicine cat made a fake vision. So I never saw my family or kits again while I was the I think sixth generation of Nightshade's family Night shade had Blue flower just a heads up. I miss my old clan more and more. We're now captured with killer cats wanting our clans territory and won't give us back alive until our clan gives our territory to the clan that captured us in under five sunrises.

It's like a mix of Bluestar and her mother, Moonflower. - Frostecho

Blue gray she cat with white flower shaped spots on her back. A green eyes

Beautiful blue she-cat with black patches. Her eyes are dark blue. - Embershine

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131 Sunpaw

This sounds like a golden tom, his warrior name should be sunstone.

Golden dappled she cat lost her tail in the sun shining on a tree starting a fire in a drought

His warrior name should be Sunlight.

My OC name

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132 Sparkflower
133 Stillflower

How could nobody have commented for this name yet! It is beautiful! I picture this cat as a really quiet and pretty she-cat. Very light gray, almost white pelt. She has mint-green eyes. She also has black paws and a black tail. - Gorgestar

Pretty, makes me thing of a light brown she-cat with sea green eyes

I don't like the prefix still. - Frostecho

Well,first there should NOT be a prefix still.Second,(no offense)it is HORRIBLE.
P.S. I mean the name stillflower but good imagination. - Feathermist

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134 Nightfeather

A black she cat darker than the night. Her eyes blue like the water flowing in a river. I like this name

A jet-black she-cat with silver eyes that hold deep wisdom beyond her seasons is what I think when I see this name.

It sounds like such a mysterious name. I like it.

A sleek black tall Tom from ShadowClan, a flirterous handsome warrior who is very impatient to get moving along, Ends up getting kicked out of his clan since he went to far and now roams the forest searing for revenge on the Clan

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135 Mosswing

Very Good Name! I think of her as a pretty silver tabby she-cat with light green eyes and white tipped tail. Love It!

Dark grey she-cat with deep green eyes.

I love it

136 Goldenclaw

I see a dark chocolate-brown tom with wheat-yellow paws and dark, navy blue eyes.


Simple, but nice! A fierce pale golden she-cat who loves fighting and is always battle-ready.

To the person who posted before me, brown cats can't have yellow paws


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137 Dawnstreak

Maybe a light cream she-cat with a ginger stripe down her back

Dawnstreak is AWESOME name that really needs to be higher on the list!

I think Dawnstreak is a AWESOME name!

I like it! kind of like Dawnstripe - Spottedtail

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138 Whitefang

Guys. This was in the series, there was a tom named Whitefang in Crookedstar's promise!

I like this name! It reminds me of Yellowfang though. But I do think of him as a pure white tom with long canines and ice blue eyes.

I love this one! I imagine a full white she-cat with gray paws and icy blue eyes who is most generally known for her snappy personality.

In Crookedstar's Promise - Frogjaw1996

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139 Lilacblaze

Like a pretty cinder she-cat that's pelt shone blue in the sunlight. Having a few dark orange splotches on her.

I imagine a grey-blue she-cat with blue eyes.

Blaze at the end is bad, maybe claw or heart or brook!


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140 Featherflight

I imagine a fluffy light grey she cat with white paws and light blue eyes

It sounds great, but I don't really like how it is alliterated. Good job though! - Warriorcatsfandom

It sounds awesome

I think this is a lovely name. I imagine a blue grey she cat with white wing like markings on her flank. She has 4 kits with Scartalon who forced her to have sex with him. She loves her kits but hates their father who by now is Scarstar she then kills him

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