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121 Icesong

I love this name! I think of a light grey she-cat/tom with ice blue eyes.

I love this name. I think of a medic she-cat

What a peaceful name.

This reminds me of Icecloud

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122 Blueflower

I used this in my warrior cat role play with my cousin, she was in my first litter. I used it before I saw it here. I'm not blaming though. I miss Blueflower because when I was captured with my sister (my cousin) in a rouge camp, all of the clans left because a evil medicine cat made a fake vision. So I never saw my family or kits again while I was the I think sixth generation of Nightshade's family Night shade had Blue flower just a heads up. I miss my old clan more and more. We're now captured with killer cats wanting our clans territory and won't give us back alive until our clan gives our territory to the clan that captured us in under five sunrises.

It's like a mix of Bluestar and her mother, Moonflower. - Frostecho

Blue gray she cat with white flower shaped spots on her back. A green eyes

If I remix bluestar it sounds like her warrior name

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123 Sunpaw

This sounds like a golden tom, his warrior name should be sunstone.

Golden dappled she cat lost her tail in the sun shining on a tree starting a fire in a drought

His warrior name should be Sunlight.

If anything sunpaw should be a she cat and have dark blue eyes with tabby stripes and

her warrior name should be sunstep

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124 Stillflower

How could nobody have commented for this name yet! It is beautiful! I picture this cat as a really quiet and pretty she-cat. Very light gray, almost white pelt. She has mint-green eyes. She also has black paws and a black tail. - Gorgestar

Pretty, makes me thing of a light brown she-cat with sea green eyes

I don't like the prefix still. - Frostecho

Maybe she was a kittypet or loner before? I can't imagine a queen naming her kit Stillkit. Beautiful name though. White she-cat with a gray muzzle and leaf-green eyes. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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125 Poppyfoot

Poppyfoot searched the forest for some herbs, the medicine cats soft mitts thumping against the mossy terrain as she noticed some fresh Marigold beaming in the cold leaf-bare sun. A faint sound of a stream running nearby as she came towards the training hollow to find Moonpaw training with Stormbird, "Salutations" she greeted them.

I like this name, but hate the suffix -foot. Cats do not know what feet are. They call their feet paws. But is a great name and sounds like a real warrior cat name!

A cream she-cat with black ears and bright ginger paws with amber eyes

The person who said "they don't know what feet are" you are wrong. MISTYFOOT is a real cat. BLACKFOOT (blackstar) is a real cat too. ANYWAYS Poppyfoot is a red she-cat with black feet. Her sisters are Rosestar (Rosepelt) Violetheart and Daisyfur (all named after flowers since in FlowerClan). She died before she could become mates with Blizzardfur. Blizzardfur became mates with Dandelionpelt, and Poppyfoot was frustrated. Spottedfern and Thrushclaw (her parents) told her to find a mate in StarClan. She snapped at them, refusing to let Blizzardfur go. But when Blizzardfur died of greencough, they became mates in StarClan. When Dandelionpelt became mates with Birdwing, Blizzardfur was slightly furious. But when they both joined StarClan, Birdwing announced that he was no longer Dandelionpelt's mate. Dandelionpelt, feeling the desparate need to have a mate, she asked Blizzardfur to leave Poppyfoot and become her mate instead. Blizzardfur said he would never love her, for she betrayed him. ...more

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126 Nightfeather

A black she cat darker than the night. Her eyes blue like the water flowing in a river. I like this name

A jet-black she-cat with silver eyes that hold deep wisdom beyond her seasons is what I think when I see this name.

It sounds like such a mysterious name. I like it.

A sleek black tall Tom from ShadowClan, a flirterous handsome warrior who is very impatient to get moving along, Ends up getting kicked out of his clan since he went to far and now roams the forest searing for revenge on the Clan

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127 Goldenclaw

I see a dark chocolate-brown tom with wheat-yellow paws and dark, navy blue eyes.


Simple, but nice! A fierce pale golden she-cat who loves fighting and is always battle-ready.

To the person who posted before me, brown cats can't have yellow paws


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128 Dawnstreak

Maybe a light cream she-cat with a ginger stripe down her back

Dawnstreak is AWESOME name that really needs to be higher on the list!

I think Dawnstreak is a AWESOME name!

I like it! kind of like Dawnstripe - Spottedtail

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129 Whitefang

I like this name! It reminds me of Yellowfang though. But I do think of him as a pure white tom with long canines and ice blue eyes.

Guys. This was in the series, there was a tom named Whitefang in Crookedstar's promise!

I love this one! I imagine a full white she-cat with gray paws and icy blue eyes who is most generally known for her snappy personality.

This is a name! It is a huge white tom - Spottedtail

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130 Mossyleaf

I made up this name moss flower, I do not know if moss flower is real. This name reminds me of moss flower.

Or moss kits warrior name if she had lived - Badgerflame

Awesome. A girl with kits. Also a good mentor. Perfect name gets you a perfect cat

I also have an OC named Mossflower

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131 Lilacblaze

Like a pretty cinder she-cat that's pelt shone blue in the sunlight. Having a few dark orange splotches on her.

I imagine a grey-blue she-cat with blue eyes.

Blaze at the end is bad, maybe claw or heart or brook!


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132 Featherflight

I imagine a fluffy light grey she cat with white paws and light blue eyes

It sounds great, but I don't really like how it is alliterated. Good job though! - Warriorcatsfandom

It sounds awesome

I think this is a lovely name. I imagine a blue grey she cat with white wing like markings on her flank. She has 4 kits with Scartalon who forced her to have sex with him. She loves her kits but hates their father who by now is Scarstar she then kills him

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133 Hawkfeather

I imagine a brown she-cat with brown wing wing markings under her eyes (not perfect wing markings, they just sort of look like wings) and green eyes. She is a nice and flighty she-cat who always works hard even though she gets treated like a failure a lot.

Honestly, I like the suffix of feather. It's just so cool to me. However, I also like the prefix of hawk.
This name matches because a hawk has feathers, so it'll make sense. Hawk feather also sounds like a medicine cat name though, similar to Hawkheart maybe?

Oh this is really pretty! I agree with the person below me, I love the prefix hawk and the suffix feather.

Sounds like a med cat

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134 Mosswing

Very Good Name! I think of her as a pretty silver tabby she-cat with light green eyes and white tipped tail. Love It!

Dark grey she-cat with deep green eyes.

135 Cherrylight

This is a beautiful name, Cherry- is used very rarely and so is -light. Makes me think of someone a bit like Brightheart who is technically a warrior but occasionally helps the medicine cat out. Hmm... I don't know if cats can have reddish fur or reddish eyes but if they can, I'd say a reddish-brown furred she-cat with brown eyes and brown stripes.

I think of her as a dark brown she cat with cream swirling into making her chest color a cream Brown, and beautiful golden eyes.

Reddish brown she-cat with bright forest-green eyes. She has barely visible white dapples.

I love this name! Cherrylight is a reddish brown she with a cream coloured chest and brown eyes. she was born to Pinefall and Featherleaf of Thunderclan and her littermate was a she called Moonlight. When she was an apprentice her mentor was Clearfang. Cherrypaw fell in love with a newly made warrior called Rainflight. She stupidly told Moonpaw and since she couldn't keep secrets she ended up telling the whole clan that she had a crush on him. To cover it up Cherrypaw acted mean to Rainflight. Then she got her warrior name, Cherryflight. He was still nice to her though and one day Rosepelt, his sister, decided to ask him what he thought of Cherryflight. He said she was okay and he wanted to talk to her. Rosepelt told Cherryflight and she hid away in embarrassment, but then Rainflight went up to her and gave her a flower. She said thanks and ran away quickly. She hid behind Rosepelt and she said that Rainflight liked Cherryflight but she kept acting hard to get and stuff. Then one day ...more

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136 Adderheart

Pith black tom with torn ears, ragged fur, yellow eyes, had a bad life, has been through a lot of battles. Rude, and pushes other cats away. Sees no need in sympathy for himself. Soon to be elder

So in other words snake heart

Mottled brown tom with pale yellow eyes

It's a name

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137 Shadowsong

I absolutely adore this name! I think of a jet black she-cat with amber eyes. Maybe becomes leader?

Dark black she cat with ice blue eyes and has a dark past I love it!

I know a person who has had this name for one of their characters.

This is why people make up new RPG clans. - Spottedtail

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138 Hawkflame

Awesome I image a brownish red male cat who is deputy then leader

Sounds like the opposite of Hawkfrost.

I prefer hawkfire in my opinion

This was my oc's name!

139 Spiceleaf

A light brown tom with silvery green eyes.

Do they know what spice is. Anyway I still like it +it pretty

I think my friend put the ones with the prefix Spice...

Very creative name! Plan on using it as an oc if may. I picture a black and ginger feisty female, maybe a small scar or two, full of potential

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140 Sandywind

Cool name I imagine a sandy looking she-cat with dark blue eyes and she can kind of blind her opponents kind of like if it was windy in a desert and the sand gets in your eyes and blinds some and stings really bad

LOVE the name I was looking for name that fits the warrior I made It works! =) love love love it!

I like this, but it seems a little too odd to fit into the real warriors series. Other than that, it's a great name. - Warriorcatsfandom

I absolutely love this name! There is a cat in Tallstar's Revenge named Sandgorse so this isn't so impossible. I see a light, sand-colored tabby tom with dark tan stripes and spots. Sandgorse was Tallkit's father. It does make me think of Sandgorse and Scorchwind's names together. And it does work!

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