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1561 Grassflower

I like this, it does remind me of an Aztec play in a book though...

1562 Lavendergold

I'm personally not a fan. Naming a cat two colors comes off as forced an both unoriginal and trite.

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1563 Fallenleaf

Gray and light brown elder with yellow eyes and a stubby tail, she cat

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1564 Sweetherb

One day the med. cat says..." hey poor kit you died because you wouldn't eat an herb so I will kill Sweetherb and feed her 2 u! " -Clearstar

Medicine Cat: kit here's Sweetherb because I killed her so now eat it. okay now I need to give an elder Sweetherb's father, Freshkill. and then I'll give Yummyhoney to pooh bear. or was it poo bear?

Hi Sweeherb I think your sister should be heathernectar and your mom should be Yummyhoney and your dad should be Freshkill! -Sparrowstar+Clearstar

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1565 Flutterwing

Really pretty! Maybe a cream she-cat with unusual gray eyes?

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1566 Redfang

Why is everyone in this list either angry or rude?

So I hear u just murdered your mommy and you r now REDFANG because your daddy saw u kill her like a BOSS! -Clearstar

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1567 Weedclaw
1568 Luckyheart
1569 Lavastar

I don't think cats know what "Lava" is, but still cool!

If cats knew what lava was, they would all be dead

Seriously? I doubt cats know what lava is.

I am so happy cats don't know what lava is, Starclan would get a lot bigger!

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1570 Hazelnut

A slender ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

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1571 Starfall

They may not use the prefix star, but it still is pretty

It's a excellent name though ( forgot to add that)

Starfall is the name of a website for little kids... :0

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1572 Mistpool

Why aren't there any comments? This is so pretty. I think it would be a light gray she-cat with light blueish eyes

1573 Fireleaf
1574 Flamestorm V 1 Comment
1575 Sweetstar V 1 Comment
1576 Dungpelt

I actually like the story, I think I might use something like this

He was born Darkkit and Darkpaw but then one day he went to go make some dung and then he got pushed in all the dung and the he went to go clean of in the river and then got pushed in to foxdung and it would never come out so he was named Dungpelt a few moons later the leader died and then the new leader renamed him to Darkdust

1577 Dungplet

Dungplet is a brown pelted, strong, and the smelliest cat in ShadowClan

He is a brown pelted, strong, and the smelliest cat in ShadowClan,. But his mate is Blackclaw the Deputy and his kits, Sweetkit, Cherrykit, and Lilykit. Which grow up to be Sweetheart the Medicine Cat, Cherrywoods, and Lilyfoot.

1578 Solarstar
1579 RiverStream

RiverStream is a silver blue She-Cat with light green eyes and is calm like a stream but if you meet her in battle she can attack you with the force of a river. She is also my character.
~RiverStream, deputy of WaterClan~

1580 SilverBrook

SilverBrook is a silver tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes and is RiverStream's BFF.

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