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1561 Moonsong

This reminds me of a tortoiseshell she-cat. It sounds like a good medicine cat name.

The mother of my warriors Oc and the main character for the book I'm writing called "Moonstar's Song."

Awesome name! I think she'd be a cream colored she-cat with dark blue eyes. She's the deputy of Blazeclan in my fanfic.


1562 Tigereyes

A orange tabby she-cat with one aqua eye, and one amber eye.

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1563 Jeweleye

A pure white cat with dazzling blue eyes.

I'm glad no one has said that they don't know what Jewels are because it might be a different clan that does know what they are. I also have a Jewelmoon who is the leader of Falconclan in one of my books

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1564 Dreamwhisker

A beautiful light brown she-cat with dark green eyes.

1565 Shadefire

This is a fantabulous name. I think it would be a black tom that, when the light hits him right, looks like his fur tips are on fire

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1566 Dragonfang

He is a pure black tom with forest green eyes. He is the deputy of DragonClan. He is also Shadowstar and Ravenwing's brother and Shadowpelt and Jetfur's uncle.


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1567 Wolffang
1568 Shadowstep V 2 Comments
1569 Badgerwhisker
1570 Leafheart
1571 Patchface
1572 Wolfface

I think they mean it has a similar face as a wolf...

So it has a face like a wolf?

1573 Willowwhisper

My best friend uses this name in one of her books. She's a very pretty cat who gets banned from her clan for not hurting a pregnant she-cat

1574 Nightmask

Um... Do the warrior cats know what masks are...?

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1575 Redwolf
1576 Snakestripes
1577 Smallflame
1578 Flamingwhisker

I don't like Flamingwhisker, but if you flip it around it sounds much better. Whiskerflame.

1579 Iceblink

When you cry, you cry ice

1580 Mistycreek

Love it! white and silver tabby with blue eyes. - Warriorcatsfandom

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