Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1681 Haystorm
1682 Racoonstripe V 1 Comment
1683 Toxiccross
1684 Whitecloud

White she-cat with long fur and blue eyes.

I have an OC named Whitecloud. I think of the name as more of a large fluffy white tom with large paws. Forepaws as Black as well as black ears and blue eyes.

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1685 Spraywater
1686 Raccoontail
1687 Violettail
1688 Earthfang
1689 Redroot
1690 Littlewhisker
1691 Wolfpelt
1692 Marigoldflower

Sounds like the name of an experienced queen. One with many kits, and a loyal, kind mate. Maybe she'd be a pale golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white paws.

1693 Seedsprout

This is beautiful! I absolutely adore it!

1694 Saltfur V 1 Comment
1695 Grassflower

I like this, it does remind me of an Aztec play in a book though...

1696 Lavendergold

I'm personally not a fan. Naming a cat two colors comes off as forced an both unoriginal and trite.

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1697 Fallenleaf

Gray and light brown elder with yellow eyes and a stubby tail, she cat

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1698 Sweetherb

One day the med. cat says..." hey poor kit you died because you wouldn't eat an herb so I will kill Sweetherb and feed her 2 u! " -Clearstar

Medicine Cat: kit here's Sweetherb because I killed her so now eat it. okay now I need to give an elder Sweetherb's father, Freshkill. and then I'll give Yummyhoney to pooh bear. or was it poo bear?

Hi Sweeherb I think your sister should be heathernectar and your mom should be Yummyhoney and your dad should be Freshkill! -Sparrowstar+Clearstar

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1699 Flutterwing

Really pretty! Maybe a cream she-cat with unusual gray eyes?

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1700 Redfang

Why is everyone in this list either angry or rude?

So I hear u just murdered your mommy and you r now REDFANG because your daddy saw u kill her like a BOSS! -Clearstar

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