Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1681 Mistyshadow

Black she-cat with silvery-gray stripes, dark blue eyes, a queen In Shadowclan.

1682 Brokenmist

This is sadly in the 1000's because it went past the 900s.

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the 1000's

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1683 Rockpool

I actually went on a random warrior cat name generator once and got this one lol

1684 Fallensky

A grey-blue she-cat with a white patch over one of her eyes. A BRILLIANT name.

1685 Moondash

A silver shiny she-cat comes to mind when I hear this name

1686 Bleedingdeath

Move over Scourge there's a new leader of Bloodclan in the forest

Leader: I (name) star of (Clan) call opon my warrior ansestors to look after this apprentice and so he can be given his warrior name. Do you promise to honor the warrior code?
Darkpaw:I do!
Leader :Do you promise to put the clan befor every thing else?
Darkpaw:I do!
Leader : Then with the power of StarClan I give you your warrior name. BleedingDeath for you and you body which is bleeding very badly. Go see to (medicine cat's name)

1687 Secretstar V 1 Comment
1688 Brokenheart

I imagine a huge scar across his chest

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1689 Paintedstar V 2 Comments
1690 Oceansong

This name would be for a pretty she-cat

Who made this up is awesome

1691 Flyingpaw

Flyingpaw died in eagles claws

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1692 Tabbystripes

Aw cool! I came up with the name Tabbystripe! But you added an "s". We think alike!

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1693 owlflight V 1 Comment
1694 Badgerface
1695 Drypaw

Drypaw dies in a desert

1696 Freespirit
1697 Mapleflame

Mapleshade comes to mind

1698 Whisperpaw
1699 Leopardstream
1700 Heatwave Heatwave V 1 Comment
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