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161 Swiftbolt

Could've been Swiftpaw's warrior name - ThunderClan

A black Tom with striking yellow eyes. He is very fast.

Really cool name, it sounds like he/she is brave and is like a bolt. Great work!

Nice name

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162 Dustfeather

This is amazing! I imagine it as a musky colored tom or she-cat with green, blue, or amber eyes. Also it could be mottled brown or somewhat look like Spottedleaf.

Pretty name, actually! Sounds like a light brown tabby she-cat with amber or green eyes

I really like the image you get with this name!

I really love this name! 😍

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163 Ivoryshade

It is in nature, the cats don't know what it is, but it ISN'T A MAN-MADE THING! maybe her clan is a made up clan in Africa. near elephants or something

A creme coated she cat with skills behind the pretty looks, her mother always treasured her the most which made her siblings jealous

You know, ivory also means a creamy white color.

I love this name a lot! it's so pretty. I imagine her as a cream coated she cat with gray splothes and emerald colered eyes and her mother and father loved her most and not her sisters. her sisters were murdered by fox before warrior ceremony for then and Ivorypaw. then ivoryshade had two kits and was very good at being a queen and being a mentor to one of her kits. she dies by getting tricked into eating death berries just as her daughter gave bitrth

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164 Redpetal

Hm, this is one of the best names on this list! I imagine a ginger she-cat with scars on her face like Brightheart's. She is shy and only likes to show the side of her face that isn't damaged.

I LOVE THIS NAME, she would be like Redtail, and brightheart, redtails looks and personality, but a scar on her side like brightheart, plus her personality too!

This name reminds me painfully of Red tail...

Sounds like a russet furred she-cat with amber eyes. She would live in Shadowclan. As a kit she was the kit that stood by herself. Her siblings, Sagekit and Toadkit, played with the other kits, ignoring her. Her mother was Featherflight and her father was an unknown kittypet. The other kits teased her about being a soft kittypet. When she was an apprentice her mentor, Cloudwhisker, was on soft on her. Redpaw became happy and she became a warrior. Sagepaw became Sagefur and Toadpaw became Toadsong. Redpetal became mates with Cloudwhisker. She had three kits, Pigeonkit, Badgerkit, and Foxkit. Pigeonpaw became Pigeonfeather, Baderpaw became Badgerwing, and Foxpaw became Foxpelt. Redpetal died from greencough after Cloudwhisker became Cloudstar.

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165 Stonepaw V 1 Comment
166 Dapplespirit
167 Silverstone

How are there no comments for this?! This name is gorgeous!

This is really good. It isn't a Mary-Sure name. the suffix -stone is for closed off, quiet and calm cats, which makes her not perfect.

Sleek Silvery gray tabby she-cat with stone colored patches. Her eyes are a dull grayish blue - Daizyrea64

LOVE IT! - Spottedtail

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168 Forrestbadger

This sounds a bit weird but cool I imagine a tom that kind of has a pelt that resembles the one of a badger and brown paws and he can strike hard

I am quite certain you do not mean Forrest Gump turned into a badger?

Whoever said about Forrest Gump becoming a badger made my day

This reminds me of the house Hufflepuff from Harry Potter

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169 Heatherfall
170 Leafshade

This is so beautiful, if any of you think other wise, you have serious problems..

I imagine a pretty mottled dark brown she-cat with a white underbelly and lighter brown flecks.

This was probably posted before shattered sky, but it's a name. I still Love it! - Spottedtail

Cat in ThunderClan - Frogjaw1996

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171 Preykiller

Something tells me that the person who made this isn't even trying

I feel like half these people haven't read the series, 1/4 of them use names that exist, and another fourth are plain idiots.

First of all, when this "Cat" was a kit, the queen would name him Preykit. Why? This queen has no taste in names. So she is basically saying that this kit looks like prey? Second of all, yes, cats do kill prey, but this does not explain the cat's personality or physical appearance. No.

This is a weird name

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172 Cherryfrost

This is so cute! I think of a dark red tabby she-cat with white paws and pale frosty blue eyes, she's a medicine cat but has always loved and slightly wished she could have kits.

What I imagine; Ginger tabby she-cat with one or two white paws and blue eyes. Total medicine cat!

Cherryfrost sounds like cherry garcia ice cream!

Ok, but...I have an oc named Cherryfrost that I use in pretty much all of my roleplay's, so I may be a bit biased, but either way, it's a beautiful name ^-^

So I imagine a fluffy, pale ginger she-cat with a white muzzle, white belly, and white paws, as well as deep blue eyes. Totally a medicine cat.

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173 Boulderheart

I love this name, it seems so... Warrior-like. I imagine a tough deep grey tom, with a black chest, maybe some scars on his face, one ear, and a ripped-off tail.

Wow. This name sounds great, like something that would be found in the Warriors books. Why hasn't anyone voted for this yet? I imagine an exceptionally tall she-cat with brown and white fur. The brown fur covers her ears, her torso, her two front legs, and partially covers half of her back legs. The back of her back legs are white, as well as her face, chest, and tail. Or perhaps a strapping tom cat with black, grey, or brown fur covering his body, and glowing amber or blue eyes. I don't know. It's just a thought.

How about Emberclaw? He would be...
A slightly long haired tom with a red colored pelt and brown paws and ears!

174 Hollyfire

I think that this name actually fits Hollyleaf better, because of the fire of determination that burns within her.

This name is so great. I think it fits a grey or black she-cat with great battle skills and fierce determination. It isn't a mary-sue name either!

A skinny black she-cat with reddish-amber eyes. She got the name Holly fire because she almost died in a fire as an apprentice and her tail was burned off :3

Hollyfire is such a good name, but I personally think it's a bit dumb.

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175 Blazingfire

Sounds like the blazing star, the plant that helps cure Holly in dawn of the clans. The name is very pretty

Sounds like a ginger tom with red tabby stripes and light green eyes

Wow! Love this name! Probably going to use.

I agree does sound like the blazing star.

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176 Stinkycatmint

Who came up with this name? It is dumb. If you aren't going to be serious on this website, go away. This is for people looking for names they could use or just for the fun of it. It takes up space on the site and others might not appreciate your sense of humor.

"I personally feel like that if you want people to look through your website, you should come up with names that match the title. Stinkycatmint is a disrespectful name, and I have to understand it is number 145, I am sorry and I hope I don't hurt your feelings. But my suggestion is to try and come up with different names that show more effort. I know "Stinkycatmint" would never be a real name and it shows here on everyone's comments. I loved your other names though. I inspire you to keep on making these up!

I hate this. It is disrespectful, and stupid, and takes up space on this website. If you aren't going to take it seriously don't do it. No queen would name her kit 'Stinkykit'. The other names are actually related to the book series. Whoever wrote this, you should be ashamed.

Hey is that Leafstar in the distance? -AshfireOfSunclan

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177 Birchsong

I enjoy this name, it flows off the tongue very well and is normal, yet very beautiful, enough to make me able to see this name for a female lead. - Warriorcatsfandom

Very pale brown and grey tabby she-cat with long legs and pale yellow-green eyes

It's a beautiful name!

It's beautiful. - Spottedtail

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178 Foxtooth

I don't really like the prefix 'fox' and the suffix 'tooth' - Spottedtail

I think this is a great name because one of my made up clans has a cat called Fox tooth one if the main characters kits.
Now he is Fox star and is really powerful. Others my think if Fox tooth as a dark ginger cat with fluffy tail and white tail tip and amber eyes with fox like teeth that could be lethal.🦊🌟

179 Swiftheart

The name of my main character
Just sounds so cool

This is my name! I chose this name in honor of swiftpaw when he died and brightheart for her injuries :'(
-Swiftheart of Thunderclan

I have a OC named that! She's a orange tabby she-cat, with amber eyes. And she's very nice. ~Smokestar

Swiftheart is a fast thinking small, tortoiseshell she-cat with pale blue eyes
name: Swiftheart
gender: Female
mother: Bluestar
father: Oakheart
sisters: Mosskit, Mistystar
brother(s): Stonefure
mate: Thornclaw
Clan: Thunderclan
past: Loner
Daughter(s): Foxflower
son(s): Birdwatcher
"Foxflower! Birdwatcher! ' Swiftheart called. They came scidding into the den "Yes mother? " they mewed "Your father will get back from hunting soon and I need to groom you." "Yes mother." Foxflower mewed "I don't like being groomed! " Birdwatch complained, Swiftheart looked at him sternly as she groomed Foxflower, "Fine! ' he growled "Excuse me! " "Sorry." "Good. Now you can play while I groom Foxflower." she let him off the hook.

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180 Darkblaze

I imagine this cat a dark grey Tom with Amber eyes, who is very passionate and brave, though can sometimes be pompous and arrogant

A very dark brown tom with spotted tabby markers which are even darker. Green eyes. Sounds kinda like Darkstripe's pelt and Lionblaze's personality.

It's a mix of Darkstripe and Lionblaze.

I think this cat would be a solid black cat with a single dark brown stripe down his pelt.He would have piercing amber eyes.His personality would be Quiet,Cold,Kind,Silent most of the time,Just,Intelligent,and Skilled.

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