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1781 Rainsplash

A mottled blue grey she-cat with black flecks and light sky blue eyes

I think this is a pretty and lite name

1782 Mistyflower

A dark gray, black, light gray and white she-cat with a beautiful, sleek coat. She has misty blue eyes, and her fur seems to look like a cloudy sky in the moonlight. She's slightly mysterious, quiet, shy and careful, but makes a great warrior thanks to her courage. She can be fiercely overprotective when needed. She was named after her dead mother, Echoflower, and her beauty and tragic eyes. She's had a dark past, who nobody knows of.

1783 Nightstripe

A gray tabby cat with jet black striped and icy blue eyes.

1784 Dawn Sight

Nice name. I picture her as a white she-cat with cream markings on her face/tail, darker paws and tail-tip, maybe blue or green eyes

Dawn sight is a cat with a snowy colored pelt she has pail marks on her pelt as well. its such a good name I created :3

1785 Dewleaf

Love the bio and everything about it

DewLeaf is a grayish and whitish shecat with a beautiful striped tail. She has 2 SheKits named: SpiritKit, and EagleKit. Her mate is DustStorm and her leader is SmokeStar. her sister is named OwlWing. her eyes are a clear blue and white color that glow in the moonlight. and her front paws are a black colored with white claws. DewLeaf is a sweet cat that is in NatureClan she loves to take care of her kits and watches play with a ball of moss. She dreams of being clan deputy and becoming leader.

1786 Mouseheart

Actually, I made this name it's a cat based off me. She's a light brown she-cat, with black patches all over, white patch on eye, and hazel eyes. And yes her name is an insult, because I am very sarcastic and insulting sometimes. (Mostly sarcastic) if you have anymore questions I will gladly answer them. Mouseheart

I made this cat it's based of me. Young light brown she cat with black patches everywhere, white patch around eye, hazel eyes. Yes her name is an insult because she is sarcastic and I liked the name.

A pretty long haired calico she cat with a white belly that travels up to her chin, and shinning leaf green eyes

Sorry didn't mean to put it twice - Mouseheart

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1787 Littlemoon

A small calico she cat with blue eyes.

Sounds like a sweet pretty name

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1788 Violetmist V 1 Comment
1789 Skyspirit
1790 Fallensnow

A really light gray she-cat with white spots like snow is falling? Born in leaf bare? Eh? Agreed? Good? Hmmm? What? Ya its good. (I didn't put this name here) ~Ravenwing

Fallensnow is a white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Her mother named her Fallenkit after her father, Fallenstar. When Fallenkit was an apprentice, everyone thought the leader, Silverstar would name her Fallenleaf. But her mother, Ravenleaf asked Silverstar if she could name her. Silverstar said "yes" and Ravenleaf named her Fallensnow.

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1791 Lilyecho
1792 RunningTail

This is a cat who runs as fast as wind and part of her tail fell of by badger attack

1793 BrokenLeg

Yeah totally "Brokenleg" how logical.

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1794 Jetfur
1795 Star That Shines Through The Dark

This is great! I see her as a black cat with grey tabby stripes and blue-green eyes

She is a black cat, with white speckles and gleaming blue eyes. She is from the Tribe of Falling Leaves. (my fanmade tribe)

1796 Dripsplash

Dripsplash is a large gray tabby tom with long fur and icy blue eyes

Personally not a fan, it reminds me of a old rusted dripping fausit

1797 Blazeclaw
1798 MosiacFern
1799 FlintDusk

Wow, so awesome! Honestly, it would be a pale gray she-cat with icy blue eyes, (somehow) daughter of Hawkfrost, a dusky gray muzzle and paws, white tail tip, kind, sweet, but also takes on her father's personality, rarely, mean and grumpy. Her mate would be Badgershade. Awesome

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1800 ShearDawn
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