Top Ten Warriors Cats Cliches

Even though we love the Warriors series, it does get a little repetitive, doesn't it?

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1 Forbidden Love

This can get annoying, but I liked it. It made the books more exciting. - Minecraftcrazy530

The amount of forbidden love stories in Warriors is Too Damn High!

I agree. Forbidden loves are pointless because everyone is forgiven in the end. Mistyfoot and Stonefur Forgive Bluestar in the end and Graystripe didn't get into much trouble for being with Silverstream and so on.

Those are lovely in the books, but in fanfiction... In the books, always something bad happened, but in fanfiction it's like it's not even wrong!

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2 Most of the Cats Are Related to Tigerstar, and Are Evil

Only Hawkfrost was evil - FinlandSkywalker

How is Tawnypelt evil?! - IcetailofWishClan

Tawnypelt and Mothwing aren't evil!

His kits: Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Hawkfrost, Mothwing, (their dead brother). His grandkits: Flametail, Dawnpelt, Tigerheart.

3 The Cat With 100 Kits

Actually this are real cats. Humans today have one or wo kids, but in normally wise she-cats should have one Litter pro year if shes able to have Thema.

Although this one tends to bother me less than others, there's characters like Ferncloud, Daisy and Sorreltail who are always in the nursery.

Like Ferncloud who had seven kits in total.

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4 Everybody Training In the Dark Forest

Brambleclaw was training in the dark forest for some time, and we were curious as to where his loyalties lied. Then, it got even more interesting when Ivypool joined the Dark Forest.

5 The One Arrogant Clanmate

There's always someone isn't there? Foxheart, (Yellowfang's Secret) Dustpelt, etc.

This does annoy me a lot. Thistleclaw, Tigerclaw, Dustpelt, Rainflower (UGGH! ), Foxheart, Darktail (Sharpclaw kind of), etc. - Warriorcats

6 Kits That Look Nothing Like Their Parents

Actually Dovewing and Ivypool could've been genetically correct! But I agree. How did Brambleclaw not notice that the kit's weren't his?

This annoyed me, when a cat randomly gets black fur when his parents are brown and white

I agree with this, the only one of Leafpool's kits that looks like the parents is Hollyleaf. - Silvermoon77

How did a tortoishell cat (Redtail) and a silver/grey cat (whatever color Brindleface is) make a cream cat...? - FireWasp2004

The entire EXISTENCE of Redtail's kits are problems. Redtail is a male tortoiseshell, and male tortoiseshell cats are sterile. - 905384095438053

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7 The Cats That Were Discarded or Unused

Hollyleaf was a good example of laziness. But at least they gave her a side story. Spottedleaf didn't become important until she died, and so on. Really, Erins?

8 ThunderClan are Heroes

I love cats from Thunderclan, but they do too much good stuff, they need some flaws, sorry.

Always. There never seems to be any flaws with this clan because they're all heroes in one way or another.

Thunderclan really annoys me because of this.

EVERY prophecy has to do with them.

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9 All the Cats That Look the Same

The most used looks in the Warriors series are as follows: orange tabby, tortoiseshell, gray, etc. Why not have more hairless cats like Rock?

How about more black cats, huh?

There should be more white and brown patched cats. They're not used often!

Like 90% of cats in the series are grey/silver... - FireWasp2004

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10 Badgers

So many cats, even in the first series, were killed by badgers. Let us not forget the amazingly tragic death of Cinderpelt, ThunderClan's med cat.

Not all badgers are bad, just see what Midnight has to tell you.

BADGERS ARE EVIL! Chant it with me! Badgers are evil! Badgers are evil?


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The Newcomers

? If Your Prefix Is Snow, You're Most Likely To Die

It just occurs to me that a lot of cats who died have the prefix 'Snow'.

-Others I can't think of

Geez, who's next?

The Contenders

11 ThunderClan Cannot Keep Med Cats

Ever notice how ThunderClan cannot keep med cats? Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, and Cinderpelt all died not long after being in the books.

Well surely they can't keep their med cats from FALLING IN LOVE

Med cats broken the code:

Leafpool: most likely the worst one


Spottedleaf almost did

Goosefeather: attacked Stormkit

12 Boring Villain

Apart maybe, Sol or Scourge, the Warrior Cats villains are a bit cliched. Classic Warriors villain; They're toms, Cruel, Power hunger (Usually wants to take over the whole forest), only cares about fighting and being the strongest, doesn't care about anyone else and shows no personality outside of being evil. Let see who falls under these rules; Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Brokenstar, Darktail, Slash, One-eye etc.

Let's just, quite a lot. - Miststar

Yeah, Darktail is probably one of the best villains and he had a super stupid backstory. But he's still like EVERY OTHER VILLAIN! Actually Mapleshade is the best now that I think about. She's definitely different and doesn't seek power.

13 Cats Excluded and Included in the Allegiances

Rosetail was not listed in Into the Wild and Smokepaw was listed as an apprentice THREE BOOKS AFTER HE FALLS OFF A CLIFF

14 Disabilities!

I WANT A MUTE CAT! There I said it. - But really, it's always something like a damaged leg or something. Yeah Jayfeather was blind but he ha powers! I would like to see a story about a mute warrior that DOESN'T have any powers to make up for it.

15 The Leader Always Picks the Less Experienced Cat for a Deputy V 3 Comments
16 Shadowclan is Evil

Let's just say this is all according to Thunderclan. Because Thunderclan has their very big share of evil cats. Bigger then Shadowclan!

They have Shadow in the name, so they have to be evil! they don't.

Because the clan with the word shadow in it must be evl

Shadowclan is not evil you fleabrains! And just because they have shadow in the clan name doesn't make them evil.It makes them sound cool unlike Thunderclan.

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17 Firestar x Spottedleaf

I totally hate this ship

Super overrated ship. Firestar...just let go of her already...she's dead...and Sandstorm is much, much better... - FireWasp2004

Firestar, just get over Spottedleaf. Just...please. Just do it. She's dead, she was never an important cat to the series...while Sandstorm has gone through so much for you. "Sandstorm, you will never be my second, only my first." (That's not an actual quote) Everyone can see you didn't mean that, Firestar. Just ditch the tortoiseshell, for Llama God's sake!


18 Main Character is Always Leader

Brambleclaw, Firestar, Squirrelflight will be leader and so on and so forth

In almost every fanfiction I've read this happens
- Primrosetail

Period. {super additions don't count}

19 The obligatorily famine/drought/ disease/two-leg invasion/fire the cats have to deal with in every single book.
20 Silver Tabby with Blue Eyes

Omsc most annoying thing ever. The most beautiful she-cats are always the silver tabbies with blue eyes. Feathertail, Silverstream, etc. And then almost every fanfiction out there has a main character that's a silver tabby and their names are things like Moon-something or Spirit-something or Dream-something. Tortoiseshells and black cats are just as beautiful, you all.

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1. Forbidden Love
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3. Everybody Training In the Dark Forest



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