Top Ten Warriors Cats Cliches

Even though we love the Warriors series, it does get a little repetitive, doesn't it?

The Top Ten Warriors Cats Cliches

Forbidden Love

Honestly, forbidden love is only good if done right. The concept seems cute at first but it's just so overused...
I'm hoping that one day we'll get a warrior code rewrite that will bring more flexibility to forbidden relationships - Heedrie

I'm sick of it. dove and tiger? no. Blue and oak? (I prefer crooked anfd blue but eh) and so on, its just to common nowadays and I'm tired of it. - BlackberryoftheRainWings

This list is so bad like seriously I just finished writing about the flaws In a list just like this. It's a list called top ten things wrong with warrior cats if you really need an explanation (and I know there are some gay ships but not enough.)

I swear, the Erins must really think forbidden love is "cute" to the point of doing it over and over. And don't pull out that "young love" garbage, because if none of these cats can hold up the Warrior Code, then they don't even deserve to be Clan cats. They can be Loners/Kittypets and do all the "forbidden love" they want.

Most of the Cats Are Related to Tigerstar, and Are Evil

tigerheart, hawkfrost, sandstorm I think (she was awful to fireheart) - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Well actually Scourge is Squirrelfight's uncle so he is Bramblestar's uncle in law so he is Tigerstar's brother in law. He also is related to Hawkfrost but that's all. And Not all the cats are evil including the half of thunderclan he is related to so

True, can we get an evil character in Firestar's family tree already? maybe Lionblaze could've been it for a while. - subscribe2pewdiepie

How is Tawnypelt evil?! - IcetailofWishClan

Everybody Training In the Dark Forest

Tigerstar(heart), Crookedstar, Ivypool, Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, Blossomfall, Lionblaze, Birchfall...

Brambleclaw was training in the dark forest for some time, and we were curious as to where his loyalties lied. Then, it got even more interesting when Ivypool joined the Dark Forest.

Is super overused and got old really quickly

The Cat With 100 Kits

Actually this are real cats. Humans today have one or wo kids, but in normally wise she-cats should have one Litter pro year if shes able to have Thema.

Although this one tends to bother me less than others, there's characters like Ferncloud, Daisy and Sorreltail who are always in the nursery.

There's Snowbird, who had 9 kits

You mean Ferncloud?

The One Arrogant Clanmate

*Spoiler! *

Sorry to tell you this, but Berrynose does eventually become deputy to Bramblestar, even though Squirrelflight is still alive...

THANK YOU! Whoever said that about Berrynose! You are now my favorite! IT FEELS LIKE NO ONE HAS READ THE BROCKEN CODE! People read it!

There's always someone isn't there? Foxheart, (Yellowfang's Secret) Dustpelt, etc.

Berry nose does he get to be deputy

Kits That Look Nothing Like Their Parents

Genetics don't matter in warrior cats, why should they, it's all about liking the books!

So true! Like Jayfeather, Leafpool, Cinderpelt, Dovewing, Tawnypelt e.t.c

Guys. They're cats and are fighting, eating mice. How do you think they're smart enough to know GENETICS?

Actually Dovewing and Ivypool could've been genetically correct! But I agree. How did Brambleclaw not notice that the kit's weren't his?

The Cats That Were Discarded or Unused

hollytuft, leafshade, the only underused cat who got attention was fernsong but only bc he's ivypools husband - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Hollyleaf was a good example of laziness. But at least they gave her a side story. Spottedleaf didn't become important until she died, and so on. Really, Erins?

Yasss you hear about a cat then there just gone!

SWIFTPAW! - ChickenQueen

All the Cats That Look the Same

Can we please get a dilute tortoiseshell? or a tabico? just no more ginger or gray cats... - Heedrie

The most used looks in the Warriors series are as follows: orange tabby, tortoiseshell, gray, etc. Why not have more hairless cats like Rock?

How about more black cats, huh?

There should be more white and brown patched cats. They're not used often!


Not all badgers are bad, just see what Midnight has to tell you.

So many cats, even in the first series, were killed by badgers. Let us not forget the amazingly tragic death of Cinderpelt, ThunderClan's med cat.

BADGERS ARE EVIL! Chant it with me! Badgers are evil! Badgers are evil?

Let's not forget that Midnight is a badger, too.

ThunderClan Cannot Keep Med Cats

Basically they're all forced to become med cats:

Well surely they can't keep their med cats from FALLING IN LOVE

Ever notice how ThunderClan cannot keep med cats? Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, and Cinderpelt all died not long after being in the books.

Ok,no. Leafpool WANTED TO be a med cats. Also, Yellofang, Alderheart, WWORK WITH ME HERE! - ChickenQueen

The Newcomers

? Too Many Quests
? They Do Not Include a Lot of Warrior Cats

Come on

The Contenders

ThunderClan are Heroes

I love cats from Thunderclan, but they do too much good stuff, they need some flaws, sorry.

we need a windclan hero...
the only windclan cat to get his/her own book or be the protagonist was tallstar - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Always. There never seems to be any flaws with this clan because they're all heroes in one way or another.

Thunderclan really annoys me because of this.

Boring Villain

The ONLY girl villain is MAPLESHADE, and at least she had a REASON! - ChickenQueen

Apart maybe, Sol or Scourge, the Warrior Cats villains are a bit cliched. Classic Warriors villain; They're toms, Cruel, Power hunger (Usually wants to take over the whole forest), only cares about fighting and being the strongest, doesn't care about anyone else and shows no personality outside of being evil. Let see who falls under these rules; Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Brokenstar, Darktail, Slash, One-eye etc.

Let's just, quite a lot. - Miststar

They're all so 2d. They're all greedy,cold,cruel,ambitious and power-hungry

This is one of the many reasons I prefer Wings of Fire.

Mary Sues

One great example is Firestar. He had no flaws and was just too good to be true( as in too good to be true in the warriors world)

I hate Firestar

Like fire star

Dovewing: *exists*
Fandom: UGH SHE'S SUCH A MARY SUE! 1! 1 - RoseWeasley

Firestar x Spottedleaf

First,it's technically pedophilia. Firepaw was so much younger. Think of it as a 40 year old dating a 14 year old.
Second,she was a MED CAT. She cannot have a mate or kits.
Third,It barely had any development. Most likely,it was lust over love,as they barely talked.
Also Firestar still trying to choose over Sandstorm and Spottedleaf,and him always describing her "sweet scent"

I totally hate this ship

Such a disgusting ship that literally had no chemistry at all.


Silver Tabby with Blue Eyes

Being a silver tabby with blue eyes doesn't make you "prettier" than other cats. - InfinateSuperstorm

Millie,Feathertail and Silverstream,whom in Clan beauty standards,were considered gorgeous

Omsc most annoying thing ever. The most beautiful she-cats are always the silver tabbies with blue eyes. Feathertail, Silverstream, etc. And then almost every fanfiction out there has a main character that's a silver tabby and their names are things like Moon-something or Spirit-something or Dream-something. Tortoiseshells and black cats are just as beautiful, you all.

It isn't even genetically possible

The obligatorily famine/drought/ disease/two-leg invasion/fire the cats have to deal with in every single book.

Well, Those are all problems that usually happen. I can say that they do get boring, but still. They don’t always deal with those problems.


filler... - Heedrie

I mean...every story needs a conflict,but it's mostly these. I never see bears,or wolves,or secret assassins and spies being the cause.

Medicine Cats Falling in Love

To be honest,it doesn't bother me,and it annoys me for people to get mad. You can't help falling in love,or withholding certain emotions.

Oh my gosh, if this happens one more time, GET RID OF THAT RULE.

NAO - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Shadowclan is Evil

It would be cool to get a story where ThunderClan and ShadowClan team up to fight some outside force. - SurcaneWolf

Let's just say this is all according to Thunderclan. Because Thunderclan has their very big share of evil cats. Bigger then Shadowclan!

None of the clans are really "evil". - InfinateSuperstorm

They have Shadow in the name, so they have to be evil! they don't.

Cats Excluded and Included in the Allegiances

Yes! Whenever a leader annonces "A new litter has been born to Blahblah", I literally ALWAYS lose my spot searching, and combing through the dang Allegiances, looking for the darn kits names! - ChickenQueen

Rosetail was not listed in Into the Wild and Smokepaw was listed as an apprentice THREE BOOKS AFTER HE FALLS OFF A CLIFF

I think that there should be a kit section in the allegiances. It would take ages and would be useless because kits grow up so fast in the books... but we have an apprentice section and they also go into another rank in six moons and a kit section would make it easier for people so you don’t have to go scouting in the books because you just couldn’t remember that book where that one character is a kit. My fanfiction allegiances have it, so why not the official books. to be honest, if you know your characters well, it should / will be easy to add kits! #JusticeForKits

Multiple Cats are Into The Main Character

I HATE the love triangle trope!
It's always obvious that Character A and Character B like each other the most and will get together in the end, but then Character C is thrown in there just to angst or crush over A (for I don't know, relationship drama filler?) and ruin everything about AxB because now A is forced to choose! AxB is always way more ideal to me and I usually NEVER support AxC. It's always the same thing over and over again *facepalm*
End of rant. - Heedrie

Not too much of a cliche, but...
Firestar - Spottedleaf(?), Sandstorm and Cinderpelt
Bramble did only have Squirrelflight, but Squirrel had Ash head over heels for her
Dovewing - Bumblestripe and Tigerheart

There's probably more.


I WANT A MUTE CAT! There I said it. - But really, it's always something like a damaged leg or something. Yeah Jayfeather was blind but he ha powers! I would like to see a story about a mute warrior that DOESN'T have any powers to make up for it.

I know. One normal cat for once as well. No powers. No secret identities. No special destinies.

I need a mute cat... - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Main Character is Always Leader

Brambleclaw, Firestar, Squirrelflight will be leader and so on and so forth

Almost true

In almost every fanfiction I've read this happens
- Primrosetail

Period. {super additions don't count}

If Your Prefix Is Snow, You're Most Likely To Die

Snowbush, snowtuft, snowfur, snowkit - BlackberryoftheRainWings

It just occurs to me that a lot of cats who died have the prefix 'Snow'.

-Others I can't think of

Geez, who's next?

No Twoleg Notices When They Run a Cat Over with a Car

Yeah most PEOPLE stop and try to HELP the cats they SLAUGHTERED. - ChickenQueen

Yeah its weird

That is weird

Good vs Evil

Sometimes the other side is not necessarily evil! They have their beliefs. But noo,it's always 'they're so cruel! they're so evil! 11! 1'

Good Always Wins!

Yeah! A villain rules the clans and kills many cats (except Graystripe&Ivypool) but finally, after like 4 books, a hero rises up and defeats the villain! - ChickenQueen

It would be probably be more interesting if a villain won for a change.

That's not how it always works in real life.


The Leader Always Picks the Less Experienced Cat for a Deputy

Lol this is so true


Ok not very smart

So true...

Ships that Will Never Happen

Scourge x Ashfur
Mapleshade x Sol
Bluestar x Hollyleaf - Likera

For example: ashfur and scourge

Most of those ships are with dead cats,why ship dead cats.

Prophecy and Dumb Stuff

The wonderful rainbow will vanquish all the dumb and evil stuff! 1! 1! 1

Cats Having Amber or Blue Eyes

It's almost always amber or blue. Give us some more eye colors! - InfinateSuperstorm

Why was this so common? Maybe it was an author's favorite colors.

Why can you have green or yellow eyes, there just as pretty...

give us some orange eyes those are cool - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Evil Tom Cats

Barely any she-cats are the villain. The most notable one is Mapleshade

Yes! Can we please have a few more evil she-cats? Toms aren't the only ones who can be bad! - Lightfang

Look at all of these evil tom cats

Tigerstar, Ashfur, Clawface, Brokenstar, Scourge, Bone, Breezepelt, Darktail, Hawkfrost, Darkstripe, Oneeye, Thistleclaw and Tigerheart (if you consider him evil.)

We need more evil shecats like Mapleshade!

All Medicine Cats are Good and Not Evil

Some people would consider hawkheart of being evil because he killed moonflower, but to be honest even though killing her was too far, had every right to attack her. I mean she was DESTROYING the herb supplies!

So he killed a cat just because that cat was messing up his herbs? Wow... - Marella

What would be interesting is an evil medicine cat. Then all being good isn't cliché, but it's make everything a LOT more interesting. I hope one of the Erins will read this.

Like, why does this happen! A evil medicine cat would be so intresting!

My OC I made up:
Shadestripe, a black she-cat with green eyes.
Backstory: Shadestripe, a cat in ThunderClan (lol), who wanted to be a WARRIOR! Sadly, she has trouble with catching prey. Getting depressed, she decides to take a nap to get her mind off it. Her dream: Mapleshade appears and tells her to be a medicine cat, but evil, “to destroy the Clans inside”. Because of depression, Shadestripe agrees. When she becomes a medicine cat, she attacks her Clan from the inside, poisoning the kits, apprentices, whatever! When the deputy finds out, she is blinded, forcing her chaos to stop. She than spends her days in the elder’s den. However, her disability does not prevent Mapleshade’s goal to destroy ThunderClan. She trains with Mapleshade in her dreams. When her Clanmates try to murder her, she bursts out of her den and kills many cats. She gets even more depressed and drowns herself. She than joins the DF.
The End

No normal cat as main character

Lemme see... Leafpool is a med cat who falls in love with Crowfeather, not a normal cat, Firestar saved the Clans too many times, he's special, Jayfeather has powers, Lionblaze has powers, and all o that main characters have something different.

It's always powers,prochecies and stopping calamities with the main character. No normal life

Seriosly. Not every main character should have powers. But I do love the books so...

Awesome Kittypets

Not that it's bad

It annoys me when Thunderclan even says bad stuff about but the whole of Thunderclan is half kittypet.

In ThunderClan, All the Young Cats Die

Do any of you still realize that Cloudtail, Brightheart, Brackenfur, Greystripe, Sandstrom and others are still alive? I am not trying to be mean, but some cats have to die. - Silvermoon77

What about Hollytuft, her brother, and her sister? - IcetailofWishClan



I mean, like, ALL the mains have to be included in a prophecy of some sort... ~flutterkit

Riverclan is a Reincarnation of Leopardclan
Pointless Deaths

Cough every kit Cough

Overpowered Cats

When cats take down foxes or eagles. Sorry mate, it's just not happening.

Windclan is Nice and Kind of Weak

They r not! One star many times has tried to point this out to Firestar. I love Firestar, though don’t get me wrong. But WindClan can be mean and strong about AT LEAST HALF THE TIME

Dovewing Forgetting About Pouncekit and Lightkit


WindClan is ignored
Windclan Leaders Live Forever

Seriously. wc has 4 leaders in the time shc as at least 9

Bringing Back the Dark Forest

Their GONE!

Bramblestar Loving Jesse
Anticlimactic Deaths


Something Always Happens on a Patrol

Every. SIngle. Time.
Every time a cat patrols, SOMETHING. ALWAYS. HAPPENS.
Intruders, foxes, badgers, dogs, twolegs, etc. When was the last time there was a normal patrol? No idea. CLICHÉ! CLICHÉ!

Because the author won't tell about boring patrols with nothing happening. If you were writing this series, would you? - Marella

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