Top Ten Ways to Fail As a TheTopTens User

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1 Personally attacking other users

I only want to destroy the world. Not attack other users.

There is a huge difference between fair criticism and ad hominem. Using fair criticism means giving logical reasons to criticize a certain user on their position on a certain topic. Using ad hominems is simply just targeting and attacking the users simply for the sake of targeting them as a user rather than for their opinion on a subject.

Someone did that to me my first day joining. BUT I ALSO GOT 2 FOLLOWERS!

Ironic, barely anyone here hasn't done it.

2 Trolling

I very much agree trolling is for a bunch of cry baby idiots I face a bunch of dumb trolls because of my spoked out comments which they are true and that happens in star legends THAT ENFURIATES ME THEY MADE MATTERS WORSE BY STUPID DANCING AND WAVING STAR LEGENDS IS CRAP I'M GLAD THAT I QUIT

Trolling is just plain dumb.

Cough cough Barney the dinosaur rocks

It can be funny sometimes...

3 Making incomplete lists

I don't like seeing incomplete lists - it makes me think the author doesn't know enough about the topic and this isn't good.
Proud to say I've never made a list with less than 10 items (I've made about 90 lists). I actually have one list with less than 10 items but it was because there were no 10 items. There are such cases - if the list is about the best albums by a music artist and he/she released only 4-5. But I'm not talking about similar exceptions.

Okay people. If you won't make ten items on a list, please go to TheTopEight.

Really I don't get how this is annoying or bad. Unless all your lists are like this.

It may not annoy you but that doesn't mean it doesn't or shouldn't annoy others. I believe this particular annoyance is part of the annoyance of nonsensical lists and lists of poor quality and minimal to no interest among others. Every thought under the sun doesn't make a good list. One of the very few standards making an acceptable list should be that it contains at least 10 items - a list of less than 10 cannot be defined as a "top ten list". At best it's a draft or work-in-progress. - Billyv

The point of "TheTopTens" is to have 10 items, not 7.

4 Not accepting others' opinions

I've done this a couple of times myself, but I've learned on the top tens not everyone will like everything you do and if they don't like something you do that's okay.

I hope I'm not becoming another Disney1994 now... I'll try to be more open to people's opinions.

Yep yep yep accept


5 Making untrue lists

Lying is bad. Especially when your list is locked.

6 Making dumb comments

Nobody likes you stupidity if it isn't funny.

This is the dumbest comment I've ever made. Lol

Making dumb comments? Like what...?

Something completely irreverent. If there is a list about video games, don't talk about what you had for dinner 3 days ago. - ThatOneRacer

Making dumb comments...
I agere its stupid to see a comment with horribe grammar... Or comment, with lack of respect in topic of TheTopTens list. I calculated: the dumbiest TheTopTens comment is:
"You st00pid, I had good grammer" (on list about animals).

7 Bullying

It is better to destroy than bullying it's useless

I hate bullying, It is too bad.

8 Making lists on subjects you know nothing about

This is why I don't make lists in many different topics. If I try to make lists related to music, I would probably know nothing of the songs, albums, and singers that I am talking about. I like to make lists where I know about the topic at hand, especially when it comes to anime. But one thing I can do is try to make more video game lists. I like video games, so why not try that category out?

I think this is the worst and most annoying case. I hate seeing irrelevant and incorrect items - if you make a list about the best speed metal bands, don't put there A7X, Slayer or Arch Enemy, because they are not speed metal.
An incomplete list is only one of the signs the author doesn't know much about the topic.

It's the biggest problem I'm creating an any list. Sometimes, So, I don't publish many lists.

9 Making a list that is already on TheTopTens

What annoys me most about this is how people can get away with ripoffs, by wording them practically the same.

I made a list then some other guy makes the same list and my list is merged with his! The guy who stole my idea now owns the list

That's probably the reason why your able to remix lists.

Best non legendary Pokemon has so many bad Pokemon too high so I made best non legendary or non mega list from 1-7 so it doesn't get trolled or outdated

10 Being a hypocrite

There's something you need to know, all of us will be hypocrite in different circumstances.

Because nobody likes a hypocrite.


Hmmm... I really agree with Delgia2k here.

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11 Making untrue comments

This reason is stupid.

Because if you want to defend something, don't go all out and lie.
You can make suggesting though.

Example,Mario is a food

12 Putting two of the same item

I'm not kidding, in the Top 10 Worst Game developers, I saw Dean Hall twice and Rare twice.

For the list worst rappers,Lil Wayne was on there THREE time.

13 Giving your account a stupid name

Something like RealNickiMinaj whereas there is no such thing as a "real" Nicki Minaj because she herself is fake.

14 Being immature with you profile bio

What you type into it can be seen be all, look respectable.

15 Act like a 6 year old
16 Excessive swearing

Oh my! My mouth is dirty! Honey, where's the bleach? I want some!

It's ok to vent your curses onto one item, but if you have a dirty-mouth on everthing, it's time to clean your language up.

It's ok to curse and swear but not to much.

17 Asking people to follow back

"Please follow me back, I make random funny cancerous list that targets 7 year olds plus I use click bait titles too, PLEASE LOVE ME! "
-FladevousEniker in a nutshell


18 Making comments backed up with stupid reasons

This means your opinion does not deserve respect.

19 Lying in the comments section

I dislike/hate it when people do this.

20 Trusting users to be honest
21 Making bandwagon lists about something

What I mean was a your trying to make people quit liking whatsoever and filling it with offensive comments just to hurt and convince others to not like something. Thetoptens is not meant for hate at all. Keep it to yourself and don't be a bully.

Zootopia ring a bell?

22 Constantly talk about characters
23 Make unusual lists
24 Steal lists from other sites
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