Top 10 Ways to Know a Girl Has a Crush On You

Trust me, I know when a girl is crushing on me or not so I'm going to share some tips just for you.

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1 She tries to sit next to you

I actually sat next to my crush in a class for a year. That's how I started to get to know him and like him.

Not really any of these are for shy girls who don't share there feelings to anyone

I had some girl who had a crush on me that would sit close to me on the bus every day

This is so true but I don't mind she's pretty laugh out loud

2 She blushes when you look at her

I think I do this when the guy I like stares at me (which is like, a lot)

Whenever I make eye contact with her, her face goes red

Girls don't like it when I make eye contact with them :(

Yeah happens

3 She tells other girls to leave you alone
4 She tries to hold your hand

I had this happen when I was on the bus! I got annoyed that I did it just to make her stop, was probably a bad idea, she thought I was dating her that morning at school after that, I only did it once

That would be awkward

5 She gets as close to you as she can
6 She buys you lunch

I would never do that.. Cheapskate me..

7 She purposely trips and lands on you

I would never do this to anyone, even a crush, because it's embarrassing as hell

8 She smiles when you look at her

When I look at her and she looks at me she always has a cute little smile

Some girls smile at me, but that's it.

9 She honestly tells you

This would certainly be a sign...

10 She compliments you frequently

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? She asks you if you like her

Happened to me once. I didn’t actually like her like that though but she didn’t mind.

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11 She acts awkward when she talks to you

I act actually awkward when I talk to a girl. Sad but true.

The girl I like is always stuttering when I talk to her

Um.. That's me around every boy.

12 She stares at you

*awkwardness intensifies*

13 She asks for your advice

If it's for a Math question or what game to play, if she does it a lot, she might like you. It might get annoying at times but, she just wants to get your attention!

14 She applies makeup in front of you

A girl would never do this in front of me.

15 She flirts with you

If only a girl would flirt with me *shrugs*

16 She twirls her hair when she's with you
17 She constantly texts you
18 She keeps calling your name when she sees you

I had this happen it drove me nuts

19 She tells her friends about you

I remember some dance I did that a girl that had a crush on me that liked, I didn't know she was crushing me, she told her friends about the dance and they kept wanting to see it! I was like popular for a month, she also made her friends talk to me and stuff, I bit later I found out she had a crush on me, I just wanted to be her friend as well

20 Her friends tease her around you

This is a big giveaway - I promise

Eh, not exactly a sign. I’ve gotten teased by my friends for “liking” boys that I don’t like plenty of times. So, the friends might just be assuming something that isn’t true.

21 She and her friends always point and giggle at you

For you guys who have had this happen, don’t think that these girls are bullying you, even though it seems so. The likelihood is that at least one of them likes you. Trust me, this is coming from a girl whose girlfriends do this a lot to their crushes. And while ik it’s annoying (especially since they’ve done it to a lot of my guy friends), just know that they don’t hate you. You’re welcome, boys, for unlocking a secret on when a girl has a crush on you.😉 (oh and by the way, it’s only certain girls who do this, not all girls act like this).

22 Her friends giggle behind their hands when she talks to you
23 She wants to be on your team when you play group games
24 She follows you around
25 She is always talking to you
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