Top Ten Ways to Lose a Girlfriend

Don't do these things to your girlfriend. This might be a warning!

The Top Ten

1 Cheating on her

Maybe this should have been number one. It will be like Jerry Springer in your house. - Chaotixhero

Needs to be number 1, the number 1 reasons why so many guys lose their girlfriends. - egnomac

Do it...and you lose it.

2 She's pregnant and you say you are not the father

Don't get me started on this one. - Chaotixhero

Betrayal... Get the dude castrated...sorry if that's violent but they deserve it

3 Farting on her

Unless she loves it. Don't even try. - Chaotixhero

4 Beating her up
5 Tell her she's fat

Girls hate that so much, it might cause a lot of problems.

6 Tell her she's ugly

This is just Heartless - Curti2594

7 Getting Drunk

Getting drunk will just leave to even more trouble. So if you have a drug problem and a girlfriend, which will you choice? Beer or your girlfriend? - Chaotixhero

8 Booty Calls with her

It's not real love if it's just sex all the time. - Chaotixhero

9 Breaking up with her

Well... I guess this is one sure way him to lose a girl!
And... Did I see the word 'farting' on this list?... I'm sure I did... Haha! - Britgirl

10 Go on Jerry Springer

The Contenders

11 Playing Nicki Minaj's music around her
12 Being really whiny around her
13 Practice playing your bass while she's studying.
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