Top 10 Ways to Tell If a Friend is Fake

All the friends I ever had growing up are all FAKE! I'll never have a real friend that truly cares about me and understands my struggles. I guess I'll go into fetal position and rot forever, I guess...

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1 They talk about you with their "friends" behind your back

I just don't know who to trust anymore... - TheFourthWorld

This happened to me.

Agree with this list!

Sorry this all happened, Kiana.

2 When they're around other people that you're not friends with, all of a sudden you don't exist

How can you call yourself someone's "friend" if you're not going to act like it?

She invited me to sit at her table with her "friends" but they were all talking to each other and not including me. I told her by text, I feel alone... She does absolutely nothing, she doesn't introduce me to people, they all seem like they hate me anyway. One day, I walked away and she didn't do anything, she didn't ask why I left...

I have 17 friends in my grade and 3 of them are friends with the person I hate the most but usually those friends support me.-LitSavage

My “friends” always pretend I don’t exist unless they need something - sadical

3 They don't text you anymore

She hasn't texted me for a good 2 weeks. It's fine, I don't really care. I don't want to talk to people anymore. I'll be a dog lady, all I'll have are my future dogs. I'm tired of people.

Does this mean I’m fake, then…? I rarely even message anyone… - Misfire

This happened to me too but whatever, 95% of the “conversations” they’d have with me were “hi”, “sup”, “cool”, “oh”, “gtg” and “ttyl” anyway. (Most of them couldn’t even have enough decency to write it out) - 3DG20

4 When they see you, they walk away, and don't say anything to you

This happened to me TODAY. When it was lunch time, she SAW me but didn't say anything. She continued on with her "friends" I'm not going to cry over it, they're irrelevant anyway. I don't want to be friends with anyone else I go to school with from 11th grade now to maybe college if I go. I'm tired of the fake petty bitch of friends that I used to have.

5 They'll spread rumors about you

That's probably why people look at me weird, she probably even told them every word I texted to her too. I never felt really happy around her anyway, I felt no connection, when I've found a friend, I feel giddy and bright inside. I didn't feel nothing but tense feelings. The same goes for anyone else in my school. She probably told them that I was going to end my life. You shouldn't share that with other people but trustworthy adults but we both did but she went her ass around and told them I had stuff really close to my wrists.

6 They will bail on you every time you want to hang out

No matter when you want to hang out, they're never available. Nobody is ALWAYS busy and have plans.

I agreed to hang out with her one weekend to get our nails painted, she BAILED because she was "busy". Another weekend, she BAILED again with the same excuse, plus she was apparently so sick. It's fine. All I have is my room and I'm gucci, forever alone and I'm starting to be proud of that.

One of my “friends” used to do this all of the time. No idea why I stayed with him as long as I did. - 3DG20

7 They're too soft on you

I hate when people give compliments out of pity - sadical

Real friends give others the real talk out of love, hell, none of my friends that I had growing up were like that. When I confront them out of love, they want to run away, call me all types of names, and never talk to me again. I did that twice with my so called best friend but after, I apologized twice and she still doesn't want to associate with me for some reason. I did nothing to her but show her my love and support, not too many people are lucky for that from me. Same with my new now ex-friend. I was nothing but nice and respecting to her, when she was down, I tried to give her a pep talk via text. Same with my ex best friend.

8 They manipulate and use you for clout

Clout is inspiration and power. I gave too much power, I let them manipulate my feelings for too long. I'm letting up my guard. I'm not letting no one else get my power and clout. I'm good, thank you, goodbye.

9 They'll lie to you

My ex best friend's friend lied to me and her many times but they're both still banging each other. She lied to my best friend at that time that I was apparently bullying her but I didn't say anything else to her so I got called out by my ex best friend and I straight up told her ass that we don't even talk to each other anymore! I was friends with the girl who lied to my ex best friend but gladly I haven't seen her in almost a year. My best friend also lied to me about being friends with me. She wanted to cut me off, fine. I'm going to do me and get the hell out of school and live my life alone with dogs.

Once, someone told me that I was one of her best friends, but I was always the one to start the conversations and she never seemed interested. I wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t like me, but the least she could’ve done was not lie about it. - 3DG20

10 They're not appreciative of anything about you, they're always jealous

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11 They ignore you
12 They try to make everything about them

They don't care what's going on with you. They think they're more important.

13 They set you up

They deliberately plan ways to hurt or embarrass you behind your back and not think twice about it. And they lie.

14 They let you take the fall for what they do

Every time they do something, they would rather set you up and let you take the blame than to take the blame and responsibility themselves. Real friends don't let friends take the fall for things they didn't do.

15 They betray you for liking something
16 They avoid you

Yes I experienced it
They always avoid me when I'm talking to him/her they always avoid me I don't know why.
This is a long story
Since I'm in 8th grade,first day of school I have no friends and then there are two people came to me and they were a boy and a girl.
Then after 2 months we became friends.
And after 5 months, they keep avoiding me because I have another friend then my another friend also avoiding me so I'm all alone.All the months left for school,I didn't talk to anybody else so I only talk to my teacher.

17 They never spend time with you

Or worse yet, when you confront them and they respond with something like, “Why should I have to be with you every day? ” If you’re going to be my friend, you don’t have to be around me 24.7, but at least treat me like a friend. - 3DG20

18 They laugh when you're hurt
19 They're overly happy to see you
20 They randomly say sorry and laugh after then walk away
21 They steal from you and always ask to borrow money
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