Top Ten Weirdest Fake Holidays That Should Be Made


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1 Opposite Day

So instead of going to school, you don't? That's awesome! - Pegasister12

Let's have Opposite Day be on May 7th - Unknownguy

This day already exists - Ihateschool

2 Hold Your Breath For 5 Minutes Day

I meant shouldn't - Unicorn

Oops...didn't mean to put this here.😇 - Unicorn

3 Talk Like Liam Neeson Day

You'll need a very particular set of skills. - PositronWildhawk

4 Dress Like The Opposite Gender Day

I would love to dress like a guy! - Pegasister12

5 Britney Spears Day
6 Act Like You're In A Sad Music Video Day

Walking down to the bus stop
*Turns all black and white and everyone starts crying*

7 Take Over The World Day

This is every day for me, prepare to face my wrath, fink-rats! - Garythesnail

8 Sock Puppet Day
9 Epic Saxaphone Day

I play the saxophone.

My dad would love this. - RiverClanRocks

10 Hoverboard Day

Yes! We need hoverboards... Also, rumor is that driverless cars might be coming in 2017.

It's 2015. Where are my flying cars and hoverboards? - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 Sonic the Hedgehog Day

June 1991 or whatever it was... Fans always celebrate Sonic's anniversary in June.

My birthday is in June! - NoOreoForU

12 Super Mario Bros. Day

That holiday would be on March 10th. Mar10. Mario. - DrayTopTens

September to be exact.


13 Anime Appreciation Day
14 Black Metal History Month
15 Sandwich Day
16 Caturday

Happy caturday! - NoOreoForU

17 Wacky Day

Make sure you don't dress appropriately - Unknownguy

18 Death Day
19 Sick Day
20 Festivus
21 Harry Potter Day
22 Respect Justin Bieber Day
23 Hate Social Media Day

Honestly all these celebs who get hate on the lists wouldn't get hate as much if there was no social media.

24 Respect If Someone Likes Pop or Metal Day
25 Behave Like Your Country Stereotype Day

UK - Put Nutella on some of your teeth if it comes off then put more on or try honey, talk posh, drink tea and eat crumpets, have a cucumber and cheese sandwich.
USA - Get a toy gun, dress like a cowboy, McDonalds food, shout yeehaw, wave a flag.

26 Kiss Someone the Same Gender Day
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