Top Ten Weirdest Warrior Cat Ships


The Top Ten

1 Jaystick (Jayfeather x Stick)

Sorry but I am a believer in jaystick - Murphypaw

Jaystick - Murphypaw

Sorry, but I ship JayxHalf all the way through, and in literally all my fandoms, the canon ships are always hated on! JayxHalf is really good and *clears throat* THE STICK IS NOT ALIVE! This ship may be the most shipped in the Warriors fandom, but it doesn't even make sense. I'd rather ship AshfurxScourge.

Like jayxhalf and jayxstick is just horrible its weird! just stop! a cat can't pick up a stick around here and compare them to jayfeather! ugh! why can jayfeather just talk to an aceint stick just because he found it dosnt mean he loves it!

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2 Feathertooth (Feathertail x Sharptooth)

I love yoouuu says feathertail as they fall to their death also crowwfeatherrr I donnnt love uu dies*

So beautiful *cries*

Yeah, it's supposed to be weird. - Oliveleaf

3 Hollyfur (Hollyleaf x Ashfur)

Werid, but BlueFrostOfThunderClan, Hollyleaf's grandfather is Firestar. - Swiftdawn

4 Ivypelt (Ivypool x Breezepelt)

I like the name Ivypelt, but not the ship. - Oliveleaf

5 Solleaf (Sol x Hollyleaf)
6 Doveblaze (Dovewing x Lionblaze)

It's weird since Lionblaze is litterally Dovewing's MENTOR.

Okay, this is creepy. Their siblings. Plus, Dovewing has enough time to choose from. - Cinderleap

It's weird because they're related, but I feel like they might make a good couple. - Oliveleaf

Tom's I mean - Cinderleap

7 Spottedface (Spottedleaf x Clawface)

Lol, really weird name and ship, because no one mates with the cat that killed them. - Oliveleaf

8 Squirrelfrost (Squirrelflight x Hawkfrost)
9 Leaffrost (Leafpool x Hawkfrost)
10 Graystripe x Silverstream Graystripe x Silverstream

This is not weird


The Newcomers

? Ivyclaw (Ivypool x Thornclaw)

I feel like Ivypool and Thornclaw would be perfect together. They're both great warriors who are respected, and just imagine what their kits would be like. Here's what I'm thinking:

Wrensong, a red she cat with amber eyes and silver ear tips

Moonsong, a black she cat with blue eyes and grey spots

The Contenders

11 Ashscourge (Scourge x Ashfur)


12 Appleheart (Applefur x Tigerheart)
13 Mosssnow (Mosskit x Snow)

Mosskit x Snowkit!

They are besties in starclan - Murphypaw

14 Firestar x Bramblestar
15 Patchpelt x Willowpelt

They’re sibilings... so creepy

16 Foxtail (Foxheart x Stormtail)
17 Darkstar (Darkstripe x Tigerstar)

I really like this ship and I don't know why - Murphypaw

18 Graystripe x Cinderpelt
19 Greystripe x Bluestar
20 Brokenstar x Sandstorm
21 Firestar x Mistystar
22 Crookedstar x Bluestar
23 Ivypool x Redwillow
24 Hawkfrost x Princess

NO - Murphypaw

25 Bluestar x Thistleclaw
26 Cinderpelt x Cinderheart
27 CinderScourge (Cinderpelt x Scourge)
28 Foxleap x Dovepaw
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