Top Ten Weirdest Warrior Cat Ships


The Top Ten

1 Jaystick (Jayfeather x Stick)

Favorite ship

How is this weird it’s meant to be

LOL! Laughing so hard :D - Swiftdawn

This is a terrible shop. It’s a stick, A STICK! And I can’t go anywhere without seeing "JAYBAE X STICK! XDD", seriously, this ship sucks. (This is just my opinion)

2 Feathertooth (Feathertail x Sharptooth)

Yeah, it's supposed to be weird. - Oliveleaf

So beautiful *cries*

3 Hollyfur (Hollyleaf x Ashfur)

Werid, but BlueFrostOfThunderClan, Hollyleaf's grandfather is Firestar. - Swiftdawn

4 Ivypelt (Ivypool x Breezepelt)

I like the name Ivypelt, but not the ship. - Oliveleaf

5 Solleaf (Sol x Hollyleaf)
6 Doveblaze (Dovewing x Lionblaze)

Okay, this is creepy. Their siblings. Plus, Dovewing has enough time to choose from. - Cinderleap

It's weird because they're related, but I feel like they might make a good couple. - Oliveleaf

It's weird since Lionblaze is litterally Dovewing's MENTOR.

Tom's I mean - Cinderleap

7 Spottedface (Spottedleaf x Clawface)

Lol, really weird name and ship, because no one mates with the cat that killed them. - Oliveleaf

8 Squirrelfrost (Squirrelflight x Hawkfrost)
9 Leaffrost (Leafpool x Hawkfrost)
10 Appleheart (Applefur x Tigerheart)

The Contenders

11 Mosssnow (Mosskit x Snow)
12 Foxtail (Foxheart x Stormtail)
13 Darkstar (Darkstripe x Tigerstar)
14 Graystripe x Cinderpelt
15 Graystripe x Silverstream Graystripe x Silverstream
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