Top Ten Weirdest WWF/E Wrestlemania Opening Matches

The Top Ten

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Championship Match) - Wrestlemania XXVIII

Just one of many signs how bad the wwe has truly become, I gave up watching after over a decade around Wrestlemania 26

A 18 second World Title match starts a Wrestlemania? How stupid & idiotic - DK

Big Boss Man & Bull Machanan vs The Godfather & D'Lo Brown - Wrestlemania 2000
20 Man Battle Royal - Wrestlemania IV
Tito Santana vs The Executioner - Wrestlemania 1
Paul Orndorff vs The Magnificent Muraco - Wrestlemania 2
The Money In the Bank Ladder Match - Money In the Bank 2015

At first I'm thinking why would they start with this, then towards the end I'm like ''oh that's why there gonna piss the audience off'' so I thought it was weird putting it first and not later - htoutlaws2012

Big Show & Kane vs Carlito & Chris Masters (World Tag Team Championship Match) - Wrestlemania 22
Rick Martel vs Kobo B. Ware - Wrestlemania VI
Hercules vs King Haku - Wrestlemania V
JBL vs Finlay (Belfast Brawl) - Wrestlemania XXIV

The Contenders

The Can-Am Connection vs Bob Orton & The Magnificent Muraco - Wrestlemania III
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