Top Ten Whitest Girls Names

We've all seen that one girl that was just... white. Drinks Starbucks, wears makeup, is glued to their Instagram, uses the dog filter in EVERY pic, and obsess over the popular boys.

So here's a list for those girls that are basic in every way... including their name.

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1 Jessica

I put it so low because it's not used that much anymore.


Quite white

2 Cayleigh

I know a Cayleigh - WinchesterGirl26

Um first off all you’re absolutely disgusting

It's pronounced "kay-lee". Some of you may have never heard of this name, but it's just so WHITE.
But look at the facts: Would you rather have a girl named Cayleigh or Sharkeisha?

This list is RAYCIST! 111! 1

3 McKenzie

I've known about 4 or 5 girls with this name and they're all white.

What's so bad about white girls? - Swellow

I know someone named McKenzie who's black...but she is dating a white girl named Molly.


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4 Imwhite

This is a real name? Whoever names their kid that is drunk.

Good God, I can't stop laughing.

...My name is Imwhite and I'm offended


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5 Makayla

A cute name, just overused by white people. (And other people too.)

6 Kate

I was typing in "Kate" for the list, and about 5 photos of white celebrities popped up.

My names Kate I'm not basic but my name defiantly is

Kate is my name... its pretty much the most basic name you can get.

7 Emma

I know to many Emma's and they are all basic white girls and spoiled

€� I'm bisexual and you have to listen to me because I'm the queen” is what every emma I know says.

Be gone thot

8 Becky Becky

That pic, though. Lol! - CartoonAppreciator

9 Layla

No VERY basic, but a lot. I keep seeing this name on every baby girl born since 2016.

This is a popular name in Saudi Arabia - TwilightKitsune

10 Britney

Alvin and the Chipmunks war flashbacks

Britney is the whitest girl name around... - EliHbk

yes b

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? Hannah

The name of my ex.

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11 Amy

Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog, and she acts VERY white. This name's not used a lot, but it's still a white girl's name so it's going on the list.

12 Emily

I typed in the name, and four white girls showed up. Once again, a cute name, just used on every 3rd baby.
And it's so WHITE.

13 Courtney


14 Kayla

I don't know about you, but I don't see any black girls with this name. Also, it's overused.

My name is Kayla ahhh

15 Amanda

My name is Amanda lol

16 Ashley

Do I even have to say anything

This name should be first

Honestly is a starbucks addict and if she doesn't get any she'll most likey murder someone,who knows.

17 Alexis

I know 10 they are all white they all love starbucks and some of them love bath and body works

18 Elizabeth

Elizabeth or Lizzie or Liz is the most basic white girl name there is

19 Peyton

So white

20 Madison

I know 14 Madison's in the 7th grade are you kidding me

21 Kylie

Why am I seeing this everywhere? Besides the Kardashians, I mean. This name is white as Latoya is black.

22 Veronica


23 Tiffany
24 Stormy
25 Ava

My name is Ava and it's BEAUTIFUL so vote for it!

Love this name

26 Gracie

I know 5 Gracie's and 3 of them have the same last name and don't even know each other and are all basic white girls

27 Olivia
28 Kimberly

I guess...

29 Maddie

This name is trash

Enough said

30 Chloe

hi world

31 Sam
32 Zoe
33 Elise
34 Ally
35 Savannah

Blond, works at DQ and will date anybody. Leaves friend since elementary school for a popular group

36 Lola

I know someone named Lola. full face of makeup, Starbucks every day, iPhone X. She's 11 years old, and she's my best friend's little sister.

shes white

37 Makenna

"basic girl that goes to school, has Starbucks and hangs out with the basic group. With one black girl"

38 Daisy

That one white chik

39 Sofia

Just know I'm basic

40 Kayli

Beautiful classic girl

41 Allison

Mexican but thinks she’s still white

I'm only voting for Allison because my name is Sam 😃

42 Sally
43 Vanessa
44 Finley
45 Celina
46 Gabriella

Most likely a thottie

47 Melody

Mexican but still white

48 Kaylee

The weirdo

49 Helen
50 Addison

Most basic of all names

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