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41 Orzeszek
42 McGrath

That's the name of my English teacher - he's a total psycho.


43 Stupid

This is the ultimate name of some people in New York, at least in the 1920 census and earlier. Every census there were fewer of them.

That's stupid

The ultimate name, Stupid, why not Stupidbuttface?

44 Buckmaster
45 Cooper

Like Sheldon Cooper from TBBT... Not bad for a last name

46 Jensen

This is an incredibly common surname, it's Danish. Nothing wrong with it, I don't get what would be the problem here.

Like Jensen Ackles from Supernatural? I like it as a name, but don't know anyone with that surname.

47 Cochran
48 Glasscock

Haha I know someone with this last name. The first half of the name describes his ego, the second half his personality,

Ivor Glasscock

49 Longerbone
50 Moran

Really people say Moran so you don't no if there really meaning it or just calling you by your name

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51 Cumming

Well some people actually have the last name Cummings so you don't have to say "yuck" you childish ditch

Yuck is all I have to say.

Feel so sorry for the people who have this

52 Dickfloss

Beautiful 10/10 this is my last name and I get many compliments at the orgy.

53 Eusuk
54 Smoker

This is my last name... Hate it... Got teased for it whenever someone at school learned my name!

55 Virgin

It's my last name... Trust me it's bad

56 Kokfuk

It's sad that over time, perfectly good last names like this one become disgusting or shameful because of the way society slowly changes the meaning of certain words that sound similar to it.

Feel bad for anyone who has this last name...

57 Osowski
58 Burlingame
59 Gayward

You're immediately associated, with that of a homosexual. Hell, I doubt you'd make it through grade school in one piece.

60 Petrovichnyamilenkossarian
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