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21 Ocelots

What's wrong with ocelots? You turn them into cats that scare off creepers.

They rock so cool who ever posted it is a noob.

This is one of the best mobs! They scare of the most dangerous hostle
Mob. The creeper - anthonyj

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22 Slime

I love slimes! They are useful for pets and for farming - anthonyj

They just hop around like braindead morons and drop slime EWWW - Goatworlds

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23 The King

If you aren't voting for the king, your crazy, stupid, or on peaceful mode. 7000 health, three heads, this terrifying boss drop every item in the game when killed and guards the tree of ores (The Goodness Tree) which has a trunk of gold, leaves of emerald, stairs of diamond, and random ours in the leaves. The King also can disappear, like an Enderman. So vote King. - ThunderdrumsRule

Yeah! The king is so powerful and it is one of the strongest mob

The second strongest mob after the queen. If you find one, run!

The King I never saw him in in ps4 edition how do I find him? -Lunapaw

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24 Mutant Creeper

So annoying. Big explosion. No escape.

25 Shulker

Can't find them anywhere and they are really weird and op

26 Angry Iron Golems

I killed the iron golem and the ugly little villager children with my golden swore I stole from there treasure chest. And guest what I got a free steel armor from the chest - anthonyj

I spanked him and killed him four times

One day I was playing mc with my friend brenden and we got destroyed by this guy

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27 Hydra

From twilight forest. To hard like two hits your dead

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28 Iron Golems

They are so annoying once I accidentally hit a villager and it killed me. Useless defense they just ignore everything and worth almost nothing. Spawn=36 ingots drop=2-5 ingots. I rather go mining. - MChkflaguard_Yt

So dumb. I spawned one and he ended up standing at the edge of a lake and ignoring all the hostile mobs

Mine killed my sisters dogs they suck - Goatworlds

They are complete retards

29 Orespawn Pets

So awesome yet so hard to keep without killing

30 Chickens

Chickens or ducks it is so confusing

They're so annoying with their stupid noises and everything, why are they only on 22? They should be on 1. I HATE CHICKENS UUUGH

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31 Withers

Don't fight it without enchantments.

Strong mob at least 20th

32 Chicken Jockey

It's a chicken jockey and I hate chickens

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33 Mega Blok
34 Endermite

They make the most useful item in the game useless. Ender pearls are great for quick escapes. Unless of course it spawns yet another hostile mob.

There is no point of them. They are just silverfish fused with a enderman.

It's bad enough that Ender Pearls take away your health, but a mobspawn? Come on, Minecraft!

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35 The Queen

Who is th queen? Is she in console or PE?

It can shoot purple power that can two shot you even with mobzilla amor

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36 Charged Creepers

I agree with what the other person on this said it should be higher up

Really rare but really annoying. They should be higher on this list.

37 Evil Wolves

Cool if you get killed and tame them after respawning bad if you hit a wolf by accident

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38 Windigo
39 Horses

They never listen to you and so hard to tame

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40 Elder Guardian

They give you mining fatigue which is so annoying!

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