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41 Pigs

The person who put them on here is worse than Justin Bieber - bolbi9

Why the hell are they on there they are the best mob ever who ever put them on here surpasses porky minch and osama bin ladin in evilness - bolbi9

The people who say that they are bad are idiots! pigs are so cute! they are awesome pets

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42 Snow Golem

They can kill blazes. But they can't go in the nether or they'll die. Useless! Throw snowballs at blazes yourself.

They never help! That and they only deal 1 damage point by throwing snow balls!

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43 Bat
44 Horses

They never listen to you and so hard to tame

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45 Elder Guardian

They give you mining fatigue which is so annoying!

46 Pigmen
47 Magma Cube

They aren't rare! Go to the nether. Magma cubes are adorable

Well, they aren't too bad, not much worse then slimes, but they are sooo rare! And they dorp something you really need! But then you start forgetting them and playing in the nether, you think its safe because you haven't hit a zombiepigman, but then he comes and knocks you of your cliff into the lava. THEY ARE SO awesome.

48 Spider

You can not tame them and if you have one as a pet It will try to kill you at night

49 Diamond Pig

But there's no such thing! (Or at least not in Vanilla Minecraft)

Doesn't exist, go back to YouTube - Goatworlds

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50 Guardians

Of the galaxy are nice. But these ones kill squids! HOW MEAN!

51 Pink Sheep

So annoying!

52 Husk V 1 Comment
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