Worst Minecraft Players

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21 Notch V 1 Comment
22 Etho V 1 Comment
23 PopularMMOs

As this man is a bit good at pvp, he has beaten his girlfriend (Jen) many times, and I could beat him, but still is a good pvper.

Good youtuber and why is there furiousdestroyer and popularmmos? they are the same person

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24 SilverPaws

Firstly, I don't know why people even like this mess. I was searching for Minecraft videos and after two hours found her, her videos are VERY bad! She's just a pure rip off of Stampy, she's a fangirl, not a leader. Not only that, she defends everything! One person said "I didn't watch DanTDM's new video", guess what she did? Advertise it everywhere that they attack the person that said that, if you want someone who likes and appreciates their viewers. Do NOT go to this one!

Yeah, she's pretty bad. She should be #1 on this list. even Stampy is better than her!

25 Patchara Permvongsenee
26 MyCousinBob
27 MrSuperPandaman
28 The Line Maker V 2 Comments
29 DocJamesJunior

Just really mean to me or was anyway on Gotpvp worse his admin brilliant

30 TTGMinecraftboy37
31 21.Lachlan
32 Einshine
33 FuriousDestroyer

He sucks, his accent so annoying.

He's a good youtuber I don't see why he's here... I mean this list just has random people that do minecraft...

34 StimpyPvP

This guy is a legend as I saw him 1 time on kohi today. he can beat anyone, and has dominated everyone on any server.

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35 ApacheBlitz V 1 Comment
36 Lilypatch888

This girl is a YouTuber and she is not the best she is one of the worst mc players and you tubers of all time! I watched one of her videos and guess what I thought I was going to be sick! She never uploads, makes horrible commentary, and also talks about her REAL LIFE! And she plays SIMS 3. Comment #WorstYoutuberAndMCPlayer, if you agree with me.

37 lolitsalex V 1 Comment
38 GamerGirlOnline

Just go watch my videos, they are horrible, I am worst skywars player

39 Sword of Boom
40 _Dusk V 1 Comment
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