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61 Bralwa

This name is disgusting

Also it's spelled you, not ya, go back to preschool.

Also people who are grammar nazi's are 100% confirmed to be punched in the face by me sometime in their life. - mattstat716

Grogda is a horrible name. So is Bralwa. Your parents must really hate you guys, cause naming kids something like this is just cruel.

Brawla: hey, my name's Brawla.
Other person: are you a brawler?
Brawla: no, that's my name.
Other person: I'm sorry, please don't beat me up.

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62 Third Eye Dude

So he found the inner eye from Binding Of Isaac? Well, it ain't no brimstone so... - mattstat716


63 Jesus

The only person that's name should be Jesus, is THE JESUS! - afeldman21

I love the name, but the only person who should be name this is the Jesus. Sure there are worst names but people shouldn't name there kids that. But I don't think version 2.0 is even a name. And number 1 would even name there kid dick or gaylord. Bad bad parents!

Actually there are many men in the Bible who were named Jesus. It's a form of Yeshua or Joshua. So the Son of God really didn't have a unique name that no one else should have. Having said that, I probably wouldn't use it except in a story. Can you see yourself standing on the porch and hollering for your son Jesus to get his butt home to supper? I could see this name being a bit of a burden to a boy... But it is better than Dick... Which is why my cousin Richard was nicknamed Richie or Ricky. Never could figure out where Dick comes out of Richard.

Only Jesus needs this name! JESUS CHRIST NOT JESUS ELBURTO

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64 Gaylan

Really, really bad name - Jiorl

65 Weewee

This is just the wierdest name and stupidist one yet

Umm... That's... Umm... - OmgBoi

66 Brick

Brick who names there kid that like seriously I wouldn't in a million years name my kid that name no matter what just saying and who!... (: ;p

My grandma went to a school with some guy called Brick Wall and had like a brother called Cement Wall. - swrs1234

If your kid's a idiot, this name is perfect!

Dumber than dirt, ain't ya? -Engineer - mattstat716

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67 Hope

But... But... I like that name. It is pretty and means well.

That's my dogs name

No this name is unique and beautiful! 😊 - LucyHeartfilia

68 Jack

In my point of view, this name is just too common, I know six just off the top of my head, without even thinking about it.

This name sounds like a hillbilly name and everyone uses it. It is a little boring.

Jack is my name and I think it's amazing, so shut up people.

Weird, I only know one Jack, my cousin.

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69 Boomquisha

I can't believe my name is on the list! What is so wrong with Boomquisha? I actually like it so much, it holds a special meaning to me. You see my dad left my mom before I was born due to complicated reasons that I'm not allowed to know about and he always wanted a daughter named Boomquisha.

I'm called Boomy for short. I wish that my dad would be able to come home, I really want to meet him. His name is Daquan if any of you see him, tell him that Boomy is looking for him. Love ya'll

After my daddy left me and my moms, he named me Boomquisha to honor his gang. I still don't know why people hate my name. I'll show them how ghetto boys roll homie *loads pistol* - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This name makes me wonder if the people who are named this name have parents that care about them. This is the most ridiculous name that I have ever seen in my entire life. - MagmaFox

Boomquisha is a beautiful name, shame on you haters!

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70 Johnathon

The name of my friends crush... - Minecraftcrazy530

71 Sedona

The name is dumb and your kid is not a city -

72 Sarah

Okay, first of all, that is MY NAME, and second of all, Sarah is a popular girl name, okay? - Catacorn

I know two people called Sarah and they are really nice.

I have a teacher named Sarah, it's a nice name but she's not really a nice teacher.

Sarah is my friends name

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73 Helga

If you're a redneck and you want to name your baby girl like this, then she'll end up like my nasty lunch lady with the same name!

Its not that bad I guess...

Helga is a Scandinavian name

Eww it's bartholga 's girlfriend

74 Beezow Doo-Doo Zopitty-Bop-Bop-Bop

It's already a full modern rap song on it's own. The teacher gonna look like she doing a freestyle every time she calls this kid to the front of the class

LOL! Someone is actually named this? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I need this name. Thank you random website!

Bill Cosby?

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75 Tiny

What if he was a pro wrestler. - username34

Imagine middle school for this kid.

Adorable... Makes me think your are small and cute!

Aww! If I have triplets it'll be Tiny Fluffy and Pillow

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76 Sheilan

What a funny name, should be Jacob the dum ass

77 Apple

Hey let's name our baby apple! She is not going to get teased!


Well apples are sweet so obviously the parents are just calling their child nice so you should go name your child rotten cheese because you are not sweet

"Let's call our kid Apple I because our last name is Pod! "

Rotten apple. - mattstat716

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78 Cutie

It means their child is cute my name is cutie so back off

Oh my god! Think about this:
"Samantha Williams? "
"Here! "
"Jake Matthews? "
"Present! "
"Cutie Evans? Wait... what? "

Not cute

Cutie? As in Cutie the Kitten?
she's changed but oh heck no ;-;

79 Siri

My name is Siri. Before Apple's Siri was created, I used to get compliments all the name. Now I'm thinking of changing my name and using Siri as a nickname.

Did you know that the word Siri translates to "ass" in Japanese? - Turkeyasylum

Funny how this comes right after the name "Apple" on the list, - Navylexi


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80 Willy

One time my friend told my teacher "don't be silly wrap your willy" and he got real mad

Combine king and willy

Willy willy bum bum

wot aname

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