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1 AT&T

Its not a phone brand idiots

At and t isn't a phone brand

It's very boring look

It's the whorst

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2 Samsung

Okay, so some Samsung Galaxy note 7 phones overheated and broke down. Bad point for Samsung but the only one still. Even Toyota which makes the most reliable cars out there had recalls at some points. Samsung is still as a whole a great phone company. Compared to Apple products, Samsung (and Android devices) provide products with much more freedom for the user, a much user friendly interface, access to a large scale of free applications, longer battery life, better screen resolution, better RAM and all for a more affordable price.

Samsung is an excellent phone brand! I love the high quality on most of their devices. Though, I once had heard that the Samsung brand had not invented touch screen and Apple invented that, so I hear that Samsung payed Apple so that they can COPY having touch screen devices too. I mean, I just don't like that they copied, most of the touch screen clearness and quality love should actually be going to Apple... I mean, from what I heard!

Hey Samsung! I heard that your galaxy note 7 exploded because the battery is overheated? Am I right? Well guess what? That's what you get for comparing your dumb galaxy note 7 to the iPhone 6S plus! i Phone 7 and 7 plus is already better than your stupid Note 7!

It is the best - Sovv

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3 Apple Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

I would never buy an Apple product. They're too protective of the trademark at the cost of customer satisfaction. There are so many restrictions and complications on Apple phones that you just don't find on Android phone. The quality of the products is also overrated. Compared to my Sony Xperia Z2 (why is an old model), the new iPhone has a weaker RAM memory, weaker camera, poorer display... (check the specs). The only thing that might impress in an iPhone is its price, for those who like to brag about buying expensive products.

God they're bad. I can't begin to describe it.

Apple apple phones are the bomb what that's just crazy I don't agree and so are their I pods and other stuff unless your talking about their earlier models then their bad but now no now they are number 1 and then number 2 is android phones or maybe the other way around

Too boring and restictive. Samsung is better. Their phones comes with features inerds only wish they had.

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4 Nokia

I hate Nokia phones I have one and it sucks they have so many bugs I mean come on when are they going to fix every thing just go with android screw nokia

Even Nokia feature phone or dumb phone don't have WiFi... shame - oshawott98

Nokia always glitches and doesn't have any good games

My nokia breaks walls, your smartphones can"t.

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5 Ericson

Yes real Worst mobile phones company.

6 Credo Mobile
7 Verizon Wireless

Again, a carrier not a phone.. - Aidanwade223

8 Xiaomi

ALL Chinese phone brands are horrible in my opinion. My relatives have phones from Hong Kong and China, and they all HATED them! (We're Asian)

-They never work
-battery life is horrible
-can't connect to apple computers
-they are CHEAP, and cheap products are bad

I prefer Apple. It's 1 million% better than those horrible Chinese phones.

This shouldn't be on the list, it's a good brand. - Aidanwade223

For me it is best phone ever.

Really very worst brand I've used it and getting so many issues with it

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9 Huawei

Huawei is the worst, slowest, and poorest internet connection in the world. They are also unsafe.

Huawei is run by the Chinese government, and not only are they crappy phones, they also have tons of spyware.

Very very slow

iOS skin - giorarv1

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10 Lenovo Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

It's the worst phone I ever had. When I connected to the internet it lagged like hell and all apps are lagging especially games (even most light ones! ). Its useless and its connection to the internet sucks it loads nothing.

Lenovo is crap! I have Lenovo s850 and it gets lag sometimes I try. I know Lenovo is best for tablets and laptops but now seriously Lenovo smartphone is horrible - oshawott98

I have these pieces of junk Laptop at my schools are junk. - Aidanwade223

Bought the p2. has a great battery and awesome screen but everything else sucks. The loudspeakers get muffled as you're speaking then corrects itselfs and goes back, happens during video playback too sometimes. The speaker volume is so low that I have to bend my neck to listen to videos. NEVER EVER buying lenovo again

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11 LG

This also shouldn't on the list, but it isn't the best either. The LG G6 is actually pretty good! - Aidanwade223

My phone is lg and honestly it sucks compared to other phones I hate it, it should be part of the top 10...

LG phone always overheating and we can use for warming our body in winter


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12 Oppo

Hang problem, always overheat, bad touch screen detection, way to expensive for a low internal storage phone

For its price, don't expect miracles. Funny how people can be so myopic and opinionated.

World worst mobile company with f3plus is world 2worst mobile

I WILL CALL THE POPO ON OPPO! - Coastergirl003

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13 Alcatel

Plainly suck. Bad photo quality and...just sucks! Never buy it! Get and iphone or samsung, anything but this phone

I agree 2000 percent it always crashes or freezes also shuts off for no real reason I'm glad I don't have this brand any more

Their products are made cheaply and the network is slow at all times.

POS phones

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14 Motorola

Terrible phone constant lags and slow connection none of the apps ever respond on the c plus do not get it trust me!

Why is it so hard to take a battery out of the e4. You have to get a tiny screwdriver and undo 4screws which you lose if you knock away.

15 Vivo

Actually it's a brand, but it is pretty bad though. - Aidanwade223

That is not a phone brand, use your brain. - Aidanwade223

Best phone ever

16 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

I hate any Windows phone, they are so hard to use. I rather use an iPhone 2G over this. - Aidanwade223

Worst company ever

I hate windows smartphones

Agree. Now I have a LG phone, but before that I had a Windows Phone. I really hated it!
Well,there are a few apps to download. I can't event play Clash Royale or download an Antivirus!

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17 HTC

Worst phone, It breaks every charger I put in within a couple months, battery is terrible and takes one percent off battery from a thirty second ad after I've been using it for awhile, it heats up after using it awhile, it has terrible battery life, oh and yeah it has terrible battery life, and you can't charge it because it breaks all the chargers!

I bet you haven't heard the HTC 10, M9, etc. - Aidanwade223

Nice speakers, but eat up so much battery!

Htc is the best smartphone brand I seen in my life

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18 Sony Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Why is this also on the list, you don't know about phones. - Aidanwade223

I want pink

Yet again, I think this is a stupid brand. They’re junk & freeze up! - Aidanwade223

My Sister Has a xperia Z3, Well...That Sucks!
I've Never Seen Such a Stupid Phone
The Front Camera Is The Worst Ever In Phone Industry History

19 Sky


Not a brand! - Aidanwade223

I love the Sky

This phone isn't even a phoen

it also tried to eat my toes

20 ZTE

This is a rather cheap brand, I drop one not even one foot and it shattered - Aidanwade223

This phone is horrible. I just got over a month ago. Nothing but problems since day 1. Drop phone calls most everything call, will call people on own, at night hear all kinds of sounds on it like someone on it. Feel like it's being hadacked. Now I know people w it all the people talk to say same issues. Take off market. Worst Metro I have had.


21 Cherry Mobile

Cherry mobile is the worst phone ever

Lol easy to crack. Very sensetive 10000x than an iOS device.

22 T-mobile

Not a brand! - Aidanwade223


23 Tecno

My tecno phone broke within 5 months after I bought it...I really hate Tecno

So bad doesn't do what I want, its slow and laggy...

Worst phone ever...if u r reading this, never even think about buying a tecno

I’d never heard of this, but they’re definitely junk.. - Aidanwade223

24 Doogee

Best phone I ever had. Works like a charm!

Constant adware and bad camera, speakers, slow, bad signal etc. don't let me go on

25 Gionee

Gionee is a good company but it eat my battery

If you see it, run as fast as you can!

26 Blu

I think this company don't deserve any attention, sending a faulty update that lock the users out of their fons, and top of that a spywares included in the system sending the user data to China.

Worst phone brand ever they only make average phones and try to initiate iPhone they have terrible RAM and is veryy slow.

27 Blackview

Blackview is the worst chinese phone company, they raise the price and lower the quality, I have one and it sucks

It's worser than a flip phone - Aidanwade223

Total garbage got the r6 for a week and the speaker stopped working, the plastic where the 3.5mm headphone jack is just peeled off, a lot of bugs I don't know about other models but never buy the r6 blackview that's why its cheap with good specs for the price.

Its crap

28 Ulefone

It's gay trash

Worst phone ever. Better to buy nokia 3310

Poop phone

29 Asus Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

I have a ASUS phone and I absolutely love it so I think in my opinion I think this should be under apple.

30 Acer Acer Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

This phone sucks bad. Had an Acer phone - NEVER AGAIN! It heats like crazy, especially while charging, lags bad, has crappy rear cammera and even worse front camera, screen goes off when you get a call, and you can't play music and text at the same time, cheap and thin plastic body and cheap feeling screen

Acer phones are so slow!

Acers are pieces of junk, I had an Acer laptop and it got a virus. I bet Acer phones are junk because they’re Android. But, I think their monitors are good. - Aidanwade223

31 Telstra
32 Blackberry

It really sucks and has a lot of bugs

For cheapoes - Aidanwade223

33 Itel

Not so bad

34 Swipe

It have many faulty

35 Palm Pre
36 N-Gage
37 Ello

It is the worst phone in the history


38 Firefly
39 Lava Mobile

Best mob

40 Elephone


41 Neffos


42 Firefly Mobile

Firefly mobile sucks in general

43 InnJoo

The sim slot broke, and the Youtube doesn't work properly including the homescreen. It sometimes crash. Sometimes black screen. It's a piece of garbage. I would rather Nokia 2000.

44 Nextbit

The whole phone is made out of plastic

45 Cloudfone
46 XGody

Worst phone brand hands down. Many would say that you get what you pay for but for 50+ ($,£ etc.) you can get way better phones. They keep crashing, they bug a lot and I'm not even gonna go about the touchscreen. Poor performance,poorly optimized and poor specs. DO NOT BUY!

47 Chico Mobile

You would a hundred dollars to buy this trash? lol

48 MyPhone

Myphone is a peice of junk

49 Cubot

Decent phone but ruined by Cheetah

50 Neffos
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