Worst Roblox YouTubers

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1 Denisdaily

I hate how roblox companies advertise him thinking they are cool, but its not

He clickbaits, he ignores his fans in Roblox, and his channel has so many errors. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HIM ON YT OR BUY HIS MERCHANDISE ON ROBLOX!

Everyone is literally loving him. Like loving him! It's so weird. Just see the books of him and you will have tons of cringe

Flamingo is the worst actually, he ruined the myth community, but denis is bad as well.

Well I think Flamingo is better than Denis but hey, it's your opinion and I won't question it. - Vancedapurpleguy

2 Alex

To be honest I'm not really agenst online dating, but it's weird when youtubers do it and this guy is also annoying.

This guy is in ODER, her fanbase is bad, and she ruined the Roblox community.

How is he on the list I mean WHY! this is just my words don't judge (by the way this alex is a BOY not a GIRL yall are talking about InquistorMaster)

She is the worst lmao

3 Dantdm

He's not that bad, and Denis brought WAY more little kids into Roblox than Dan. - Vancedapurpleguy

He should stick to Minecraft. (and by the way, Minecraft is *insert a bad word that means "poop") We also don't need to worry about it anymore because people said that he quit.

DANTDM IS GOOD except when he plays fortnite

He's Fine

4 Sub

My goodness I hated him. He was super rude back then and would abuse on Sky. I bet he never changed now.

He needs to get roasted by pink sheep

I hate you sub

Go commit die

5 ethangamertv

Dude who commented before me: pretty much every lists about roblox are a joke due to retarded children.

This list is one big joke - Kreauwen

6 Corlhorl

He was rude to a fan and made them almost commit suicide!

He is worse than Denis - LittleAwesomeApple

You already know

i hate him

7 Flamingo

He may be immature but I still really enjoy his content on both channels. - ForestFeline

I like him, but his fans always have to spam still chill when someone says the word chill because their "god" Albert invented the word chill. - TeamRocket747

He has the most cancerous fanbase out of all the roblox youtubers in my opinion.

Best roblox YouTuber he is halarious and makes me roll on the floor

8 RadioJH Games

How is she on this list? Her videos are funny

She’s the best

�� flamingo is AMAZING and yes yes I do agree with him being a bit better than denis

9 Sketch
10 Tofuu

Why is tofuu on the list his video are amazing

What an idiot he is

Tofuu is the best

He click baits

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11 Gamer Chad

WHAT? He is a good youtuber! He actually doesn't clickbait!

12 NicsterV

His codings and ideas actually work, Whats wrong with him is that he has to talk so much, And he hides his main topic somewhere in the video, Making it so frustrating. - SandwichSWAT

He clickbaits and does fake giveaways

Get this crappy channel to #1,hiss title's and thumbnails are ALWAYS clickbait, he always calls the most normal things 'crazy' and when he says he'll put a kink to something in the description, HE NEVER DOES! 1! 1! 1111 - myusernameisthis


13 Greenlegocats123

This guy, he just complains about ODers too much. Second of all, PERSON WHO MADE THIS IS NOT AN ODER! She just doesn't like trolls... His fanbase is just really BAD. People have a bad day on roblox just because of his fanbase that bows and kisses a lego roblox youtuber greenlegocats123. The Oders will know how cringe it was.

Pretty sure the reason he's on here is because of his fanbase, but his videos are okay. - Vancedapurpleguy

I love this guy, But how is he a worst roblox youtubers? Please, Take off this lists. - LapisBob

Cow isn't really the best Youtuber, but why him? His content is decent, unlike the others, but seriously, he mocks ODers too much, like seriously. I know they break the rules, but he has crossed the line. And also, ughhh, his fandom is like : if a guy has bhfbp or ice arms/supreme clothes/idfc that means he's an ODer. People need to know first the definition of a word... the humanity these days - Officialrektswag

14 kazok

He needs to be higher than Flamingo and Greenlegocats123. This guy is literally a scammer. - Vancedapurpleguy

This guy must be depressed at scamming little kids and misleading people.

I wish his channel got terminated. - XtheXlmao

15 ItsFunneh

What's wrong with her voice? She speaks in a very weird manner

Shes an amazing person

I LOVE itsfunneh suckers!

She sucks and is cringey

16 Ant

Ant aka Creeperfarts sucks now. His channel is boring and he plays jailbreak for the views, he was exposed by Nathorix for giving out fake roblox gift cards. I recommend watching LandonRB because his content is better.

I watched him once and I almost threw up. I wonder what’s with all the click bait...

17 Roblox

Wait what

Yeah that's the worst youtuber ever smh

18 InquisitorMaster

I have been on a server that she was in, and it was not pretty. She kept dating, and when I saw this I thought to myself,
"Hey, should I interrupt? "
I decided not to because I was nice and did not wanna ruin her experience. Even though she is fine and is very nice she has cause quite a lot of damage to Roblox. During the Golden days of Roblox (2010-2015) they were less Online Daters, and all of it could have been the same if IQM did not join. When she joined it was during the decent days of roblox (2015-2016) (She joined in Mid 2016) Roblox went downhill, more people were dating, No one cared about the TOS, etc. She has caused a lot of damage in the past, which is why the Garbage Days of Roblox are still going on (Late 2016-Present) If IQM was terminated, the inappropriate ODERS would slowly disappear and Roblox might be decent again, or maybe golden again. Good things must come to an end, and it's sad that this had to happen. (Written in 2019)

She cusses out 7 YEAR OLDS WHO ARE TOO YOUNG FOR THE SITE and said 7 year olds post on their mom's account stuff like "inqisitormastor is the bast u jusst a hatter" or "your jelous she hs mre subsribers then u" - Maddox121

Disrespectful to her fans?! Can someone please show me text evidence? I need to know this. Every time she is in a server she gets admin.

Not many hate about her. Her fans scream and drown her and her friends to death like a pile of titanoboas. Literally saying "can you friend me please" and makes the server lag! Her friends don't request anyways and yet are completely oblivious to anyone that says hi.

19 Dragod

Watch this video (I don't remember what it is so search this) Dragod you will get hacked if you don't have this - Datguyisweird666

He is a clickbaiting scammer that uploads 'easter eggs' of Jailbreak wich do not exist in the actual game. - MinecraftHater

"Find keycard in vending machine in jailbreak”. Ban this guy

this is a nutshell of him. - XtheXlmao

20 LOGinHDi
21 Poke

The one who started the John Doe rumors. - Drewman1211

His entire channel is full of clickbait, and his fanbase believes him, he also makes overpriced clothing,
just terminated him already, reminds me of someone, NicsterV.

Great guy, but he has to yell every time he does something... Guys lets eat a pineapple! GUYS I JUST ATE A PINAPPLE RIGHT NOW ITS YELLOW AND THERE IS A GREEN THING AT THE TOP...

Seriously... - SandwichSWAT

22 robloxlover69

He disables comments and ratings on his videos to avoid criticism LOL. - LedgerDraven

He clickbaits. How he clickbaits: photo shopped thumbnail, make an excuse.

His videos are "so bad it's good" to me. - Vancedapurpleguy

Can't handle criticizem - myusernameisthis

23 Oblivioushd

Some rigged idiot who scammed glofish.


Mocap animations… how lazy

24 robuxian

He scams other accounts, should be number 2 - TeamRocket747

25 CookieSwirlC

I honestly think that her voice is just too... high? I mean I know her channel is mostly for children but why is her voice so high?

She sucks and when I said it some cookie fan tried to expose me

Yep I agree she does MASSIVE amounts of Toy reviews and her videos r easy to click off of for me she needs to be in the top 10 cause her videos, once again r cringy

Her voice is cringy - XtheXlmao

26 Lisa Gaming

She got her channel back,

Happily she was removed from yt - Manowar9

Shes a troll

27 Semp

His channel is terminated for using N word in a thumbnail and bullying other people. - XtheXlmao

His "CowCow Rant" was kinda copied from Epikrika, but he's okay I guess. - Vancedapurpleguy

He wasn't really a Roblox YouTuber but more of a commentary YouTuber. However, I TOTALLY agree with this guy being terrible. He uses too many racial slurs, copied Epikrika's rant on CowCow and is overall a bad YouTuber. He was better when he had his old channel, iiGrandz. - LedgerDraven

He used the N word in one of his thumbnails. Only Robuxian/robloxlover19 is worse than him!

28 Zailetsplay


She not a oder and trash

Zailetsplay is not "TRASH" I mean she is a oder so yeah but her videos are the bests but I hate when she ODER a lot so yeah but she not trash and blame it on"InquisitorMaster" and she made another account called"Game Master" and yeah but she is not trash who ever wrote "TRASH" your trash so yeah but only reason that she oder because of "InquisitorMaster" fault so don't blame it on her but she made her oder but ZIALETSPLAY did not made Inquistor master oder inquisitormaster did made her ODER

29 VuxVux

Just a total copy of AlbertsStuff, but a worse one that says terrible sex jokes. His fans won't notice that he is nothing but a wannabe rapper and ripoff.


30 MyUsernamesThis

He is so good at jailbreak

Didn't he scam his audience before? - TeamRocket747

that's me! - myusernameisthis

I have a note for you guys! I really LOVE this guy but the reason why I put this on the list it’s because he only plays jailbreak. - Gabo147

31 PinkSheep
32 Julius Cole

He touched me

33 PopularMMOs


34 Britney Slays

Shes a troll. seeking for attention - Vianessity

She's so rude! - Enolam

35 SeeDank

Why is he on the list? - SandwichSWAT

36 legobloxian

And today I wanna talk about, today I wanna talk about. - XtheXlmao

He copied greenlegocats.

I hate him. - DumbFriesNub

He's ok

37 FGTeeV

To the person saying they are rude to their fans: they were playing roblox to make a video, not to meet fans, also maybe they didn't want a lot of kids joining them and following them everywhere. And also wizard tycoon has pvp and existed way before they played it, of course they are gonna tell that other people had that idea because its true. I am not one of their fans (in fact I find them cringey) but think before writing.

They have hands down, THE WORST fanbase on all of YouTube. Worse than Denis, Greenlegocats123 and Semp COMBINED. The rant on them by SlayerCoon got over 10K disliked from this trashy fanbase because they can't take an opinion. God, I hate FGTeeV so much. - Vancedapurpleguy

Once watched it, then gave up on them.

Not terrible just not good

38 DraconiteDragon

He's really funny but why is he on here though? he's actually hilarious

He's a awesome guy

39 Equillex
40 Buzz




42 RegularYT

He is a mess he got deleted

His channel is terminated. he 100% deserved it. because his EVERY SINGLE VIDEO is a scam.
heres an example:


43 PrestonRoblox

He literally clickbaits and doesn’t understand the ROBLOX community, and bribed the so called “richest player on ROBLOX” to be in his group.

44 Gibbles

I was once friends with him (I made him have an account on TheTopTens, it's called Gibbler.) But I don't like him anymore. We got into a fight over simple trolling. He is also a hypocrite, view hungry, subscriber hungry, liar, etc. - TeamRocket747

45 Roblok Minigoober
46 Enszo


He’s a chill dude why him

What’s wrong with this guy? He’s innocent what did he do to you?

He’s a big meanie and a big jerk he is freinds with the surreal boomblox I hate him (just kidding he’s awesome)

47 YungyPlaysRoblox

He makes thumbnails that are very inappropriate for Roblox, a children's site. - LedgerDraven

48 Chicie Chocolate
49 XDaniel
50 MyNameAstro
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