Top Ten Worst Things About Minecraft Servers


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21 Swearing bans

Take this off this list.

22 They are homophobic because they don't let you say "gay"
23 Stupid kids
24 Getting Griefed

One day if diamond armored players come and if they got me a choice between being killed or getting griefed I would attack one player sprint as fast as possible (they start running towards me) then once I far enough away from my house I troll them by leaving the game.

25 Being Killed On A No Factions Server
26 Suicide Jokes

That's why I play Roblox instead.

I saw this player called DefaultSteve that told a suicide joke and got ipbanned at medially.

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27 Trolls
28 People using all-caps V 1 Comment
29 Abusing Caps
30 Inappropriate builds
31 Swearing
32 Symbol spam
33 Someone fix the server lag!! Please
34 Command "args:string"

Most servers commands only have "args:string" on their command atc hints. Annoying for those who has no idea about what is that. - MChkflaguard_Yt

35 Big Eye Skins

I swear literally 99.99% of the Minecraft community are anime loving weaboos, I feel like I'm the only normal eye skin on Minecraft.

36 Empty Severs

They have literally NOBODY on them. Something fun to do is go right outside spawn and build something like 'Yo m8', but still.

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1. You're about to win a game and then all a sudden, Time Out
2. You type something in chat and you made a mistake, Then you have to wait 7 seconds to fix it and someone says "You're*"
3. People making sex clubs in creative servers.



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