Worst Things About Minecraft


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1 Creepers

But you can get gunpowder for TNT

This is why I always set my mode on Peaceful.

Minecraft would be better if there was no rotten creepers - venomouskillingmachine

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2 Ender Dragon
3 Too many die hard fans


- Every 10 year old ever - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Tell me about it. - Nirocart

They r crazy


4 When Villagers Go Hmmmmmmmmmm

You just wanna whip out your diamond sword and take their life for being so frustrating

This makes me turn my volume off

I hate this. What is the point of villagers doing this? - Minecraftcrazy530

I think it's funny. -Enderman

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5 Skeletons
6 Spiders
7 After a couple of months it gets old

Play on servers. Vanilla is boring. No one plays vanilla anymore. Mini-games make it fun.

I'm not even bored.I keep playing in a game I made and kill many zombies like "i'm Rick".

When I started playing Minecraft, I was obsessed!
Now it's like... "Terraria is better" - Skullkid755

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8 Zombies
9 It's so boring

No action, just run with no breathing.

10 Herobrine

Herobrine is NOT REAL. "REMOVED HEROBRINE" was just a joke by the Minecraft Developers.
by the way, the worst thing is not about Herobrine itself. It is when people started making fake Herobrine sightings and claimed that he is real through clickbait.

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11 Enderman

I just wish you can look in their eyes.

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12 Lag
13 Ghasts

Gr hate these things... Every 5 seconds they make that sound then shoot a fireball at you. Which has killed me countless times either by destroying the portal and leaving me stranded, or by hurling me over a lava pool, or by just blowing me up..

NO. I have a friend and he's a ghast. -Enderman

14 Zombie Pig Men
15 It's on every console V 3 Comments
16 The minecart and roller coaster system
17 Crappy updates V 1 Comment
18 Creative Mode
19 StampyLongHead

It would have been better if he used a Xbox One because Xbox 360 Live is going down soon.

He tries way too hard to be kid friendly and he only plays on Xbox which is stupid. And his Minecraft videos are really dull and boring.

He is so annoying. Just stop talking for once!

20 Bugs/Glitches

I wonder how many times I've been stuck on the floor

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1. It's so boring
2. After a couple of months it gets old
3. Too many die hard fans
1. Enderman
2. Ender Dragon
3. Creepers

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