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1 Creepers

But you can get gunpowder for TNT

Creepers should have a louder hissing sound Once I played survival (I normally only play creative) and boom *deletes world* - MChkflaguard_Yt

This is why I always set my mode on Peaceful.

Minecraft would be better if there was no rotten creepers - venomouskillingmachine

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2 Ender Dragon
3 Dumb, Awful Parodies of Popular Songs

That is not the fault of minecraft it is the community

I shOOT MY arROWS IN THe aIR SOMetimes. sayING AAAYo - UnlawfulMatron

The Minecraft songs community has declined at 2017.
I saw songs disgusing as Vevo (symbol at down left), which are cringey in fact. Some are stupid raps which has no meaning in the lyrics and are made just to rhyme. Minecraft used to be a creative game everyone having fun, but now turned to be a c***py community all because of these songs bringing down its reputation. - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 Herobrine

I'm not sure I ran into him but one time I saw trees with no leafs in creative in the middle of nowhere and it was just me and my brother playing

I voted for this because the people who think he's real are annoying.

If you believe in Herobrine let me have your back. Literally. - UnlawfulMatron

Just a retarded hoax. Shut up, creepypasta fanboys. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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5 Too many die hard fans

Yes. I'm 16, and only like playing minecraft to build things and achievements on my consoles. The 10 year olds who play it all day, every day, and go online to brag about killing everyone, and the die hard youtuber fans make me cringe hard (I know someone will say a 16 year old playing this game makes them cringe, yes) - CheesyNachos

I play Minecraft a bit, however my main favourite video game is Pokemon - Lunala

Look at my comment at "top ten worst video game fanbases" you will see - MChkflaguard_Yt


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6 When Villagers Go Hmmmmmmmmmm

You just wanna whip out your diamond sword and take their life for being so frustrating

This makes me turn my volume off

Yeah so annoying I avoid villages for Thai reason when I played minecraft

When they hmmm, make them do my Minecraft Diploma. It is an extremely hard Minecraft test. Then they will shut up. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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7 Skeletons
8 Spiders
9 Enderman

I just wish you can look in their eyes.

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10 Zombies

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11 Ghasts

Gr hate these things... Every 5 seconds they make that sound then shoot a fireball at you. Which has killed me countless times either by destroying the portal and leaving me stranded, or by hurling me over a lava pool, or by just blowing me up..

NO. I have a friend and he's a ghast. -Enderman

12 Bugs/Glitches

I wonder how many times I've been stuck on the floor

This stuff depends on how good your PC/Consoles are. - GirlyAnimeLover

13 Derp Face Skins
14 Zombie Pig Men
15 SkyDoesMinecraft fanboys

Skydoesminecraft is a n00b in my opinion no offense to His fans

16 After a couple of months it gets old

Play on servers. Vanilla is boring. No one plays vanilla anymore. Mini-games make it fun.

I love Vanilla and hate the Mini Games... That makes me a nobody, yes - CheesyNachos

I'm not even bored.I keep playing in a game I made and kill many zombies like "i'm Rick".

When I started playing Minecraft, I was obsessed!
Now it's like... "Terraria is better" - Skullkid755

4 1/2 years and counting. Still not bored of it.

17 The minecart and roller coaster system
18 Lag
19 Fire Spread
20 Crappy updates

This should be 2 or 3

21 StampyLongHead

It would have been better if he used a Xbox One because Xbox 360 Live is going down soon.

He tries way too hard to be kid friendly and he only plays on Xbox which is stupid. And his Minecraft videos are really dull and boring.

He is so annoying. Just stop talking for once!

22 Minecraft Fans

Ah I met some in a golf resort and then when I play minecraft a bunch of 9 year olds stick with me and talk about how is minecraft great, and told me to place diamonds everywhere, and of course forcing me to play survival mode. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Extremist said if I play roblox he would kill me in real life. what a weirdo

23 skydoesminecraft

He is a bad YouTuber. There is only one good video on his chanel - katiepery

What a n00by noob!

24 Game is not logical
25 "No Swearing" Rules

Minecraft is 10+, not 18+. Only Super Minecraft Kid fans hate this rule.

No swearing rules are there to keep the game kid friendly. Sure I like it if there isn't a no swearing rule but no swearing keeps the game, and the server more stable and child friendly. - UnlawfulMatron

You guys just like swearing swearing sucks. -Enderman

26 TNT

My 2nd cousin Jake blow up my bunker and my house with tnt on Minecraft ps3

27 The EULA

I voted for this just to say: No EULA=Pay to win - ABBCC

28 Squeakers

Minecraft was made for kids what do you expect, play counter strike.

29 It's so boring

No action, just run with no breathing.

30 Minecraft Story Mode

Extremely overrated,even more than minecraft itself! it is also brain washing people if you go on an mcpe server 90% of players are using mc story mode's characters! - MChkflaguard_Yt

31 Overload of gaming YouTubers making money off playing this game

And does stupid things - MChkflaguard_Yt

32 Squids

Lol you are a fake.

I am SkyDoesMinecraft and I find this offensive.

33 Wool

It breaks and burns down so easy!

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34 The Game Is Made of Blocks

That makes it way easier and cooler!

That is minecraft's coolest thing

Why would they have a pixel game in 2009?

If it is not blocks how the system handles player actions? think of it - MChkflaguard_Yt

35 The Game Is Overrated

Why isn't this higher

36 Teamers In Hunger Games
37 Raging Squeakers
38 Server Trolls
39 Really Obnoxious People Who TPA to you to see what you're up to
40 It's on every console

Wii and Nintendo 3DS does not have it.

But Wii U does.

Except for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and the original Wii.

41 Creative Mode

I find it great, whoever dislike this must be a hater to people with imagination - MChkflaguard_Yt

42 Host privileges
43 Lots of useless tools and weapons
44 Haters

I am a Minecraft hated.

45 Name Changing
46 Graphics

A game isn't only about graphics you know

Man U can do better, it's already 2009!

47 It's pixels
48 Not being able to do multiplayer unless you have Xbox Live
49 Too many stupid teens playing it

I hate dumb people

50 It's fans
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