Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On Christmas Day


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41 You get a hippo and it sits on you

Dang it I hate when that happens

I don't wanna hippopotamus for Christmas. A hippopotamus just won't do. - NoOreoForU

42 Relative dies
43 You walk in on your husband making out with Santa Claus
44 All you get for Christmas is your two front teeth

I have them so that would be creepy

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45 Justin Bieber performs in your neighborhood
46 Your Xbox that you got on Christmas blows up V 1 Comment
47 You get packets of ketchup V 2 Comments
48 You get the Superman 64 game disc

I thought it was a cartridge. - Jake09

49 You got a hippopotamus V 1 Comment
50 You Get the Frozen Soundtrack

Remove this one from the list please.

No - JPK

51 You Get Tomorrowland On DVD
52 You get poop for Christmas

Thank God this never happened to me. - Freddy_Fazbear

53 You get A lemon with a smiley face for Christmas V 1 Comment
54 You get a picture of your friend/family member admiring a toaster V 1 Comment
55 You don't believe Santa's real
56 You get Kidz Bop CDs

That would be the best thing ever

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57 When you are young and find out that Santa Claus is not real.

I stopped believing in him since I was six, and even when I was three I still had my suspicions. When I found out he wasn't real, it didn't bother me a whole lot, because logic suggested that a man flying on reindeers was not possible (I loved math and science since I can remember so yes I used logic when I was six). - CatCode

Yes he cannot go to Earth but he is real but he is a Saint and he is with God in Heaven and Paradise he will only come in the Revelation and in a vision from God so he is in Heaven

That's why my parents always told me Santa Clause isn't real. I know someone who is 15 and still believes in Santa. - funnyuser

My stupid Jehovah's witness friend told me when I was 9. One of my mom's friends was jehovah's witness and told her when she was 6.

I found my Christmas presents in my parent's room. 'enough said. - mayamanga

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58 You can't open your Christmas present because the wrapping is too tough

That isn't the worst thing but it is annoying - Harri666

59 You go downstairs and remember that nobody's there anymore V 2 Comments
60 Catch your parents putting presents in the tree

It sucks it happened when I was 8 when I was trying to "Hunt Down" Santa - MattDeBat

Once I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and I heard the door open. I didn't know who it was but I didn't check just I case it was Santa

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1. You Get Chris Brown CDs
2. You walk downstairs and find out that there are no presents
3. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
1. You get Big Brother on DVD
2. You get something you already have
3. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
1. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
2. When you are young and find out that Santa Claus is not real.
3. You go downstairs and remember that nobody's there anymore

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