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1 3MB

The worst tag teams of all time. I am Watching WWE since! Year but in This one year I had never saw them winning a match. - subhashsahu

Though they are very annoying, there so entertaining to watch :D
Drew McIntyre is a really good wrestler and yet he's in a group that claim they can 'Rock' heath Slater can wrestle well too, and Jinder Mahal.. Not too sure... But, they have the worst gimmick ever! Its just really funny watching the,

This trio totally deserves the number one spot on this list. Slater, McIntyre and Mahal are the worst WWE tag teams of today.

Wwe is holding drew McIntyre, the former intercontinental champion back by putting him with slater and mahal. Break up the group and send mahal and slater down to nxt. Have drew return to the gimmick he had while he was intercontinental champion. Now that's whats best for bussiness

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2 Prime Time Players

Millions of idiots, millions of idiots, millions of idiots like Titus O'Neal and Darren Young should ship back to FCW and hang with that slimeball, AW, the man who got fired over a rude rape joke. Millions of idiots!

The Black version of Billy & Chuck but just worse than that - htoutlaws2012

Just a rip off of Cryme Tyme

Titus O'Neal is dumb, Darren Young is dumber and they really are the dumbest and the worst tag team wrestlers ever in WWE today. Now time to blow my whistle at these chumps, ha, ha!

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3 Deuce N Domino

Do I even care about these greasers in the WWE and they were once tag team champions? No! They look like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John wannabes and they're aweful in the ring. WWE has gotten weirder these days.

4 Primo and Epico

These latinos are good high-fliers, but not good at wrestling.

They can't even wrestle

They can't just beat anyone

How is team hell no in here they had the longest reign of any tag team champion

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5 Rhodes Scholars

Both these guys had a lot of potential, although they were booked badly. Now they're both gone when they should've been world champions or at least been given a better chance! The tag team itself wasn't fantastic at the time, but it wasn't terrible, and calling this the worst tag team ever is a bit much.

6 Zack Ryder and Santino Marella

I agree they both are not good at teaming up.

7 John Cena & David Otunga

Obviously the worst team on the list

They always fight because Otunga was in nexus

They only teamed up for one match - XtremeNerdz12

Only cause cena is in this

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8 Air Boom

Kofi Kingston shouldn't teamed up with Evan Bourne in the first place. He loves to get suspended and loves to get injured so that he'll be lazy in his sofa.

High flyer and one more high flier it does not suit.
Without a powerhouse any team is weak.

9 The Heart Throbs
10 Team Hell No

NOO! Team Hell No is awesome! Also, I don't see Daniel Bryan as a goat, I see hm as more of a schnauzer.

The chemistry of the team sucks! Who cares of their tag team champ thing and the winning streak. Kane is no longer the feared monster and DanBry is just a goat bearded jackass. They would be much better alone.

Kane should not be partnered with Daniel Bryan. The Big Red Monster is too good for the goat. Kane could beat Daniel Bryan in seconds if they had a match.

This team ruined Kane for me. He used to be a monster and now he's hugging issues out.

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11 ShowMiz

ShowMiz sucks because The Miz can't wrestle. The Miz? More like The Jizz!

12 The Dicks

They were bad on purpose though.

13 John Morrison and The Miz

Now they keep on fighting

No they do not John went to the indie leagues

Now John Morrison is in AAA.

14 Mike Knox & Test
15 The Spirit Squad

The spirit squad was the greatest stable of all time
Still sad they broke up
Spirit squad for life

16 Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable
17 X-Factor

They put new words on top of a real song and called it good terible

Yes it was. It was in WWF in 2001. Albert, Justin Credible, and X-Pac. And yes, they were bad.

This is not in wwe

18 Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan
19 Brodus Clay and Tensai

Laugh out loud Seriously Brodus Clay and Tensai are the worst tag team in WWE! They should get more serious or turn heel because that is the only way they would improve or else I don't wanna see them dancing in front of my god damn screen! - RIYANINDIA

20 NWO

The Nwo are like the Nazis of wwe. Why would Hulk Hogan change to Hollywood Hogan huh? And there are Japanese wrestlers on the nwo so that explains a lot.

This is the cheapest rip off ever. Also, the guy who put, stop trolling. - bigirrationalpiguy

NWO is the best faction next to edge & christian, the Dudley boys, the hardy boys, the APA etc.

Kevin nash alwayed hit his illegal finisher and went to jail

21 The Golden Truth

I actually watched goldust turn on r truth live at the prudential center

These guys are just a joke and I thought goldust was supposed to be bizarre not team up with R-TURD (r-truth)

22 Men on a Mission
23 Billy & Chuck

Like what I thought that billy Gunn loved butts wasn't that his gimmick?

24 Rico and Charlie Haas
25 Goldango

Just the name itself is horrible and fandango puts the cherry on top and the summary of this team

26 Otunga and McGillicutty
27 Rhythm & Blues
28 The Highlanders
29 The Corre
30 D-Generation X


Oh really, then why did you put this item on this list? It says "TOP TEN WORST WWE TAG TEAMS", not "TOP TEN BEST WWE TAG TEAMS"! Get your facts right, kid!

D-Generation X is the most boring and overrated Tag teams of all time.

They are very good wrestlers

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31 The Highlanders
32 The Ascension

Their only bad because Vince refuses to use them to their full potential.

33 The Shield

What whoever put the shield in this list is dumb (like ryback). speaking of ryback, probs a ryback fan put the shield in this list. cause the shield triple powerbombed ryback countless times. if that's not the reason, then probs because the idiot that put the shield in the list mistook the list for "top ten best tag teams"

34 The Miz and R-Truth
35 Demolition

Why are they on the list?

36 International Airstrike

Never hea - Granton8ter05

37 Team Co-Bro (Zack Ryder & Santino Marella)
38 Santino and Brodus Clay
39 Heath Slater and Titus O'Neill

I have never seen them win they get beaten up by a bunny mascot!

40 Brothers of Destruction

Whoever put the bod here deserves to get chokeslammed and tombstoned all the way to hell

41 The New Day The New Day

From gospel group to evil bronies, I can't stand those 3 idiotic superstars in the WWE. The booty jokes and used jokes are outdated.

NEW..DAY..SUCKS. Ugh,worst modern tag team,hands down

42 Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady
43 Shawn Michaels and Triple H
44 The Wyatt Family
45 The Real Americans
46 Social Outcasts
47 Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

First of all this list is worst WWE tag teams, not best WWE tag teams. Plus, Rey and Sin Cara aren't the worst, so I don't know why you put this item on purpose.

They are the best tag team that I ever seen.

They should have been in matches AGAINST each other

They are OUTSTANDING WHY are they on the list

48 Legacy
49 Hardy Boyz

Haha very funny - Granton8ter05

50 The Bella Twins
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