Top Ten Most Annoying Sounds In Minecraft

This is the top ten most annoying sounds in Minecraft which include some very annoying sounds!

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1Villager SoundsV2 Comments

The most Annoying thing about rain is that it happens to me all the time when I play minecraft. For an example it rains for 12 minutes and 8 minutes later while I'm exploring it starts raining for 10 minutes.
I wish there's an option where you can turn sound from rain off its loud and Annoying just like real life - Not-Elan

Rain goes on for way too long and is by far the most irritating sound I know of in Minecraft.

It sounds annoying and looks annoying.

3Doors Flapping

I love going to villages but I break ever door so I could walk a round peacefully

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4Dying Sound
6On Fire

Totally agree, your on fire and your trying to escape but your moaning just makes you panic more.

7Angry Enderman Sounds

FREAKY! It scares the heck out of me

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8Animal SoundsV1 Comment
9Ender Dragon Sounds
10Enderman Dying

Sounds like SpongeBob laughing

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11Horse Dying

A horse dying is a screech. It makes you cringe when you hear it, and even if you have a good reason for killing it, it still makes you feel really sad.

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12Nether Sounds

I hate going going to the nether hearing grr (pig man) mesh mohaw merher (ghast) plop plop plip (magma cubes) ha ( blazes)

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13Ghast Dying

It is SO annoying. I turn off all the sounds.

It is SO annoying. I turn off all the sounds.

It is SO annoying. I turn off all the sounds.

It is SO annoying. I turn off all the sounds.

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14Nether Portal
16Creeper Blowing Up
18Cave Noises / AmbienceV1 Comment
19Zombies Dying

It flies around and makes annoying noises when u hit it or when its flying around.

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