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Most people among us has/had sex in life. Which is your favourite position? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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From Behind
The receiving partner is kneeling or
On all four limbs. The penetrating
Partner inserts from


It is the best feeling in the world will he puts his penis in and mostly when he moves in a humping motain when the penis is in going a little out then back in so yah I love to have sex all the time with radonm guys at the bar so call me a slult but it feels better every night
It's the best like doggy style

2Female On Top (Facing Towards Partner)
The female is on her hands and
Knees with her bottom exposed to
The male.


Oral sex between two people at the
Same time.


69 times the pleasure
Matt deards here and I am currently jerking gerkin and I wondering if I should switch to 69

4Doggy Style
Hannah Greaves from Goulburn loves it like this!

5On Top With Front Entry
The most popular type. Also known as "Missionary". In it, the receiving partner
Lies on his or her back with legs
Apart. The penetrating partner lies
On top of the receiving partner,
Facing them.


It feels so good! I love it when my husband gives it to me like this!
This is by far the best this way.


6Sitting and Kneeling
The penetrating partner sits down,
With their legs stretched out. The
Receiving partner sits on top and
Wraps their legs around the
Penetrating partner.


In the basic standing position, both
Partners stand facing each other
And have sex.


8Female On Top (Facing Away From Partner)

Both partners lie down either facing each other, or away.


Lying, hugging my wife, her hugging me, with my penis in her vagina

My girlfriend screams during this.
Her boobs are pressed against me and we kiss while she wraps her leg around my thigh.

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12The Lotus Blossom

13Nigga Flip
Flip and lick the vagina

14The King Prawn

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