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I've owned Adidas, Nike, and Diadora cleats. Diadora cleats were very comfortable (which is absolutely essential... You shouldn't be thinking about your feet and how they feel while you're playing in a match) and made of high quality leather. Adidas cleats, specifically the adiPures, have the same high quality leather, but the reason I switched to Adidas is because they are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. I've never had a blister while wearing Adidas or even Diadora cleats. Nike cleats were the worst for me. I owned a pair of total 90s, and they constantly gave me blisters. They were uncomfortable to pass and shoot with, and on top of that I couldn't feel the ball as well compared to my other cleats. Just my opinion and analysis.

Adidas F50 adizero are just the best I love it, is like you re flying on the soccer field, if you are one the best player, you need to get just the best soccer shoes so buy ADIDAS and you will score a goal.

All their brands are pure quality on the players and customers.. Thumbs up

Adidas is the best cleats, I love their design, Their way more comfortable than nike.

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Nike cleats are far way the best soccer cleats, better than the adidas f50 adizero even though I like adidas soccer cleats too.
Adidas makes the best soccer balls Nike makes the best soccer cleats.

Nike is and always be the best brand ever look at the latest ones and the older... It's the best

It's great I have a pair my self really comfortable, will not fail you at certain times but it will not go up in the air like you think by kicking it, get a adidas ball and I am sure it will not fail you. - :) my word

Nike shoes are really good very comfortable but even adidas is good I have owned both of the shoes but I felt nike more better than adidas

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Puma is discredited because of one poorly made cleat in the V1.06. Many people since then have avoided buying PUMA because they are scared of possible ripping. I have owned 4 pairs of PUMA cleats and I preach to you that with proper care, your PUMAs will be the best boots you have ever owned

Puma to me is the most comfortable and the ball controll I get from them is outstanding. Adidas is a close second but what seperates them in the end is the fact that It take a week or two to get use to the pumas. Right away I new how the ball would react to my powercats and adidas took a more time.

Puma is not my style but they are making many more boots that I have seen and read about that sound better then they have been

They have done a lot for me and including the latest arsenal Jersey

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Pure English class and heritage, simply the best you can get.

They were founded in 1920 which means they have way more experience over the years than other companies

The ball control, design, comfortable, all around the best cleats you'll find at any store.

Umbro makes the best cleats, for people with wide or slim feet. I love the brand.

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5Under Armour

Great Cleats and soccer balls. Becoming an elite brand.

Under armour soccer shoes are comfortable and I love their looks, and I prefer them over nike

They need to be the number 1 they have better looking shoes

Under-rated shoe, and amazing ball control.

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my diadora soccer ball lasted almost a year lost in the wilderness... when found only a bit of lost air no damage... great control I love it

Best cleats in the world. They really make an improvement when you play. They are so much better than nike.

I've owned Diadora Elegante Football shoes for more than a year now, and I guarantee, it's heaven. Looks wise good, Feel & Touch - divine. Just awesome brand, Diadora!

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Epic shoe! Better than diadora has power in running shooting and passing epic and awesome! Shoe!

Epic shoe for midfielders I thought it was a lame shoe but it turned out to be an awesome shoe

Top shoes for soccer players epic in passing or shooting
Better than diodara and puma

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I have Fila trainers they look the the best and feel comfortable Fila any day

My fila raptor are the moste comfortable boots I have ever had

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These are really Amazing Cleats. NIVIA DESTROYER is probably the Best Cleat under 1000/-. One of the best cleats that I used to play with. Right now, I'm using Nike Magista Boot and it is also Awesome!

Oh I have one of this I like playing this very much by anind and hima bro

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I have Played with a Spalding soccer ball and I would recommend it to those who are new to soccer, and what's good is they are not too expensive. Obviously they are not as good as brands like nike and adidas but I wouldn't disapprove it.


The lightest and most advance football cleats in the market.

Joma propulsion 3.0 are for everton fans

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No this is very bad

Kappa are always getting better

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I got a soccer ball and it was really good it's not to heavy bro not to light and it has a nice touch that is softer and it flies good for its weight

Best ball I ever had it curves like I want to and it's not to heavy but it is not to light and it is good for practice

Love this brand very good all around company

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My macron horizon ball lasted me 6 years

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