Ten Best Cosmetic Companies

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Artistry is the best product I ever used. With the Essentials you are best care and the Time Defiance serie for Ladys who want looks beautiful. and the crown of all of Artistry is: Creme LUXURY. it let feel the skin 15 years younger.
My mom even uses it (she has sold another brand for 15 ) I also have very sensitive skin and its the only thing that doesn't make me itch
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All the anti-aging products from Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, Estee Lauder, etc have been thrown out. BeautiControl just has an instant gratification and with continued use, shows major signs of improvement. My crows feet and the number 11's (between the eyes) were significantly and noticeably decreased within 4 weeks. I have been using the treatments for almost 4 months now and the fine lines are GONE! I'm a 38 year old just-quit-smoker and life-time sun bather of AZ, so that is just unbelievable to me. I will never stop using this stuff... EVER!
Maintenance is maintenance is maintenance. As long as you have a good maintenance program from any of the leading companies you will have more youthful skin. BUT if you want to go farther and turn your aging skin back to a baby's bottom... well, The Instant Face Lift by BC is by far the best products I have used in years. The Microderm Abrasion crystals with buffer and the TFF cream makes my skin so young and vibrant looking. I can actually feel the TFF eye firming serum lifting my brows. And don't get me going on how awesome the Detox Body products are!!! The cost???... well, it's unbelievable!!! BC ALL THE WAY!!!
My Acne prone skin improved in ONLY 8 days after I attended a "Margarita Spa" at my neighbors home. I LOVE the feel instantly and BeautiControl gave a money back guarantee + the consultant called me back (never got that from the dept stores, Dermatologist's office, or ordering from online or T.V.) to check in & see how things were going. The skin care impressed me, my family & friends noticed the difference too that I quickly was ready to try the Anti-Aging treatments then I started to use the Mineral Makeup Line! That was 13 years ago! HUGE fan of BeautiControl as my family, friends and neighbors are now too! I had tried it all, nothing came close to both the quick improvements in my skin and the long lasting results!
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3MAC Cosmetics
I am a licensed esthetician and make-up artist for M.A.C. and have worked with many dermalogical brands as well as beauty brands. I promise that M.A.C. is a brand that is trust worthy. All the products are dermatologist tested as well as tested back stage before sold (to make sure they really work) and are non-comodenic (don't have ingredients that are not linked to breakouts). As far as the price when compared to other department store brands M.A.C. is actually the least expensive along with Clinique so don't get discouraged when you hear that its pricey. What can get expensive are some of the professional tools but they are totally worth it. And everyone should know that M.A.C. "gives back" by donating millions of dollars every year to people affected with HIV and AIDS as well as recycling to build playground equipment; plus M.A.C. is 100 percent cruelty free and is made for all skin types and shades. This is a great brand and in every aspect, but remember, every one is different so try it before you knock it and whatever you choose to use; as like as you love it, it's the best product for you! =)
I luv mac, its wonderful, they have a wide range of colors in foundation, matches my complexion extremely well.
All races all sexes all ages! MAC is made for the professionals and for the people who love it. MAC has the best pigmentation especially for media purposes, which that's why it was first created. MAC also is the top choice of make up used by New York Fashion Week every year. Everyone knows MAC is the best!
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I love the products, I use only Oriflame for the last 3 years and all works great for me. Every month they have new products and special offers. None of these products have been tested on animals and they are the first company in the world which started with 100% natural products. But the most important is that they also have earning opportunities for everyone who need extra money or you can even build your own business.
I love the oriflame products. I m going to start my beauty salon and I want to use oriflame products in my salon
Me and my family we are using Oriflame products for past 13 years. Even if I can afford much more expensive cosmetics I have biggest trust in Oriflame products. First reason is because they are based on natural ingredients, second reason the results from using them are great. Third reason- I love their packages. Such a great quality. It's true what most of people say, once you try Oriflame products you fall in love and stay with them. I totally agree and recommend. Worth to try them at least. The best thing is that even if you would try them them for few days and use a little bit you could still return if you wouldn't like them and receive full money back!
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Lancome Has a great skin care and the color's are amazing the eyeshadow wear great, they just came out with Visionaire foundation! Let me tell you, This foundation is amazing it evens out your skin tone, helps with pores and has a concealer, can you ask for more! Ask Lancome and you get it, Visionaire has SPf 20! A skin Correcting foundation. That helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Love Lancome they Work for today's busy women.
Love lancome, very light and natural. I tested their lipstick and its lead free! Powder, foundation and eye shadows, very light and smooth.
I love lancome their foundation is the best it really makes me look good and I fall in love with it each time I use it
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6Mary Kay
Mary Kay is amazing. It makes your skin soft and smooth. The skin care is second to none. The prices are amazing. They have great customer service, 100 percent money back guarantee, try before you buy AND by having a party with your friends to get makeovers you can earn FREE product. The consultants offer free gifts with purchase and they deliver to you. What more do you need? Oh and the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation gives millions to help end domestic violence against women and children and also gives to cancer reasearch to help find cures for cancers affecting women. Find a consultant today and be amazed. Thank you Mary Kay!
Mary Kay is the BEST makeup ever... From their skin care (which is awesome) to their makeup line. You cannot beat their 100% satisfaction guarantee and try before you buy. It is a great career opportunity, also... One of very few if not the only company to not compete with its sales consultants. Love, Love, Love it and after 3 years of using the products, I decided to join them as an Independent Sales Consultant and have never been happier. It is a company that is progressive, does not use animals to test and is based on the philosophy: Faith first, Family second, and Career Third.
The Miracle set is A real miracle< the foudation is MAgic, I call it products with intergrity>
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I've been using Clinique since I was a teenager. I've tried different products off and on over the years (I'm 37 now) and I go back to Clinique every time to fix the problems that were created when I tried to change. I'm using the acne and anti-aging products and having great success with them still. I get compliments all the time on how great my skin looks. I have never thought it was anything special, but when I switched back to Clinique a few years ago after having strayed away for a while, I started getting compliments again! Love it! I will get my daughter started on it soon!
When I was 11, I got my first zit. My mom rushed me over to the Clinique counter at Macy's and bought me my very first Type 3 (3 step). I'm 26 now, never suffered from another blemish in my life. My skin is radiant from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. I love my skin. It's my best feature.
their products are so safe because its the only brand that allergy tests all of thier products. which is a TON better than all that other "hypoallergenic" BS. look it up! AND they actually custom fit your makeup to you there is like 8 different kinds of foundations!!the consultants are highly trained and friendly. by far better than mary kay. you can go buy it in a store even! and WAY better than mac, more affordable and not general makeup made for every skin type
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8Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder is by far the best. They have the #1 best selling foundation in America! Double Wear is my favorite, it stays on forever and there are like 30 shades to choose from and the beauty advisor matches you! Also, they have like 8 other types of foundation! And, their skincare is varied they have stuff for dry, normal, oily, and sensitive skin. I also like their selection of color in eyeshadow, liners, lipsticks, glosses, and even nail polish. They are by far my favorite cosmetic company.
I don't really like to put anything on my face, but lately I've been trying the moisturizer from estee lauder & it feels so natural, I love it everyone even tells me my skin looks smoother & more radiant
I have been using Estee Lauder Makeup and skincare for almost 30 years and its AMAZING! When I got married, in my 20's, I bought all my bridesmaids their makeup because I didn't want them to wear anything else! Double Wear foundation can't be beat... Have lived in the south my whole life and NOTHING stays on better in hot, humid weather! The Advanced Night Repair is my favorite skincare product for smooth, glowing skin... Love EVERYTHING about Estee Lauder!
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hey! your products are really awesome. I wish there are more for teens and a good conditioner and shampoo for curls... ;)

because of its product quality
Love the glamshine gloss... SO. DARN. PRETTY.
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10Bare Escentuals
Bare minerals is the most natural makeup out there, especially for me only being 14 I need makeup that will give me coverage but not break me out or clog my pores, bare minerals lets your skin breath whilst treating any breakouts. There powder foundation and blush are so pigmented and easy to apply. Overall the best brand out there definitely not disappointed with any of there products :) xx
Love this product line. It's natural and I love that I can take a nap and wake up without having to reapply.
Just love it... So natural. Best thing is I can sleep with it and waking up still looking fresh
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The Contenders

Dior products are the BEST! I LOVE them... Especially the creme to gel foundation... It leaves your skin looking FLAWLESS and so BEAUTIFUL! Totally recommend Dior products to EVERYONE! Trust!
It's the best of all! I love all of their products! Especially the hydra life moisturizer for dry skin conditions!
DIOR is the best! All the products are too good.. Especially the shades for lip wear.. I love them all...
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I absolutely LOVE revlon! The packaging is appealing, shade variety is wonderful and everything I have tried is of great pigmentation. My favourite things are their lip products!
Revlon is great for starting out or if you have a tight budget. You can buy revlon at ulta and most drugstores, but I love it from target. Great shades and formulas and revlon continues to amaze me!
I love all its products.. there are wide range to select from and also safe..
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I love this product, although I can't always buy it and regress to other brands due to the price. I have to say as a whole, it has a positive effect on my lifestyle and skin. I look better and people immediately react to the Chanel name if I'm wearing their nail polish or any product, so it is worth buying and one is bound to have complements!
best products ever, so natural eye colors
I have very sensitive skin and never had any problems with any product by Chanel. I use Lipsticks and glosses, a puder foudationa and a liquid foudation. Never dried out my skin, never led to a rash.
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14Bobbi Brown
BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS is the best! Makeup was invented to ENHANCE beauty, not cover it with un-natural colours and products used for artistry makeup, so Bobbi Brown should be number 1 because all their stuff does just that! <3 The first thing I ever bought was the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush, and they are the best makeup products I have ever bought! Bobbi Brown is awesome!
Bobbi Brown cosmetic is the only Brand have very Wide natural foundation shade that caters all skin color and skin condition. Brand that teaches makeup application at the easy way and very natural approach look.
Leaves your face flawless. The lip gloss feels amazing on my lips. I stopped contouring because with the foundation does everything for your face.
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Brilliant, lasting colors, lots of choices, amazing mascaras. They have the best nail polish, and their brush kits are fantastic!
I use it.. It's best like artistry
I agree it's the best
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German quality and certified products. You can practically eat the Aloe Vera products. I have personally tried most of the headliner products, as well as the hair care series, skin care and all aloe products. I have never spent my money so well. I would recommend these exceptional company to any person who really cares about their looks, health, and lifestyle.
The best company on the world. All certified products by Fresenius Institute, Dermatest and IASC. Top quality and reasonable prices! What more we could need?
LR Health and Beauty Systems is the best of the best, the only problem is that they don't don't have a large variety in the makeup line, other than that they do everything exceptionally well
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17Essential Cosmetics
Love your products!
I love their makeup and PRICE!

Avon has good quality make up for a reasonable price. If fits from Avon I never doubt the product. And they also have, I don't what its called, but like a booklet of all the things they have, new and old stuff so all you have to do is find a representative and order it from them so you don't need to go to actual Avon store to get their products. and you become a Avon rep. and make some extra money if you need it.
color cosmetics and be used by all races.
Its really very good, as I'm using avon products from few weeks back. It's awesome.
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19Nvey Eco
Amazing makeup artistry products that are natural and gentle on your skin.
The best organic cosmetic line on the market. Love their lip lustres
Nvey Eco is wonderful products, Healthy and good quality! Creme Deluxe Foundation is amazing!
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Very affordable, and provides good quality products.
Visit Essence Website

21Naked Cosmetics
Love it first eye shadow does not bother me
Visit Naked Cosmetics Website

Very nice product
Very effective and good in using...
Products of lakme is really effective, always my choice is lakme. Lakme products givs you no harm
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It's food that skin eats. It means really good and no harm for skin.

Origins all natural products leave your skin feeling wonderful and fresh. No harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances/dyes to weigh you down. And they're one of the ONLY lines (even among those claiming to be all natural) to use a natural preservative system so they really are as close to the tree as you can get! Their skincare and makeup are both product lines that genuinely deliver on their promises.
All natural I love it
Visit Origins Website

25The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare
Visit The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Website

26Guinot Institut Paris
I have used many of their products and I am always amazed by the great effect they have on my skin (face and body). My skin is very sensitive and I haven't found other brand that works as good as Guinot.
Best products out ther for sure are Guinot!
Visit Guinot Institut Paris Website

27FM Group Cosmetics
Very good cosmetic products. Very good smell and quality of perfumes. SIMPLY THE BEST...

Visit Jouviance Website

29MAX Factor
It lasts longer than other products.
Max factor is safe for any type of skin
It gives you perfect finish... That's why I love max factor
Visit MAX Factor Website

It is very much cheap but I used very much. But it never effected my skin. SO For it a best company
It's the best brand ever!
Visit Ayur Website

31Too Faced
I love two faced eye products, my favorite is the anti crease potion
Love, love, love, too faced makeup the best all around!
I love all too faced products they amazing!
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32Urban Decay
Not only does urban decay keep up in the color department with makeup forever and mac... it exceeds them by making products that are parabin free and vegan! The packaging is suuuper cute and the products are high quality(and not more $ than previously mentioned company's hense U ACTUALLY GET WHAT U PAY FOR!) I'm a total ud freak and for GOOD REASON. My grandmother is actually the one who introduced me to their product. Its amazing that they really do have something for everyone!
I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes! I have Naked and I'm absolutely in love with it! I love all the colours they have and the fact that they don't test it on animals. The quality of the makeup is really good as well. Another urban decay product I love is the Big Fatty mascara! My lashes look unbelievable after it!
Urban Decay is AMAZING. They do not test on animals at all and have a wonderful range of fashionable products.
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I love this brand. It's eyes lips and facial products are simply amazing! I would recommend it to everyone I know. It's a good price and fabulous quality my favorite to say the least
Love..Love E.L.F. very affordable prices allows you to purchase more products... Your E.L.F. collection will add up very fast!
The HD Translucent Setting Power is amazing and a definite must have in your makeup bag/kit!

Buy it, try it, you will love it!
I LOVE ELF. Extremely cheap with perfect quality. Their eyeliner is the best and so is their pressed powders and blush. don't recommend the mascara too much, but all in all I LOVE IT. probobly the most expensive product would be 10 dollars.
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34Yves Saint Laurent
Love the eye shawdow and new eyeliner
Have we forgotten about it?


Artistry is the best so I always suggest everybody you should be use this...
I will always prefer attitude
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I love the skin care and nutrition products! I am a teacher and always got sick several times a year, until I started using the immunity booster drink every day. I am so much healthier and look better with Arbonne products. Prices are comparable especially with the discounts and hostess benefits! Hosting a party allows you to get up to 80% off and free $50 product! I love the green commitment Arbonne has and that all products are pure, safe, and beneficial. I lost my mom to cancer and am so glad that Arbonne offers products that are free of many harmful ingredients. Arbonne has given me a healthier option with personal hygiene products and nutrition for myself and my family. Thank you, Arbonne!
I just started using Arbonne's products about four months ago and I am in love! I love that they are free of harmful things and my skin feels and looks amazing! Arbonne's products have also taken care of some skin care problems I was experiencing. The make up is so beautiful and the essentials are wonderful! For the first time ever my immune system is boosted I've successfully stayed well with my busy schedule. Also the price is definitely comparable. You get what you pay for.
Arbonne has truly changed my life, I am so greatfull that it doesn't have any animal biproducts. I am glad that the test to 100% good reaction level unlike every other non ultra premium company. My son's hair has never looked better with their shampoo, my husbands face doesn't break out any more after shaving with their shave cream and after shave and my hands have never been softer then with their hand lotion. And no bat poop in their mascara unlike every brand above.
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Visit Arbonne Website

38Merle Norman
I use the miracle mask and booster and it is great for acne prone skin. It heals blemishes very fast. You mask every other night for 30 minutes and mix the booster with the mask once a week. The mask is also a excellent exfoliator for people with acne scars. The best thing is that the mask is only $17.00 and the booster is only $12.50. You can determine whether you want the booster with the mask or if you just want to buy the mask alone, but I would buy both to get the best results.
Merle Norman skin care and makeup is amazing, women who have been wearing this their whole lives havent aged at all!! its fantastic for teens and all!!!
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THE PACKAGING IS SO CUTE! The packaging is what drew my attention the first time. But once I bought my first Benefit product I realized that the quality is outstanding! My favorites probably include the concealer (Erase Paste) and BigBeautifulEyes eyeshadow kit! LOVE it!
So natural and elegant! I love this stuff!
Works great for me. Cute packaging too. Makes me want to use cosmetics all the more.
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40Zomiah Cosmetics

Zomiah Cosmetics has excellent makeup and very reasonably priced. Their eye shadow collection is extensive. I put it on and lasts throughout the day. I'm a devoted fan for the past 2 years.


Visit Zomiah Cosmetics Website


I am Definitely a NARS girl... I love the fact that they offer very vibrant as well as neutral colors! Unlike Mac... Nars makeup lasts all day long! It is worth every penny!

Visit NARS Website


Deborah foundation 24 hour is perfect and excellent.

44The Body Shop
Products are so natural that blend into your skin and just nourishes that you can feel..
Its incredible! I've used its products (especially foundations and glosses) for some time now.. I like it's products better than any other company's.
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Visit The Body Shop Website

45Hollywood Style
Herbal beauty products from hair to toe manufactured in Usa by sv labs.

Their lip balms are very moisterizing as well as their lotions.

I use this brand its gives natural look ever still now it is not effected my skin and I always said to others that every lower brand can effect you but this is not because this is really very expensive brand in Pakistan so I requested to this company that please make it affordable to others which can't able to purchase it there fore I say that because this is very good brand and I want that in Pakistan every one use it because it is not effect our skin and as you know every one want to use good brand because this is face problem so that is my request to this brilliant company and I therefore say that because Pak is very poor country so please think about ok bye and must take care thank you
Maybelline foundation, mascara, blushes, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil is the greatest for the price. People always ask what kind of makeup I use and I tell them Maybelline is the best. I been using it for 35 years.
Bounce blushes, lip glosses on the shape of lip stick, lots of makeup in stick form, baby lips, amazing mascaras, and great prices! Same quality as more expensive ones and sometimes better quality! This should definitely be in the top 25 or 20, not 60!
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48Jafra Cosmetics
Skin care products are fantastic, keep our skin smooth and looks younger
I love jafra. I've tried others and ended up with irritation. The consultant told me just the of strength I should use and it was perfect for me. My skin is soft and smooth.
Jafra has the Best skin care products
More comments about Jafra Cosmetics

49BH Cosmetics
Cheap when on great discounts and product looks worth more, packaged great at least mine where but no gifts,! Edition is great for very bold and colorful looks vivid and playful if you like making a statement its great I love it and Shany cosmetics. Great palettes but the base is so important for all these color look for N.Y. X cosmetics that base and the jumbo white pencil in white buy and apply them let it dry and dab on those great colors. Enjoy those secrets for those that don't know a must have.
Bh cosmetics is awesome. The product stays on longer than 24 hours and when you try to clean it off it's so easy the it feels like the eyeliner never dried out the product is outstanding And the eyeshadow is so beautiful to wear you won't want to take it off
Good price Good quality. Love them.

50NYX Cosmetics
Such great colors, they even have a lot of different choices! Such as, nail polish, beauty products, hair care! All I can say is that they are AWESOME! Definitely check it out!
It is the best makeup I ever used in my life quality Wise perfect and for the price Wise it is excellent. Go NYX Go
Nyx oh where to begin... I'm obsessed!
More comments about NYX Cosmetics
Visit NYX Cosmetics Website

It's very mild and it can be use everyday.. It's affordable and good also for sensitive skin..
Best makeup brand ever
Visit Covergirl Website

52Yves Rocher
This brand have so good products, I have used them for years, they are really natural and I trust this brand. I hope they can keep my confidence.
Absolutely natural, affordable products, would really love an improvement in their make up line, more lines of makeup with all natural ingredients, more blushes and bases.
Absolutely amazing foundations, all cosmetic but please put some spf on your foundations

53Australis Cosmetics
Visit Australis Cosmetics Website

54Make Up Forever
I love make up forever. It has a great concealer and wonderful HD makeup that matches everyone woman of color. The make up lasts forever and great for photo finish. The lip sticks and eye shadows are awesome and last a long time, especially with a primer. Try the make up, you would love it.
Visit Make Up Forever Website

Products and classes are amazing and personalized... From the simplest to special effects ones best quality and safe for every skin type
Visit Kryolan Website

56Just For Redheads
Visit Just For Redheads Website

Good mascara, totally reccomend it

58Kiko Makeup
Amazing products and totally affordable love love love. I was always hooked on expensive brands which made me get spots. Since using these products my skin looks fresh and shine free. Their lip gloss pencils are amazing soft and non waxy feel lasts forever.

59Milani Cosmetics
I love their Bronzers that can act as concealers as well as the swirl has all the colors for all skin colors
Milani has nice concealer
I Use Milani BronzEr And I Get CompLiments Everywhere I go

60You Cosmetics

61Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier should be #1, the beautiful cosmetics line isn't any typical cosmetics line its luxury blended with skin care and with classy and fun colors. Laura Mercier is a genius, she created primer to protect her face from every day wear of make up and laura mercier doesn't have a "one size fits all" primer she has one according to your type of skin and according to your style as well... After using laura mercier I noticed my skin looked so amazing and because of this line I now have flawless skin. Love this line the best in price and in luxury and for the long time loyal client...
My mom and I have been using it for several years and its the best. It leaves are skin radiant and flawless. Nothing out there in the market can even come close to Laura mercier cosmetics and skin care.


I like this product... Long wearing

Perfect for Asian skin.

63Swiss Miss

64Careline Cosmetics

For teenage and affordable. Good also in all skin type.


Everything is just so good! Their products look so good on skin and are very lightweight! They have amazing deals and always have great sales! There are reviews on their website that tell you what other people think, too!
It leaves you with perfect silky smooth skin after you use it.

67Madara Cosmetics
A really great Latvian Organic Cosmetic Brand! I have used some of their hair and body care products, especially the moisturising ones and have been very satisfied. Would advise especially for dry and sensitive skin types.
Visit Madara Cosmetics Website

It's very very good
Visit Luscious Website

69Amore Pacific

Visit Burberry Website

Beautiful products and reasonable price...
Visit Colorbar Website

72Callas Cosmetics

73Balam Fashions

This is a new brand in fashion industry. They deal all cosmetics and imitations jewelery.

74Herbalife Outer Nutrition

Visit Collistar Website

76Chiara Cosmetics

I have been trying different skin care product due to my sensitive skin for over 20 years and can across Chiara Cosmetics through a friend / aesthetician. It works great for me and now I'm hooked. I would highly recommend it to any one, especially if you have sensitive skin.

A Skin Care line based on anti aging technology and Dead Sea Minerals

Visit Chiara Cosmetics Website

77Rivaj Cosmetics

78Ever Bilena

79BSC Cosmetic

I like this product

Skin care and make up product all are good. If you have brown or black complexion BSc Expert White can help you.

Visit Almay Website

81Sheriff Professional
Sheriff Professional is the best cosmetic brand I have ever used. With a huge selection of shades to choose from. I purchased items from a photoshoot. Sheriff love your products, please continue to always create wonderful products.
In love with the products! My mom is in love with the blushes that they carry, so pigmented and such a variety of textures from matte to a perfect amount of shimmer! And I currently am using this whole product line in my makeup Artist train case. I like how they work for the everyday makeup wearer to the MUA's.
If you are a professional makeup artist you need to check out this new line. This line has been on the runways with Models from Toronto, USA, UK, this line is truly taken the light on high-fashion runways, Thank you Sheriff Professional
Visit Sheriff Professional Website

Using their anti-aging cream and under eye cream. Love the results and how quickly I noticed the dark circles under my eyes literally disappear. They are expensive but if you can treat yourself, this the way to go.
I've used many skin care lines too many to list but I absolutely love this skin care regimen easy and stays true to what it says love it
It is prescribed by doctors.
Visit NeoStrata Website


Absolutely NUMBER ONE cosmetic products that I have ever used! These products really work!

Visit Filorga Website

84Paris EXclusive Cosmetics
skin care based on marine ingredients, 100 % organic. Very nice smells, penetrates immediately, sophisticated texture. Beautiful presentation with vivid colours! 3 lines - Men face skin care, skin care for women and body care
Visit Paris EXclusive Cosmetics Website

85Fair & Handsome
As you know, this company make a man's product so really like it

86Physicians Formula
I've used this make-up in the past and am really impressed with their newer line-up of products. CHECK OUT THEIR tutorial videos-fabulous and so easy!
I can't wait to slim down my make-up kit and start using mostly Physicians Formula products again-this time hopefully for life! One suggestion to the design team/artists @ P.F. would be to develop a loose bronzing powder? Forgive me if I didn't see this in your line-up if it exists already. Also, any of your powder brush containers that are refillable/all-in-one and very sleek & portable are greatly appreciated. Excellent job P.F. staff-you rock!
Visit Physicians Formula Website

Visit Giverny Website

Sleek is a Great brand, the prices are good and the pigmentation is awesome!


90Bottega Verde
Visit Bottega Verde Website

Visit Chambor Website


93South Beach Skincare
Visit South Beach Skincare Website

Visit Karaja Website

95Visage Cosmetics
Visit Visage Cosmetics Website

Visit Ultraceuticals Website

It's awesome and I love their eye shadow compact and their really hard to get unless you go online and I got mine in epcot in orlando florida
Quality for sure!
It is so pretty and comfortable and amazing colors
Visit Guerlain Website

98Venin Royale
Addicting serum! It's amazing!
Visit Venin Royale Website

99VI Derm


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