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21Sungjae Btob + Ilhoon Btob = Iljae

haha I still remember the kiss at Weekly Idol ha!

They always have these love moments with each other

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22Chen + Xiumin = Xiuchen
23Onew + Chincken = OnchickenV1 Comment
24Jimin + Jungkook = Jikook

They always look out for each other and continue to play with each other. I feel that their relationship is growing larger and larger

They are so cute, they seem real, they ARE real haha. The others couples are sweet too but Jikook stay the best!

I think their push and pull shows how they like each other

Jikook is real

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25Xiumin + Luhan = Xiuhan

Two oldest brothers of EXO.. The two of them are always together and they show sweetness in EXO SHOWTIME... They are the oldest but seems like the youngest ones.. I love their personality and the way Xiumin love his youngest ones and Luhan love him... I love their OTP

They are BEST FRIENDS and in my opinion, I don't even care of they get together or something as long as they care about each other. They don't have to be involved in a romantic relationship. It doesn't even matter. Dating is shalow. As long as they support each other no matter what, I think they'll be perfect.

They are so cute together! They have a same sport! They are sweet in each other.

They are very close to each other

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26Wonwoo + Mingyu = Meanie

This ship should at least be in the top five or something because I am just swimming in the ocean with this ship because may I tell you---this ship is Beautiful. This ship emanates beauty in all forms from their sneaky glances, sheepish smiles, to literally every other thing they do; they are inseparable. They are brothers who are sharing an excruciating bromance and you can say that I'm being delusional right now but go and watch some of their moments together and tell me that they don't love each other. Wonwoo and Mingyu have something for each other and perhaps, it's not quite a romantic relationship or even love, but there's something and it's sweeter than any candies in the universe.

They have been so close even during pre debut and the way they look at each other is just magical.

They always act so cute together. I LOVE THEM.

So cute together!

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27Suga + Jimin = Yoonmin

They're so cute together and the way they bicker with each other yet care about each other a lot is so sweet.

I love their interaction. They mock each other all of time and then show little signs of affection. They are so different but they complement each other.

They are just plain adorable with each other.

They're so cute

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28Ljoe + Chunji = Chunjoe (Teen Top)

CHUNJI IS power voice, ljoe is rascal rapper, when they sing and rap, their combination is so perfect

They really have the best chemistry of all!

They are so cute together... Owh.. I'm an angel of course I'm vote for my boys!

They are the best!

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29Jin + Rap Monster = Namjin

, first ship in BTS. They're so real and obvious. They're always giving out signs or winks to each other whenever no one's looking. Ahhh Daddy loves Mommy very much...

The cutest pairing out of BTS, rap monster has the best wondering hands (look it up :P ). They are the mum and dad of the group, and are so in love.

Namjoon is always is looking at seokjin like the way he takes care of Jin is just to cute. when Namjoon is doing a silly dance Jin is the only one who looks him and is not embarrassed because he loves him no matter what kinda of things Namjoon does. Jin is always looking out of Namjoon, Namjoon takes care Jin and is on his side whenever someone tries to bring Jin's confidence down and it's just so cute I died every time I see them together. They are always there for each other when one of them is falling. Namjin is love namjin life.

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30Jackson + Mark = Markson/Jark (GOT7)

Honestly, Markson is by far my favorite ship in K-Pop. They both take care of each other so well, and are very supportive of each other. Although they may be complete opposites at times, I think their personalities truly compliment each other. For example, my friend has always said " Every shy person, needs a crazy best friend.", and I strongly see this with these two. Whenever one of them is crying they go to each other to comfort them and support them, and well one of them alone is bad enough ( Jackson ), but get them together and chaos ensues haha. I'll be aboard this ship until the end. =)

So cute!, they are both my bias and you can just see the love they have for each other ( saying that the whole of got7 is just the cutest group ever ) I will go down with this ship

"Markson forever! " Jackson said it too and so many others proofs! Markson is the best OTP in k-pop.

They have there own show, there roommates, and they love each other. How can you not ship them

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31V + J-Hope = V-Hope (BTS)

The way they look at each other just makes your heart melt. Their little touches and their secret glances leave you guessing whether it was an innocent thing or not. This ship has so many moments for you to see. Their always partnered together, whether it was purposely or by chance. This ship is my true otp because there is so much evidence that even an idiot could see it wasn't all innocent!

They r so cute! They even kissed (well not willingly but... ) JUST GO TO YouTube AND SEE THEIR MOMENTS!

The way they act towards each other is so cute! The way they are together is just in sync!

I love the way that they always seem to have fun together and laugh. That makes me smile.

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32Kim Myungsoo (L) + Sungjong = Myungjong

I just say they are perfect together, Sungjong completes Myungsoo personality

This will forever be my One True Pairing.
The fairest, sweetest, real-est couple ever.
Try watching 'myungjong moments' on YouTube and you'll surely smile even though you don't ship them--yet.

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33Daehyun + YoungJae = DaeJae

They're just always together, watching out for each other... their relationship is just goal!

Real is just a synonym of daejae

Daejae is life. Daehyun is that boyfriend who is totally in love with Youngjae and he lets the entire world know. Younjae is like that quiet and shy girlfriend that doesn't like showing the romantic side of himself, but you can totally tell that he loves Dae back ♥

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34GD + T.O.P = GTOPV1 Comment
35Luhan + Sehun + Kai = Kailun (EXO)

Kai is a good Dancer! Sehun is a cute maknae! And Luhan my bias is so handsome! When Kailun have a moments in YouTube I always watch it. when I watch kailun moments they make me kilig, hahahhaah.

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36Mark + Junior = Marknior

They kiss. Way too often for that not to be a thing

The two quietest members who understands each other. They honestly share so many skinship, hugs, looks, and kisses.

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37Jr + Ren = JRENV3 Comments
38Jackson + Jaebum (GOT7) = Jackbum/Jaeson

Both of them have different personalities but made a good combo together

The first couple that attract me like a magnet is jackbum

I love the way jb look at wang puppy like he's the cutest living thing on earth

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39Kim Myungsoo (L) + Sungyeol = MyungYeol

Myungsoo and Sungyeol oppa look so cute together!

The way they look each other is adorable

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40J-Hope + Suga (BTS) = Yoonseok

For me Yoonseok is the best! Suga feels super comfortable near the J-hope, and moments are cute, I love yoonseok!

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