Reasons Why Minecraft Is Better Than Terraria


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21 Better Multiplayer

It has so much more depth, many more possibilities, more people actually use multiplayer.

22 More Awesome Things To Do

Can you ride a magical unicorn while fighting off enemies with a sword that shoots nyan cats in Terraria?
No. In Minecraft you can do that and even more!

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23 Infinite Possibilities

There are almost infinite things to do in Minecraft, especialy in creative mode with mods

Same as in Terraria. There are plenty of builds to do, like Minecraft, but in Terraria, you can play over again with different strategies. >inb4 this gets downvoted by some of Minecraft's immature fanbase

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24 Has Power Source Like Redstone

Umm... There are power sources in Terraria too... Did the creator of this list even play Terraria?

Terraria has power sources to and can you make a massive amount of block dissapear in minecraft? NO

All I want to build in creative is redstone mechanism like traps, potioon maker.
In Terraria the traps are to noticeable except the falling boulder trap and
you can not build a secret password door unlike Minecraft which is
featured in the jungle temple

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25 It's Blockier

What? I don't know there both pretty blocky

Since when was blockiness used to determine how good a game was?

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