Worst First Names For Girls

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It is child abuse to name a girl that!


Bob? Isn't that a boy name
Bob the builder can we fix it?
Bob the builder
No we can't! Woot woot
That's a boy's name! Why would someone name a girl that!? =(


[Newest]That is the most absurd and weird name for girl and besides it's weird enough for a boy...

Just listen to it. Would you want to go out with a girl with this name?
The name Helga may not be the best but the quality of the woman should determine weather or not you want to date her or not. A girl with the name Helga could be the most wonderful person in the world and by your logic you would dismiss her based on her name.
It makes my throat hurt saying this name.. Helga. Not working out!
Now this is a really ugly name. At least nobody said my name. But my kids, one of my girls name is Lexi, my work friend's names are Ashlynn and Bailee. And if I have another girl she will be called Mikayla. Now, Bob is a very bad name for a girl, as is Raven and Olga. But Helga is the worst.
[Newest]It sounds like hell.

Sounds too much like "old guy" or Ol' ga or something
Means "beautiful" in Russian. Very popular name there.
This is a horrible name! My piano teacher's name this. She is so mean!
[Newest]My aunt has this name.

Yeah, so if you have a job interview, here's how it would go:
"Hi, my name is Schartzmugel Johnson, I'd like to apply for a job, Mr.H. "
"Wait... Schartzmugel? "
A girl in new york has this name its like holy guacomole!
This name. Its like a bunch o letters put together. You need to add a lot more thought to it. And think about how hard it would be if you would want to write your name in Kindergarten or Preschool. And it is really hard to pronounce. And Think about how other kids would think of the name. They would bully the poor girl. It is pretty hard to think of this as girl's name.
[Newest]Why do you not love this name? Mean it's really creative

All I can think of when I hear this name is "Look out, Big Bertha's coming through! "
Sounds like a baby is coming out!
Bertha sounds like the name of a fat and ugly girl that nobody likes. There's a character in the How to Train Your Dragon books that... Oh God I get the willies thinking of her. I know a girl in real life named Bertha and when I went to her sleepover her mom took us to McDonald's for dinner, to Burger King for breakfast, and to Checkers for lunch. She's fatter than Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory when Violet turns into a blueberry and she's super ugly and she even named her own ZITS! She named one of them Bertha Jr. She named one of the other zits after the boy she had a crush on. Bertha is always the name of some nasty person. Who knows a popular girl named Bertha? NOBODY. Imagine a popular girl name Bertha.

Hot Guy: So who do you have a crush on?
Hot Dude: That cute girl, Bertha.
Hot Guy: Oh she's so pretty. What a flawless face!
Hot Dude: I know right!

That would be messed up. Nothing like the Bertha I know. Whoever would name their daughter Bertha has no taste in names.
All of these names are beautiful! You people should be so ashamed of yourselves. And this is coming from a twelve-year-old. How pathetic. Maybe you may not like these names, and there are names that I don't like either, but you know what? We keep those kinds of comments to ourselves. The world doesn't need to hear your stupid opinions. I'm sure everyone on the planet heard this one as a kid: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
[Newest]Yes, this name has terrible aesthetic appeal, the audible equivalent of poo brown.

The only thing I can say about naming a girl Nevaeh (which is the opposite spelling of heaven), is that it is kinder than just cutting through the hinting and naming her Hell.
When I hear this name, I think "tacky" and "ghetto. " It's not creative. It's not pretty. It's bad. Just bad.
I like this name but I realised its the opposite of heaven. And I know someone named this and she went through child abuse... Yeah but I think the name is pretty.
[Newest]I love this name

Looks like someone watched Tre melvins video '9 month hoe'
Who the heck names their kid la (dash) a? How ghetto can you get? I mean, its almost as bad as pajama. (Pronounced pajamay)
I just don't know whether these parents were drunk or actually thought it was a cool name.. Because if they did... Poor kid..
How do you pronounce that anyway? La dash a?
[Newest]Sounds like choir practice. Its not a name

Um, please don't play with me
No Way.. A parent that gives an innocent child that name should go to jail.
This name is RIDICULOUS! How would you even pronounce this name? All the horrible teasing I could think of came all too easily...
[Newest]I don't understand the hocus pocus opinions of this name. I personally think this name is flattering. I am 7 months pregnant and I am really considering to name my precious baby girl Boomquifa.

My grandmothers dog name was sue she was a girl. A very nice it was mean what you said I think it is a wonderful name for dog cat any girl baby beside you can't tell people what to name there child some girls in the world might have that name name and think it is pretty I think it is a pretty name not trying to be mean but I like the name sue
Sue... Isn't really a good name. And reminds me a lot on Mary Sue. :/ I know it isn't the names fault, but still.
And you know, suing someone... No thanks, I rather give some other name to a girl.
This is a horrible name... Little baby... Sue?
My mum is called Sue... She is the most wonderful person I know, and that is not being biased.
[Newest]This name is nice. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

It reminds me of the Michael Jackson song Billie jean.
Bobbi jean come on really
Sounds like a really funny joke (I feel sorry for those girls called this)
[Newest]No thank I will just change my name

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It sounds like someones ancient great aunt
Prudence sounds like plum and it sounds werid
Prudence? Seriously! You might as well name her Potato and be done with it! That right there is child abuse, folks. Anyone who names a sweet baby, Prudence should go to jail.
[Newest]Awful name for today's Times. Prudence. Prude for short. Nope

Excuse me! My mom's name is Peggy and I think that it is a WONDERFUL name!
Peggy lacks grace and femininity. It makes me think of Peggy from King of the Hill, someone with two "peg legs", or a waitress you meet in a diner on some god-forsaken exit of a desert interstate in the deep south.
WORST NAME EVER. PERIOD. END. OF. STATEMENT. Sorry... It's just bad. I mean... Peggy? EESH. Little baby... Peggy? YIKES! Peggy<<<<
[Newest]Peggy isn't a bad name.

Okay that's a weird name. Ly awesome!
Um excuse me! Esmeralda is an awesome name I have 2 cousins named Esmeralda! Amd it is even the name of a diamond (u know the Esmeralda diamond)
Wow this name is actually really nice, sounds like a Jewel, sounds sweet and kind
[Newest]Esmeralda it's a beautiful name

Yes I like the name I have no problem with the name because I know a lot of people with the name
Really mckenzie isn't a bad name. really people shouldn't blame people for how they were named. I have a bff named mackenzie and she is nicest person ever to me. its not fair. you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I'm ashamed of evreyone who thinks these names are ugly when there are a lot of people out there who are named these things and you guys are just making fun of them. this is sad because this is coming from an 11 year old. there are ADULTS on this who are making fun of innocent child names. get a life because I bet you need somehing better to do with your life than make fun of someones name. I have an embarrassing last name but I have lots of friends and they don't care what my last name is. and if you havea problem with this post then come say it to everyones faces whos names are these.
I kind of like the name, more because you can shorten it to Mackie.
[Newest]It's a cute name


It's not terrible, but still. That would kind of stink.
Kinda sounds like verify my mints
I double glanced. At first I read varmint
Heck no


Teeka, what the heck, I have never ever ever ever heard of this name, ever this name is so stupid
Sounds like a curry!
Teeka sounds kinda like a bird in Hawaii.
[Newest]What the heck. Who has that name

What the hell! Which poor child wants to be called Shaniqua at any time in their life! Isn't this an offensive name for a black person? (not being racist here, I just don't have another word to substitute)
This name is actually beautiful! A lot of these are. I think I am going to use this name in a book, that's how much I like it! AND GUESS WHAT? There are people in this world named Shaniqua! And how do you think Shaniqua feels when she sees her name on the ugly name list, next to a bunch of nasty comments? Huh? I am 11 years old and all you people out there with your cruel comments should think twice before you push submit.
! What person in this world would name their child Shaniqua!?
[Newest]That's a very pretty name

, this is just wrong. Who would name their kid that! It sounds like your child is an old witchy troll or something.
It's like what you'd name a green toad or a green witch. Anything green.
This sounds like a goblin.

TIME!? Rly, oh sweet Jesus I pray for the poor child whose name is time, honestly you might as well call your other child clock!
Time? That girl is gonna bullied
I think that weird names are cool and "time" I like
[Newest]Seconds minutes hours days fortnights weeks months years decades SUCH A BAD NAME

Ah sounds like some kinda made up name!
Worst name ever whoever has it must have friends
Sounds like: Sir tie em...


[Newest]Sounds like hocking up phlegm


This is not a bad name! I have a friend named Yasmin!
I love the name. It is a princess name, Bratz girl name, and a name that is not used much.
I guess its a good name... I like Kalysta better..
[Newest]Wost name ever in forever

You guys do realize the history of the name Ninel, right? It was invented during the Russian Revolution, it's literally "Lenin" spelled backwards. I speak Russian fluently, I know these things.
Sounds like a character in a fairytale.
Ninel is a cool name. At least their name is named after a famous singer.
[Newest]Ninel is a cool name. At least their name is after a famous singer.

Seriously. Sounds like pretzel! What? Were they drunk when they named her?
Really ungirly name! Kimberly is better
It does sound like pretzel

This name is nasty. Looks like Anus.
Where is my anus?!
#INAPPROPRIATE HOw dare you be mean like that?!?
[Newest]Wow! Talk about bad names!


What kind of name is that? Ugly

I'm so terribly sorry for anyone named Morag. You would have to live your whole life with the knowledge that your name is MORAG. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.
How do you even say this name?
[Newest]This name reminds me of a wet dog

Valerie is a great name! My sister has that name, and I've always thought that it fits her so beautifully!
That's my sister's name :(
That's my name :(
[Newest]I hate that name

It just sounds gross... No offense to anyone named Gertrude.
THIS IS A TERRIBLE NAME I was almost named this but thank god I wasn't this is 2nd on my least favorite names list along with Winnifred and Destiny
It is an ugly name.
[Newest]That name reminds me of having a wet fart on the toilet lol

I think I would slap my parents if they gave me a boys name out of many beautiful names for a girl. If your not happy you didn't give birth to a boy accept what you got.
Hey you first comment girl you should really back of I know an awesome girl named ryan and the fact that you think it's a mad name just means your a bully!
Ryan is a boys name and any girl who's name is Ryan probably should get a name change. Your insane for thinking it's a beautiful name for a girl...
[Newest]It's a name for a boy, it's such a nice and a beautiful name (for a boy of course)

This is the most beautifullest name ever and it happens to be my sisters name so back off! You should be ashamed! You obviously don't know what ugly is! Go look in the mirror
This is a beautiful name! Way better than most names on this list!
That is my cousins name and it is a awesome name
[Newest]It's pretty but very common

Kaitlyn is such a pretty name, name for a beautiful girl!
This name sounds good and rolls off your lips, I don't know why this is here on this list but it shouldn't be.
Way too common and overused. And how many ways can you spell one name?!
[Newest]My name is kaitlyn!

Seriously? It's the cheesy HG fans name for their poor daughters after Finnick Odair in the 3rd book dies! Way to go, darlin'!
What is this name? I really think that this is not socially acceptable. You should not name a child after a product or some non-American name if they are American! It doesn't make sense!
That was my MALE teachers last name
[Newest]That's a county in Kentucky.

Pablo is a beautiful, Spanish name. The fact that is different and you are not used to hear it, doesn't mean is ugly. The same with Esmeralda, which is a very feminine name in the Spanish world.
I've only heard this name on boys...
First of all pablo is a BOY name... I'm so mad!

Piper is not a bad name that is my sisters name, so do not ever make fun of piper
Piper is a really nice name, it is unique, and has a flair to it.
I think that Piper is quite a lovely name. No, it is not overly feminine, but it is attractive regardless. Why Piper is on this list, I've no idea.
[Newest]Sounds just like diaper

Pronounced with a broad Australian accent as Shaanoea

I personally think this is a very nice name! What's wrong with it!?!
I really hate the people on this website who put my name on here you put my whole family on this list I came first out of all and I have 18 people in my family
Lovely name. Original and fresh.


My name is Jessica. I go by Jess, because its my gradfathers name. He raised mefor 9 years before he died. I am honored togoby jess.
My name is also Jess and it rocks and I'm the best of the best
This name is good.
[Newest]I am seriously IN LOVE with that name

This is a unique name. So what if it is a little strange, you should not even have a bad name list because there are people in this world with this name and how do you think they feel?
This is a Japanese name. It has a lot of meanings such as "friend", "tenderness", or "courage".

Annabelle is my name I love it. Like the what the girl said on the name Mackenzie. Never judge a book by its cover. It does not matter what your name is because God loves yo no matter what.
I like this name... A lot
This name is like a twisted combination of linda and anna sophia robb gross why would any one want that name

That's cool I'm a librarian and that's my name
I don't know why this is a girls name
Squeal like a piggy


Really? Faith is such a beautiful name!
Faith is my best friend's name. I think it's pretty.
Faith is my cousin's name! I love this name it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I'm not happy to see it on the list =(
[Newest]Gosh darn! You just pick names out of the blue and call them the worst! In fact that is my name and I love it! You don't know ANYTHING about bad names!

It's pretty, but no. Just no. It's halfway between Malicious and align.

The word "Merced" in Spanish means "Mercy: or "Grace" and Mercedes comes from the tradition of naming girls after the Virgin Mary. "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" or "Our Lady of Mercies."

It is a very common name in the Spanish speaking world, and has NOTHING to do with the car. Naming your child after a car is tacky. But that's not what is happening here!


Who names there child on something they want
Um that's a car name what... um okay then
[Newest]Everybody gonna be wanting to ride her

Ugly name I call my blobfish that
Really? A Blobfish name! Then Shalah is just an UGLY NAME I mean, I would call my blobfish that, too!


You should name your blobfish BOOMQUIFA! LOLOLOL; hold up... you have a pet BLOBFISH?!

(and yes, I do know what that is. )
If you what hed Big Hero 6 remeber when he fist bumps someone and then he goes Shalahlalala


What the? That's not a nice name at all, WHO WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD DERPINA?
This would make parents feel awkward : "Hi, I'd like to sign Derpina up for piano lessons, " "DERPINA? "
What rage comics have done to this world.
What? A-are you being serious? Rage comics have created this awful name? If the next name I see is Troll Face, I'll just go throw my phone off a bridge.
[Newest]Okay, now this is hilarious

This is not a horrible name! It's simply the best! My reason for this is that it is a nice simple name that is quite memorable and sounds nice
This is a beautiful quick, short name!
Real name of wonderful Britgirl.


[Newest]I love this name!

Charlie's a great name, I think. I am reminded of Charlie from Supernatural, actually... It's a lovely name, I don't know why it's included on this list. It isn't overused, or especially hideous or anything.
This is a wonderful name how dare you make fun of it I don't know about you but you should think before you say!
Charli is my little sis name, I think it is a unique name and very cute like her😊
[Newest]Charlie is just short for Charlotte and I think it's cute.

That is my 87 year old grandmother's name
Hey, if Betty White can rock it, so can any girl!
I love this name. Its beutiful and it's my moms name. :(

Don't be so rude that's your opinion not everybody's! Anyway it is amazing
Whoever wrote this is seriously messed up. This may not be a popular American name, but in Israel, people love this name
It you mean Ellen than I'd have to disagree with you.

That's a really pretty name it's the name of Mr Darcy's little sister and it's David Tennant's wife's name
I think Georgina is a good name
It's a mainly kind of name personally George Georgina Sounds like what a guys friends will tease there other friends
[Newest]Sorry but I don't exactly like this name

50Moon Unit
I am inspired to name my daughter this now
What, that's not a name
Who is this? Neil Armstrong's daughter?!
[Newest]This is not a name. Whoever put this on here should go to preschool because whoever you are, YOU ARE SO DUMB!

Yeah, I'm not fawning over this name. It's Bambi all over again.
Fawn is a great name, why are people making fun of it?
I actually think it is a nice name for animal lovers. I think it's better for a middle name.
[Newest]It would be better for a nick name or middle name if your name is fauna

Sounds like a penguin name
I have a friend named lilly and well she is really offended by this and yes I do agree it does sound like a penguin name... Lolololol...

what the hell is right. baylor sounds like something I would attach a boat to.
Sounds like someone wanted to say Taylor but choked.
I gotta say I kind of like it

It a Beautiful sexy name and it's my name

Sorry, but it sounds like maggot. Not a good thing to have your name sound like.
It is actually short for Magdalena. It is a very beautiful and classic name in Spain, Poland or Germany. It is a form of Madeline. I know three Magdalenas and all of them get complemented for their names a lot. A girl with the name Magdalena is usually very pretty.
It's nice name, my best friend name is Magda
[Newest]Don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all

Awesome name! If your daughter is a villain on Space Ghost.
I don't care for that name! Why would you name your beautiful baby girl such a stank name?
My daughter's name is Braxton. It is a family last name and although it is a more masculine, I think it is lovely.
[Newest]I love names for boys used on girls it is bold and unique,

Kat is brilliant! It is one of the most cute names out there and please do not make fun of it like saying it is an animal because the animal is just as awesome as the name.
I don't know why I am so against this name, but really? Kat? Not only is this kind of a bad nickname for Katrina or Katalina, which are great names, I really dislike it as the name of an animal yet spelled differently.. Why don't you name your daughter Sheetah, Taiger or Daug? It will be the same thing as this name. I honestly don't know why I hate this name so much, it just sounds bratty... Even Cat sounds better, at least it accepts being an animal name without disguising itself, and it just sounds more sweet than stuck-up Kat,
It's a really cute name, but it's too common and overused.
[Newest]Kat is a nice name but sometimes it reminds me of Kit Kat

I agree peyton does not sound like a name, ashley, tony and mary do but not peyton. The only peyton I've ever heard of was peyton list from Disney channels Jesse. Granted I hate the name jesse or jessica.
Here's why that's the name of a leading character in One Tree Hill.


Really? Personally, I think Peyton's a very pretty name. Not every girl's name has to be "girly." A good friend of mine's is named Payton, and she's one of the nicest girls you could ever meet.
[Newest]This name is really cute!

~ Polly pocket ~
Really what the heck I love this name
It's such a cute name!

She must be a freak
And here comes the freak show! Seriously? Poor kid... Is that even a name?
This name has truly inspired me, when I have a kid I will be sure NOT to call it that laugh out loud
[Newest]La freak show like the freak show

I love this name I going to name my daughter it is pretty
This a a pretty name I like it
My friends name is this

I would go by roxy if my name was Roxanne
Hey Roxane is a beautiful name that is my uncles girlfriends name! And she is so nice!
It's a cute name.

Never heard of it but it's alright

I would never name my kid after the mom on family guy!
Hey this is my mom's name. I think it's a good name and it's rare!
Laugh out loud that's a boy's name in Austria, short form for alois ^^ not many young people with this name nowadays hehe
[Newest]Uh... Lois Lane? Ever heard of her?

My baby sisters name and its beautiful we call her Mika, Kayla, and Mickey
How is this pronounced? Because I don't think Mickayla is an ugly name.
My name is Michaela and I have had people actually come up to me and compliment me on my name.
[Newest]Whoever put Sophie on the list can go to hell.

This is actually my favorite name for a girl... I love it, it's a pretty name.
COMMENT TO ALL NAMES ON THE LIST AND PEOPLE POSTING THEM. I don't think they are bad names. Its just what YOU think and imagine the feelings the people with those names...


Why should this name be on this list its pretty and this list is mean and cruell
This is that name of the woman I love. This is cruel to put this name on this list.
[Newest]Heather reminds me of feather and I love feathers so I love that name

I am 9 years of age my name is Ravin and I think its a good name but people thinking its a bad name doesn't bother me because havinga name like Ravin makes me feel more confident about myself
My cousins name is Ravin and I have always been jealous and wanted it for myself. Don't mess with me and don't make fun of the name or I will hunt you down, and trust me when I say my payback is worse than you can imagine.


[Newest]If it was spelled RAVEN and not RAVIN it would be AWESOME!

Some people call me that because apparently I look like Frankenstein's monster, it annoys me so much and sometimes I actually want to hit the people in the face with a brick.
I like the name Frankey. I might even name one of my kids Frankey.
You should name your kid Frankie that's my name and people tell me its pretty all the time, my parents call me Frank for short.
[Newest]You do realize that is short for the name Frances.

I think this name is beautiful it is my cousin's name and once you get used to it you will actually like it
A beautiful name. Should not be on the list
It kind of sounds like antelope, like the animal... Or cantaloupe the fruit... laugh out loud, but it's still an okay name

Excuse moi? My nickname is Mac and I don't see a problem with it. Frankly, I'm eleven years old and half of the names on this list I see are people in my school names. It is rude and insulting to the communities and others when you heartlessly pick out names that you don't like personally. And some of them are bad, I have to admit, but some of them are beautiful Spanish, Latin, and African American names. I am more mature than the people who made this article, and again, I AM ELEVEN! It is so so sad for me to see what pathetic adults do for a living. Judge people by their names? Really? That's what free countries do. Great. Maybe the next time all you people who say the names are horrible, take a Longwood look in the mirror and ask yourself "WWJD? " And "How would I feel if that was my name."
Sounds like Big Mac:/
This name has endless nicknames


This is not an ugly name like really this name is really nice I honestly don't see how this name is ugly
That's my name. That's really mean. And offensive
That's not a bad name! My best friends name is Kaitlyn!
[Newest]That is my name (just spelled differently) so suck it up and let people have names without being criticized.

Ok this is just getting ridiculous do people make up names just to tell you what not to do?


It sounds like " I'm in again" well that's if I pronounced it right
This is my daughters name
This is a beautiful name!

I Think This name is Beautiful So Stfu
This name is fine
This is my name :(
[Newest]It is a awesome name to have be thankful

I was told I look like Dora and that's bad enough, at least I was not stuck with this name because I would consider suicide if that were the case, parents of the future if considering to name her Dora you are risking a depressed and potentially suicidal daughter.
This was my great grandmothers name, and is my younger sister's middle name. I think that it has class, and has a light and feminine touch to it. It's beautiful without being over the top, and being two syllables long, it's about the perfect length. Nothing wrong with this name.
It's Dora the Explorer! Yay! (not)

That's fine I guess, what's so bad bout that? You mean bro and that's a really nice name I like that name that would be short for um... I don't know.
He that's my friends name!
This is such a beautiful name. One of my favorites! It's short and cute and easy to pronounce! Love it!
[Newest]Well thanks a lot whoever posted comment #2! That's my name!

'Antonia' is not that popular for first names, it's alright though. It's also my middle name.
I actually like this name.

I love this this name this is so ute
Madison is my best friends
This is my daughters name and I love it :))
[Newest]LOL UGliest NAme Ever
More comments about Madison

Because my friend wants to call her daughter this :/

My middle name Is Ruth after my late Grandmother, I think it's a very nice name.


Ruth is a beautiful name. My great-grandma was named Ruth, I my middle name is Ruth, because she is the kindest, most amazing person I ever knew. She's gone now, I'm glad my middle name is Ruth, it reminds me of her. Now that she is gone.
Take it off now that is my grandmothers name and she is the kindest person I ever met she never drinks cusses and is a beautiful name take it off NOW
[Newest]I like that name!

How do you pronounce that?

Sorry, I hate the name lake or any name related to it.
This is so pretty to me and not very commen

That's my name really put more stupid names becuase I know there is! MEANIE
By the way it means wisdom in latin and it is voted a very pretty and popular name for the last two or three years
Sophie is a great name so don't you dare say bad things!
[Newest]That is my name!

That's my name... Just don't go round saying what names are nice or not! :-(
If this was your first name, it would suck if your last name was Griffin!
This reminds me of nutmeg.
[Newest]That's my mom's names

My favorite name! WHY IS IT ON THIS LIST?! Seriously its a beautiful name. Simple and sweet.
Andrea is a really pretty name! This is my cousins name! It shouldn't be on this list! :, (
You are all idiots my moms name is Andrea and your names are all stupid they should be number one you dumb butts

! That is my best friends sister there! Find uglier names. :(
This is a PRETTY name!

This is sorta kinda vulgar...
Some of the names here aren't bad at all but this definitely is
My name is Dicka

Mac. Is a lovely, inspiring and cute name.
It's a beautiful name
I wish that was my name

This name can not be a girl's name because it sounds like "Johnny. "


Not a big fan of this one. Though, Joni Mitchell might come to mind and therefore be a plus to those considering the moniker.

Dorothy is a nice name, how about dolly for short?
~we're off to see the wizard~


I think that name is so lovely.

Samara is a popular name in the Caribbean
Sounds like a type of salsa
Samara is a city in Russia and a weird fruit in a cocoon of flowers. Weiird.

I like fortune cookies
What kid wants to be named China it like calling her poor
That is pretty cute

Chloe is a very great name there is no reason at all for it to be on this list these people must crazy and mad because it is a very pretty name I will turn these people into cokiess for what they have done
My name is Chloe :(
My name is Chloe take this off this instant!
[Newest]My name is Chloe so what's wrong with it.

This a gorgeous traditional name
It's friday friday gotta get up it's friday!


To many shortened versions of this name
[Newest]I love this name my friends name is rebecca and I call her Rebs

This name is nice for a city, but naming a kid that is odd. It's pretty, but just odd.
Whoever named their kid sedona doesn't know that is a company and mountain


And know what there's someone I know that has this dumb name

[Newest]My friend from school has this name. It's pretty.

Nice name I wish I was la-a
Eww you want to be la-a?! People would say: la la la la! La la la la! La-a la-a la-a la-a!

I only like it because a short name for it could be Debbie
Yeah, I personally don't think it's a bad name. Neither are the majority of others names that are unfortunately on this crazy list -_-

Eww my teachers baby is named mcgregon harry potter? I don't know

Sounds like something I have for breakfast.. Oh wait.. Musli

How dare you this is my sisters name and I think it's beautiful
HOW DARE YOU! This is my sisters names don't you dare insult it
I don't like the name; and never will! It's because of personal reasons! Enough said!

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